Repost: The Fake White Slavemaster Rape Epidemic

This is an oldie but goodie that got posted around a lot back in the day. It even got linked on Amren, though sadly all the comments have been deleted, though you might be able to find them on Wayback Machine. Why Taylor deletes all of his old comments I will never understand. The Amrenners ate it up.
Amren was actually rather more tolerable back then back when Ian Jobling was running the show. He was trying to do something different with the pre-Alt Right, and honestly I think he was sort of an incipient Alt Left guy all along. He finally had enough of being half retard at Amren and left to form his own site, which was sort of an early Alt Left split from the Alt Right. It was sort of like Amren for decent, sane, intelligent people. But then something weird happened and he did a complete 180 to become a completely nuts SJW antiracist.
Half retard to full retard is never a good thing like any reversion, but at least he wasn’t evil anymore. That’s right. SJW’s aren’t evil. They’re just brainwashed and deluded, the poor things. I agree that their hearts are in the right place, and Michael Levin, who has spoken at Amren conferences, agrees with me on that. Their hearts are right, but their brains are wrong. And the biggest fool of all can never be fully evil as long as their hearts are properly anchored. Resisting evil always deserves a tip of the hat.
This about sums it up. Written by a Black Caribbean man.
One of the conceits of the militant Black movement in the US (in practice, that means most US Blacks) is that they are convinced there was some evil White rape epidemic against Indians and Black women. According to this hate Whitey line, White men are the biggest rapists in the past 500 years, or I guess ever. The whole history of White men has been a history of rape of Indian and Black women.
When a Black woman looks in the mirror, she sees centuries of violence, of rape, evil rape, in her veins, in her soul, in her genes. This was a sexist campaign of extermination against Black women. We White dudes conspired to pollute their illustrious and Nobel Prize winning Black gene pool! Such a crime against humanity! And we thought we were just “mejorando la raza” as they call marrying and breeding up-White in Latin America.
What’s curious about all of this is that White dudes pretty much stopped raping Black chicks altogether in recent years. Most of you have seen the figures that drive White nationalists into conniptions. 37,000 White women raped by Blacks every year. Zero Black women raped by White men every year. So, the greatest rapists that ever lived have suddenly knocked it off for decades now.
What happened? For one thing, it’s not legal anymore. At one time, it was about legal for a White to rape a Black woman, and maybe for a Black man too. No one cared. Black female victims did not count.
An interesting figure is that by 1865, 75% of US Blacks were yet unmixed. Yeah, some rape epidemic. Any Latin American country can do better than that. Now, supposedly 75% of US Blacks got some White in dey veins. Now, how’s abouts did dats happen? I figger a lot of sexin of White guys and Black ladies afta 1865. Mostly consensual, too, I bet.
There is a phrase in the South that women cringe at. It’s called “splitting the Black Oak”. It means that young single White guys, back in the day, before sex was free and all that, would go lose their virginity and become a man by sexing a Black girl or lady. They lived on the other side of town and no doubt could be had for a price. Women and girls have never given it away for free too much, sadly.
At the time, loose White chicks were probably in short supply in the South, and most single White women were probably virgins. So you want to pop your cherry, you head over to the dark side of the tracks. Probably not much raping going on here. Black women were very poor and probably screwing White was moving up in the world, as it is to this day. White men offered money, favors, whatever men always do. Black women were happy to trade.
Much of the fake rape epidemic occurred from about 1830 on. After slavery was outlawed, it was awfully costly to go buy yourself a slave. By 1830 or so, 30% of workers in the fields were White “wage slaves” working for hourly wages alongside Black slaves. By 1860, it was 70%. Slaves by that time were largely contained to the largest plantations. No one else could afford one.
The Civil War, like Sendero’s rebellion in Peru in the 1980’s, was a race against time. Slavery was dying anyway. By the Civil War, a slave cost $60,000 in today’s dollars. Few could afford one. We have many reports of owners distressed about White workers having sex with Black female slaves, often for money or various favors. These women were slaves, and they needed every break they could get.
It’s well-known that many slave owners had mulatto mistresses, often to the wife’s consternation. She was a kept woman. For a slave, this was moving up in the world big-time. No doubt it was voluntary on the part of many female house Negroes.
The same Black women who scream that we White guys are the Greatest Rapists That Ever Lived also fume that we say Black women are “unrapeable”. The ultimate insult. Cognitive disconnect anyone? These same Black women fuming about the White male as the most evil creature that ever stalked the Earth openly admit that they want to marry and have kids with a White man.
Go figure.
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3 thoughts on “Repost: The Fake White Slavemaster Rape Epidemic”

  1. I do agree with the assessment of how ShamRen has changed. I believe there were both rapes and flirtatious women. Some women get up like that others do not. But perhaps I’m less cynical than the author.

  2. Too many light colored blacks after the Civil War, or did that phenomenon happen between free will relationships between blacks and whites?

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