Step #1: Identify Your Enemies

We discussed knowing your enemies in a previous post. That’s a great idea, but first you need to figure out who they are in the first place. Assembly Line Human writes:

On the other hand, if someone who opposes me even slightly and acts like an ass, decides that’s reason to ruin me, decides to fight dirty, decides that I should be destroyed and will listen to no reason, then I don’t respect that prick. The antifa are like that. These are people I oppose and have NO respect for. They cannot be reasoned with, they don’t want to reason. They are mad dogs. I don’t respect people who act like animals. I don’t respect someone who says they’re a Trotskyite, or an “Anti-Racist Activist” because these people act like asses.

I think those antifas hate me too, and I know the Trots do. The Trots despise me and many Twat/Twot/Trot sites have existing bans on linking to me under a “no platform for fascism” thing. Most Trots are truly revolting.

On the other hand, if someone who opposes me, even slightly, acts like an arse, decides that’s reason to ruin me, decides to fight dirty, decides that I should be destroyed and will listen to no reason, then I don’t respect that prick.

Those are your enemies. Period. Anyone who thinks people like that are some sort of “friends to be reasoned with who have differing views” is insane. One of the first rules of life is not just know your enemies but identify them in the first place. That person – is an enemy! Those people – are my enemies! Of course this can lead to paranoia, but if you have a healthy ego that is not inclined to paranoia and only decide that someone is an enemy a a last resort, then I don’t see a problem with it. I definitely have some enemies, and I am not paranoid at all. In fact, I am “anti-paranoid” in that I am inclined to believe that everyone likes me even though for sure it is not true. If you do not identify your enemies and isolate them if not get away from them, your life is going to be very unpleasant. I think one of the main problems with people is they keep associating with “friends” who are more enemies than friends. Those are called frenemies. I have some pretty strict criteria that you need to abide by to be my friend. Really, it is not that hard to abide by it, but a lot of folks just can’t I guess. The rules are pretty simple. I will explain it in a post.

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102 thoughts on “Step #1: Identify Your Enemies”

  1. How about “friendememies?” Evil needs no reason.
    The devil is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Like the song from the 1960’s
    “Hey There Little Red Ridding Hood,” by Sam Sham and the Pharos.
    Who are the “big bad wolves in Europe now?” Ask the women from
    feminist Sweden who were certain they were living in Utopia.
    Who will protect them now? And when criminals and lunatics are
    sprung free from prisions for “Civil Rights” purposes, when both the
    First AND Second Amendments are struck down and quality of life
    goes swrilling down the toliet, and we live a life just like “Panic In The Year
    Zero,” we will indeed know that the “Road to hell is paved with good

    1. Sam the Sham!
      This of course made me think of other music of this type and you can’t get any better than Little Richard.
      I respect Little Richard. He was world famous. Like THE TOP and one day on a boat he decided he was doing the wrong thing. He had a expensive ring, like $40,000, back in the 60’s. He threw it in the ocean quit rock and roll and became a preacher. That’s conviction. When you see him in interviews I think he wonders if he did the right thing. No doubt he picked the hard path but being a real preacher, not a TV televangelist, has always been difficult. I think he will find that he did do the right thing.
      This is where, I think, Little Richard got the wooow he says.

  2. ” We have no eternal allies, and we have no perpetual enemies. Our interests are eternal and perpetual, and those interests it is our duty to follow… “

  3. hmmm…as far as recurring enemies goes the only ones that I could think would apply would be Jason Y and Chinedu, though the later seems to be gone for now at least.
    Chinedu had pretty much limited understanding of science, abstract reasoning, and held that typical defensive attitude when one falls victim to their inferiority complexes. He wasn’t without his good traits, and he did indeed made some correct points but his bias and or want of knowledge couldn’t allow him to connect the dots.
    Jason…eh. It’s really rinse and repeat with him. Yeah, it’s expected for idiots to be repetitive with their points but with Jason he tries hardly anything new into articulating it’s to the point where I’m convinced that he responds to my presence automatically without actually reading what I type. On top of that he’s not really aggressive with it, just annoyingly persistent. While we’ve had our agreements he eventually messes it up with accusations of me, that being his worst trait. This proves no matter what we achieved that he would try to ruin me if he ever perceived the opportunity.
    Remedies proved fruitless, he continues despite of how often or how detailed I highlight my beef with him so he could understand. Keep in mind, I’m an INFP, so I’m the type of guy who can see things from a sensitive view and express through communication. The thing is though I’m a borderline T, so I have a limit.

  4. What Assembly Line Human said is exactly how I feel. I used to post nice descriptive things to counter some Socoms\SJW but now frequently I’m much more abrasive. I’m sick of the left just assuming that all people who are on the right of them hate every one, are stupid, all the adjectives they use. I find them mostly dishonest and not willing to use reason or follow facts.

  5. The links of Phil are not free from bias. He demands sources, without providing non-biased sources himself.
    Also, Phil doesn’t get on to William, but Iv’e seen no sources from him, to be honest.

    1. Sam probably has justified emotional reasons (based on a harsh past) to feel the way he does. Nonetheless, like Phil, he probably uses biased sources, though I haven’t seen him post any lately.
      Of course, his view is also obviously biased by bad experiences with NAMs and what he sees as feel good bullshit coming from liberals. Nonetheless, sometimes liberals do spout that stuff. For instance, someone on Facebook, a lady, who posted this feel good reason why people shouldn’t be racist. Well, that doesn’t cut the cheese, you know what I mean ??

