Face Facts: Homosexuality and Transsexualism Are Not Normal

A lot of gay men act like women. A lot of lesbians act like men. Neither is normal behavior, face it. Many gay men even like to wear dresses. We call them drag queens. Lesbians typically wear men’s clothes and cut their hair short and mostly try to look ugly as sin.
The very state of being homosexual in and of itself is sort of a violation of the nature of gender, and as such, it is no secret that a longstanding goal of the gay community is “the elimination of gender.” Why? Because many homosexuals are “at war with the concept of gender.” Their war is all wrapped up in their homosexual status and identity. That’s why we are seeing all of these bizarre transsexual freak things or whatever they are. Things, its, heshes, call em what you will.
Let’s get real here too. This crap is not normal. If you’re a man, it is not normal to think that you are a woman. If you are a woman, it is not normal or healthy to think you are a man. In fact, in both cases, it is not even true! It can best be thought of as a delusion. It’s weird as Hell for a man to chop off his dick, grow tits and turn into a lady. It’s so weird it’s almost sci-fi weird. It’s straight up bonkers for a woman to turn her vagina inside out and turn it into a flopping dick while hacking off those lovely female breasts of hers. I would argue that that is not even surgery. It’s mutilation masquerading as surgery.
But you can see that the transsexuals are tied in with the gays. Transwomen and many gay men are at war with their biological gender. Transmen and most bull dykes are at war with their very own womanhood. Transwomen are surely at war with their own manhood. Most of these tranny cases are on a homosexual continuum. Most transwomen are best thought of as an extreme form of male homosexuality – sort of like drag queens that ran so fast towards the cliff that they fell off. The Ultragays. Most transmen are an extreme form of lesbianism – sort of the ultimate motorcycle bull dykes. The Superdykes. It sounds like a comic book series.

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0 thoughts on “Face Facts: Homosexuality and Transsexualism Are Not Normal”

  1. I think it’s perfectly okay for us to point that these behaviors are not normal, and we shouldn’t try to normalize them.
    For one, marriage should be between man and woman. If the state is involved, then I believe that gives greater credence to the intent behind it, which is to build a nuclear family, for the continued, healthy progression of our population.
    That’s not to say we should attack gays, but we should recognize that it is abnormal.

  2. As I mentioned before, homosexuality is a complex subject, and homos can be grouped into:
    1) Born gay. Probably 0.5% of population.
    2) Circumstantial faggotry like in prisons, all male army and ship crews.
    3) Cultural faggotry like Ancient Greece and present day South Afghanistan.
    4) Through prostate gland stimulation biochemistry. Many homos were once rape victims, like T. E. Lawrence of Arabia.
    5) Experimental faggotry by certain % of the population.
    The 4th type I suspect are the homo evangelists who want to convert all males to bisexuals. It’s possible if females can accept such cultural settings like in Ancient Greece, otherwise it’s bound to face hostility because it upsets social norms too much. And added to it the fertility difference between 3rd world and Developed World and the consequent demographic imbalance and immigration issues.
    ‘Gay marriage’ is a gross misnomer because marriage is a hetero institution in which fidelity is cherished, definitely not by daisy chained/fairy ringed homos.
    As a Protestant (of alternative conviction), I have a celestial conspiracy theory to entertain: According to Yahweh’s original intelligent design, the male prostate gland was supposed to locate inside the scrotum but Lucifer perverted it and placed it near the rectum, thus creating a channel of devilry.

  3. I don’t think there’s anything bad or abnormal about homo and transexuality, sure they’re weird, but they are so few of them anyway, 2% of people tops, nothing more.

  4. Trans seems like a mental illness, but I don’t see whats so abnormal about homosexuality. There are a disproportionate amount of flamboyant girly types, but from my experience the majority of gays act no different than heterosexuals and you can’t even tell they’re gay without them letting it slip that they like dick.

    1. Normal: It’s normal for males to get turned on by females and to want to have sex with females. It’s normal for males to act masculine.
      Abnormal: It is just not normal for a man to not get turned on by females or want to have sex with them, but instead, oddly enough, to get turned on by guys and want to fuck guys. Most gay men are effeminate. I’ve met thousands of them and I can testify to that. I would estimate that 75% of gay men are at least a little bit effeminate. The percentage of straight men who are effeminate may be only 1%. It’s not normal for a man to be girly, effeminate and to act like a woman like so many gay men do. It’s just not right. It’s messed up, not normal.
      It’s weird. It’s not normal behavior for a human male.

  5. Normality in the most precise sense is a statistical concept, and as such gays and transgender people are not normal because most people are not them. But on the other hand, they have always been among us, and have contributed to the betterment of civilization in many ways. The current state of affairs is a result of the highjacking of their legitimate demands for rights and legal stus being highjacked by radicals with a loony tunes agenda. How do you think, for example, real transgender people feel about happy clappy SJWs making a mockery of issues they have struggled and suffered with for their whole lives?

  6. I don’t think transexuals are born that way, I believe they behaved more like the opposite sex and that led them to identify more strongly with them peers, they virtually are just like the opposite sex in all but looks. It’s reasonable for them to state they identify strongly with the opposite sex as long as said identity is subjective.
    When they say they feel a strong closeness to the opposite sex and they feel like one of them on the inside yet they are aware this identity is purely subjective and they are not in fact a member of the opposite sex, they are being reasonable. When they objectively are a member of the opposite sex despite reality showing otherwise, they are losing touch with reality.

    1. I think there is a difference between people who realize that they identify more as the opposite biological sex early in life and those who “discover” it at age 40 or above. I strongly suspect the latter is an out of control paraphilia. With the former, there is no mistaking it, and often they can’t hide it even if they want to. For example, boys who identify as girls at a young age often instinctively sit to urinate. In no way should this be confused with people like Bruce Jenner or the SJWs and their 72 gorillion genders.

  7. Look, you are violating the Comments Rules.
    Violation: Hostile tone.
    This is not the first time you have done this either.
    We don’t like the Cultural Left here. You do. You might not be happy here.
    If you keep violating the rules, I will ban you.

  8. Transsexuality is an abomination. Homosexuality it’s debateable because usually the concept is so much in the eye of the beholder. For instance, some guys are so homohobic they hate men with long hair or women with short hair (I mean short hair but still pretty). Basically homophobes, generally should mind thier own business, cause 99 percent of the time they’re just harassing for dramatic persons.
    Homosxuals seem to be the new witches. I think it’s not about being gay, but rather it’s just a way to get non-conformists. Oh, this guy doesn’t go to church and isn’t friendly, so he’s a bitch, and probably a fag. That seems to be the mentality among homophobes.
    Note most of these homophob dickheads think other guys exist for entertainment for comedy. But if you cannot make them laugh then they dislike you and you become a target. If they cannot laugh with you, then they want to laugh at you. That’s the way it was in my school.
    What’s the real solution for homophobes? A lot of times guys have to seem like they can kick your ass, maybe by being a jock or bodybuilder, so these, dipshit homophobes will just mind thier own fucking business.
    But isn’t it sad the world has to be that way, like it was in I was in public school, even all the way to high school and college somewhat.

    1. To show you what assholes people are, watch as on Facebook, I can say the very same thing someone else says and the other person will get 20 likes and I get ignored.

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