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Here. Moral Inversion and Cultural Liberalism and Me.
This is one of the best posts ever written about me and this site, and it’s written by a hard rightwinger who writes for Breitbart!
But it’s a very nice column and sums up in a few paragraphs a lot of the weirdness involved in this site such that probably 90% of the people who are talking about it are getting it completely wrong somehow. But maybe that was the idea in the first place. Sort of a poststructural experiment to make nine out of ten people think the site is something that it’s not.
The site used to have the motto, “If I’m not making you mad, I’m not doing my job.” I like that, and it also sums up what is going on here. I’m a provocateur. The site’s all about me being a provocateur along with a lot of shitposting and sensible senselessness.
He quotes from an old post of mine:

Since when is chastity a sin or a sign of failure as a human being anyway? Sluts and players perch on the top of the moral pyramid while the chaste and true wallow in Hellish boiling mud below. Talk about inversions. We have truly turned morality upside down and made morals of sins and sinners of the good.
And it’s true that the way I lived my life, while I am proud of it, isn’t exactly optimal for society. In fact, a lot of society’s problems are due to too many people living like I did and not enough people showing some degree of moral probity.

This is exactly what we liberals on the Cultural Left have done. Chastity is now a sin! Can you believe it? I know a young woman. I met her when she was a 19 year old college girl and we are still very good friends. At the time, she was down about a lot of things, but one thing she was really down about was that she was still a virgin. She felt that she was a loser and a complete failure for still being a female virgin at age 19! So what! So you’re a 19 year old virgin? What’s wrong with that?
Do you see what the Hell we on the Left have done? We have actually flipped morality upside down just like Sade does in his wicked books. No good deed shall go unpunished, like in Justine! We have told this poor 19 year old college girl that she’s evil, a scum, a worthless person, a loser, an idiot, an idiot and most especially that she’s a bad person. Get that? She’s a bad person because she dared to retain her virginity until the late age of 19! Crazy.
Meanwhile some gay teenage boy who at age 19 has already racked up 100 cocks up the ass and a multiple-strain case of virulent HIV is the greatest guy on Earth. All hail King Bungholio! He’s practically Mother Theresa. Why? Because he is fighting against the evil of prudery, chastity, probity, decency, monogamy, cautiousness, guilt, neurosis and honor. Honor bad! Suicidal libertinism good!
Sade must be smiling in his grave.
I started realizing this back in the 1970’s when people used to write in to sex magazines saying that they had sexual hangups or that they were still a virgin or whatever. Xaviera Hollander (Jew) and other moral paragons would lambast these poor conflicted souls. Sexual hangups were evil! Prudery was evil! Virgins were evil scum! Get out there and fuck 100 new people right now! Just to prove how pure and right you are.
The Cultural Left does this all the time.
Here we are at the Folsom Street Parade in San Francisco.
There is a homosexual man over there getting pissed on by several leather clad gay men forming a circle around him. The urine covers his face, his hair, his body. He opens his mouth to wallow further, relishing the tart piss in his mouth as he swallows again and again. See Robert Lindsay over there, cringing as this homosexual gets a five man golden shower in public at a public parade where single Moms bring their little children? He’s a bad person! Lindsay is evil! Because being morally offended at this site is evil. And cheering it on as an act of charity and benevolence is good.
See that homosexual walking down the parade with pink panties? He has a dildo strapped on to his crotch. He periodically jerks it up and down to the cheers of the crowd. The men cheer. The single women cheer. The little kids cheer. In doing this act, this man is showing us mercy and grace. See Jose over there from Argentina? He’s grotesquely offended, turning his head, nauseous. Jose is evil. He’s a bad person. He’s like a criminal, a scumbag, for being repulsed by Father Theresa with the holy dildo.
See that open window? See that naked homosexual sticking his ass out the window? See the dildo in his hand? Ok, you know what comes next. The crowd of good Samaritans oohs and ahhs in anticipation. The dildo swings around, enters the man’s ass, and begins pumping hard up and down in the guy’s ass. The crowd goes wild! Such an act of grace, of selflessness, of duty unto God! See Tulio over there yelling? “It’s a public parade man! That’s gross! You queers are sick!” Tulio is bad. He’s no good. He’s a a lowlife, on the level of pond scum. Why? Because he was revolted at this grown up altar boy’s good acts. Acts above faith you know.
We have actually turned everything upside down. Good is bad! Bad is good! Sin is purity! Morals are transgressions!
I would also argue that although I have had fun in my life, part of the problem with society is too damn many people lived their lives carelessly and frivolously like I lived mine, filling it up with promiscuous sex, booze, endless parties, every drug known to man, avoidance of marriage and children, and general debauchery, degeneracy and even depravity.
Sure it was fun, but look at the results. The middle class adopted the counterculture and moved to Marin in middle age to practice yoga and save the whales. The underclass adopted the counterculture and created Detroit and Baltimore.
We were wrong. We blew it. We screwed up. Turn on, tune in and drop out was a lie. Feed your head was stupid. Look at the results. All around you, the walking detritus. We on the Left need to take some responsibility for some of the serious downside to the moral collapse we advocated.
Stranahan then quotes Breitbart. Now I hated Breitbart, but this line of his is pure gold, singing off the page:

Breitbart said he liked the Left for parties and music. He just didn’t want them running things.

