Know Your Enemy

SD writes:

SD is back, because we learn a great deal about ourselves from those whose opinions are the opposite.
If they are wrong they prove our point and if they are right they prove us wrong.
But either way we learn about ourselves.

This is correct. I am always reading the sites of the people I disagree with, even people who I absolutely despise.
It is very important to know how the enemy thinks.
I recall a tale about a famous general, I forget who it was. There was a huge war going on, and he was on one side of the war, pretty much leading his troops, and there was another group they were fighting against.
I remember a reporter visited him once in his office and was shocked to see a huge picture of the head general of the opposing forces right on his desk, staring right at the general from where he sat in his chair. When sitting at his desk, there was no way to avoid looking at this huge looming portrait of the enemy general. The reporter was stunned and asked the general why he had put a portrait of his enemy on his desk. The general said he put it there because this was the man he thought about all day long. Then he said something about the importance of knowing your enemy. The reporter asked the general if he hated the opposing general whose photo he had placed so prominently on his desk.
“Oh no,” the general said. “I have nothing but respect for him. I have the utmost respect for that man.”
The reporter was shocked, but thinking later, realized that it all made sense.
Know your enemy!

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0 thoughts on “Know Your Enemy”

  1. If you are white you learn exactly what the few Hispanics and African-Americans who visit the site think (That whites are Nazis, more or less) as well as Italian-Americans about Anglo (That they are source of culture and civilization and we are rude inhabitants of the bogs and forests of the North).
    And so on.
    Robert Lindsey’s site actually gives you a better grasp of how to handle these types on the street and what is going on in their psyche (Indians posting here seem to be hyper-sensitive and insecure as a holdover from colonization)
    Unless you are having sex with a woman from some other group, you cannot get closer to an understanding of what is going on in their mind.

    1. Hey Indravaruna
      My sister and I have traditional distinctly Hebrew names yet we often get mistaken for Brazilian or Portuguese as they are widely used in Lusophone cultures as well.
      That’s how deeply embedded Jewish culture is within your culture anyway.

  2. Apart from wanting their miserable little corner of an arid Mediterranean desert, who do they threaten exactly?
    Who cares about them?

    1. Are even most Jews in Israel?
      Every group is in competition with every other group. Jews are just better at it and most Whites seem embarrassed to try.

    2. SD
      It’s undeniable that the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has tremendous effect on geopolitical relations and economic stability regardless of your opinion on the conflict itself.

  3. The version of the story I read had Montgomery at the desk and Rommel in the portrait. Yet it was Rommel who wrote “Krieg ohne Hasse” and British commandos who tried to assassinate him.

  4. Yeah, I guess it’s why I like these blogs which have so many white supremacists on them. How can you understand these people without getting on their turf?

  5. East Asians are not really in competition with others outside their ethnic group. Nobody in Koreantown, LA is resentful of a James Deen who lives in San Fernando Valley and makes porn. Silly, really.
    I do not see Jews shaping the culture or politics of Hawaii either. That is Japanese-Americans.
    White Nationalists are so far removed from their racial roots in Europe that only one in five could name the city in England or Slovakia that their great-grandparents actually immigrated from. They know little about their own ethnic roots.
    If Jews have any advantage it is simply the fact that their families are somewhat more intact, have less degrees of pathology and blah blah.

    BROAD CITY’S stars are the sort of Jews that I am most familiar with. If they are running anything, I’d be gigantically surprised.
    One crucial difference is simply that they do not have kids at an early age and have the liberty to do what they want to do as a result.
    Other than that, they are fairly aimless and shallow for the most part.
    This might be my own experience growing up in an area with better-off WASPS and lower-income Jews, however.

    1. Yes most of the Jews that I know are middle class or upper middle class. Many are social workers or teachers earning less than 60 grand a year, with astronomical student debt. And lord knows the cost of living is way higher in NY or LA than it is in Tulsa or Grand Rapids.
      But you cannot deny that Jews are vastly overrepresented in positions of power.
      PS. I think it’s prestigious to have deeply embedded roots in the U.S. I can name the towns where my ancestors were born but I can’t trace before 1800.

  7. It depends on how you are personally influenced. East Indians, Koreans, Japanese-Americans in Hawaii (They run the show there) and even German or Italian-American enclaves do not really feel the profound effect of Jewish domination.
    Anglo folks who watch porn and are glued to their remote control might stare at a Hollywood roster feel culturally warped.
    That is like complaining that you are being influenced by Hispanics in South America because you are a cocaine addict. Buy what they sell and you will be.
    Asians, as GAY STATE GIRL blatantly noted, are “smarter”. Italian-Americans in New York tend to be street-smart, cynical and have their own culture. So these types of folks are not overly influenced by Jewish policy.
    Yes, it is good to be ingrained into a national culture. What makes Italian-Americans or Asian-Americans (Or we German-Americans in the Upper Midwest) less susceptible however is that we have our own ancestral homeland and our own culture and economy over which it would be difficult for an outside entity to really infiltrate.

