Robert Stark Interviews Ann Sterzinger about "In the Sky"

Ann Sterzinger is a novelist stranded on the Alt Right for God knows what reason. Sort of a a case of, “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like that?
I think a lot of folks, especially hipster and artistic types, are drifting around the Alt Right because they think it’s like the new hip bar in town where everyone goes to be seen. The Alt Right is hip, groovy and edgy and it’s great for the Permanently lost and those with late onset adolescent rebellion. You look at a lot of these hipster early adopter trendies over there and you think, “You’re a decent person. What the Hell are doing hanging around with all these damn Nazis?”
Maybe they don’t know what they’re doing. Maybe they do. Maybe they’re on glue. Maybe they’re camped at the Lost and Found. Maybe it’s all Performance Art. Maybe who the Hell knows.
Sometimes you just have to throw up your hands, shake your head and walk away.
Ann is also part of some weird thing called the Anti-Natalism Movement.
Anyway, this chick is an excellent writer, already having a few novels under her corset. She is also very, very smart. She used to have this shy nerdy girl look which was a bit attractive except it gets lost in a crowd too easily. One of those sorta cute faces that’s always fading into the wall, you know? Now she’s fixed herself up a lot for the dating market I guess, and she looks a lot better.
She seems me one of those super-brainy, (perhaps painfully) shy, introverted young brunettes who is actually kind of hot but usually worries she is ugly and has an inferiority complex about the ditsy blonds. fearfully envies the blonds. In that case, she should have been born Jewish. She’s about 40 years old, except she wishes she was never born. Like most goodlooking youngish intellectual women, I believe she needs to go out with me. You’re welcome, honey.
In the Sky (Dans le Ciel) was written by Octave Mirbeau in France in the 1890’s. Ann Sterzinger translated the first English edition published by Hopeless Books. It’s available on Amazon.
Topics include:
How Ann discovered the book from Pierre Michel, a French literary scholar specializing in the writer Octave Mirbeau.
How Mirbeau is best known for his book Diary of a Chambermaid but In the Sky was little known outside of France.
How Mirbeau was an anarchist and a Dreyfusard.
How Mirbeau was a major influence on Louis-Ferdinand Céline who shared his misanthropic outlook.
How Céline was marginalized for his support of the Vichy Regime, however he influenced many writers such as Jack Kerouac, John Dolan, Charles Bukowski, and Michel Houellebecq.
How the book reflects Mirbeau’s outlook towards life and society.
The main character X who is a depressed, misanthropic artist based on Vincent Van Gogh who Mirbeau knew.
The Narrator who discovers X’s manifesto after his death.
How X struggles to create his artistic vision.
X’s mentor, who loses his mind.
The post-Catholic concept of expressing spirituality through art.
How X struggles with sexual and romantic frustration, and when he finally meets a girl, he dumps her because she did not live up to his romantic ideals.
How the meaning of the title In the Sky involves both where X lives on top of a mountain where you can only see sky and a metaphor for being detached from society.
Mirbeau’s view on the family and how neurosis is passed down from parents to children.
How the book combines tragedy and comedy.
Matt Forney’s review Elliot Rodger Goes to Paris.
The genre “Loser Lit.”
Ann’s article Dead David Bowie, French Nationalists, Antinatalism, and the Meaning of Life.
David Bowie’s art & legacy.
Her article The Magical Bottomless Labor Pool which connects political themes to her book NVSQVAM.
Why I’m Scared of Widows & Orphans.
Applied Dysgenics.
In Defense of Beta Females.
Ann’s upcoming science fiction dystopia novel Lyfe, which needs a publisher that specializes in science fiction.

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    1. “Ultimately with regards to any WN or demographic stability or pro-White policy the right will be useless….”
      Your just making up complete lies and fabrications. Would or would it not raise the wages of poor Whites to have less immigration and H1Bs taking jobs? So what you said is either to demoralize, propagandize or maybe you just have no common sense.
      “…Rightist look out for the interests of the wealthy, as the alt-right surely will…”
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      “…I would venture to say the Alt-right and/or conservative WN leadership doesn’t care. Taylor spends all his time in Japan, anyway”…”
      Taylor said explicitly in an interview that he wanted jobs for Whites first in the USA. Robert was there I believe. He made no qualms at all about this. As for him staying in Japan who wouldn’t want to as the US is rapidly becoming a third world shit hole.
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  2. “…If you read further I explain why that is, fucktard…”
    This the only part I didn’t cover explicitly. I thought you could figure this out on your own but I guess not. You have to have your hand held constantly.
    “…I would venture to say the Alt-right and/or conservative WN leadership doesn’t care…”
    You have no proof of this statement in a positive manner and heaps of evidence that it’s a lie. Maybe you don’t know it but there’s actually people that value the truth over monetary gain or praise by the Jews as good little goy. The Alt-right could make scads more money by falling in with the owners of ALL media excepting sites on the internet. Many have lost their jobs for pointing out that what the Jews, and you, are pushing is nothing but a pack of lies. I’m not going to list all of these as you can easily find them yourself and everyone else knows what I’m talking about. Most likely including you.
    “…I understand you guys are mentally impaired but just TRY a little. Please?…”
    Most people don’t agree with me here so you shouldn’t use “you guys”. Why they don’t I can’t fathom but I believe that it’s just stubbornness. They consider Alt-right conservative opinion a class issue and God forbid someone call them low class or a Redneck. They’d faint. Catch the vapors. They hate Republicans and Conservatives so even if an issue is covered factually and correctly by a conservative and even worse a WN then no matter what facts are put forth the whole idea is nixed from the beginning. (With face scrunched up…YEWWWW republicans) They may agree with me around the edges but deny the root, even if all the edges are covered and they agree with them in most cases.
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