Idiotic Cultural Left Insanity of the Day

Here. Even a lot of lesbians hate this sort of nonsense, especially the more militant ones. Now the truth is that I despise lesbian-feminists. However, I will give these lesbian feminist bitches one thing. They say two thumbs down on the idea of lesbians marrying men. Why? Because they say it’s nuts, that’s why. They say the definition of lesbian means exclusively or predominately attracted to other women for romance and sex. That doesn’t necessarily preclude sex with men on occasion, but surely that is not what a lesbian prefers. And of course a lesbian would never marry a man. Why the Hell would she do that? And what sort of a feminist man pussified idiot would marry a dyke anyway? I have heard of a few of these insane relationships. The men are often rad fem men. Yes, there is such a thing. These are men who hate other men, hate masculinity and think men are just evil in the way they treat women. They’re traitors to their brothers off consorting with the enemy, their sisters. These pussies boy-men never learned one of the first rules of Man World that a boy learns in life: Bros before hos. Rad fem men are often very sissy and effeminate. Quite a few of them are gay men. They’re down with their sisters because these sissies identify with femininity. There are actually some very sissy straight men who are radfems. These are heterosexual men, but a lot of other males think they are gay, and they have been getting gay-baited and gay-bashed since school. There was one fellow that was writing on the web a while back who I actually enjoyed. The radfem argument against these moronic “married lesbians” is quite simple If you are a “lesbian” who falls in love with men and marries men, guess what? That means you’re not a lesbian! Duh! The Gay Politics crowd has always been one of the nuttier wings of the Cultural Left because, well, let’s get real here for a moment. Although healthy homosexuals (especially biologically gay men) definitely exist, any sane person who has studied the gay community for any length of time has to realize that a lot of gay people are crazy, weird, and bizarre.

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24 thoughts on “Idiotic Cultural Left Insanity of the Day”

  1. i just skimmed the article (didn’t read it) but i agree with most what your post says. on the other stand i also understand where the author is coming from. i believe sexuality falls on a spectrum; a 99% gay man can have a 1% chance of falling in love with a woman because a long term relationship is more than just physical, attraction is also mental/emotional. i don’t like the black and white definitions people label themselves

  2. To Rob:
    Regarding the Salon article: “I’m a lesbian marrying a man”
    Some of the comments are hilarious:
    Dear Salon, I identify as a conservatively-dressed, sober atheist, but I loves me some drunken hippie Jesus and I want to write an article about it for you.
    I am a strict vegetarian except that I now choose to eat beef, veal, pork, chicken and fish. I self identify as vegetarian and don’t you dare tell me that I’m not vegetarian just because I eat meat, because I’m a special snowflake and I say that I’m a vegetarian.
    Another day, another self-congratulatory “I’m so SPECIAL!” ode to postmodern white bourgeois life. “Over that drink, I learned he had been a graduate student in New Haven when I was an undergraduate there. In those days, he had recently returned from the Peace Corps in the Solomon Islands and North Africa, while I was slowly, painfully coming out, finding my way from an economics major to books. We talked about languages we speak — Arabic, Portuguese, pidgin, lousy French — and Shakespeare plays we love, of which he could quote an impressive amount.”
    Did this make anyone else want to vomit?

    Curiously (or maybe that’s what she wanted all along) she’s going for a hyper masculine sort of guy, almost like he walked off the pages of a romance novel:
    “Deirdre affectionately calls my fiancé Hem, short for Hemingway, because he is tall and built and owns a rifle and has hunted lion in Africa and has climbed most of the big mountains in the world and builds rockets for a living and a hobby.”
    I don’t particularly object to this sort of behavior aside from feeling like a moron after I allowed myself to read the entire article….somewhat akin to my mental state after scanning any of those Facebook feeds for the Jenners or Kardashians. I suspect a more constructive use of my time would be to watch videos of airplane crashes or boil lancing.

  3. What’s with the stereotypes and labels?? Just because I eat meat, I’m a carnivore. Just because I’m a woman who sleeps exclusively with men, I’m straight. Just because I believe in God, I can’t be an atheist. I can’t even! Open your mind, s**tlord! /sarcasm

  4. Seriously, I just can’t deal with Salon and the mainstream cultural left anymore. I can see why a lot of sane people, especially white guys, just throw up their hands and get into Austrian economics and Trump. I’m not there yet, but I don’t really see a place for myself on what passes for the left.

