Bikinis Are Evil, Niqabs Are Good

Bikinis are indecent, a sexist affront or battery on precious womanhood. But niqabs? Not a problem.
Or was it those hundred dollar bills tucked into her bikini, showing her to be a stripper or, more accurately, a whore. A lot of wimmin got triggered bad by seeing Hillary as a whore. It’s an insult to fair maidenhood! But wait a minute…Hillary…is…a…whore! She is a whore, dammit. “I am woman, hear me whore!”, she hollers at the DNC while her followers chant USA! USA! like Young Republicans and Lindsay puts his fingers in his ears. Saying Hillary is a whore is like saying the sky is blue.
One thing I always hated about feminists is their prudery. And here we have them lining up with the religious police in Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabis and the feminists deserve each other. Let’s put them all in one place, put a fence around it, let them slaughter each other or get married or whatever it is they do with each other, and the rest of us will bring the popcorn.
Get that? The PC Cultural Left SJW city government made them take down the bikini mural because some women saw it, got triggered and couldn’t get to safe place where there’s no men, like the YWCA, fast enough. Afterwards there was a lot of mini PTSD and therapy enough for everyone and then some.
Oh poor babies!
The leftwing city council removed a bikini mural because it was indecent! Wow. I didn’t sign up for this bullshit. I signed up for fucking in the streets, not sexual harassment manuals. Let me off the train now, dammit.

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20 thoughts on “Bikinis Are Evil, Niqabs Are Good”

  1. Too funny Robert. Watch a video last week that really stirred me. A woman on the dirt street in a village somewhere. All you could see was muslin men in green camo and Al’s. The wind blew open her head gear. So they stopped her and made her kneel then they shot her in the back of the head. In the dirt street. I’m no Muslim. I can’t understand why any woman or anybody for that matter would want to live under those conditions.

  2. What I want feminist to do is every time they start a sentence with,”Men need to…”, they need to stop right there and whatever it is they want Men to do they should do themselves. Feminist are strong independent Women and should be able to take care of all their problems themselves.

    1. They cant change the paper towel roll. A feminist wants to do the planning but lacks the general knowledge to understand that the light switch requires other mechanism to operate . They maneuver around in thier world confident that they know something. While at the same time bring very little to the hive.

  3. Some girls wear bikini clothes while jogging at the university. Is it wrong to look? What if it’s a muscular guy topless jogging? 😆
    How about team of topless Revenge of the Nerds guys?

    1. Yeah but they have a nice ass and tits. Is there anyone who doesn’t think the obsession with a thin look is a marketing scheme for weight loss companies?

    2. That’s what I’m talking about. Look at the size of her tits. If she was thin, they wouldn’t be that big. I would suck those like a hungry infant.

    1. OK, won’t argue with that. Muslims want boy sex slaves? And we’re supposed to accomidate them because of PC?

  4. I love all nude go go bars. A place where PC is out the window and a guy can just resort to primal instinct. Of course though, be polite and don’t comment or actually touch them. But that’s fair enough.

    1. It isn’t the same as porn. No way. Somethings different and there is a thousand times bigger rush, even than with webcam girls.

  5. Uh, most feminists I’ve seen are the opposite of prude and think modest is evil. I don’t know what kind of feminists you guys are meeting.

    1. Could be true. For instance, they might say it’s only right women should jog in sexy outfits at a college, or maybe even have the right to go topless. Of course, in that case, what guy, even those in the male rights movement, are going to object?

      1. I’d have to object with the women jogging in sexy outfits. I follow some redpill and MRA stuff, though I’m not a full fledged supporter, and I think that every woman has a role as a daughter and mother and she shouldn’t attack the honor of her male family members by jogging naked.
        I also disagree that mainstream feminism is very prudish. I live in CA and all the feminists I see have slept with tons of guys and dress as provocatively as possible because “it’s their right.”

    2. There is mainstream feminism, which is very prudish but only with regard to male heterosexuality, which they regard as evil. The love male and female homosexuality and God knows what they think of female heterosexuality. I think they just don’t like heterosexuality period. Andrea Dworkin and Katharine McKinnon are instructive in this regard.
      There is also sex positive feminism, which is sort of a split off from the mainstream. I am actually ok with liberal feminists and sex positive feminists.

  6. Bikini or niqabs , niqabs or bikinis?
    Hmmmm…Let. Me. See.
    I’d wear either before I’d wear a pantsuit. Those have to be the worst things ever invented.

    1. Ah, so you are a female. I should have figured that out as it’s rather obvious. Well, welcome to the site! We need more women on here.
      There’s a big lie going around that this is some sexist misogynist MRA woman-hating site. It’s not true. Well it’s half true. We do hate women here. We hate women who hate men. Real simple. As long as you like us men, we like you just fine. Or even love you. I actually love women. But only the ones who reciprocate to my bros, you dig?

  7. Thank you!
    Btw, I remember a few years ago the rad fems were raging hard against the niqab. They aren’t happy unless they’re telling other women how to act and what to wear.
    If you value your sanity you should stay away from any radical feminist sites.

  8. I’m also a female, Mr. Lindsay.
    Not the man-hating kind, tho. Just the regular kind.
    Maybe you have more regular-type women than you realize, checking out your blog.
    You’re one of my new favorites! <3

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