Robert Stark, Rabbit, & Alex von Goldstein talk about Radical Centrism, Cultural Elitism, & Gore Vidal

Here. Great new show. It looks like Rabbit of the AltLeft website will be one of Stark’s regular guest-hosts now, so it looks like Stark’s show is becoming at least in part an Alt Left (and Radical Center, see below) site in addition to being the Alt Right site that it has long been known as. I don’t think Stark himself is all that Alt Right. He seemed too sane and liberal, I have known the guy a long time, and and he was never a very racist guy a far as I could tell. Stark is still Alt Right I think, but he leans more towards the Radical Center wing and maybe even towards the Alt Left sometimes. Rabbit sort of has his own wing of the Alt Left as opposed to my wing. Rabbit is more into pro-White stuff and race and he doesn’t really care about the Cultural Left. It’s not that he’s a Cultural Left guy himself, but I think it is more than he just doesn’t care about feminism, gay politics, and whatnot. But Rabbit would surely reject modern anti-racism as should any sane person frankly. Rabbit associates with open White nationalists on radio shows and honestly could even be seen as one himself, although he’s probably the nicest WN I’ve ever met. He seems to be somewhat lined up with Greg Johnson’s West Coast White Nationalism. If you don’t know what it is, go research it as I do not have time to get into it here. Johnson is definitely a hardcore White nationalist. He’s also openly gay. And now there’s Milo. And Jack Donovan’s been here a while. What’s with all these gays being attracted to the Alt Right? Color me somewhat disturbed. There’s been a nasty reaction to the gay bar that’s opened up on the Alt Right. I listened to a very scary Nazi type woman do a podcast on Bathhouse White Nationalism, ranting on and on about faggots and queers and this and that. She was smart as Hell and funny as barrel of ticks, but she left me with a disturbed taste on my lips. I almost wanted some Scope. My wing is more explicitly about economics and maybe even more Left in that sense. Contrary to popular lie, I really don’t care about race stuff or pro-White stuff. Someone needs to explain to me why race of all things is the most important issue facing our society today. I don’t get it. Race is the thing I’m trying to spend most days trying not to think about, you know? It’s like “What the Hell you want to think about that for? At best it’s a sideshow and an ugly and often stupid one at that. Why shell out for the expensive ticket? And then there’s the other people in the audience all around you. I go to the fair to have fun, not to be terrified. I get enough of that in the quotidian grind as it is. I am much more opposed to the Cultural Left. I am quite critical of feminism, gay politics, Baskin Robbins 31 different flavors of gender and the prosaic degeneracy of all the rest of the Cultural Left Freakshow, though I don’t think much of modern antiracism either. But I dislike modern antiracism more because it’s insipid, not because it’s the enemy. Violent opposition to modern antiracism seems cruel. It’s like beating up the retarded. There’s so dumb I almost very sorry for them. About the show, I think Bay Area Guy and maybe also Dota came up with the idea of the Radical Center. Ann Sterzinger has also talked about the Radical Center a lot. Topics include: Rabbit’s Alt Left and how it’s similar to Radical Centrism. How Radical Centrism relates to the Alt Right, which is a big tent movement for people who oppose political correctness and mass immigration but includes people with more Left and Center views. How Radical Centrism can adopt the issues abandoned by the Left in favor of globalism and open borders (ex. civil liberties, the environment, workers rights, and anti-war). How the left opposed the Brexit which stripped the world’s 400 richest people of $127 billion. The Horseshoe Theory, and how the Radical Center is the part of the horseshoe drifting in nothingness. Implementing Radical Centrism politically and which demographic groups it could appeal to. Where Radical Centrism overlaps with the Left, Right, and Libertarianism. What is the role of government vs. individual liberty. Capitalism and how it can produce innovation but is disruptive when unfettered without zoning laws, environmental protection, protectionism, and financial regulation. White liberal utopias such as Portland, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado, how they relate to the Alt Left, and how they contrast with “conservative” run regions such as Texas. Pan-Secessionism and how it can offer every ideology and group self-determination. Gore Vidal as a Radical Center/Alt Left Icon. Gore Vidal’s controversial statements on issues including immigration, race, WWII, Roman Polanski, Ruby Ridge, and how he corresponded with Timothy McVeigh. Gore Vidal’s cultural elitism. Gore Vidal’s novels. Homosexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome. The importance of cultural elitism. How our society has a hierarchy based on wealth and celebrity status  rather than cultural elitism.

