Two More Cops Shot!

Good God, cops are getting shot just about every day now on average.
One in Indianapolis and one in Watts. In Watts, police were called to Nickerson Gardens and interrupted a shooting in progress. One cop got shot, and the gunman was killed. The killer was quite possibly Black.
In Indianapolis, a man was stopped for a traffic stop and then took off on a wild high speed chase. In the course of the chase, he shot at cops, wounding one. Another cop was injured in some unknown manner but not by gunshot. The dead man is a young Black man with long dreadlocks.
I have been to Nickerson Gardens before. It is not a pretty place. Watts is truly the heart of the ghetto. As bad as you think the ghetto is, the very heart of the ghetto is where it is the worst of all. I also noticed that the Blacks in very heart of the ghetto seem to be darker-skinned than in the rest of the ghetto. It is not unusual to see Blacks in Watts who are so dark that their skin is almost blue.Ghetto Blacks are not all that friendly anyway, but the ones in the heart of the ghetto really, really hate Whites.The deeper you go into the ghetto, the ore the hate Whites and in the very heart of the ghetto, the White-hatred is so hot it’s almost about to catch fire. You can feel it in your bones, from both the students and even in some of the teachers. Just pure, sheer, utter hate.
Watts is a scary place. I taught there for only one day, and some Blacks disabled my car battery. But this really cool Black Auto Shop teacher fixed it for me. The Black administrators in Watts are really cool. They know it’s hopeless and they are more or less kicking back, holding down the fort and enjoying the show. Teaching students there was hopeless. I substituted for one class and they kept making excuses to get up and go to the bathroom. Then they would never come back. One after the other. Then I got mad and would not let anyone leave anymore. So the students would just stand up and walk out the back door of the class. Then I caved in and said I would let them out on break. One after the other, they raised their hands with some bullshit excuse to leave class.It was literally a dog ate my homework type thing. It was pretty funny and after a while, I was almost doubled over in laughter when another one would raise their hand to be excused. I would just laugh and let them go. I tried to get them to do some work but they simply refused. Nothing was getting done anyway, why not just let them all go home, right? The whole day more or less went like that.

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58 thoughts on “Two More Cops Shot!”

  1. Around 150 cops get killed in the line of duty in any given year. These two incidents don’t mean it is part of the recent uprisings. Even without the protests, about that many cops will die every year just from fighting crime.

    1. The ultimate question is….
      have these Alt-Reichers,
      A. Been the victim of non-White on White crime? (since Whites are often not the victims- I’d say no)
      B. Do they even now anyone who has?
      C. what is their end game?.
      The Alt-Left has been straight up with their goals.
      The Alt-Reich is incoherent and fractured. There is the reasonable possibility a sizable segment of the crowd (DailyStormer, 8chan, etc). Are not even Nationalists- they are supremacists.
      There is a reasonable possibility that 25% to 50% of the Alt-Reich seeks the extermination of non-Euros or non-Nords.

        1. the ultimate “end game” for the Alt-Reich;

          In all seriousness though, I do believe that an outright cultural destruction is bad…..
          a “Trumpenreich” would defacto allow everyone to hate Whites at a very high level.
          and with no immigrants, the growth rates would maybe even drop below zero, and facing outside hatred, Whites would be fucked. Limping along.
          the blood is on their hands

        2. my god.
          I prefer Ben Shapiro’s retweets of the Alt-Right goons’ materials
          (see, he usually selects the cream of the crop stuff);
          although it does get deleted eventually.
          There was one with a picture of a Strawberry Shortcake dessert, next to a stock photo of Ben Shapiro.
          The Shortcake was labeled as such, while Ben Shapiro was labeled as “short kike”.
          “Shortcake vs. Short kike, learn the difference, it could save your life”!

        3. Although…….
          my mother, god bless her is a tad Psychopathic and cheated on my dad (that caused my parents divorce) with an old ex-boyfriend.
          She was young when she married my dad, and had few before.
          She had said one of them was Jewish….
          and they had an affair for a long time…
          I could be half-Ashkenazi, but my Y-DNA came back as Irish, with fits more with my actual dad’s Iberian roots, so that’s more likely.

        4. I feel sorry for the posters. Everything they post will be stored interminably in cyberspace, with no way of knowing or controlling how their information is being used and redistributed. Many of the social media sites and other internet conglomerates are owned by jews or their allies. Everyone deserves second chances.

