Do Jews Run The Internet?


Gay State Girl: Susan Wojicicki has a Polish Catholic father and a Jewish mother. Her sister Ann Wojicicki (Mrs Google) is married to Sergei Brin and runs the Biotech firm 23andme, promising to analyze people’s genetic profile for a low cost but does not say how she intends to use their profiles in the future.
William: A European half-Jew marrying a gentile (Italian?) is not exactly quintessentially Jewish…at least in the sense of someone like Ben Shapiro (the gold standard)

First of all, it’s the Goldberg Standard, dammit, not the Gold Standard. Jews 101.
Both Susan Wojicicki and Ann Wojicicki (Mrs Google) are Jews.
If your mother is a Jew, you are a Jew. I mean come on, that’s Jews 101 again. Did the commenter flunk?

Gay State Girl: is married to Sergei Brin

Mr. Brin is a member of the Russian Mafia, I mean he is a Russian Jew, excuse me.
Let’s look at the evidence:

  • Susan Wojicicki, founder of Jewtube. JEW!
  • Ann Wojicicki, married to Sergey Brin, founder of Jewgle. JEW!
  • Ann Wojicicki, vampiress runs 23andme, steals your blood and collects your genetic data for nefarious purposes. JEW!
  • Sergey Brin, founder of Jewgle. JEW!

*This post is not really serious. Joke post.

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95 thoughts on “Do Jews Run The Internet?”

  1. In all seriousness, though, my point about modern European Jews, mirrors the argument (and the illustration that he was correct) of the token Jew writer at AmRen (he was French).
    When he read the riot act to David Duke at one of the Conferences a few years ago, one point he made was that French Jews had more reason to be European ethnocentrists/Pro-Western/Whatever, in that, they were targeted disproportionally by Arabs/Muslims (true at the Charlie Hebdo attacks, remember the Jewish grocery store was where they were caught, holding hostages/killing patrons?)
    The funny thing is, that even when AmRen appeared to not consist of a bunch of low-IQ Trumpanzees, they didn’t realize it appears that at least some French Jews are Sephardic.

    1. Also the March 2012 shooting on Ozar Hatorah School in Toulouse which involved the killing of young children but did NOT receive the level of media coverage as the shootings that occurred in the past year or the shooting in Newtown.,7340,L-4205221,00.html
      I wonder why the Jewmedia did not choose to beat it to death. Maybe they wish to portray Islamic terrorism as something that affects every Westerner, and focusing on a Jewish tragedy (or simply giving any coverage) would play up the Jewish angle.

    2. “…French Jews had more reason to be European ethnocentrists/Pro-Western/Whatever, in that, they were targeted disproportionally by Arabs/Muslims…”
      Seeing as how the Jews are THE #1 PROMOTOR of multiculturalism and mass immigration to the West this is another case of “the Jew crying out as he strikes me”.
      They deserve to be attacked. They should move to Israel.

  2. “#Jewseverywhere
    *This post is not really serious. Joke post.”
    I don’t mind if you are 100% serious. I know you’re going to marry me anyway. 🙂

  3. Okay, so media….
    I’ve shown on another post, 20% Jewish (it is hard to quantify).
    The Congress?
    Based on Wikipedia/common knowledge;
    Senate: 9% (just going through the Senators in my head I thought 8- I missed one).
    House: 19/435 (4.4%) says Wikipedia.
    Jews are 1.71% of the population
    The Supreme Court?
    3/8= 37.5% for 1.7% of the pop. (okay, fine Jews control the Supreme Court, I’ll give you that).
    Obama’s advisors?,_2012.jpg
    5/24 Jewish at this point.
    That’s 20.8%
    so when it comes to raw government control/influence (not indirect like lobbying), we get the White House and Supreme Court are controlled but not the Congress.

    1. There are 9 Justices on the Supreme court! That’s third grade level politics. And soon to be a fourth Jewish Justice and Sonya Sotomayor is a crypto and an honorary Jew. 55%

      1. I never really looked into the Sotomayor thing.
        She looks Mestiza, so I just assumed it was bullshit. But I’ll have to check.
        Anglin compared to Asians (3% of the pop). having control over 8 of the Justices 5×1.5=7.5
        and how “Whites would take notice”
        it’s true. He’s right for once.
        I said 8 justices overall because at the earliest Garland will be confirmed in November.