      1. “…Sam probably has justified emotional reasons (based on a harsh past) to feel the way he does…”
        I wish you would stop saying that as it’s not true. Not that I haven’t had bad experiences, as has anyone in close proximity to diversity, but I’m not an automaton and the primary reason for my attitude is present and future trends. I see the coming of an apocalyptic shit storm form all this blessed diversity if it’s combined with an economic meltdown which may unfortunately happen.

    2. I did bring up bad genetic tendencies being turned on and off by the environment and I still hold on to it. I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary. Of course though, changing the environment is tough and possibly a lot of people don’t want to wait around for it to be changed. For instance, while people are waiting, kids like Sam when he was younger, are getting beat up in black majority schools. Right ???

      1. Again though, boys will be boys and as evidenced from my youth, that I told to everyone, every race including the white one has alpha male yahoos who bully the sissy, the odd, handicapped etc… Of course, some are asking to be bullied, but I disagree with Robert, and I think possibly most don’t deserve it.
        So again, this is true any race, but for some reason, those bullied by blacks have took this rage at being humilated and directed it toward one group. Of course, when it comes to Koreans I did the same thing. It’s hard not to I guess it’s just because people are human.

    3. One the bias you are referring to are referring to the inference of the bloggers, not the actual sources they use. As long as I’ve done that then it wouldn’t be an issue unless you could prove otherwise, an act you have not successfully proven on logical grounds.
      As for your “gene theory”, I’ve actually shown you this link several times that pretty much explains gene-environment interactions. It’s not the same as “environment controlling the good an bad genes”, it’s the environment, which of it self is influenced by genes, expressing certain ones based on it’s selective characteristics of the environment.
      “This occurs because one’s genome unfolds in the environment it finds itself in. A change in the environment might alter the outcome of the genetic programming. Of course, this doesn’t mean that anything goes. We don’t open the door to any old environmental theory because of homeostasis. The genes are designed to produce a working copy of the organism despite a temperamental environment. The genetic code is built in with buffers that keep development on track. This is not exactly a perfect process (and some individuals’ buffering seems to work better than others), but it is a key phenomenon to keep in mind.
      This also doesn’t mean that because this process occurs, we can necessarily isolate the aspects of the environment that brings about these secular changes. Often, we can’t. Two poignant examples (and two big ones in the “Dark Enlightenment” sphere) are marriage/mating behavior (i.e., the decline in marriage rates and rise of unwed motherhood) and the rise in obesity rates. In both cases, we don’t know for sure what the causes are, even if we think we have ideas about them. This is especially so in the case of obesity. Determining the causes with any certainty is difficult.
      Going beyond the difficulty of isolating a cause of secular changes, assuming one even knew what theses causes were, knowing that changing an environment could affect people’s outcomes in principle doesn’t mean that it’s always possible to make the necessary changes in practice. This may ultimately prove to be a mistake, but I’ll leave it to readers for now to figure out why this is so.”
      Again, limited by Biology.
      Finally, as for William he doesn’t continuously try to get around scientific logic to push his ideas. He’s honest with his knowledge and aspects he doesn’t know and is respectful to my commentary regardless if I point out a flaw or support a principle of his.

      1. The biggest problem though is waiting for the environment to change in say, the black ghetto, when it often takes a long time or never happens. In that case, tormented souls like Sam don’t want to deal with the bullying and/or harassment, so they favor racial seperation.
        But it’s interesting to note he saying “All blacks”, when only ghetto blacks are making a life hell for people.

        1. That’s ACTUALLY THE POINT of why environmental changes are difficult in this context.
          If you read the link, you would also know that it HAS BEEN FOUND that cases like this are indeed linked to a genetic ability to even make this phenomenon possible at least to a significant extent on an individual level. On top of that find ways to actually control the environment to produce a desired outcome by isolating the traits is render difficult due to the drudgery it would take to find the actual cause and effect relation. The link also specifies how such intervention would be different from typical variations.
          So this doesn’t abide by your take on “genes turning off and on” based on the context of “good and bad”.

        2. But always remember the NAMS making life miserable for white racists are generally of a specific class and do not include most blacks. So yeah, maybe mathematically speaking it’s impossible to change the environment for the ghetto, but most blacks don’t live in the ghetto. However, white racists are going after ALL blacks, and ALL NAMS.

        3. Well, Phil, it’s not hard to see why. A lot of people take it personal when someone from the outside criticizes their race, even if the criticism is justified. For instance, where I live people become highly annoyed at outsiders calling certain people bullies (bullying white trash) even though it’s obvious a lot of them are just that.

        4. Someone who massively hates a group due to bullying might enjoy making fun and/or humiliating a certain culture. For instance, someone bullied by country white people might enjoy Jeff Foxworthy Redneck jokes or the show Eastbound and Down.
          On the other hand, someone bullied by blacks might like to go on racist forums and call blacks monkeys and degrade them in every way possible. They might post (and I see it everyday) Facebook posts saying people are politically correct pussies, 10 times a day.

        5. Yes, an attack on one, even if justified, is an attack on ALL OF THEM to many people. Due to tribalism, a lot of people will defend the bad apples of the group. I don’t know anyway to stop it. Generally speaking, it’s impossible.
          So you (Phil) are frustrated that blacks won’t deal with bad apples in their group, but that’s just the way tribalism works. That’s true especially nowadays, as ethnic fighting is reaching a climax, as we see with the Dallas Police shooting etc.. and obviously the harshly racist and/or biased social media posts we read everyday.

          Also, ghetto black AREN’T the only ones. Many non-ghetto blacks are apologist for their behavior as well.

          You cannot control blacks outside the ghetto no more than you can school shooters or terrorists. We have to accept there are some bad people in good neighborhoods.