  8. GAY STATE GIRL Response
    I’m not sure if successful Jews care whether they have an effect on the culture or not. This is sort of incidental.
    My experience has been that Jews are quite family-orientated (Though their families squabble bitterly sometimes) and this, more than anything else, is their chief focus in life.
    Jewish men also, to some extent, are raised to be responsible for their actions and understand consequences-if they get a Jewish girl pregnant they marry her and accept the consequences. White Christians or African-Americans are more likely not to.

  9. North Korea exerts an equal amount of political pressure on geopolitics. Asians are not without influence.
    I have no feelings one way or another about Israel, truthfully. But it is a tiny strip of desert in the Eastern Mediterranean.
    Jews in the performing arts tend to be comediennes like the BROAD CITY girls or Seinfeld or they are supporting characters to a WASP lead.
    James Deen is probably the closest thing to Hollywood heartthrob that Jewish-Americans have and I doubt he is paid a sum comparable to Brad Pitt to shed his clothes in front of the camera.
    Asians, who have their own media and culture whether they live in the U.S. or Japan, really are not terribly influenced.

    1. Most of the hate in Asia seems to not be directed at Jews, but rather Americans in general, who are seen in a shady light. Most massively resent US influence in their politics and in the culture somewhat.

  10. Nobody in the Middle East showed much interest in Mizhari Jews and they did not have an enormity of influence in Dubai or Yemen.
    North Korea also swallows up a great deal of American finances and is to some extent an Asian-American problem. Sorry, but Jews alone are not
    I live in Asia and few know what the word Jewish means. All whites and their religions are the same.
    If Anglo people are susceptible to Jewish pseudo-science or media or for that matter to Hispanic hegemony over the drugs trade…it’s because Asians and Arabs are more hard-headed.

  11. Trump is not Jewish but because he lives in New York on the East Coast nearer to the centers of power and influence he is going to have a greater influence than a Jewish man in St. Paul Minnesota.
    One thing you notice about Jews from the middle of the country is that those who intend to make an impact have to move either to one coast or the other. If they are from Chicago and want to get into entertainment they head for LA, if they want to get into finance they go to New York City.

  12. BROAD CITY sums up the powerless, hopeless lower middle-class Jews stuck in a pretty lousy life situation that is the urban equivalent of the Arkansas trailer park.
    Most of them live out their entire lives in 6 square blocks and no very little about the rest of the world.
    Jewish poverty with its apartments over kosher delis and petty male thugs like Necro the rapper is not really any less squalid or pleasant than rural poverty.
    In fact, it some ways it is worse.

  13. I think it was Montgomery who had a portrait of Rommel.
    I respect opponents, but I don’t respect trash. I respect a person who has a very different political view. I have some close friends who are quite on the opposite end, politically, but we treat each other with respect.
    I’m a pretty hardline atheist, but have friends who are very strongly Christian. I’m a Socialist kind of guy, but I have a long time friend who’s a Free Market Thatcherite kind of guy (OK, I’ll admit that one tests me, and normally I wouldn’t stomach that, but hes a friend since childhood, and he doesn’t hate me for my views)
    On the other hand, if someone who opposes me, even slightly, acts like an arse, decides thats reason to ruin me, decides to fight dirty, decides that I should be destroyed and will listen to no reason, then I don’t respect that prick. The antifa are like that. These are people I oppose and have NO respect for. They cannot be reasoned with, they don’t want to reason. They are mad dogs. I don’t respect people who act like animals. I don’t respect someone who says they’re a Trotskyite, or an “Anti-Racist Activist”, because these people act like asses.
    If you are going to oppose someone, oppose them like a man. Challenge them to a duel. Challenge them to a debate. Settle the matter.

  14. Asians do not differentiate Europeans and White Americans, Jews and Mormons.
    To them we are the descendants of Marco Polo era long-nosed hairy faced traders/intruders who humiliated them for a couple of centuries during the Victorian Era or the Spanish Occupation of Philippines.
    Privately they believe we are inferior but maddeningly creative and that Blacks are barbarians.
    Beyond that, no real feeling towards us even exists.

  15. I like reading things from people I being I disagree with, Any cogent points that are brought up tend to broaden my perspective and gives me insights that I would have never seen before.
    The Left is really shooting itself in the foot with all this PC stuff.

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