        1. A Jew with a flat nose.
          It does make you wonder if these people know anything about anything, at all. lol.

        2. I was alluding to her cultural marxist policies, but her mother’s maiden name Baez has been associated with Sephardim. You don’t suppose the luscious Bobby Dylan is as well.

        3. regardless, I don’t think they quite understand how Jewish surnames work.
          My surname is North Portuguese, but is now found in the Netherlands, and South Africa, and held by Jews.
          like General de La Rey
          The Sephardim Jews with my surname fled to the Netherlands and became Afrikaneers following the 1497 Portuguese Pogrom.
          Does that mean I’m Jewish?
          Maybe remotely.

        4. “My dad has a wideass n****r nose and so far as I know he’s 100% AshkeNAZI.”
          I see.
          I suppose the only way we could ever be sure would be to give her a DNA test.
          these guys don’t understand.
          Sephardics are NOT the same as Ashkenazis.
          Of all those Jews in power I listed, just two are Sephardim.
          John Berman and the Ileana Ros-Leithen.
          (CNN reporter and Florida Rep).
          not too many.

        5. I just threw it out there. I was mostly alluding to her policies. She’s more in line with the Jewish justices than the Catholic justices.
          Pat Buchanan needs to be ignored.

        6. No, I wasn’t directing this at you, it’s just that I’ve seen that many places elsewhere.
          Pat Buchanan has referred to her as “Hispanic” and criticized Democrats for nominating ‘her and a bunch of Jews’ since, well, Johnson I would suppose (and his last nominee was Marshall!)

        7. Pat Buchanan writes for Ron Unz.
          Ron Unz (whom I was informed recently has a Jewish mother), wrote an article about how Hispanic crime is overexaggerated (still much higher than the rate of Whites, I think the content was really similar to what Robert has said about living in a 70% Hispanic neighborhood).
          He got targeted with a picture of him and the Star of David.
          Lucky Robert hasn’t been targeted yet!

      1. In Economics, certainly.
        Almost all the great economic writers are Jewish.
        And, yes, the fact that we have a Monetaristic, Thatcherlike economy under Obama is covered up. Jews are disproportionally wealthy and they benefit from the status quo (low risk, low inflation, etc). It allows them to borrow at low interest, cut out competition, and just sit around.
        my point is as an absolute number my Gentiles are the “top 1%”
        One concern I have is that Trump’s plans of de-globalizing and deporting illegal immigrants will make the elites become even reclusive and we might even have the economy deflate.

        1. I’m starting off as Business Administration, because
          I’m at a school that with a few exceptions is just a two year school (it’s a satellite of stateU).
          I hope to either go into Finance or Applied Mathematics later on.
          I’m not sure how viable Economics is.

    1. They’re not doing themselves any favors by circulating these stupid memes. They’re not making the case for any kind of credibility.

      1. When Whites realize that they’re not interested in “credibility” but in a decent, honestly run government with compassion towards it’s citizens they will be on their way to a better life. Shortly thereafter this realization they kick the Jews out of the USA.

        1. Sam-
          Birth rates do have large ties to socioeconomics or genes (depending on how much of an anti-NAM cuck you are or not). It’s simply not attributal to the Jews.
          r-k selectivity. This is Rushton (JEW) stuff.
          As for immigration, sure slightly elevated “Hispanic” and Arab crime rates are causing issues for Whites, but society is naturally sorting itself out so that there is defacto racial segregation, at least from violent NAMs.
          Non-White crimes represent a majority of crime convictions here. That’s for 36% of the adult population. They are punished.
          It’s also true that while Whites are only 39% of Black crime victims when they should theoretically be 64%.

        2. well, for instance in a recent interview Jared Taylor said that the reason White Nationalism (might very well entail deporting all non-Whites) is neccessary is because “Whites don’t want to have to press one for English” or “go to a convenience store where they are the only White person”.
          Big.Fucking. Deal.
          talk about a fucked up mofo’.
          and yes, most other Whites would see it that way, too.