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18 thoughts on “Robert Stark, Rabbit, & Alex von Goldstein talk about Radical Centrism, Cultural Elitism, & Gore Vidal”

  1. “…Someone needs to explain to me why race of all things is the most important issue facing our society today. I don’t get it. ..”
    All races don’t act the same. Fine that’s perfectly ok except that there’s a large movement of people who say all problems are caused by race and White people are the one race causing a problem. If they stayed in their country that would not be a problem. Is it too much to ask that all countries raise their level of “diversity” and number of different races to the same level as the US and then we’ll test if diversity of races in countries works. It hasn’t before so why risk the whole country on this premise.
    Recently a White person in student government said “all lives matter”. She was suspended and had to take “diversity” classes before she could come back. If this is what diversity brings us I want no part of it.
    In actuality the whole diversity movement is to politically out vote Whites and have Jews psychologically and bodily torture Whites with all the diverse races lined up against them.
    Race wouldn’t be the most important issue if it was not used as a weapon to disenfranchise Whites. If you want to see the future of Whites in the US if we keep this up just look at South Africa. We will be treated just like them and all the SJW pleading of Whites will get you nothing when they take charge. You SJW and Socoms will be treated exactly the same as the most racist, Nazi, White person on the planet. You will be guilty because…you are White.

    1. Analysis of a racism hoax Schwartz: that a seriously interesting topic (I found it through Heterodox Academy, I site I feel I can recommend). Multiculturalism, as the multiracialism imposers prefer to name it, is the culprit. The rest can’t be avoided, and is consequence.

  2. The inferiority complex is the underlying reason why we are made into demons. Remember the restaurant scene in Scarface? Tony Montana said society needs people like him so they could point their fingers and say that’s the bad guy. Whites need us a lot more than we need them. Without us, they would lack a comparison.

    (Source, this extremely interesting page)
    If there were a God, no one could forgive It for having created/let the human brain exist.

  3. About the show, I think Bay Area Guy and maybe also Dota came up with the idea of the Radical Center.
    To be honest, I had nothing to do with it. The first I ever heard of it was from Bay Area Guy who is dissatisfied with the libertarian streak that runs through some Alternative Right circles. He doesn’t care much for right-wing economics and Neo-liberalism.

  4. Rob,
    I thought I should bring the article below to your attention – it comes from a conservative British magazine but their brand of conservatism seems a bit different than the US variety. (Boris Johnson, the conservative MP who spear headed Brexit, during a speech to announce he would not be running for Prime Minister of the UK, recapped his achieves and declared how proud he was that Gay marriage was now allowed in Britain due to the efforts of the outgoing conservative Prime Minister David Cameron).
    Pretty stunning if this happened the way the author described it:
    What happened when I was charged with a hate crime
    After a 30-second scuffle on a train, it took 20 months and £15,000 to clear my name
    For 20 months, I stood accused of a hate crime: homophobically motivated common assault. The British Transport Police pursued my case with extraordinary zeal. So too did the Crown Prosecution Service. I was plunged into a world where common sense withered and died.
    The nightmare began when I was travelling home to London after a funeral in Kent. I was chatting with a friend on the train when a strange man started shouting at us from across the carriage. ‘Shut up!’ he yelled before accusing us of conducting a sexist and misogynistic conversation at high volume. This was, in his opinion, ‘offensive’.
    We were bemused. Talking at a normal volume for a private conversation, we were in fact discussing a male colleague, admittedly using the occasional swear word. Jabbing his finger at us, our accuser insisted we were using derogatory language about a woman. We weren’t. I suggested that he might like to stop his tirade. But he carried on screaming at us. When he went to get up, I decided to defend myself by trying to keep him in his seat. I thought it would be safer that way. My friend was 66 and not well. At this point our accuser leapt to his feet and punched me in the face. A playground grappling session ensued. I’m no fighter and nor was he. It was a non-event, handbags. No one was hurt.
    Someone had dialed 999, the guard arrived and I returned to my seat. The entire altercation lasted about 30 seconds. The train halted at Tunbridge Wells, a police officer took our statements separately and informed me that my accuser didn’t want to press charges. Nor did I. He got off the train, I continued my journey and that was the end of it. Or so I thought.
    A day later a British Transport Police officer rang my adversary — who turned out to be a university lecturer. For reasons I will never know, this call led to a change of heart by my accuser. The BTP subsequently interviewed me, and before I knew what had happened I was being accused of homophobic abuse and assault. I was stunned. I had allegedly interrupted the man’s attempts to make a phone call by asking him if he was ringing his gay lover.
    This allegation could have ruined my life. Had I been found guilty, as a television critic and pundit who appears on the box and the radio regularly, my career would have been over.
    The man had no evidence to support his claim. On my side, I had several witnesses who had heard nothing of the sort, plus CCTV footage that showed our altercation had been no more than an insignificant skirmish. Still, the police investigated my case with ardour. The investigating officers’ florid report to the CPS made it sound as if I’d beaten the hell out of the guy. It was nonsense. Nevertheless, charges were duly pressed.
    During the long and stressful wait for my trial, it became clear to me that it wasn’t the non-assault they were interested in. It was the homophobic aspect that had mysteriously emerged 24 hours after the incident.
    For the record, my accuser’s sexuality had never entered my mind and, it transpired, he wasn’t gay. But these allegations provided the British Transport Police with a potential opportunity to notch up an all-important statistic pointing to how wonderfully tough they are on hate crime. Zero tolerance. Every perceived slight is registered as a crime — even in cases such as mine where the evidence is based only on the accuser’s own account.
    The court case itself, which happened last month, was a bizarre affair. The CCTV footage proved that I would have had no reason to interrupt my accuser’s call because he didn’t make one. Three gay friends took the day off work to assure the magistrates that I was not a homophobe. But the CPS’s prosecuting lawyer insisted that I was a hate criminal. The magistrates, in their wisdom, disagreed and concluded that I had acted in self-defence ‘with restraint’. My elation was tempered by the £15,000 I’d been forced to spend on hiring a legal team. I will be very lucky if I manage to reclaim a fraction of that sum.
    I hope that what happened to me is rare. But somehow I doubt it. The director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders — who runs the CPS — has announced that new documents will soon be released to explain to a grateful public the definition of hate crime and to encourage everyone to go straight to the police.
    Explaining why she wants to see more hate-crime offenders charged, Ms Saunders said: ‘We would like to see it higher because I do think that these cases are not reported enough.’ How can she know that? Is more than a thousand reports a week really too few? How many would suit her? Two thousand? Ten thousand? A million?
    I cannot speak scientifically, but from my own experience I felt that I was in the grip of a kind of madness. Now that the pool of 1970s celebrities to arrest for historic sex crimes is running dry, the police and the CPS seem to have climbed aboard a new bandwagon.
    The laws and guidance for prosecutors against homophobia, trans-phobia, racism and religious and disability prejudice are well-intentioned. But unless enforced with fairness and a sense of justice they represent a growing menace. Nottinghamshire Police have announced their intention to turn wolf-whistling into a misogynistic hate crime. Isn’t that just a tad over the top? Don’t coppers have better things to do?
    For one year and eight months I had a ringside seat at the edge of insanity. A pathetic, tiny scuffle that I did not start escalated into a drawn-out legal battle. Hate crime. Be careful, it could happen to you