        6. A big problem with tribalism that Phil is frustrated with lies with the Yahoos or hell-raisers that often stir up minor stuff. It’s like on the movie “Do the Right Thing” where the black nationalist punk is angry cause there were no blacks on the Italian restaurant’s wall. So he stirs up shit that really wasn’t that important.
          Iv’s seen it happen also in my life as some local punks have taken social media posts I written, and stirred up bullying against me at a local community college.
          So as long as you got these assholes, tribalism will continue to go as usual and nothing will change. So Phil is frustrated that blacks cannot see the light, and maybe I’m frustrated whites cannot accept some among them are bullies etc… OK, that’s not going to change. I suppose the way to deal with these Yahoos is just avoid them, and also be quiet on Facebook, even though it may be tempted to bear your soul to people.

        7. Whatever the motivation of WS or WNs is not my concern, I only pointed out that what you said was incorrect. Nor does the point of most NAMS not being ghetto doesn’t invalidate my point either.
          Also Jason, don’t try to “school” me on how tribalism works, you’re acting like I don’t already know this.
          Where did I say that I would “control people”? Also, you are again sugar coating the situation, where it’s not simply that blacks just have “some bad people”, it that the population has a disproportionate rate of dysfunctionality that affects NOT ONLY them but other people as well. For example, more black on non-black crime than reverse.
          You may say it only a small minority of people that gets hurt by it, well, tell that to the media that actually IS bias in construction a “White cop on black victim” illusion with many blaming whites with little restriction. Not only are whites blamed with that, but also with pretty most other aspects where Blacks fall short in adjusting with society like academic and economic achievement.
          Again, you’re making assumptions about me in trying to come off as correct.

        8. As for Tribalism, let me get this straight, so when Black do it it’s “meh” with you but when whites do it’s “dem assholes”?
          Jason, you do know that they’re are Blacks that sink as low as whites when it comes to “historical BS” and “making shit up”?
          You seem to generalize the nature of the two, so let me give you a rundown.
          Black racism – typical stuff, conspiracy of blacks being brought down by a white power as the reason of their down fall, a delusion.
          White racism – While often borders of the same territory and nature of incredulously it is indeed fuel by agitation of White Guilt enforcement and various double standards in race relations, issues that are rarely given the same support in the media.
          White Nationalism – tribalism called for either for a white state or segregation making a comeback. More variable than typical racism but again has it’s bias.
          Now lets go into differences in actual prevalence. It’s been a pretty obvious observation that White tribalism is far less than Black tribalism. Whatever reasons to explain it however doesn’t necessarily make the problem less serious, just as Jason constantly tries to do. The problem lies not only in the differences in general public acceptance, it’s also the consequences. White tribalism barely make any head weight in society by and large. Black Tribalism, in which ever which way it does, avoids the internal problem to the point of media manipulation and social science bias.
          I’m neither advocating any form of tribalism, but I’m simply making a distinction.

        9. “…But it’s interesting to note he saying “All blacks”, when only ghetto blacks are making a life hell for people…”
          I don’t say that either. I consistently said, over and over and over, that I believe the percentage of misbehaving Blacks is around 40%. I have also stated that with that high a ratio of misbehavior I do not wish to be involved with them in any way. There’s no upside for me in relations with Blacks. Any upside is so small as to be insignificant as opposed to hanging out with Whites or other races. I don’t need to hang around with Blacks I’m already cool in my own Whittish way.

        10. Jason Y,”…bullying…”, “…bullying…”, “…bullying…”, “…bullying…”, “…bullying…”, “…bullying…”, “…bullying…”, and more, “…bullying…”.
          You once again completely missing the point. I worried about THEFT, ARMED ROBBERY, MURDER, TORTURE, RAPE. Bullying doesn’t concern me.

        11. phil,”…White Nationalism – tribalism called for either for a white state or segregation making a comeback…”
          I wasn’t always a WN. Far from it. It’s learned behavior. I believe the Jewish propaganda and political control of the US to weaken the power of Whites has worked so well that Whites are pushed into a position that WN is the only viable behavior. It’s the only logical position to take for Whites as a self defense mechanism. The alternative is to be murdered and disenfranchised like the White South Africans.
          This may sound paranoid and too far but societies that were controlled by Jews in the past the Jews practiced serious genocide against the people the Jews had control over. In Russia numbers were 60 million. I bleat on about the Jews too much I know but it’s because I don’t think you people get the danger they represent. The Jews claimed that their behavior in Russia was due to Russian behavior and defensive but that’s a lie. A very large proportion of the soldiers that took over Russia were from New York city. They were financed by Jewish bankers in New York city. They were under no threat at all in New York city. They went to Russia looking for a fight. They had done this same thing over and over and over an over every time they controlled a country. They even celebrate it. Ever heard of Purim?
          If White people don’t become more tribalist, called racist by the left, they will end up just like the Whites in South Africa. and they are in a terrible position where every day could be their last. I don’t want that and if other races have to feel uncomfortable or out of place because of that then it’s too bad. There’s a whole planet out there full, way full, of people that aren’t White where you can feel comfortable. No one is chaining you up to keep you here.

        12. In response to Sam, “Why not just get rid of the 40 percent of bad blacks?” A tough criminal justice system would get them out of the way for good and we could just deport black criminals to the moon or something. However, at the same time, the environment should be improved so that more blacks don’t join the 40 percent.
          Anyhow, here’s a thought, “Why should good blacks have to live with bad blacks simply cause they are of the same race?” Can you and Phil answer that question? It don’t sound very fair to me.