        3. I wish they’d focus on more pressing issues, such as how immigration is causing society to become more balkanized, susceptible to exploitation etc rather than trivial things such as an illegal alien getting involved in a traffic incident.

        4. They see demons, man.
          Any time a non-White sneezes the great White man loses half it’s population.

    2. That’s because the Jews have great propaganda. At one time almost complete coverage of all media. If all you hear is,”Super Clean Detergent is the best detergent” every day, all day, for fifty years then you could expect anyone asked what is the best detergent to say “Super Clean”. Jews fool themselves that they somehow have a superior logic or argument when really all they have is “Super Clean” over and over for fifty years.

      1. Jesus fucking Christ.
        That’s your opinion.
        Your posting on the fucking internet right now, aren’t you?
        Censorship in that regard, DOES NOT EXIST.
        Google uses Algorithims to determine search engine results!
        get it?

  4. The internet was the greatest thing to happen to white supremacists and also Jews cannot run the internet. If they did, they’d try to shut up the opposition.
    I might backtrack on that statement. Jews might own the internet, but the they’re not limiting the free speech of WNs.

  5. Everyone knows that Zionists control everything.The Holocaust never happened or is at best is massively exaggerated. Nuremberg Trials were a farce. And most of all, Hitler was a great guy who did nothing wrong.

    1. “…Hitler was a great guy who did nothing wrong…”
      Hitler screwed up big time. By focusing on the Jews and race he convinced himself that the British, being more like Germans than the Jews, would allow Germany to conqueror parts of Eastern Europe. The British were working at the same thing thing they had always worked at. Balancing the power on mainland Europe to prevent any one power controlling Europe and by this process controlling the planet (World Island Theory). The British did to Germany the same as they had done to Spain, France, etc.

      1. The Germans were into wierd racial ideology and genocide while the British, like the Romans and later the Americans, were only interested primarily in money, getting tribute money etc…
        WNs cannot whitewash aspects of HItler’s weirdness, like wanting to make slaves of the slavs (Ironically slav comes from slave), reduce their population, hence allowing German colonization, even though Germans could always go to Canada, lol.

        1. How would David Duke’s ideology of respect for seperate cultural and racial growth mesh with Hitler, who obviously wanted to conquer Russia with the intention of genocide, slavery, and colonization?

        2. JEW!

        3. I don’t worship Hitler so your nahh-nah-nah Hitler spoofs don’t effect me but Hitler’s observations about the Jews were dead on. He was also a superb military tactician. All the talk about him making his biggest mistake in attacking Russia are mute because he had no choice. Stalin was going to attack him a couple of weeks from the time he attacked anyways. Suvorov has an excellent book on this.
          ICEBREAKER Who Started the Second World War? Viktor Suvorov

          Germany lost because they just didn’t have the numbers or resources. Germany, no matter how talented the German people, just never had a chance due to geography. If they would have focused on being a better country and not an Empire they would have come out a lot better. The USA should try to learn from this. We don’t have the resources or population to rule the World. We should focus on making our country better. Fuck the World. (Didn’t ICP say that?)

  6. Okay, but in all seriousness there are plenty of pure White countries.
    Portugal- (96%) (96%)
    Denmark has been known to be anti-immigrant (there’s a brain dead Moly-Jew loving Danish Nordicist retard that comments on “peepee’s” blog).
    and of course WNs admit all of Eastern Europe is like that.
    The only countries below 90% are the UK., and France.
    Africa has multiple countries with White minorities (Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Liberia, etc.).
    and only two countries in the world of Ethnic citizenship laws (Liberia and Israel).
    WN talking points are simply often times outright lies that come from the top.

      1. but even according to AmRen the Chinese have taken Blacks to do menial labor in the South of the Country.

        1. Indeed.
          There have been large cultural and perhaps ethnic exchanges throughout history (every single European ethnicity is 10%+ SW Asian).
          Europeans colonized half the fucking world.
          they’re liars, they’re liars, they’re liars.
          Probably literally half of these fuckers would say this is accurate.
          Just a mix of psychoitic freaks and low-IQ apes.

