It's the Damn Bars' Fault!

Jason Y writes:

I figure Robert was bullied by the Black students, just as the teacher in Louisiana probably was. I don’t think being lazy would be enough reason to develop hatred toward a group.

I was bullied a few times, but I am a hard person to bully because I am so psycho. I fight back way too much, so people just don’t bully me very much. The commenter is correct that I could care less that the kids refused to work. That never bothered me al that much. I stated to dislike them because way too many of them acted like shit, that’s why. I would like to point out one more thing about this endless antiracist dodge the commenter is engaging in here. He keeps reiterating that people don’t like Blacks because they had negative experiences with them or were bullied by them. Ok fine, but why doesn’t this apply to other ethnic groups as well? And furthermore, why do so many perfectly nice non-Blacks seem to mysteriously have so many bad experiences with Black people. Have you noticed that a Hell of a lot of people who have a lot of exposure to Blacks end up not liking them a whole lot?! What does that say about Black people? That humans in general are raciss? The situation with Blacks is like the guy who keeps getting thrown out of every bar in town and then complains it’s all down to some weird mysterious prejudice. “They got it in for me!” It’s not anything he did in the bars. Oh no! It’s just some weird, mysterious hatred for no reason bullshit. Most people would say the problem is you, not the bars you got thrown out of. That’s the situation for Blacks – blaming the people who aren’t real keen on Blacks for their opinions and then blaming them again for all of Blacks’ subsequent behavior is like blaming all the bars in town for throwing the guy out over and over. And now he’s acting awful, and it’s all because of the mean, evil, scum bar owners who picked on him for no damn reason! Oh boo hoo! Bad, mean bar owners! Bad people! They’re so mean! Boo! Hiss!

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49 thoughts on “It's the Damn Bars' Fault!”

  1. Dislike varies in amount. Sure, some nice people dislike blacks, but those harshly harassed by them, hate them! However, some of them have enough emotional stability to limit the hate to simple grumbling among friends and perhaps racist jokes. Some have been pushed over the edge and into white supremacy, as in actually signing up.
    If someone disliked them,vs hating them, then perhaps they would realistically look at the way they are be honest about it, yet still have some love for them.
    There are so many instances of those coming out of the army, prison, schools that hate them, vs dislke them.

    1. I think very few people “hate” black people. Why should they? When so called racist people “hate” somebody it is usually other white people, specifically antiracists.

      1. Define “hate”. Yeah, PC buffer and all that but it could only do so much against people who encounter blacks up and front.
        Regardless, I would still consider such a demographic a minority and barely influential, it’s the word “few” that sets me off.

  2. Yes, a higher proportion act like idiots. And hence a good deal of “racism” is the fault of some lower IQ Blacks and their Higher IQ apologists. I do believe I was the one who initially brought something similar to this up- and I noticed if a White kid too dumb to be a nerd and to weird to fit in anywhere else is bullied by multiple people (of all races) he tends to lash out against Blacks even though all races are represented. I suppose it could be that Blacks are grossly over represented or existing racism caused it.

      1. Well, I mean not to be some crazy SJW, but if a “loser” was bullied by people from his own race, he’s not going to turn on it, is he?
        The fact that they are bullied, alone. It’s more than that.

        1. Oh yes, bullied people turn on thier own race all the time. I mean, are you (a white southern guy) going to raise a confederate flag in the back of your truck when you associate it with being picked on by dickhead yahoos?
          Would Forrest Gump be quick to raise a Confederate flag?

        2. I see your point, but I think it’s about distancing yourself from your ethnicity/regional culture. Not Caucasianism in general. The only time I’ve ever heard of something like that are with some of the East Indians on this blog, some, like SHI, Dota, others, are very cynical about India.

