Orlando Attack Was Not Islamic Terrorism

The more I think about this attack, the less it makes sense  that it was an act of Islamic terrorism or global jihad, and it certainly had nothing to do with ISIS, as the shooter had never been in contact with ISIS. This was a man who at various times said he supported Hezbollah, the Al-Nusra Front and ISIS. He said these things when he got into fights with co-workers. I think he just said those as a way of threatening the co-workers he was arguing with. Sort of like if you are an Italian guy who fights with co-workers all the time and you start threatening to send your cousin Vinnie in Detroit out pay your co-workers a visit.
You can’t support Al Nusra and ISIS and also Hezbollah. ISIS and Nusra hate Hezbollah and consider them deadly enemies. You can’t even support both Nusra and ISIS, as they fight each other.
It was reported that when he was with his father once, he saw two men kissing and became very upset and agitated. Supposedly, this meant he had an extreme hatred of homosexuals as global jihad types do, and this was what motivated the shooting – a global jihad attack on homosexuals, a hated group that global jihad types often kill.
The problem is that this guy did not have any Islamist hatred of gays at all, and that’s because he was gay himself! Yes, Omar Mateen was a practicing homosexual. He was a regular at the bar that got shot up where he often went home with men. He regularly dated men and met up with them on dating applications. The press interviewed one man who said that he had been Mateen’s boyfriend at one point. At one point, Mateen’s father yelled at Mateen and called him a homosexual.
Reports from the gay community indicated that Mateen had recently had sex with a Puerto Rican gay man. The man was HIV positive, but Mateen only learned that after he had sex with the man. So as a result, this guy had major hatred towards Puerto Rican gays. So, in order to vent his hatred at Puerto Rican gay men for an undisclosed HIV positive Puerto Rican gay man having had sex with him, he picked the Latin night at a local gay bar when he knew it would be full of Puerto Rican gay men and shot the place up.
Why Puerto Ricans? Because most Latins in Orlando are Puerto Rican, so when the local gay bar has a Latin night, it’s mostly Puerto Rican Latins who will show up. So Orlando Mateen shot up a bar full of Puerto Rican gays for the reason stated above.
Yes, he pledged allegiance to ISIS, but so what? With the advent of ISIS, any and all nuts have a guaranteed reason for shooting up schools, malls, theaters or wherever. We may well see non-Muslims pledging allegiance to ISIS during their sprees and claiming that they recently converted. All accounts indicate that Mateen was not religious at all and liked to drink and hang out in bars. Also he was a practicing homosexual. He was as un-Islamic as they come. Although he wasn’t much of a Muslim, he had a mean streak and beat up his wife on a regular basis.
He got upset at seeing two men kissing because he was an extreme case of a self-hating gay using reaction formation as a defense. He freaked out when he saw those two men kissing because he hated the gay man in himself. Gay self-hatred, denial of homosexuality and reaction formation are all very common in closeted gay men, so much so that they are almost cliches.
Self-hating gay men can commit violence against other gay men. Some of these serial killers running around picking up gay men in bars and committing sexual murders of them are actually repressed gays themselves. They are killing the hated gay in themselves. This may well have been what was going on here. Mateen, by killing 40+ gay men, was also killing the hated gay man in himself.
Sure, ISIS claimed responsibility, but so what? No evidence emerged that Mateen was ever in contact with ISIS in any way, shape or form. ISIS claims responsibility every time a Muslim stages a mass attack on infidels, no matter the motivation. They also call these killers “ISIS soldiers,” even though in many cases, the attackers had no connection with ISIS whatsoever. In other words, ISIS is claiming all sorts of attacks that they had nothing to do with other than egging people on. No planning, no training, no communication, no nothing.
Just because ISIS claims a mass killing by some Muslim in some non-Muslim country somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean that they had anything to do with it at all.

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0 thoughts on “Orlando Attack Was Not Islamic Terrorism”

  1. Tell it to the Trump supporters. To them ISIS is behind everything. You could go out and shoot somebody tonight and then claim you support ISIS, now all of a sudden it’s an ISIS attack on America.

    1. This Italian Economist was on his way to a conference here in the states. He transferred at an airport here. He was swarthy looking. On the plane he touched up his presentation which involved Calculus. A Trumpkin though it was Arabic writing and informed an attendant. 😂 Dirty wops!

    2. My main objection to Trump is the blatantly ridiculous hysteria he’s stirred up, it leads to fascism, whether partially just or not. He also has hired illegals ( the wage effects are they same Polish or mestizo) and has outsourced his clothing to Mexico and China- he’s a liar.

      1. It’s better to engage Trump supporters and make his hypocrisy known, rather than be dismissive of them.

      2. Debbie Schultz is resigning as DNC chair. Hillary does not have a majority without the unpledged delegates. Maybe the unpledged see Trump has a decent chance of beating Hillary and will join a pro-Bernie delegate revolt!

      1. It’s not even Trumps policies per say that grate me, it’s his temperament. I don’t think he has the temperament to be president. Trump having the nuclear codes scares me. He’s impulsive, brash, not a deep thinker and has the attention span of a gnat. Just read the new article in The New Yorker where the man who ghostwrote Trump’s Art of the Deal explains why he is terrified of a Trump presidency: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/07/25/donald-trumps-ghostwriter-tells-all
        This guy got to know Trump on an intimate level that few have. That he is scared shitless says a lot.

      2. On one forum they claimed Tulio’s lnk (I reposted it) was biased cause possibly the guy was shafted by Trump. Does anyone on here suspect the writer to be biased?

  2. it might be right to say that the Orlando attack was no islamist attack. But I don´t buy into the argument, that it can´t be so because Maheen supported different groups like Hezbollah and IS which fight each other.
    For example when a Russian with a swastika tattoo yells “Heil Hitler” and “Russia first” and attacks a foreigner in Russia, do you say “no he can´t be a Nazi because he both supports Russian nationalism and Nazis, and those were enemies”. No, of course you say he is Nazi, a dumb one on top, because Nazis hated Russiand (well there aren´t really non-dumb Nazis).
    Maheen might have been a Islamist, and only because he is to dumb to at least tell apart different Islamist groups he says he supports does´t change anything.

  3. Thank heaven we have great intellects like you to set us straight. Everybody knows that the participants of these attacks were NOT Muslim. How could that be? Islam means “peace.” That can easily be demonstrated by the peaceful conditions of all lands were Muslims dominate.
    Nope, the attacks in France, and myriad locations were committed by Presbyterians! Why? It’s nothing but a racist attempt to slander Muslims to set the stage for impending genocide against these innocent gentle folk. Racist fascist pigs will also be involved.
    But there IS hope! Come November we can do the right thing and elect Hillary Clinton as President! She’ll know how to handle this wicked white male, racist, sexist, pig pleg. Until then lets be resulant when they scrape your loved one off the street. Remember, “The only thing to fear is fear itself!”

  4. “Yes, Omar Mateen was a practicing homosexual. He was a regular at the bar that got shot up where he often went home with men.”
    So that makes this an internal matter, which is of no concern nor to nor is the fault of straight people, at all, ever. Check.
    “Reports from the gay community indicated that Mateen had recently had sex with a Puerto Rican gay man. The man was HIV positive, but Mateen only learned that after he had sex with the man.”
    The virus carrier new about his affliction but still engaged other men sexually, isn’t that ‘attempted murder’ or something? Would not Mateen be understandably upset about that?
    Self-hatred is not our problem, we have attempted to accommodate this demographic by bending over backwards, if there is still self-hatred among them then that is an inherent problem, they should look within.

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