Mass Murder Attack on Disabled People in Japan!

A 26 year old man, Satoshi Uematsu, who used to work at a disabled facility called Tsukui-Yamamuri-en in the city of Sagamihara, Japan went back to his former workplace in the early morning hours armed with a knife and began attacking the physically and mentally disabled people in the center. When it was all over, he had murdered 19 people and wounded another 25. The dead ranged in age from 18 to 70.
He harbored the typical Japanese feeling of contempt, fear and shame towards to he disabled taken to an extreme. In February, he had hand-delivered letters to the offices of several Parliamentarians in which he threatened to kill hundreds of disabled people for the sake of Japan and urged legal changes that would enable disabled people who were unable to live at home and be active in society to be euthanized if their relatives agreed to it. He was hospitalized in a mental hospital for observation but was released after two weeks when it was determined that he was not a danger.
Japanese society is characterized by among other things an extreme form of ethnocentrism which White Nationalists actually praise and an attitude of contempt, fear and shame towards disabled people, who are virtually regarded as non-human.

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10 thoughts on “Mass Murder Attack on Disabled People in Japan!”

  1. I’m not shocked. That’s what Iv’e been saying in other posts and one post about South Korea featured the idea. See, that’s what an Nazi ultra-capitalist society does to those who can’t keep up.
    That’s a big reason why Nazis, KKK are dangerous and need to be kept out of power at all costs, for the sake of the disabled alone.

    1. I guess the cruel irony is he went to kill the disabled and in the process showed himself to be massive mentally disabled.
      Oh did you hear about the guy who put a saw to a fashion model’s face in Japan?

    2. agreed…..
      it’s ironic that they are the antithesis of Western Civilization.
      Culture does not correlate with race perfectly.

      1. Right, if WNs think whites are superior, then why do they think so? Wouldn’t kindness toward the weak be a mark of that?

  2. Well, at the very least, you gotta admit the antebellum south at least showed kindness toward whom they though were inferior. They kept them as slaves. I guess that’s much better than exterminating them.

  3. Why do Asian Americans seem so cool, collected, straightforward, and open to change/progressive?
    It does seem that actual North East Asians are the opposite.

      1. Possibly northeast Asians view disability as a private family matter. However, the snobby asshole attitude ultimately can lead to someone going bonkers. However, the US has enough Nazis, KKK, for the same thing to happen here.
        I think the main problem with northeast Asia is they hurt the pride of the disabled, but mostly the meaness would be directed toward those who are smart like gay state girl, yet are crippled. The smart disabled are viewed as sub-human and that’s very insulting to them, and rightly so.

      2. Possibly northeast Asians seem cruel and evil because like WNs, they have the menatility of Donald Trump or 10 year old kids. They mock the disabled, generally treat them like dirt. To me that seems like an abomination.

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