      2. “The WN movement provides losers with a sense of belonging. I’ve been there.”
        This is such ridiculous propaganda. It’s always tossed off as some witty line full of deep thought and comparative analysis. Yet it’s complete nonsense. WN are far smarter than the ninny’s who vote with the Negros. Just the shear fact that they vote with Negros tells you they haven’t much sense.
        That they’ve allowed a group of people who’ve been kicked out of every single country that they’ve ever been to define reality tells you the SJW don’t have an original idea in their little pin heads. The painfully ignorant SJW(Scocoms) believe in magic fairy people who by coming to the US and standing on the magic fairy dirt somehow will be praising George Washington, saluting the flag and making sure their lawn is tidy.
        It’s a tribute to shear sheepness of humans that a parasitical class like the Jews can bleat their stupid Socomisms in the press over and over. Even worse the slightest study would reveal that the Jews follow exactly the opposite practice in their own lives and in their own country.
        WN are the only people with a lick of sense in this Godforsaken country. If they wanted to belong they would just follow the bleating sheep. The rest of you sheep are following the Judas goat right to the slaughterhouse.
        David Duke is running for the Senate. God bless him. I hope he wins and I hope he says.”The Jews must be driven from our country” every time he stands up to speak in the Senate.

        1. Well it does, along with other quasi nationalist groups.
          If David Duke and his tribe would nuance himself, he could attract more people.

        2. Sam- I’m not going to use the catch phrases you hate. But the facts are what the facts are. Sorry.Not sorry.
          Trump supporters, Republicans, and AmRenners, are all far more uneducated than Cucks, and even within educational levels their IQs are lower.

          Now, rather than being silly and ranting/raving about “Jews” and denying the obvious, why don’t you try to spin it, as “we’re so right, even dummies can see it!”. That would make sense.

        3. Trump supporters, Republicans, and AmRenners, are all far more uneducated than Cucks, and even within educational levels their IQs are lower..

          Now, rather than being silly and ranting/raving about “Jews” and denying the obvious, why don’t you try to spin it, as “we’re so right, even dummies can see it!”. That would make sense.

        4. Oh yeah, and possibly the reason for some of the weird Duke support coming from blacks is due to the fact New Orleans is one of the worst examples of a black community in the US. It’s like asking whites being robbed and raped in South Africa what they think about liberal views.

        5. Every one of the links but one is just page rankings and says noting about intelligence. So as usual people just throw up nonsense and then say,”see I told you (Blah, blah, blah, insert Jew message)”.
          Now Robert’s link says that some group, doesn’t say who, says that “VERY CONSERVATIVE” people are stupid. Well who the fuck is this “some group” (A bunch of lying Jews probably) and how do they define “VERY CONSERVATIVE”? Is it just NAS CAR RACES? People who live in garbage cans? People that wear tin foil on their heads? They don’t say.
          You have read that the MAJORITY of so called Social Science studies were proven to false? You have read that right?
          “…False positives and exaggerated results in peer-reviewed scientific studies have reached epidemic proportions in recent years. The problem is rampant in economics, the social sciences…”

          Notice that It is true that less well educated people can be more conservative. You know why? They have less financial resources to fall back on so they stick with “conservative” tried over and over strategies in their lives. Sounds smart to me. Doesn’t it to you?

        6. Knowing what I do about the psychopathic Satan worshiping Jews I’ll bet the truth is EXACTLY the opposite of what they tell you. I’ll bet that “unqualified” Conservatives are far more intelligent than SJW , Blacks, Hispanics, and etc. which are all a part of the groups they call progressive. When they say “liberals” are more intelligent they are only counting young brain addled college students and not any of the other groups that vote with them.
          Furthermore when brain addled college students get older they realize they’ve been fed a pack of lies and become more conservative. It does take time though. It takes time for them to become wiser. Therefore wise people will always be in the minority among the educated while the less educated have not been fed years of propaganda so they wise up much faster skewing the result.
          So a person in school may spend 20% of their lives being fed lies and Jew bullshit if you get a Phd. It takes about 5 to 10 years for these lies to wear off. No wonder the numbers are off.
          Lies, lies and more lies. You can’t believe anything the Jews say.
          The only answer is to deport the psychopathic Jews.

      1. A lot of times the crowd, often girlfriends with racist boyfriends, will come out and pick on the liberal or the black person.

      2. “..True what William said…”
        No it’s not true. It’s just garbage. It’s just endless regurgitation of Jew media talking points.
        If William is not Jewish he should apply to the Hasbara “talking points” program. You know the Jews pay people to regurgitate nonsense on the internet? You know this right? You should get paid for endlessly spouting Jew talking points. Maybe they have a “goy” hasbara auxiliary. They will at least tell you what a good person you are. That you’re not like those stupid racist and you can bask in the golden glow of the your Jew masters. If you kiss their asses enough maybe you can get a brief spot on one of their Jew TV info spots while you cuck away at their talking points.