        5. I confess that I am a regular at SPLC (although I don’t agree with everything, it’s just “the enemy of your enemy is your friend”), I was talking about Andrew Breitbart’s* coming to conservatism because of “racist White liberals” and “the High-tech lynching of Clarence Thomas” (Cuck extraordinaire). and I said “Whoever has done this is good at false-opposition”.
          Then this guy I’d seen at the new Breitbart comes in and comments whoever in italics.
          He means Jews, and says it outright later.
          I tell him about the use of IP addresses, and he is unconcerned chalking it up to “Jews wanting money” and not “controlled opposition”…..
          I honestly think that is somewhat of a concern, at least some could be identified with IP addresses.
          others, not.
          Apparently many of the computer-savy are trolling anyway (the 4chan crowd, that is), so it’s *poetic justice;
          “These young rebels, a subset of the alt-right, aren’t drawn to it because of an intellectual awakening, or because they’re instinctively conservative. Ironically, they’re drawn to the alt-right for the same reason that young Baby Boomers were drawn to the New Left in the 1960s: because it promises fun, transgression, and a challenge to social norms they just don’t understand.Just as the kids of the 60s shocked their parents with promiscuity, long hair and rock’n’roll, so too do the alt-right’s young meme brigades shock older generations with outrageous caricatures, from the Jewish “Shlomo Shekelburg” to “Remove Kebab,” an internet in-joke about the Bosnian genocide. These caricatures are often spliced together with Millennial pop culture references, from old 4chan memes like pepe the frog, to anime and My Little Pony references.Are they actually bigots? No more than death metal devotees in the 80s were actually Satanists. For them, it’s simply a means to fluster their grandparents. Currently, the Grandfather-in-Chief is Republican consultant Rick Wilson, who attracted the attention of this group on Twitter after attacking them as “childless single men who jerk off to anime.” “ (from Breitbart’s an Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right).
          If the UK had a Labour PM Milo would be getting the mental help he needs. lol.
          although his motives are cynical…i.e.
          “it’s a nasty job but someone has to do it”.

        6. There are plenty of people logged into facebook or twitter spewing obscenities using their full names.

      1. They’re all thoroughly terrible people who don’t give a rat’s ass about the working class. At all.
        Prole Billionaires are typically the worst type of people.

        1. indeed…
          I don’t understand how people can willfully start (or aid and abet) starting another Reich.
          I’m beginning to become a Libertarian (don’t ban me, please). The proles are savage low-IQ animals, generally speaking.

        2. I feel really horrible for all the people who got scammed especially those who lost their homes. I wish Ivanka could experience poverty.

      2. speaking of…
        finding the needle in the haystack of alt-right ideology….
        Jared Gaylor is at it again.
        Whites don’t want to “have to press one for English”
        “be the only White in convenience store”
        For those two greatly oppressing things;
        ALL non-Whites are inherently evil and ALL violence against them is okay. Families must be destroyed and they must be deported.
        All things done wrong to Blacks in the past are IRRELEVANT
        Actual facts on genetics of people like Hispanics and South West Asians are hence invalid.
        Talk about some sick twisted mofos’ (and he’s supposed to be a moderate!)
        They think he’s a Jew anyway. He’ll be gassed in Trumpenreich
        If you play with fire long enough you’re bound to get burned

    2. Actually where I live a lot of the white people don’t like cops. Honestly nobody likes them from any race.
      Why? Some have a power trip, looking to get even for humilation (kind of like how racists do). Also, the drug war puts them at odds with a lot of people who do drugs.

    1. It’s true that based on Blacks committing 37% of the violent crime and being only 13% of the population…they are about 4x as likely as non-Blacks to be violently criminal.
      So, yes, Cops are jumpy.
      That being said, we are individuals in this country, and have due process, a cop is not to be “Judge, Jury, and executioner”.
      It’s not a good situation all around.

      1. William, thanks for the boilerplate, but do you know who is “judge and jury”? A judge and jury, whose rulings Black Lives Matter doesn’t respect, so no It is not “not a good situation all around.” It is a bullshit narrative from black people (who are killing each other in astronomical numbers) that white cops are hunting them like game with impunity (which they are not).
        Also, I asked Robert, and your name is William.

        1. Um…I don’t think you understood my post.
          IF a cop kills someone, does it out of “fear” (not actually being threatened)
          then YES, they are deprived of Judge and Jury/due process, etc.
          You missed where I said INDIVIDUALS
          the fact that Zim-Zog was acquited has no bearing on the Philando Castile case.

        2. You have a fundamental misunderstanding here;
          “BLM not accepting the Jury’s decisions”.
          Did a jury rule in the Philando Castile case?
          That’s news to me….
          Juries try INDIVIDUALS.
          Not races.
          or anything not individuals.
          or are they, all the same?

