Paybacks Are a Bitch

Serves him right. Karma, paybacks, etc. are just basic physics, Newton’s Third Law in action. Let’s face it. This punk got it because of a universal law about the universe. Not a crackpot notion, not even a theory, but a damned law. Try avoiding some of the laws of the universe. You can’t. Mother Nature always bats last. One thing that I often tell my counseling clients is that you cannot run from your fears because that is exactly what most all of them are doing. And in a similar way, I have a feeling that it is often pretty useless to try to hide, avoid or run away from your karma. Your fears, like your karma, always catch up to in the end no matter how fast you run. We have to face our karma whether we want to or not. It’s like the Day of Reckoning that’s always looming outside your door, rain or shine, day in and day out until the end. And you can’t stay inside forever. Instant karma’s going get you, Dylan. It’s going to knock you right in the face!

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39 thoughts on “Paybacks Are a Bitch”

  1. True, actually that was happening to me cause of Facebook, but I was just voicing opinions. That’s why social media is so dangerous, people are too sensitive and take things the wrong way, misunderstand stuff, or are just looking for fights.
    Ironically tough, I wasn’t being a big mouth any different than anyone else was, except I was in a situation where I had to face opposition, which a lot of people shelter themselves from, So is it manly to shelter yourself from the karma of your actions? Like the woman I mentioned in another thread who posts goody too shoes liberal stuff in hopes of a better world.
    Lately my only comment had been “Racists, the meaner ones, are the result of bad experiences (bullying).” So far, nobody’s given me a hard time about it.
    So one girl who came out of the typhoon of hate against me, I made charges of bullying against,. So she reaped a karma for making me reap a karma. It’s sort of biblical I think, this method of Old Testament judgement.

    1. I don’t think these pussies, lol, who say “I don’t care what anyone thinks.” Kind of like the pizza guy (not putting down the working class only an individual) boldly said one day on Facebook.
      OK, even under the cover of comedy, what hell-raisers say makes people fuming angry even if it goes a long with the majority. So I think they’re hiding from their own karma behind a computer screen, perhaps surrounded by “yes men”. or “yes wimps” I mean.

  2. Oh yeah, when it comes to actual violence or murder, the payback will be the same, even though I think, I would have gotten beat up, rather than just called mean names, had I been in the right situation.
    So in the case of Dylann Roof, he’s just lucky to be alive.

    1. Could Dylann be some young Trump supporter gone mad? Ultimately, I think all this crap with Trump, Confederate flag, white nationaliism etc.. leads to what Dylann did. Subconsiously these Trumpkins want to kill NAMS.

  3. The emotional blowhards of the Alt-Reich were crying to mommy when this happened and saying “autism. We bear no responsibility because he had autism. Race war doesn’t really mean violence” (or rather Anglin- I will provide the links if necessary). They bear some responsibility for putting these notions in a borderline guy’s head.

    1. No, race war is bombing black churches, as the KKK did back in the day, and also burning crosses in people’s yards, harassing mixed raced couples with children (as happened a year or two ago in my mountain valley, eventually driving the couple out) etc…
      Race war is plain and simple terrorism, not a fair fight like say, the US Civil War, with armies marching toward each other.

      1. However, truth be said, in South Africa, some blacks have terrorized whites in a race war. But again, karma has so much to do with it, being that aparthied was massively oppressive.

  4. The death penalty means inmates cost more-they have a right to more appeals. Most of the WESTERN world has given up on it. I don’t know what I would think if someone I knew was murdered, though. “I never have killed anyone, but I have read some obituaries with great satisfaction”-Mark Twain that seems to be a good view on Roof

    1. In China it’s cheap and fast, not so in the US. It think in the US also you have to pay a huge sum of money to whoever called upon to pull the switch.

    1. I’m sure there has been payback in that direction, even though it’s only PC for blacks to get vengence.

      1. Yes, some whites are getting revenge for black abuse of whites by becoming obsessive / compulsive racists.

    2. Maybe I shouldn’t say all. How about we make life equal. Make life fair. Say 10 Blacks for every White person. Since Whites are not into raping Blacks we’ll just make it 8 rapes equals one death point. Each death or death point should be times ten to equalize the situation based on population. Anything else would be “holding White people down”. We’ll call this norming of the kill ratio “affirmative action”.
      The actual number of Blacks killed by Whites is approximately 0.77 per 1,000,000 blacks@37,685,848 number of Blacks=29.26
      Whites killed by blacks was at 9.83 per 1,000,000 whites@ 197.7 million white people = 1943.391
      1943.391 x 10(affirmative action norm)=19,434 Blacks a year to be killed.
      Rapes are around 30,000 White women/8=3750
      3750 x 10(affirmative action norm)=37,500 >
      56934 total rapes and killed – ones already killed =56904
      So we only need to kill 56,904 more Blacks to make life, or death however you see it, equal. How do we pick them? Maybe you read a story at one time called “The Lottery”. Save up your stones. The round ones are better than the sharp pointed ones.

      1. ‘Because of workplace and academic affirmative action*, we need to execute 10x more Blacks than who commit crimes against Whites’. Not trying to be tricky or evil; get help. Seriously. Get help. * designed because there USED to be oppression; Jim Crow laws, etc.