    1. I wonder if the director of public prosecutions Alison Saunders is Jewish? She sure doesn’t have any problems letting Jews go for raping children. If Alison Saunders is not Jewish then what do they have on her?
      This kind of oppressive harassment is what Whites can expect in the vibrant diversified future. Where the diverse attack them constantly and the White get charged for some gobbledygook.

      1. JFK told Vidal that Truman was abandoned by everyone and was only runned for President after getting a literal bat of money from the jews for Israel recognition.

        1. For the Cold War stint.
          Curious what your ideals or vision are. You don’t like Jewish nationalism, but you obviously don’t want Jews in your country. It seems this will lead your movement in circles.

  5. “…Someone needs to explain to me why race of all things is the most important issue facing our society today. I don’t get it. ..”
    I ran across this quote by the learned scholar Dufus.
    Dufus said,”Non-Whites are the real White Supremacists as they expect us to solve all their problems for them.”

  6. That didn’t come out at all. I think the bullet point freaked it out. Try again.
    “…It is dominated by a hostile, foreign, politically minority or ethnically minority elite. In fact, more realistically, it may be dominated by a combination of these factions and local collaborators. E.g. overseas Israelis, communists, anti-white liberals (and conservatives), other ethnocentric non-jewish minorities such as blacks, mestizos, etc in the United States. This is not something I have concocted up but something with nebulous historical antecedents, e.g. Austrians and Hungarians being minorities in their halves of Austria-Hungary, the White Raj (British India), the Protestant Ascendancy of Ireland, French Algeria, Mamluk Egypt (Turco-Circassian ruled), the multi-ethnic and multi-faith Ottoman Empire (ruled by Turks and often with Greeks, Armenians and Albanians in high profile administrative, military and economic positions), Apartheid-era South Africa, Alawite-dominated Syria under the Assad dynasty, etc. The list goes on. This is a real historical phenomenon, and minorities or pluralities are rational actors in advancing their interests and collaborating to exercise power and privileges over a majority…”
    I particularly think Apartheid-era South Africa is relevant. You make think this an odd idea but today Whites are told they are THE problem with society. We’re psychologically treated as White niggers. Always put in a bad light. Our schools used to indoctrinate children in all of our worst lights and barely mentioning our better qualities.
    Notice all this is based on race. Let’s say your forefathers fought for the North in the civil war. Any points for that? No you’re white. Say you came from England later like Derbyshire the writer. England was the country that stopped the slave trade and you had nothing to do with slavery. Any points for that? No you’re White. All about race.

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