        13. To Sam,
          It’s not that I don’t understand the tribalism. Overall I advocate freedom of association.
          So given the current circumstances that whites have at this moment I advocate they take measures they have to to stay safe, but what I have an issue with is an event where black are generalized. Self defense against particular thugs or other offenders I’m good with, though massive generalizations are what I fear but overall I see as inevitable.
          The only thing that I see that could make thing uncomfortable would be, say, promoting actions against blacks in general. Avoidance and preservation I can get behind but regardless of the what blacks do I would still perceived that as a threat as you would had the same been applied to whites. Still, I acknowledge that’s beyond you’re power.
          So, interestingly, you estimate about 40% of blacks having the criminal/dysfunctional behavior? Not the worst percentage I’ve heard to be honest.
          Despite Jason calling me anti-black my best political term to apply to me is a Black nationalist, I just am very intolerant towards excuses towards black behavior that prevents the building of a better organization within blacks by functional but applicable methods.

        14. To Jason, where did Sam even say how other Blacks should live? What you brought up was nothing more than a strawman to Sam’s actual beliefs.
          He did not say anything about “forcing blacks to live together”. If anything he would probably advocate that they do whatever they want, he just doesn’t want anything to do with them.

        15. phil.”…So given the current circumstances that whites have at this moment I advocate they take measures they have to to stay safe, but what I have an issue with is an event where black are generalized…”
          I fully understand your point. Unfortunately I’m at or at least extremely close to the point where I DO want to tell Black people where to live. I’m at or close to the point where I believe it’s justified to attack Blacks randomly as they do Whites. I didn’t say it was right to behave this way but I do believe it can be justified. We have actual data, segregation, that shows this works and I don’t want any more little White girls murdered and thrown into garbage cans.
          I can give concrete examples. Near where I live a little 8 year old White girl was carried down to a Black project housing area. Only one way into it and housing on both sides of the street. Several Blacks raped her then killed her. Every Black person there knew that little White girl had no business being there with them. No one said anything or lifted a finger to help her. If Whites went down there and started randomly killing Blacks I bet it wouldn’t happen again. This didn’t happen but it used to. In the past someone would have paid. Maybe not even the right person but it would have stopped this behavior. All the talk about lynching in the past is as if White just lynched Black people for jollies and that’s not true. It came from these type actions and it worked. If there is not some let up in the attacks on Whites like it or not random attacks on Blacks will be the consequence.
          “…So, interestingly, you estimate about 40% of blacks having the criminal/dysfunctional behavior? Not the worst percentage I’ve heard to be honest…”
          Simple that’s the percentage of Blacks that serve jail time. I think that’s longer sentences not just arrested.
          “…He did not say anything about “forcing blacks to live together”…”
          I can’t remember if I’ve said that here or not but I would be for building large amounts of 30 story mass produced public housing in the districts where people want diversity, Democratic voters, so that they can have what they say they want, diversity, and moving all the section 8 into these buildings. People who don’t live in public housing can do what they want. I’m against housing rules that say who you can rent to. If someone wants just a White neighborhood they should be able to write housing contracts that say exactly that.

        16. In response to Sam, true that blacks killed an 8 year old girl. But ironically, and this might seem irrelevant, but isn’t that what bombs do when the US bombs people around the world?

        17. Possibly the whole ghetto culture is simply a reversion back to the savage nature of things we see back in Africa. However, in small town America you wouldn’t run into it. The blacks (The 60 percent good blacks) aren’t very different than the local white population.

        18. Note that I brought up the scene on the Brazillian movie “City of God” where, as a gang initiation, they demanded a black kid kill a black toddler. I brought this up on a movie discussion forum and was branded the biggest racist asshole on the planet.

        19. To Sam,
          I’ve heard of that girl, seen it in your posts in the past. That exactly the type of shit that sickens me. To be honest I would disagree with some form of making thing straight with blacks who harm others in an savage matter.
          If someone wants an all white neighborhood, then I can see the reason behind that as insurance for stability. Technically middle class black “stocks” could actually benefit black communities with community members with capability to generate upwards progress in the neighborhoods.

        20. Of course, there was also a true story of a black slave girl (I mean an actual child) being whipped to death back in the 19th century, stuff like that. Don’t try to assume that the holders of civilization cannot abuse their power, just as modern child abusers do.

        21. To Jason. Again, missing the point.
          Hint: disproportionate
          Figure it out from their. Also, as for your bombs comments, be specific.

        22. Jason Y,”…In response to Sam, true that blacks killed an 8 year old girl. But ironically, and this might seem irrelevant, but isn’t that what bombs do when the US bombs people around the world?…”
          You KNOW that I’m not for the Jew wars we’re in so what you said is dishonest. You are a dishonest person. You’re a bad person.

  6. Also, I feel adults, even poor ones, can escape ghetto hell-holes if they really want to. However, kids might be forced to endure a type of bullying hell because the parents don’t really see bullying going on. Like with my dad, he just really didn’t care about what was going on at my school, and Sam’s dad probably didn’t either.
    My dad was a real macho man, army kind of guy. I mean, he felt some sympathy,but it was hard to communicate to him the fact that white kids can be mean. However, he was sort of racist, so he was well aware that black kids were mean, and that’s why when younger, we never moved ot Knoxville, even though his job was there.

    1. “…Also, I feel adults, even poor ones, can escape ghetto hell-holes if they really want to….”
      I don’t think this is true. What you going to do if you’re a Black guy who spent 20 years in jail for armed robbery? Felons can’t get jobs. The ones they can get no one wants. Where you going to get the down payment to rent a house? Most live pay check to pay check. There is no savings. The monopolist want all of us to live like that. Bleed us dry with small constant reoccurring cost. If they could charge us for the air we breath they would.
      Let’s say you’re not a felon. You can’t afford a car. If you get one it will likely be stolen or disabled. Public transport only goes so many places and the cost of cabs are prohibitive. I being a evil WN want to constrict public transport even further because Blacks often, very frequently, use public transport to commit crimes. Not to mention Blacks attack Whites so often on public transport that they’re not afforded the same use of it that Blacks are. Why pay for something you can’t use?

