Sex: Get It While You are Young, Guys

All I have to say to men is if you guys like to fuck, do it, and do it now when you are young. Get as much as you can without a thought for the future. There’s not a moment to lose. You have nothing to lose but time. You have a world of sex to win. If you delay, next thing you know, you will be 50, and it will all be over, and you will standing there holding the empty bag of condoms wondering where all the great sex went. Don’t be that man. It’s a sad way to go, guys.  

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0 thoughts on “Sex: Get It While You are Young, Guys”

  1. With correction
    Rich men still get girlfriends that need birth control pills (so called fuckable women).
    Fuckable, or sexy women are really women who still have fertile potential (in their 20s or 30s). All those alpha or beta argument really for the losers who have no measureable success in life. Instead, they call 1% people as beta providers.
    But 1% really do not give a shit about what the 99% call them. They still have healthy sex life with fuckable women.
    It is really the underclass who care so much about their own approval rating.

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