        1. Jim Crow laws may or may not be bad but rape and murder would seem to be worse. You might object that Whites organized Jim Crow but Blacks didn’t organize the rape and murder. I submit that Blacks suffer when they try to organize anything so holding Whites to that standard is unfair.
          If we are going to have affirmative action for Jim Crow then it is not completely unfair to have affirmative action for rape and murder executions. This is the same reasoning you use for affirmative action for Jim Crow. Tit for tat retaliation based on race.
          We had Jim Crow to prevent the rape and murder of Whites by Blacks. Now we don’t have it we have lots of rape and murder of Whites. This is a consequence of modern people thinking they know some super secret truth that the people in the past didn’t. That if we politically treated Blacks equally they would act equal. Unfortunately the people who enforced Jim Crow knew better than you that without Jim Crow you would have rape and murder of Whites by Blacks and now we do.
          Notice as soon as the anti-Whites got affirmative action against White Men for Blacks they immediately added Women and anyone of color from anywhere excepting Asians. In reality the whole thing is anti-White and anti-Male.
          If we keep affirmative action I would ONLY have it for African Americans whose relatives were in the country during times when slavery was active. If I thought it was feasible I would only include those that were actually slaves or those that came from slave States and the rest would have to fend for themselves. I would also include American Indians in this affirmative action group.

        2. We had Jim Crow to prevent the rape and murder of Whites by Blacks. Now we don’t have it we have lots of rape and murder of Whites. This is a consequence of modern people thinking they know some super secret truth that the people in the past didn’t. That if we politically treated Blacks equally they would act equal. Unfortunately the people who enforced Jim Crow knew better than you that without Jim Crow you would have rape and murder of Whites by Blacks and now we do.

          Are u sure that was the motivation or just being snobby cause blacks were often poorer (and of course looked different) than whites?

        3. Again a lot of bad reasoning in Sam’s post. Yeah Jim Crow was great against ghetto blacks, and is probably needed now against them. However, all blacks are not ghetto blacks, in fact, only a minority.

        4. So did the boy’s father’s action (Emmet Till’s father) was taken into consideration by the mob, or was it just the mob making a jackass out of itself?

        5. Ironic in the male chauvanist southern USA culture of the time, white men could wolf whistle to chicks (any chicks) all they want, and also kept women in the kitchen.

        6. Always remember regarding any time in US history, and especially now, you can find whites (and I don’t mean Wiggers either) who are just as annoying and/or dangerous to society. People who steal, rob, force grandparents to raise their kids, hideously smoke 20 packs a day around toddlers etc…
          So should society segregate against them now ?

        7. A lot of this stuff is just plain and simple tribalism. Of course, each group is going to make excuses for the rotten ones in their bunch. Of course, the 14 year old black boy being hanged was horrible, but then again, there was so much rage against black rape at the time.
          However, then again, white people also commited horrible things, but probably, at least when blacks were in the equation, it would be difficult to get the whites to side against the bad apples in their own group. For instance, a white could rape a black, and besides some minor church condemnation, he’d get away with it, and probably could brag about it among friends at the bar.
          The tribe always sticks up for it’s own, and stronger tribes can do what they want cause nobody can do anything about it.

        8. The idea of the race traitor was strong among both whites and blacks, so your not going to see anyone siding against their own group, even if it’s an attempt to punish bad apples of thier own group.
          No white guy would want to be seen as a nigger lover, sissy, or geek, so they don’t want to strongly come out against racist assholes in thier own group who have taken “racial law and order” a bit too far.

        1. The whole point of the “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson was that when you win the lottery, people hit you with requests (aka stone you.)

  5. There are plenty of Blacks on death rows all over the south. I am going to look to see if it matches the Murder rates, and hence the percent overall committed. Southern GOP Governors don’t like to pardon anyone- especially Blacks, that’s just political expediency.

  6. A White+ Hispanic convicted murderer is about 2.2 more likely to be executed than a Black. Blacks were 50% of the murderers and 32% of executions- MAJORITY for Black on White crime ( not reflective). Whites were 48% and 68%. (68/48)/(32\50)=2.2 for killings based on race (i.e. Black on White and vice Vera’s the stats are better for me so don’t go up tat road)

  7. (68/48)/(32/50)= 2.2 by victimization it’s better for me, so don’t go there. FBI crime stats 2015 and national execution demographics 2015 from death penalty

  8. I don´t know about the payback argument but blacks attack whites in prisons not matter whether those whites are racist mass murderers or not

  9. Richard “The Night Stalker” Ramirez reflects just how much the average serial killer who deserves to be put to death actually cares about the “ultimate punishment”
    …He laughed at the jury and told them his afterlife would be Disneyland.
    Very few of those who genuinely earned the death penalty from multiple murders (Not a burglary gone bad or a crime of passion) display any fear or sense of regret on Death Row,

    1. The death penalty is really not for those people. It’s for those with a conscience to see what can happen if you go down that path in your life. The death penalty works. In the 1950’s New York state had the death penalty for any one committing a crime with a gun. Fast too. Trail and off to the electric chair. They had minuscule crime and almost no gun crime at all.

  10. One serial killer complained he was “dying of boredom” on awaiting his execution…it means nothing to them.
    According to one officer who liked Dahmer, he knew he was going to be killed in general population and asked for it because he did not want to live out his days in prison.
    Another words, they do not care.

  11. Ramirez fathered a child while on death row and Bundy smoked marijuana everyday in his cell but to the extent that Pizza Takeout is available I would not be able to speculate.

  12. Dahmer might have wanted to be a Frozen Pizza as the old “Eat Me” joke goes.
    They can procreate (Ramirez) or obtain smuggled hash (Bundy).
    Manson, always the smartest and most adaptable of them, even built a website.

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