      1. Possibly violent felons should be deported for life. They cannot be rehabilitated enough to get good jobs, so all they are is a drain.. Also, that would leave the US with 60 percent of good black people.

      2. WNs want to force good blacks to be with bad blacks. That’s a major error I see in WN thinking. A better solution is just to get rid of the bad blacks for good.
        OK, looking at the flip side, should good whites be forced to live with white serial killers, child molesters, rapists, thieves etc.. ???

      3. Note, the main reason bad blacks exist anyway is cause the criminal justice system is effeminate and corrupt. You got corrupt cops, some blacks play race politics, corporations who make money off of crime, jobs that are provided by criminal justice system.
        Note, it’s not integration or Martin Luther King’s dream which caused the downfall of blacks.

        1. On top of that is also, as I stated before, one parent homes which lack the structure to raise children properly. Again, you cannot blame integration for the problem.

        2. “Note, the main reason bad blacks exist anyway is cause the criminal justice system is effeminate and corrupt. You got corrupt cops, some blacks play race politics, corporations who make money off of crime, jobs that are provided by criminal justice system.
          Note, it’s not integration or Martin Luther King’s dream which caused the downfall of blacks.”
          Well not really incorrect, it explains more of why “bad blacks” are still problem, not why they exist in the first place.

        3. The whole thing with Sam and race is not in style nowadays. Well, I don’t mean necessarily PC, but look at it this way: People are divided more by class and/or behavior than race. For instance, a black doctor is welcome in an upper or rmiddle class neighborhood, a black thug is not.
          An ordinary black could be welcome in some poorer Christian white neighborhoods, a black thug, who obviously looks thuggish is not. Such a black would be seen as an appaling site in a lot of poor Christian based southern USA neighborhoods for instance.
          Mostly the 40 percent of blacks that Sam hates are ones that live in urban areas.

        4. except it’s not that simple. While people personalities could differ with SES even within a race, certain environments are going to have the social climate of you’re race/appearance being the first thing they notice and will have a substantial influence on their perception.
          It may not be permanent but still.

  7. Oh back to the main topic, The scary thing is that enemies know what you look like. For instance, I never post a picture of myself on Facebook, yet these pricks know who I am. Also there isn’t enough photo clues to figure out who I am on the net, yet at university certain people know my name and face. Hoiwever, I don’t know thier name.

  8. JASON Y “Deported for life?” How long does an AWOL squid or Marine stay on Manila or Seoul streets before he is picked up by Immigration? 6 days usually.
    My point is which country wants U.S. Felons who I might add are not pin-neat looking Anglo-Saxons?
    What country do you believe wants to accept our felons.
    Korean and Okinawa when I was in the service were outside the base rallying for us to be rotated out permanently-even if you MARRY a Filipino woman you have to pay up at Immigration every 2 months.
    Where are American (African no less) felons going to be welcomed.

    1. They’re a bit on the snobby side. I doubt if sloppy looking white people are much of a threat in Asia, but they would probably say they’re trying to rob them.
      Gosh, if Asians cannot stand sloppy white people, imagine how they’d feel in the US among poor white people.

        1. Apologize to Robert for racism against whites. Didn’t mean to say it, just trying to drive home a sarcastic point. In other words, Asians are demanding that all whites look like they would on a job interview or how they would look as Mormon missionaries etc…
          Gosh, again, look at all the tattoos most guys got now, even ones who aren’t bad-ass.

  9. JASON Y Which country wants American felons (Mostly black, Italian-American low-level connected street guys, some white Sons of Anarchy type Anglo bikers and a whole bunch of cholos) as Citizens.
    Have you been to Seoul Immigration lately? They are quire rigid about Immigration visas even if you are married to an Asian (I know this, though my own wife is Chinese).
    Sorry, nobody wants our deported felons on their welfare rolls.

    1. Yeah I tried to bring up the point with Sam awhile back. Possibly the only solution is to banish the felons to some Siberia type place for life.
      Of course, WNs bring up some silly argument that black Africa is so degenerate that bringing in our criminals wouldn’t make a difference.

  10. One Nigerian once remarked that the African had been “bred out of American blacks” and this sort of negates the notion of “Back to Africa”.
    It’s like sending someone from Maine back to Southern Denmark because most Yankees claim descent from Eastern English forebears.
    African-Americans are more correctly a mixture of European and some Cherokee or Seminole Indian with SOME admixture of West African.

    1. “…African-Americans are more correctly a mixture of European and some Cherokee or Seminole Indian with SOME admixture of West African.”
      Not where I live. We have Africans. Some mix yes but mostly Africans. You’ve been watching too much TV where they’re mostly mixed.

  11. Dhakar, Senegal does not desire a three-time felon jailbird with a lifelong addiction to crack who traces his roots there to be granted citizenship.
    I do not believe anybody could be “deported” back to anywhere from the U.S.
    Even immigrating to Canada is difficult.
    I know, I left the U.S. twenty years ago.

  12. China is happy to export its heroin merchants, junkies and Triads to Vancouver or L.A.
    Sicily runs non-stop flights to Newark for “paisans” who do a job for “crews” and take the return Red Eye to Palermo when cops find Guido dead.
    Arab thugs to uneducated to work on oil rigs get into pimping in London or fence goods in pawnshops in Michigan’s Arab-American quarter.
    …Take OUR felons?
    No thanks, they are not going to do that?
    As Pacino said in the film “Castro don’t want us back”.