        2. It’s not very liberal of me, but where do these people get off?
          They truly believe in their heart of hearts, no matter how stupid and/or shitty of a person they are, that they are inherently better than everyone without their skin color.
          They’ve got issues.

  7. Although I suppose America + Canada are exceptions, White Genocide is simply factually bullshit.
    The numbers of non-White groups in Europe as a percentage are very similar to that of White minorities in the Countries of Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Liberia and South Africa.
    And that’s giving you Latin America, whose indigenous (Amerind, Mestizo, etc). have not had self-rule largely for hundreds of years.

    1. I have a feeling that Israeli society would be more individualistic if they had not had constant warfare with the Pallies to ensure that they be united.

    1. Speaking of internal dysfunction and dumbassery in the Alt-O-Sphere, have you seen what Mann Coulter did today?
      She tweeted that the Muslim father of the purple heart reciepient was just an “Angry Muslim with a thick accent, like Fareed Zacaria (sic)”
      Since Liberal Zuckerberg decides what’s trending or not on FB, it’s been the #1 trender for like 18 hours now.
      Her FB comments are flooded with outraged people, of all political affiliations.
      Either she’s retarded, is just making money, or is false opposition.

      1. “Either she’s retarded, is just making money, or is false opposition.”
        A bit of both. As a Yale grad, she knew she’d have to dumb her style down to capture an audience.
        I don’t really pay attention to what she says, as she’s not a power player or policy maker.

        1. All I said was, they should stop circulating stupid memes, sending death threats to Ben Shapiro’s baby, they’ll strengthen your argument that way, but they become combative.

        2. Yeah, well the trouble is the general public is so pissed off over economic issues, even people who are 100% cucked with every group except illegal Mexicants may vote for Trump, allowing him to win.
          Will you go to Israel if Trump is elected?

        3. Yiannonapolous (fuck it-I don’t speak Greek) has said that the memers are actually just kids getting a cheap thrill and don’t really care one or the other (they have no reason to feel concerned that the memes are making the Alt-Reich look bad, since they are not Alt-Reich).

        4. If a few random kike faggots could wreck a big country like Usa and make it come to standstill, imagine a whole country filled with those devilish Hebes. degeneracy, faggotry, connivance, scheming, plotting will be considered good conducts. Israhell is truly devil’s playground. If not for the internet, these scheming hebe faggots and dykes would still get away destructing western societies for eternity.

        5. I’m not afraid of him in that context at all.
          I just don’t like him because he’s a major scam artist, been involved in major financial crimes. I don’t like his daughter (the one who converted) either. She was involved in several of his scams.

        6. Sammy
          “If I were to run, I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on Fox News. I could lie and they’d still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.”-Donald Trump 1998 (courtesy of people magazine).
          He doesn’t give a damn about anything he says. He just hired a thousand “guest workers” to work in his country club in Palm Beach. He manufactures everything overseas. He’s donated to many liberal causes during his lifetime.
          He’s scammed many hard working people through his various schemes using his femme fatale daughter to lure people.
          He’s playing you.

        7. He’s playing you. He does not live by any of the principles and ideas he’s preached during the campaign nor does he have any intention of pursuing them once in office.
          Stop being a tool.

      2. I can understand why WNs will vote for Trump. As Anglin has said “why the hell not”?
        Even if he doesn’t actually hate Latinos (all his beauty pageant winners were Latina) or Jews, it’s obvious he doesn’t like Blacks.
        it’s the WORSHIP of him that just makes me chuckle. The facts are overwhemingly that he is a fraud, and I suppose what matters is that he’s making WN type discourse more acceptable, but pinning your hopes and dreams and emotional well being on this guy is completely absurd.

      3. For instance, an older fellow on Breitbart talking about how “Trump will deport the Blacks, day one”
        No, he fucking isn’t.
        Delusional fucks.

  8. He’s not playing me. I don’t believe in him in the first place. None the less he’s better than the psychopath Hillary. I’m not just calling her names she’s a psychopath. I think it’s a good chance he’ll follow through on many of his campaign promises. Good enough for me.

