Two New Attacks by Muslims in Germany Today!

The first one occurred when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a restaurant at Ansbach Music Festival in Ansbach, a city in Bavaria. The bomber was killed and 12 others were wounded. This definitely looks like a global jihad attack. The attacker was a Syrian refugee whose request for asylum had been turned down last year, but he had a temporary permit to stay. He had been treated twice at a psychiatric hospital for two prior suicide attempts. Police are calling it a potential terror attack for now.
Earlier today, another Syrian refugee attacked people with a machete in Reutlingen. That attack was preceded by some sort of an argument and police ruled out Islamic terrorism. A pregnant woman was killed and two others were wounded in that attack.
Refugees welcome!

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0 thoughts on “Two New Attacks by Muslims in Germany Today!”

  1. That’s just the stuff that makes it to the news. I spoke with a young German woman that told me she was touched by a couple refugees on a bus outside Cologne and when she rebuffed them, they spit in her face. Are they still bringing in more refugees?

    1. I’ve seen statistics and had reliable sources say the sex crime thing is true. With the WNs, it’s like the boy who cried wolf, for instance, with Hispanics being worse than Black or Syrians being non-White. They’re untrustworthy

  2. Talk of suicide, Germany is now “le fucked” even worse than France. What the hell was going on in the heads of Angela Merkel and company before they decided to unleash this madness on their own citizens.
    Like sheep to slaughter, I will never understand the mentality of people in countries like France, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Belgium. They tolerate so much abuse at the risk of not being seen as racists.

    1. Totally agree, Muslims are rotten people, a lost cause, I neither hang out around them, easy because my ethnic background is not from a Muslim country 🙂 I really avoid them even the so called moderates.

      1. Muslims were performing surgeries to help people survive brain hemmorhages and doing algebra while the Germans were killing cats because they thought it would eliminate the plague. Say what you want about them now this “third worldet” and other purely opportunistic/emotional low IQ revisionist history needs to stop.

        1. You must hence be a Muslim since you understand my point! Of course the real source despite your propaganda WAS indeed us Jews!

        2. Although I am not more than a tad Sephardic. Spaniards do believe themselves superior to the other Euros cu they were part of the Islamic Golden age more than them

        3. It’s a better idea to engage these people rather than confront them. I was able to find a common ground as everything they say on social media will be archived from time immemorial.

        4. GSG-you did!?! Good for you. Occassionally I try, and although I may get a concession on the facts they then resort to calling me “Jew” ( no lie) or admitting they’re tribal idiots, saying “so what?”

        5. What I meant when I said I had common ground was, I realized I had more in common with them in some ways than with the higher echelons of the jewish establishment, and many members are a greater threat to me for a variety of reasons, so I can tolerate WNs spewing obscenities on social media as I feel sorry for them that their digital fingerprint will be archived.
          I know where I can reach them, and where it’s a hopeless cause. And I know how to make them look ridiculous, but that is counterproductive to what I’m trying to establish.
          You will never be able to convince them to appreciate non Western cultures (and I don’t intend to pursue it), but you can let them see that they are being exploited by WN (or soft WN) leaders and pundits.

        6. GSG-Well, it’s easy to discredit the mainstream types (Mann Coulter) since she consistently dates non-Whitas and was a pro-Israel hawk. Many of her arguments are incoherent and some WNs see that ( birth does not determine citizenship blood does but Ted is not a US citizen despite his father not being mentimed). However others are tough. The “Cog di” wqs real with “Oy vey” or “why do you hate White people”…

        7. Trump consistently hired non whites including illegals to work for him, manufactures overseas, extended membership to his country club for blacks, loves Israel etc.
          Pat Buchanan
          Opposed jewish wars but was a hawk for Vietnam and Falkland
          Hires undocumented hispanic workers.
          Maintains stocks in companies that have been subject to his criticism over outsourcing.
          Berates white women for not having enough children, despite having none of his own.

        8. To William:
          GSG-Well, it’s easy to discredit the mainstream types (Mann Coulter) since she consistently dates non-Whitas and was a pro-Israel hawk.
          Are there really WNs who believe Ann Coulter is one of them..? She has always cast herself as a mostly conventional conservative shit-disturber (similar to Rush Limbaugh) but to the best of my knowledge has never affiliated herself with the white racist crowd. Her prime influences (per Wikipedia) are two Jews, a black man, and guy who had a Jewish father, and as you noted she has dated Jewish and Indian men.

  3. If I were you, I’d brush up on my knowledge on the Koran. When they come into the “soft target” where you are at and line you up, they will ask you to quote from the Koran. Those that know MIGHT get out of it alive. Those that don’t will have their eyes gouged out and their testicles put in their

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