  13. When you rely on the U.S. system to sustain you because your parents/extended family were not able to than you are screwed in this cutthroat capitalism environment.
    Asian-Americans and Jews with their extended kin social safety nets and informal money-lending/hiring arrangements have enough advantage to be Harold and Kumar if they want to.
    But rely on the U.S. system to ease your personal problems. Forget it, you are screwed.

    1. True. All True. The base line of money that it takes to support yourself and prosper is going up. Monopolies, gov. control, it becomes harder and harder to reach even the lower rungs. So many are fighting for the bottom if you don’t hold on tight you fall into the pit of never gonna make it.

  14. If in ancient times, being a slave was associated with being a prisoner of war or felon, then it’s not hard to see why slaves were treated with such brutality. Nobody wanted them. The slaves were lucky people were just willing to keep them alive.

  15. If the female slave is lucky the subject of forced sex looks enough like her master that he lets it live and it even gradually assumes some degree of influence in the New Order-Philippines with its Spanish Mestizo politicians and actors as well as Latin America’s ruling class demonstrate this.
    If you have a penis than you are sort of out of luck because ruling males have no use for you (Or cannot procreate with you if they do) and ruling females are not going to reproduce with you.
    So you are “bred out” of existence.
    Races prone to low impulse control, bigamy, vices and so on will always be “enslaved” in the U.S. by more advanced ones by dint of the fact that the WASP or Jew’s daddy leaves him property and a trust fund while they black or the cholo’s daddy (If he knows them) is in jail.
    Jail is actually where Cholos and Blacks like to live because they rule the roost in there, all expenses are paid, three generations of their people are inside, drugs and some kind of penetrative sex (Sometimes with female guards) is available and sometimes lucrative money-making potential exists.
    Whites tend to emerge from jail rather defeated and humbled. Blacks and Mexicans with no desire to work for minimum wage and visit a PO simply return to their lifestyle-having a few more children in the process so that “victory by the cradle” continues at the taxpayers expense-then go back inside.

  16. Lacking property is the core qualification of a slave. Any idiot can be a rent-seeker.
    Capitalism is always harsher for the poor and especially blacks for this very reason. It lends itself to paternalistic wealth transfers (Inheritance), industriousness, high-impulse control (Use rubbers), individualism and all the other things that Asians and WASPS and Jews tend to excel at it.
    Groups from outside this rather rigid framework are going to be out-of-luck and slaves for the property class.
    Blacks tend to intrinsically grasp this young. You might as well sell crack and live in the moment well because in a society based upon the ownership of property and capital you are out of luck.
    Who really wants to work for minimum wage to augment the incomes of another race?

    1. So as Robert Kiyokaski was saying, who co-wrote a book with Trump, then a smart person would be saving up capital to start a business or buy property. But they have to have brains or they could fuck it up.

    A) Subject would have to show fairly high degree of interest in school despite an ugly home life of police sometimes showing up on domestic calls and various men (Sometimes abusive) in and out of the residence…You’re going to hit the books with all this going on?
    If you are a WASP or Jew than Daddy usually demands that you sit at a dinner table and watches his ESPN or CNN afterwards.
    He also helps with your homework.
    Other minorities Daddy is in the pen and your mother’s violent live-in is watching gangbang porn on the Plasma in front of your 8 year old half-sister in a meth/crack stupor.
    B) Eschew all offers to experiment with hard drugs-not 18 year old white seniors trying marijuana for the first time but 14 years old kids who see crack, meth or heroin everyday.
    Crack and meth are usually not present in private Catholic schools but every lower-grade public school has a dealer.
    C) Abstain from heterosexual activity. Which is everywhere in lower-class settings.
    Lower-income girls are often hardened prostitutes by 17 while still attending high school…In their world, you are getting old to turn tricks at 21.
    D) Attend and graduate from a four-year college with a degree in Business or Economics.
    Poor whites usually attend a trade school. Blacks attend college for a semester and busted for weed or a fight and are kicked out of school anyhow.
    E) Get a bank loan.
    Business model for the loan officer?
    F) Select a business with a localized demand-side base. Food franchises close down in recessions-liquor or groceries only.
    Jews used to do this but Arabs and Koreans streamed in to replace them. I’ve noticed African-Americans are starting to own their own liquor stores and pawnshops.
    G) Hope that a chain like Walmart will not pop up one block down when you are still paying off your bank loan.
    Wal-mart is more responsible for making downtown one big crack house than any dealer with miles of shuttered buildings.
    Empty buildings breed crime, of course.
    Do all this and maybe you can be lucky.

    1. Enough advertising money wll lead to success in any business, assuming the person can run the biz. However, less competition means less advertising dollars will be needed.

      1. This is true especially online, less so offline. Perhaps a lot of cash and a smart CEO would still not be enough for a pizza joint to outdo the popular one on the block. However, then again, you can also go to some neighborhood with less competition and conquer that area.

    Black communities show little concern for white-on-white violence in white communities of the Biker Gang and Mafia “Sons of Anarchy” sort.
    Phil, why aren’t African-American leaders more concerned with the plague of biker gang wars and meth-related violence and crime that has wrought misery in places like the Central Valley of California.
    Your leaders never express concern for white lives lost to Biker wars, Italians mafia shootings, Russian mob hits.
    Why aren’t African-Americans concerned with poor whites who lose their lives from this?