    1. Don’t you think his ideas would be more powerful and everlasting if he got Caesar treatment?

        1. Sam. Your average Conservative, your average Trumpkin, is startlingly pro-Israel. They want to help Israel, as a very close second to the U.S. (whereas the Neo-Cons think it’s #1- this is the main difference).
          Your average Trump supporter claim Judaism is just a religion and not a race.
          I.E. George Soros collorobated with the Nazis (I protested, referencing his Jewishness).
          “It’s not about religious differences”
          5 up votes on Breitbart (I got two).

    2. This Taki magazine article is why the Jews don’t like him and hate Putin.
      The Jews looted Russia and they’ve been doing the same to the US. Back in the 80’s they used Junk Bonds to do so. Some of the exact same techniques that they used on Argentina and other South American countries are now being used on the US. Now they’re just getting the FED to straight out print money and give it too them. After they gain control they move the manufacturing or any service they can overseas.
      The Jews should be thrown out immediately. I believe more people than the Jews think know these things. Normal people are much less likely to be violent or attack evildoers but as with all the countries the Jews go to and rape there eventually comes a time where people start searching hard for answers about why everything is so fucked up. They will find the Jews are a large, massive amount of why things are fucked up. They’re going to be pissed. Retaliation will happen. The main problem is the Jews at the top are psychopaths and they don’t have much in the hit the brakes department. All they know is steal and decadence, It’s what they do. My advice to you is to run for your life.
      In all of history the Jews have always been able to transfer to a different country where people don’t know what is going on. I don’t think you’ll be able to this time. The Chinese know about you, the Japanese surely do, they keep you at arms length and will never let you in. You’ve so abused Israels neighbors you may have a hard time surviving there and you’re destroying your position in the US. I’m guessing some Jew strategist has seen this and is trying to use the Ukraine as a backup. I don’t think it will work. You’ve killed so many Ukrainians it’s unreal. You Jews have really fucked up this time. Tactically your the worlds best but strategically you’re the dumbest fucks on the planet.
      You could go straight. Denounce the psychopaths that normally run things. I don’t think you’ll do that. It’s been your mode of operation for too long.
      If you try to take over the US it’s extremely likely to fail. There’s just not enough soldiers in HLS or the military to take territory. All the armored cars in the world can’t take territory and keep it. Armored cars can be defeated with simple gas bombs. Maybe you can’t shoot them but you can cook them. They’ll have to get out of them and that’s where the man power shortage comes in. Also your ranks would be jam packed full of infiltrators snipping at you all the time. If you lose the US, which you will, then you will lose Europe as we would immediately attack your lackeys and press organs. This leads to all of Eastern Europe and Russia. Certainly not your friends.
      South America. Yes I know about your settlements there in Chile. They may could take a few people but not a large amount. China. They know about you.
      Probably the only thing you could do is start a nuclear war between the US and Russia/China while nuking the Arabs and Europe. Unfortunately nuclear arms limitations means that it won’t be a total wipe. People will know. They will come for you and none will be spared.

      1. Sam very few even know that Jews are ethnicity.
        Very few knows what “Ashkenazism” is.
        Most Americans couldn’t spot Israel on a map.
        Most Americans relate to the struggle of the Israelis against the Palestinians to their struggle against the MexicanTs (Jews=White, Palestinians=not).
        Dream on, Dream on, Dream on, Dream on till your dreams come true!

        1. Sam. In that lengthy thing he talks about how “if Trump is defeated everyone will be mad at the Jews”.
          I was telling him even Trump supporters have the Neo-Con-ish love for Israel, it’s diminished, but it’s still there.
          For instance, some relate Jews v. Palestinians to American Whites.

  9. Once Trumpenreich is done with, there’s going to have to be a deterrent. I’m talking trials and public executions of anyone who worked for it.
    Ann Coulter, Jared Taylor, Yiannoplous, campaign staff, children, etc.
    The Nazis got off way to easy.

    1. It’s amazing how many people will vote for Trump just because he has a hot wife and daughter. I’m not a feminist, but I sometimes think guys shouldn’t vote…

      1. I don’t find his wife hot (she wasn’t even at a younger age).
        His daughter is maybe a 7.
        But it’s silly to begin with.

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