Omar Mateen and Displacement

Erik Sieven writes:

When he hated gays, or maybe gays from Puerto Rico why didn´t he just attack one single gay person, e.g. the man from Puerto Rico he was angry about in the first place? Or why didn´t he just swallow his anger like 9

Because he is a lunatic mass shooter, that’s why. Mass shooters do this displacement stuff all the time. The one school shooter was mad at his Mom, so he shot up the school where she worked and murdered a bunch of children. James Holmes was mad at humanity, so he shot up a theater and murdered innocent moviegoers. Serial killers hate their mothers, but instead of killing their Moms, they run around murdering women who are standin’s for Mom. People do this all the time, and if this guy is just another mass shooter nutcase, which I now think, we can’t expect him to act rationally.

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0 thoughts on “Omar Mateen and Displacement”

  1. Did he suspect his ex was at the club that night? That would make some sense since you said they had both frequently been there.

  2. Perhaps he had sexual experiences with the gays there and regretted them and so he wanted to get back at them?

    Most likely he hated that side of him that WAS gay. Spree killers who target gays are usually gay themselves and deny it-Gacy, Dahmer.
    Homosexuality is rather a good thing because it keeps the populations of undesirables down.

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