        1. Some liberal stuff is unreasonable and some is. For instance, on social media I might see some bleeding heart saying we should love Muslims etc.. but ignoring the way so many of them are, and the fact they want to turn the west into the middle east.
          For instance, it’s difficult to ignore the rapes in Germany and also remarks about boy sex which seems to be permissible in Islam, even though hypocritically they call for the stoning of homosexuals.

        2. How can we possibly accept Islam in the west with it’s religous puritanical overkill? Bleeding hearts are not aware that so many musilms want to do this. Also, as I was saying, so many ordinary Muslims act the oppposite than being religious and rape, have boy sex, sexually harass western women etc… Well, I guess that’s why Islam is such a harsh religion cuase it has to keep those people under control.

  3. It would be taboo to publicly state it, but I think white people know that blacks with some admixture of white blood can perform better in white society, and they are given a boost intellectually by their white genes. This can be problematic, since they still identify with blacks, and yet, because they aren’t victims of oppression and they know it, they’re forced to foment situations and provoke whites so that they can look like they’re oppressed (i.e. Henry Gates) or, because they have white genes, they know whites are superior and this fills them with resentments and neuroses (i.e. Obama or Jeremiah Wright).
    “The Rage of the Privileged Class” deals with these phenomena pretty well.

    1. Sounds about right.
      Mixed race folk, half-White, half-NAM, that is, if they are worldly (like Obama) would prefer to identify with their more worldly half. But they can’t. Whites (at least Anglo Whites) won’t accept them.
      They know this;
      1. They think they can overcompensate for such
      2. Then they hate Whites
      3. Then they find middle ground in White society, while hoping to help non-Whites, so that there isn’t a massive “worldiness gap”.
      No ad Hominems in response to this, please.

      1. No ad hominems will be forthcoming (I don’t know you, so I couldn’t make such attacks even if I wanted to). It’s funny, the point about resentment, I was reading “A History of Future Cities,” in which the author focuses on Bombay, Saint Petersburg, and Shanghai. The book is mostly about the economic and architectural development of these cities, but at one point the author talks about the career of Mahatma Gandhi. He mentions that Gandhi did affect Western dress and attempt to assimilate early in his adulthood, but he was rebuffed. It was only after he was denied membership as an Englishman that he set out on his quest for Indian self-rule. Even the greatest civil rights/non-violent resistance leader was motivated, at heart, by an inferiority complex.

        1. yeah, sounds accurate.
          It also sounds like a lot of these leaders wanted to come home and have ‘their people’ emulate Europeans, as well.

      2. I think this is the story behind Louis Farrakhan. Notice when he was young he was good in school and played the violin. Maybe somebody called him a N****r when he was young and now Whites were created by a mad scientist.

        1. Louis Farrakhan appears to have a pretty big head;

          and apparently was an accomplished violinst at a young age.
          and keep in mind, things were a lot different when he was growing up.
          Much like how anti-semitism alone is linked to high IQ in Whites, hating Whites in Blacks (or rather, being cynical, rewriting history) causes a certain thought process and/or creativity.
          I suspect he’s verbally smart but spatially unimpressive.

        2. The funniest thing about the Louis Farrakhan/Jeremiah Wright types is that, if you look at the demographics in the neighborhoods where they live, what you will discover is that they like white people very much, or at least they prefer to live in the conurbations built and maintained by whites.

        3. I respect Farrakhan. He tires hard to help his people. I’ve listened to a lot of his speeches. He’s good. He tries to push Blacks to become independent and self sufficient. Blacks were better off when they knew that no one was going to cut them a break. Now the lying Socoms tell them the White Man will do this and that for them and they sit around and wait for…nothing. A Black person who gets up every day and finds a little work that he controls is in a far better position than any ghetto negro who has been fed by the welfare state all his life.

        4. There has been evidence the US government was in on the drug trade. Would it be a wacko conspiracy theory to say the government wants ghetto blacks and certain groups of poor whites to be drug addicted and messed up on purpose?