And this is why the Left won the Culture War. The Right adopted the Cultural Left as lifestyles and values while retaining conservatism in government, business, politics and a few other things.
Ok, the Left won the Culture War. But what did we win?
Detroit? Baltimore? Juggalos? The Folsom Street Parade? Kaitlyn Jenner? Kim Kardashian? The Oxycontin epidemic? Gardisil injections for 12 year old girls? Heather Has Two Mommies? Microaggressions? Noel Ignatiev? Sanctuary cities? Omar Mateen in Orlando? Vietnam 1968 in Chicago every weekend? A mass shooting a day? Genderqueer? Pansexuality? Amanda Marcotte? Press one for English? Anchor babies? Birth tourism? Pegging? Grindr? White privelege?
What’s that, the booby prize?
We thought we were creating a Cultural Utopia, but sometimes I think we accidentally created a Cultural AIDS epidemic instead, just as the homosexuals made the AIDS epidemic with their heedless debauchery 30-40 years ago.
Maybe grandma was right and the wages of sin are decline and eventual collapse. It’s the wisdom of ancients, so maybe there is something to it?
Anyway, some ideological transgressions here for you to ponder…

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18 thoughts on “Lee Stranahan on Beyond Highbrow”

  1. Great post all the way through, but you had me at ‘King Bungholio’ !
    I think the good news is that people are getting really sick of it.
    Although Bernie and Donald have little in common, the Populist appeal of their campaigns show that many Americans are exhilarated and relieved just like the townspeople in the fairy tale were at the sound of a child’s voice saying ‘The Emperor has no clothes!’

    1. Can’t say it better than this. Well said Bernardista: “Great post all the way through, but you had me at ‘King Bungholio’”

    2. Thanks! I am a Bernie bro myself. I am actually going to vote for Hillary, although I hate Hillary Clinton. But as usual, the alternative is so much worse. I actually support some of Trump’s stances, but there are some real deal killers in there as well. Lots of them.
      Hillary or Donald? Yuck. They’re both shits. But as long as I have evacuate, I much prefer a nicely shaped hard turd (Hillary) to all day diarrhea (Trump).

        1. I used to think that myself, but virtually all polling data says otherwise. Last average on RCP was +11 for Bernie. Looks like it’ll be +8 for Hillary in the end.

        2. I love Bernie but the US is not going to elect a socialist, who honeymooned in the USSR and praised the Rosenbergs. Trump would’ve had a field day with that shit.

        3. Donald would have been raving on about hammers and sickles til he was even redder than the back of the commie flag and Bernie would have laughed.
          Of course, Bernie would have had to define Democratic Socialism for the umpteenth time but he can inform people without being pompous or condescending and then he would segue seamlessly into a discussion of ice hockey.
          ”Burlington,Vermont established its sister city relationship with Yaroslavl,Russia, in 1988. Since then, exchanges between the two cities have involved mayors, business people, firefighters, jazz musicians, youth orchestras, mural painters, high school students, medical students, nurses, librarians and the Yaroslavl Torpedoes (currently Lokomotive) ice-hockey team.”

        4. “Donald would have been raving on about hammers and sickles til he was even redder than the back of the commie flag.”
          Middle America would have eaten it up.

        5. yeah, but Middle America would have not really voted for Bernie anyway.
          It’s the growing demographic of “strong liberals” (Whites), Asians (also getting more liberal), the question would be the NAMs, they are more “working class” and might not be comfortable with a populist like him (Asians only are because the job struggles of people like TJF are virtually ignored, even by Sanders).
          and GSG, the logic makes sense, but as tough as it is to believe that’s not what the data bears out.
          Trump definitely has some fascist; National Socialist elements to him, so……he’s not much better, in the eyes of middle America, is he?

        6. The problem is guys, the average Trumpkin doesn’t give a shit about the reactionary talking points, at least not anymore.
          There okay with socialism if it’s for them, just no coloreds on it.

      1. I don’t live in a swing state, so it doesn’t matter that much. The Dems will win my state no matter what.
        We can’t do write-ins on our ballots, either.

        1. I’m not a swinger either. I always wondered what it might be like, but I never got up the nerve to do it. Plus being surrounded by all those erect penises seemed sort of unnerving. Alas, now I am probably too old to find out. Actually, I am practically getting too old for sex period, but let’s leave that for another post. :/
          All I have to say to men is if you guys like to fuck, do it and do it now when you are young. There’s not a moment to lose. if you delay, next thing you know, you will be 50 and it will all be over and you will standing there holding the empty bag of condoms wondering where all that great sex went. It’s a sad way to go guys.

  2. I have a son in his late teens. One day he told me that my generation had fouled everything up. I agreed.
    Then I amended it to “..just most things…”. I told him how I thought I would have been happier with just one lover and many kids instead of one kid and many lovers.

  3. Breitbart said he liked the Left for music and parties. He just didn’t want them running things.

    I dislike Breitbart and all he stood for of course, but damn that’s a good quote.
    Le mot juste strikes again.

    1. He had his moments but the content of his site was retarded. Sharia Law stuff, Obama wants an anti-Jew holocaust, commies everywhere, evil White Libs lyxhing minorities in the street- it was a cesspool

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