        3. Serious question,
          relating to what I was discussing with Jason earlier;
          how can those with ideological views similar to yours claim to defend Western Civilization while also hating all of it’s values (i.e. group them ALL up, not about individuals, etc).
          The “individualism” genes is why Whites were more culturally succesful than East Asian despite lower IQ….
          food for thought.

        4. Exactly. Saying white civilization is superior, yet bashing the kindness of white civlizaiton, for instance, humane treatment and respect for the handicapped.

        5. Jason-
          It’s not me just being a jackass.
          This is a really, really ironic thing about the Alt-Reich, and if it’s true (they can’t seem to deny that it is), it objectively compromises the whole darn thing.

      2. Possibly it’s a problem with culture. Ghetto blacks look like criminals. Nonetheless one black lady on her Facebook page was posting several instances of excessive violence used against blacks who obviously are very ordinary including women and the disabled.
        So I think there is a lot of psychos out there, who as I also stated on Facebook (much to my mockery), and as Wiliam also said, are trying to get even for humiliation.

        1. I don’t know how we are supposed to keep psychos out of the police force etc.. Possibly it’s impossible. As long as they’re there, your going to see a lot of racism against NAMS, especially blacks.
          It does seem though that personalities that are prone to getting revenge for humiliation by NAMS are drawn toward the army, police, possibly cause it’s a very macho sub-culture.

        2. Sort of reminds me of that scene on the movie Crash,a movie people on here need to see, where a very gentle normal black is pulled over by a pscyho racist cop and also his wife is humilated. Yet cause of the normal black’s buddhist beliefs he doesn’t return hate with hate, to the disgust of his wife.

        3. I’ve said before, I do believe the situation is exaggerated (yes, there is a bias in beatings but not killings, based on violent crime rates, so the truth is in the middle as with most things)
          but the few bad police probably aren’t even racist.
          It’s just that they can get away with or think they can, get away with doing stuff to Blacks.
          Although in all reality Whites killed by police really have no one to speak for them. At least Blacks have groups like BLM.

        4. Why wouldn’t they be racist considering ghetto blacks are the source of a lot of crime that they have to deal with? A lot of frustrated Dirty Harrys would seem to be all over the place.

        5. True. Poor whites, who often hate cops with the same venom as ghetto blacks and poor blacks thrown in with them, have nobody to speak for them.

        6. Dickheads seem to be drawn to the Police profession. That seems to be the case even in white areas like Appalachia.

        7. Even worse are ordinary gun nuts, who aren’t cops, who are longing for you to tresspass on their land. 😆
          I guess though in some cases the paranoia would be justified. Especially since so many meth addicts roam around wanting to steal sheet metal and lawnmowers etc..

        8. Jason- I think in most people, regardless of the problems caused by NAMs, you interact with them so much, you see they aren’t inherently evil and are people just like you.
          Using Wikipedia stats (that are crazy even with Hispanic pop)., and some extrapolation, I’ve spent extended time with an aunt in a neighborhood that was 38% Hispanic (33% White, 26% Asian, 3% Black).
          Hispanics do have a crime rate elevated from Whites, but not as bad as Blacks, I couldn’t go out on the street at night, but did I hold it against the nice Mestizo family next door?
          Of course not.
          My Anglo-Saxon Uncle lives a neighborhood in Baltimore that was a whopping 98% Black (although the median income was about the White average, and the crime rate was White working class level, a Blue Collar, but not ghetto, neighborhood).
          Sure, he had issues with Blacks, but he had Black friends too.
          He supported Ben Carson so he couldn’t be too racist 🙂

    1. I do believe that the Alt-Reich is a major threat to humanity, and Western Civilization.
      I’ve presented my reasons, and they WON’T give a rebuttal.
      I suppose it’s because they assume I’m a Jew (I am not) which makes whatever I say automatically invalid, but that’s just silly. Why would that be?

    2. The fact that these Alt-Reichers can not provide an answer (or even attempt to) should show people on the fence what a hoax this whole movement is.

        1. I tried.
          He then become very snarky and rude.
          In the words of their great furher Drumpf “he started it”……. lol….

    1. Teachers would be another source of racists, a long with people who had been in prison, or people bullied by blacks in grade school.

  2. Just what Mrs. Slick intends when she gets in. Releasing them from prision.
    Only none of you will even get the oppertunity to vote for her.
    The Third World War will be fought with sticks and rocks.
    For how it will end google “Moonlight Feels Right,” by Starbuck (1976)

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