Mass Shooting in Fort Myers, Florida

Another one. 2 dead, 16 wounded outside the Club Blu Bar and Grill, a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida. The two dead are 14 and 18 years old. A youth party for kids 12-17 called Swimsuit Glow Party was being held at the club. Parents were picking up their kids at the club when shots rang out. It appears that most of the kids at the club were Black. If that is so, the shooter(s) probably were too. There was a second shooting incident only a mile away from the club and another incident a few miles northeast of the club, where a persons of interest was detained. Three people have been detained in connection with the shooting. It appears that the city has a large Black population and there is heavy gang warfare with a lot of shootings going on a regular basis, similar to Chicago or Baltimore. The shooting at the club may well have been gang related. I can’t even keep track of these things anymore. They are just coming way too fast. Every day it seems like there is another one of these or some sort of an Islamic global jihad terrorist attack of some sort. The world is getting to be a very weird and scary place. When I was young in the 1970’s, I never thought the world would get this weird and scary.

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  1. Surely the perpetrator did not claim the Islamic faith as a motivation. I remember my friend telling me this Black kid from the hood in Baltimore tweeted ISIS and said ‘please don’t attack us Black folk in the hood we already got nothing’ and ISIS responded ‘We have no quarrel with AAs- the greatest victims of the evil empire, join us’!

  2. Just gang warfare. I lived in south ft.myers for 20 years. The small black population in ft.myers consists of less than 1000 teengers. There are problems with young black men in every city before they start thier jail time. Three black men were arrested for the shootings and in no way should this be any different than any of the 1400 shootings in Chicago last year. In Lee county there are fewer than 100 murders because we have the right to protect ourselves. Of course children at a dance aren’t protected against drive by.

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