Another Way of Looking at IQ: Extra-IQ Factors

RL: Incidentally, two of the brightest commenters on my blog had IQ’s of 113 and 117. The 117 IQ guy was fantastic at philosophy and other forms of abstract thinking. The other fellow was into genetics and anthropology, but he thought in much the same way. A few of these types are so bright that you almost think that their score is wrong. I am not sure what is going on except maybe they are working their brains extra hard, or they have filled their brains up with all sorts of goodies.
Oops I did it again: Myers-Briggs (Jungian) type, life experiences, economic status, degree of neuroticism (“Work their wits hard”), the brain faculty we call “sensitivity”, the other we call “fantasy”, all are factors.

This is so correct. Jim Flynn wrote a book the premise of which was something like “factors above and beyond IQ.” He showed how 1st and 2nd Generation Northeast Asians in the US (mostly Japanese and Chinese) were often working at jobs up that usually required IQ’s 20 points above their level. In other words, a 100 IQ Japanese-American would be functioning on the job at the same level as a typical 120 IQ ordinary American. In other words, the NE Asians might have an IQ of 100, but on his on the job performance was the same as someone with a 120 IQ.
Flynn called these “extra-IQ factors.” In other words, on the job, IQ isn’t everything. I forget what the extra-IQ factors were but they seemed to be things like punctuality, responsibility, resilience, psychological stability, regular attendance, studiousness, reliability, seriousness, conscientiousness, hard working nature, and stick-to-it-iveness or what some are now calling “grit” which boils down to “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” or continuing to hammer away at a problem even after repeated failure – not giving up.
So you see there are personality factors that you can add to your IQ score so you perform at a higher level than your IQ would predict.
I was thinking of this in terms of Blacks, that maybe Blacks could cultivate some extra-IQ factors that would allow them to overcome some of their disadvantage due to lower average IQ. If an 85 IQ Black person could function on the job at the same level as we expect a 105 IQ person to perform at, I think the position of Blacks in the US could improve a lot. Unfortunately the wort of things that were helping the NE Asians were sort of “nerd factors, square factors, uptight factors” that Blacks just don’t seem to do well in, mostly because they look down on this sort of excessive seriousness.
Nevertheless, I am open to the idea of harnessing extra-IQ factors in Blacks to help them to perform better in school and work. Harnessing what seems to be their innate social skills and extroversion might be one of these things.
Myers-Briggs or Jungian personality type: Yes, certain personality types might help one perform above their IQ level.
Life experiences: Correct. Certain types of life experiences and lessons learned and skills gained from them could help push you above your IQ level.
Economic status: Yes, a higher economic status might help you to perform above your IQ level.
Degree of neuroticism or working their wits hard: Correct. Someone who pushes their brain into overdrive and characteristically pushes their mind and intellect to its limits in an almost challenge-testing near-athletic competitive manner could surely perform above their IQ level. I think I have seen some examples of this in my life.
Sensitivity as a brain factor: I could see how this would help you perform above your IQ level, but I am wondering just what this factor is.
Fantasy as a brain factor: If this means something like creativeness or open mindedness or the tendency to think outside the box, I could see how this would help you.

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9 thoughts on “Another Way of Looking at IQ: Extra-IQ Factors”

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    They also had two married daughters.
    Their deaths have sparked protests among the dalit community.

  2. Killed for biscuits. We shouldn’t let any of those Indian fuckers in the US either. To hell with them.
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  3. ARe there drugs that can up IQ? How fixed is IQ? Pretty simple question. I’m using the WAIS-IV adult intelligence test which is a four part test as an example. I’m guessing that drugs can up at least one part of the test, because I was prescribed Ritalin to up my processing speed which was extraordinarily low (85), compared to my verbal comprehension (130). However, can drugs up the composite score, or is there a win lose, where upping the processing speed leads to a loss in another area such as working memory, spatial processing, or verbal comprehension?

      1. My composite was 112 🙁 which is embarrassingly low. Now I take methylphenidate to up my processing speed (85) which brought the whole average down. I feel pretty inferior with this score.

        1. 112 IQ is normal. That’s all there is to it. Not only that, but it is easily in the top 79% of IQ’s. Your IQ is in the 79th percentile. That means you are smarter than 78% of the people out there. If there are 10 people in a room, you are smarter than all but one of them. If there are 20 people in a room, you are smarter than all but three of them. You are smarter than eight out of ten people, but this is “low IQ?” What the Hell, man?

        2. IQ can certainly increase, it’s just hard to do so. There are some people who do increase their IQ when they are older than 21, but it’s rare and difficult.

  4. Well I want to be very smart. I’m neurotic (OCD) and poor with a lot of student debt, so I have to be functioning at a higher level than many people to get to the same place in life. I want to improve my IQ, I’ve only taken the test once, and I wasn’t taking Ritalin then (proven to improve processing speed). I know the Ritalin will raise my processing speed score but I don’t know if it will raise my composite score or if another area will suffer.

  5. Lol, can the opposite happen, operating lower than your range, because I personally feel I do. Or, it could be that my IQ is actually lower, but again, my range is 118-122, not much of a difference exists between an IQ of 118 or an IQ of 122.

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