Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks

Some commenters here have ridiculed my articles on this incel phenomenon, saying there’s no evidence that things are any different now than when we were growing up 30-50 years ago. From the article:

Ongoing US research shows more adults aged 20-24 report having no sexual partner than those at the same age group born in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Ahh, how interesting. But what about those of us born in the 50’s? Oh that’s right. We aren’t having sex anymore! Silly me.
No wait! They mean us back when we were young, when I was 20-24 years old. I remember that! The breeze would blow, and I would get an erection.
Wait. Erection. What’s that word? I’m not sure what it means. Hang out while I fish out my dictionary and look up the definition, and then I’ll get back to you in a bit, ok?

Back! Refreshed my memory!
Now the evidence comes out, and R9k, Sluthate, Lookism, Forever Alone, Elliot Rodger, George Sodini and all rest were actually onto something. Some guys are cleaning up passing home plate, and a lot of others, standing there in the back bench looking stupid with their dicks in the hands, are getting fuck all.
I’m not really involved with the young people scene much these days because it’s hard as pulling hen’s teeth to get a woman aged 18-30 to go out with me – or even to get her to look at me for that matter. So I am sort of watching from the bleachers here with my binoculars with the rest of us Old School Guys at the young guys trying to get to 3rd base at least in the Game down below. Pass the popcorn. Thanks!
Roissy, Roosh V and the rest of the motley crew are complete tools, and I despise them, but they did manage to tune in to the right station, hear the message and clue the rest of us in.
Things are different.
Damn. So when does the Beta Uprising start? I need to know so I can duck and cover.

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0 thoughts on “Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks”

  1. I just read a book titled “Red Flags” by attorney Wendy L. Murphy. She says that women are definitely attracted to dangerous “bad boys, some even to murderers.
    I was in a doctor’s office recently. I saw a very brutish, abrasive man – a ruffian walking around like he owned the place. He was barking orders at his girlfriend; he seemed primed to explode. She was totally under his thumb and completely cowed. I know the type. I was careful not to look at the girl or make eye contact with him. That type just needs an excuse. After he left, the two receptionists exchanged knowing glaces with each other.
    That’s the type that women want – at least when they’re young. The richly-relationed terrorists of the last few weeks proves the point.
    Myself, I’m just like Eliot Rodgers except I’m twice his age.

  2. I have any idea.
    To fulfill their community service requirements, we can give college coeds the option of “servicing” incels.
    Now fly me to Stockholm and give me my prize!

  3. The internet is a big part of it.
    It’s all too easy for young men to sit on the internet 15 hours a day, every day and never leave the basement and interact with people. There are large segments of men who spend all their time spend all time playing video games, pirating entertainment and rotting on forums and this leads to them never getting a girl friend and remaining a virgin well into their 20s.

  4. Women are attracted to what’s popular / what’s shown to them on tv.
    They like bad boys, because the bad boys are constantly shown on TV. And they are constantly on TV because someone wants to terminate a certain strain of Y dna.
    Women are subconscious operators, they operate in the way that society projects upon them.

    1. What you call “bad boys” are high-status males (or just men who can project the impression they’re high-status). And no, it’s hardly that highly fertile females are being “controlled” by DA JOOZ to dig such men for sex partners considering how even in primitive societies it’s recorded that men who are more successful at violence and/or acquiring resources are successful getting fertile women for sex partners.

      1. show me that it is universal: I say it isn’t, far from it.
        There are parasitic cycles, eugenic/dysgenic cycles in society.
        Different cycles, different ideologies (differently polarized peoples; sacred/profane). These things make different kinds of people succeed.
        Reproductive success is much a result of various circumstances/ideology/cycles of which a society finds itself in.
        And yes DA JOOZ are projecting their mating patterns onto society, because our society is deep in a parasitic cycle where psychopaths are succeeding (and yes, many jews are narcissistic psychopaths) and project their own mating patterns through the media, simply because they can.
        But it is far from universal that psychopaths should rise to the top, it depends where in the cycle you are. After the psychopaths destroy everything it is different types of men that get to breed.

  5. I have read that a little over 50% of millennials have not had sex in the last year. What % of the young people do you think had not had sex in that long back in the 1970s? Was it way less back then or were there also a lot of people that were hardly getting any?

  6. Robert Lindstein is at it again. Minorities get a lot of sex! But not Whites! This has been put into the brains of bautifyl melennials by the Joos!

  7. Yeah, I think Kareem was onto something. It seems like this analysis is correct. I also think porn has something to do with it, even if they are involved no one feels the need to screw as much, maybe. I for one could relate to that and never felt the drive to get past 2nd base. I just am low energy and not alpha I guess.

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