        5. Jason
          MK Ultra
          Charles Manson and Jim Jones were patsies. There is reasonable argument to be made.

        6. “…Would it be a wacko conspiracy theory to say the government wants ghetto blacks and certain groups of poor whites to be drug addicted and messed up on purpose…”
          No they just want money. They don’t care who they fuck up.

        7. OK, so Sam confirms what I was saying that the government is “in on” the drug trade, mainly to get money, possibly to crush black self help movements like black panthers, NOI (even though I don’t like NOI as they promote racial seperation), black nationalism in general (racist and non-racist varietiy)

        8. Possibly, if the government just wants money (prison/industrial complex or drug profit in general), then blacks would be in the sad position of bieng a group that isn’t strong enough to resist the terrible effect of drugs on their community. Another thing which could also be applied to poor whites, or any other similar group.

  4. “The situation with Blacks is like the guy who keeps getting thrown out of every bar in town and then complains it’s all down to some weird mysterious prejudice.”
    It is the same with (Sunni) Muslims. They get “marginalized” in France, thus of course they form gangs and commit the majority of crimes in France, also because of that they become terrorists. In Belgium there is a weak and fissured state, and because of that Muslims become the bad boys. In West Africa Muslims get discriminated against because all those mean christian people at the costs steal all the wealth, while the inland Muslims get nothing. In East Africa it is the same, Muslims get bad treatment so they have to make their own countries the living hell (Somalia) and other countries (Kenya) miserable, too. In India of course also the same, poor muslims get harassed by Hindus, so it is only their natural reaction to fight back. In China the Han “oppress” the Turk-Muslims of West China, so they have to get violent. In Russia poor Chechens want nothing else but a nice little Sharia caliphate, but evil Slavic Christian Russians get into their way, so they just have to terrorize the country. In the USA muslims get stereotyped, which deranges them a lot so they just have to turn into Islamist radicals.
    In Turkey an world conspiracy of CIA/Gulen/whoever tries to take over power, so brave Sunnis have to take back what belong to them. In Israel Jews dare to try to prevent fertility world champions Palestians to demographically and territorial take over the country, also Jews actually fight back when get rockets shot at them, so Palestinians have nothing left to do but engage in eternal Intifada.
    Meanwhile in core muslims countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia Sunni Muslims gradually erase non-Sunnis from public life, churches and other non-sunni religious places get shot down, whoever dares to leave Islam is legally or non-legally but non-sanctioned stoned or hacked to death.
    In Syria Sunni Muslims finally wanted to throw out every non-Muslims in the wake of that Arab Spring, but evil Iran and Russia fought back, so they have to engage in total war (thats what they actually do, they don’t care about the lives of their families as long as Islam wins).
    Every major country in the world has serious problems with Muslims: India, China, USA, Russia, UK, France, Germany.
    The only countries I know without such problems are south american countries, pacific Islands and North Korea – guess why they don´t have these problems.

    1. “In West Africa Muslims get discriminated against because all those mean christian people at the costs steal all the wealth, while the inland Muslims get nothing”
      “Steal” of course isn’t the right word, but in Nigeria the resources are not evenly distributed to peoples of both faiths.

  5. So get this folks;
    The evil Jews hijacking this blog are LYING about racialist IQ.
    All Racialists have IQs of 150+. Cucks is DUM!
    The notion that racialists are losers and rest on their race as their only “achievement” is because JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re a sheeple!

    1. I have no doubt that actual Asians if they had to rule of Blacks and certain Hispanics, they’d be taking leaves from books of Early Apartheid South Africa.
      but there’s a massive difference between them and Asian-Americans, as far as I can see.

      1. Early Apartheid SA was nowhere near as brutal as many believe, if there were a Chinese (for example) gov’t overseeing this, chances are the penalties would be draconian.

        1. Rock- I was talking more in terms of a highly heirchal society that is strongly segregated. I wonder though, how they would feel about mestizos-surely there is some altruism there? In China they are confused for central Asian types.

  6. I always hated this “Woe is me” victim complex stuff. If I ever have kids that embrace this I would beat the tar out of them until they stop it.

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