    1. I know this was meant for Jason, but it’s obvious that the double standard is the major point being made.
      White general show more inter-racial concern more than others.
      These plagues you mentioned aren’t quite as universal/detrimental as Black general underachievement.

  19. PHIL
    “Spaghetti Sauce” one African-American police officer jokes in the house of a mob rub out. Black cops in New York or New Jersey take amusement in at the scenes of “Guido” massacres where Italians are lying dead in their alligator shoes.
    ONE POINT: White Criminal homicides are not one victim in the road-they are five dead in a hotel or in the case of the Biker massacres In Public places 20 dead and 409 wounded.
    Phil…Al Singleton does not care if “White Trash Barbarians” bikers or “Guidos” kill one another at an alarming rate.

    Television and politicians do not lament the loss of Italian-American males found in six pieces in the New Jersey river every week.
    There is no ITALIAN-AMERICAN LIVES MATTER in New Jersey AND 5 OR 6 are usually found dead in one crime scene.
    Why is this Italian or Russian crime decried as a grave loss in the mainstream media?

    1) Bikers and Italian “crews” usually leave a MASSACRE of 5 or 6 dead at a time.
    2) Grotesque body-chopped-in-5-pieces in motel SCARFACE type scenes-not a bullet through the head like BLOODS or CRIPS.
    4) No tragedy of the loss of a white male criminal.
    5) People actually laugh when Italian-Americans garrote and brutally kill one another-Sopranos.

    1. Yeah, why no mention of serial killer style murders of whites. Why only the ghetto blacks? So shouldn’t we segregate against ALL Italians and also Anglo people. No, how could we segregate against Anglo people when so much of the population is Anglo?

        Juries and the public shed a tear for an 18 year old African-American lad whose life was cut short in the bloom of youth….Not for Guido the Vicious Heroin Importer who was 45 and suspected in 6 mob-related killings or Ivan the ex-KGB Enforcer from St. Petersburg who was murdered by Bad Bob the Biker over Meth distribution territory when they were both in 39.
        I’m going to sound like the Keifer Sutherland character when I say that Anglos and Italians are better at getting away with murder.
        Watch FIRST 48 and you notice the suspect has A) Sold the victim’s cellphone to some crackhead who is needled to near-tears by investigating officers B) Brags about the killing to everybody he knows C) was caught on video camera doing it D) Given up by accessory who wants a lighter sentence for himself.
        Italians and Russians and Bikers will hire somebody who is out of the country by the time the police get to the scene. There will be no DNA, no street word, nobody selling the victim’s cellphone for crack, no weapons. No video surveillance and no witnesses.
        On the odd occasion that some white is killed by another white on that show, it usually ends in an open investigation.

        1. Oh yeah, the criminal justice system is corrupt. Fuck those Goodfella guys. They should be banished for life, just like the felon ghetto blacks.

        2. I don’t know why so many white youth think Italian mobsters are cool, yet probably these same punks hate blacks, seeing them as criminal sub-human thugs.

  22. AFRICAN – AMERICAN LOGICAL RESPONSE: If Italian-American greasy scumbags want to kill each other in their grimy Pizza joints or lank-haired meth-crazed hillbillies Sons of Anarchy and Russian white trash murder one another…WTF difference does it make to society?
    They chose that way of life, right Phil? They could make an honest living delivering Pizzas in New Jersey or like the Sons of Anarchy character, work as a mechanic in a garage.
    They die because they are greedy, amoral and violent.
    See my point, Phil?

  23. An enemy is an enemy, regardless of whether they treat you with respect or not. There is a tradition in the west, which has been lost, of opposition. You may have an opponent, who will fight you, may even kill you, but they acknowledge rules of combat. This is why a man could arrange to kill another man in a duel, and still respect the situation enough to do so within rules.
    Even in war, there were rules.
    I guess the underlying issue here isn’t so much a respect for the enemy, but a respect for civility, for decent conduct, even towards your enemy. If your enemy acknowledges that, then there is a tacit understanding that there are boundaries.
    This is the mark of a civilised people.
    The radicals aren’t civilised. There are no rules, no limits.

    “These Italians are truly depraved and sick cutting the body into 6 places in a motel AND ordering a pizza up while they do it!”
    But its KINDA FUNNY and ANYHOW GOOD RIDDANCE to Greedy, Amoral and Violent Italians who CHOOSE that way of life for themselves.”
    “Those Peckerwoods and their Motorcycle Gangs. They sure love to fight and kill…but only other white bikers so who cares”

  25. PHIL Admit that when Italian-Americans in mafia families die the average Black thinks: He was too greedy and violent and amoral to deliver Pizzas so that was the Life He Chose.

  26. PHIL Blacks believe that when Italians and Peckerwood Bikers die it is a result of a life of thuggery that THEY CHOSE for themselves.

    1. To be honest I’ve never heard of this, mostly because my family is southern so I imagine this would be a urban phenomenon.
      Well, I suppose that’s correct true, but overall blacks tend to stress out stuff concerning themselves in the long run anyway.

  27. Robert, what if once upon a time, I had a friend and I fucked everything up coz I was isolated for many years and on meeting someone normal, I got overly excited, thinking I had reached paradise and failed to be practical, and my head remained in the clouds for years, resulting in the demise of my friendship as I was unable to be a friend that is present in the moment, because I was always on cloud 9. What do I do after that?
    Sorry about this.

  28. It’s a horrible post to read if ur blocked by bob
    I wanted to be a good person more than anything. Now I wish I were dead-so I watch vanilla sky to take my mind off things. I think this is a nice movie.