    1. But how does she know her transracial adoptee daughter is exclusively straight. I mean there is hope right?

  5. Speaking of this subject generally, I am quite alarmed at how transgenderism is seen as cool, in the youth. I think that we will be having a lot more people want to be transgender, to be accepted by some crowds. That is going to cause a psychological toll.
    Although I actually do tend to sympathize with the cultural left on issues of race (sometimes), this transgenderism thing is too much. You can’t change the fact of what you were born, and it’s typically mental illness that causes’s not “cool”

    1. Or for losers seeking a sense of belonging.
      But I was just meant to be a loser. God didn’t make me a lesbian/kikedyke because that would give me an instant community. 🙂

      1. It’s pretty weird, that’s for sure. But I’m convinced that for a small number of people it is a real thing, with an honest to God biological/neurological cause. I agree that it is becoming too much of the flavor of the month, and it has the potential to screw up a lot of lives if accepted too uncritically.

        1. Matt-
          I do tend to agree.
          There have always been “drag queens”, it was just a thrill in acting like the other gender, yes. But I’m unsure that going as far as changing your gender….
          you can “pretend”, and to this day, that’s all………Bruce Jenner can NEVER really, empirically become a woman.

      2. GSG-
        I see your point, but
        1. I was mainly referring to transgenders (homosexuality appears to be inherent)
        2. It’s the cool kids/in crowd, mostly that regards it as “cool”. The Geeky kids accept it graciously, but it’s not cool (they can chide it as well).
        You’re not homosexual are you? I thought the username was in reference to you being from Massachusetts.

        1. I’m 100% heterosexual and cisgender and take pride in my femininity. Everyone goes through phases, and LGBT does offer some social inroads for people on the outskirts.

  6. “…I’m a lesbian marrying a man…”
    Some people are just completely out of their minds.
    All I want from Lesbians is for them to do exactly what they say they can do. They say they can do anything so they should shut the fuck up and do whatever it is they want done without bothering Men. Don’t tell us we need to do this or that. Do it yourself. If you just do your own thing I can respect that but as soon as you start telling Men what they need to do for you then we know you’re full of shit.

    1. OK, I can buy that to a degree. No, I don’t like pushy gay stuff, but also I don’t like pushy conformist crap.

  7. Today I added a new site to my bookmarks, The Washington Free Beacon. I don’t know whether to file in the News folder or put it under Comics. They had two recent articles about trans-women being denied abortion rights.

    1. Suppose we agree that they can’t actually have abortions, not having a womb, which is no one’s fault, not even white hetero cis men, but that they can have the right to have abortions.

      1. There are arguments to be made that men should have the right to terminate their responsibilities as a parent of a fetus, as a woman would via abortion.

      2. So this Twitter account that I occasionally peruse called “Uncle Ruckus” said, “Black woman who have abortions are actually a member of an elite group: Crime Stoppers of America”! Terrible but sadistically funny.

  8. I think people should be free to hang with whoever they want male or female. Why should they get labels from narrowminded boys or rednecks for something they do out of free will in a free nation?

  9. So I’m a member of this pro- Ted Cruz/Rand Paul group on facebook….
    There was an incident today where a cop tackled someone and for a little bit strangled them (they lived) , and some members were discussing it one of their walls’. They said “how many more niggers were around filming this?”.
    and “Just another innocent nigger“.
    I was floored, these are people who hate Trump, have Hispanic, Asian, and Jewish friends on FB (albeit, no Black, although one of them did like a Black conservative personality’s page).
    The are religious right in many ways. These people are not at all cucks. at all.
    I’m not sure Alt-left has broad appeal, it’s an oxymoron in many ways.
    If we can have perhaps Tom Tancredo (endorsed Cruz), Steve King (endorsed Cruz), and Jeff Sessions (endorsed Trump) types leading the charge about culture not HBD (which stumbles dangerously close to Eugenics, fascism, etc.) we can appease a wider swath of this country and help us go forward.
    I will be changing my party registration to Constitution and start volunteering for their new darling; Constitutional Party Presidential candidate Darrell Castle, just to experiment, see where people really stand.

      1. well….I really try not to on FB…
        I just mainly look at stuff to get peoples’ opinions “from the horses mouth”.
        Can’t trust the Jews in the media! (lol)
        I never got back to TJF on that…although it would be very difficult for Jews to be overrepresented beyond their verbal IQ in the media.

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