  29. You boys and girls are “intellectualizing” yourselves into the grave.
    There is a LITERAL SATAN and he is going all out to drag down the
    Western world. The most recent sign of this was the Orlando terrorist’s
    father situated behind Hillary.
    A people blithely accepting their own suicide in the name of inclusivity!
    That has brought down all the great civilizations.
    “Maybe-it-will-go-away” denilism will seal our fate.”
    Beware September 10. The “Mars-Max” has been in effect since
    Feburary. The “Mars-Max” is when Mars is closest to Earth. Mars is the
    God of war. That’s why we’ve had mayhem since Feb. The final day of the
    Mars-Max is September 13. (The Sept. 11 2001 attack also occurred
    during a Mars-Max) On September 10 2016, we will have a Neptune
    (The planet of illusion) Saturn square. This placement has been known to
    shatter illusion. Maybe the illusion to be shattered is that “it” can’t happen
    here. And maybe Europe’s illusions will be shattered as well, and it will
    finally be forced to help itself and get the Gospel all over the world in
    preparation for Christ’s Second Coming.

    1. “…There is a LITERAL SATAN and he is going all out to drag down the
      Western world…”
      We need to identify these people who are aligned with Satan to keep ourselves safe. Let me see…who could it be… wait a second didn’t Jesus have something to say about this?
      JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)
      The Joos. The Joos worship Satan.

      1. He could have just been addressing a particular group of Pharisees. Technically, according to Jesus’ teaching, anyone who doesn’t follow his teaching follows the devil, that would be anyone of any race.
        So the particular group of Jews were following the devil, just like at the same time, I’m sure some Chinese people were doing the same.

        1. Wouldn’t a lot of Africans and ghetto blacks also be serving the devil by their actions, like dumping a white child n a dumpster etc..?

    2. Definitely the guy in the red suit with a mustache tempts people. 😆 He would definitely be the ultimate “environmental factor”. Genetics plays a role, but with people listen to the guy down under, you can be sure negative genetics will take over the situation.

  30. Ok so from SD’s and others comments we see that, 40 percent of blacks need to be banished for life, and also a certain percentage of whites (and others).. After all that is done, your left with fairly normal white, black, Jewish, Latino, gay, and Asian people.

  31. Whites will procure the freezer and chainsaw for to freeze the body to confuse time of death and if it is gang-violence the killers will be flown in from Ireland or Sicily or Eastern Europe and flown out again immediately afterwards. And so on.
    African-American killings are actually less cold-blooded (Mexican mafia are equally cold-blooded to whites and business-minded but not as ingenious at committing the crime).

  32. Few Russians, Central Valley California Anglo/Irish or New Jersey Italians actually get into mafias or biker gangs….They know that down the road it will end in prison or death-though unlike African-American gangs Sicilians for example manage to stay out of prison or cemeteries until they are 45 or so.
    A very few of the million of Italian-Americans in New Jersey will actually enter organized crime.
    Banishing 40% of any race is impossible.

      1. Deport them to Siberia/Mongolia? I am sympathetic to the tragedy of American Indians and the Trail of Tears BUT I’ve never bought into American Indians being “Native” in any sense.
        They are Asian.

      2. JASON
        No great tragedy for a white man to leave the U.S. is it? I left 20 years ago and it makes no matter of any kind to me.
        I do not know why more white nationalists do not immigrate to Australia or Iceland. Like the blacks they dislike, they do not have initiative.
        Whites will simply leave the United States in increasing numbers or live in areas too chilly or woodsy (African-Americans are from the Savannah and do not take to thick forests on the Canadian border).
        You can be a stubborn white like the Polish-American “Gran Tarino” character Eastwood played and hang around but you will not reverse the process. Most whites will have the sense to move, as they have done from Flint or Detroit.
        U.S. cities will all look like Detroit as whites flee back to Europe, to Canada, to Northern Idaho, to Asia.
        So why worry about the genocide factor. Some environments they simply cannot prosper in. Southern Minnesota is about as far North it goes.

  33. Police are not so much corrupted by Goodfellas-though a few are-as short on the trail of leads.
    Whites are just better at committing homicide and getting away with it.
    18 year old African-Americans are not going to freeze a body to confuse the time of death or anything sophisticated like that. They will not fly the killers in from Sicily and arrange for them to be gone by the time the police find the body.
    Police have limited resources and said victim was himself a multiple murderer.

    1. To make things fair, Italian mobsters should just be assumed to be doing wrong even if not proven. It might not seem just, but it’s very just to African Americans who lack the vast resources to conceal their crimes. So this way Italians and blacks are punished equally.

    2. It should be just assumed that if you join the Italian Mafia that your just piece of shit and even small evidence pointing toward murder should count as strong evidence. I guess it would be like making the Italian Mafia like Al Queda.

    Kids think it is cool because nobody sees the tragedy in Joe Pesci getting his head blown off.
    It is racist that a 45 year old Italian mobster does not attract the sense of loss from the public that an 18 year old black youth does, isn’t it.
    See my point about racism?

    1. The un-PC truth is that it’s probably better off for both of them to be banished by law enforcement or just meet their fate via their own actions. I guess God can sort it out, though it is somewhat a tragedy a kid that young when down a bad path. 18 could be a time when somebody changes their path, and there is still a long life to live from then on.

  35. One thing about police is that it is about keeping the peace. Another words if one awful Italian-American is killed by other Italian-Americans behind closed doors it is really not a huge concern.
    The people that get busted for drugs for example, are usually not arrested by police doing them inside their houses. Their car is pulled over and searched or they are doing something else wrong on the street.
    African-American crime attracts attention because the victims are young and the murders occur in public with no effort to dispose of the body.
    I just attribute this to IQ differences.

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