Extremely Disturbing "Pedophilia" Video

There is actually some truth to this. Quite a few minors who were “victims” of “pedophiles” feel this way, male and female. However, to be fair, most of the accounts that I have read were from people who were teenagers at the time having sex with adults. It is quite common for people who had sexual relationships with adults as teens to feel that the experience was positive. I have read quite a few such accounts. However, this is the first account I have read from someone who was an actual child – under the age of 13 – who said that they enjoyed the experience. She was 12 and he was 23 when they met. The relationship continued for a year until she was 13 and he was 24, and they forced him to move. I do not think kids (people under age 13) ever really want to have sex with anyone much, especially adults. They do engage in childhood sex play a lot, but they’re not doing that because they’re horny, and they want to get laid. They’re doing it because they’re curious. However, when I was 20, a 12 year old girl propositioned me, that is, she asked me to have sex with her. I worked as a janitor at an elementary school and as a 6th grader at age 11, she was my little “best friend.” She was my “little helper.” She befriended me for some reason and used to go on my rounds with me “helping me” on my job. She talked a lot about what was going on in her life. She was the child of a single Mom, and she told me about how her Mom used to get drunk and have different men over to have sex with them. So she was pretty worldly, 11 going on 20, in that respect. If you ask me if I had any sexual feelings for this 11 year old girl, I would not know how to answer because honestly I am not aware if I ever saw her in a sexual way. 11 years old girls are not something I think of as sexual beings or sex objects. To me, they seem “sexless.” I saw her that summer in the park where we both were running. Now she was 12 going on 25. We got to talking, and she out and out more or less asked me to have sex with her. Her: I’ve been thinking about sex a lot lately. Me: Um, uh, yeah, ok… Her: I’m thinking I want to do it. Me: Uh, yeah, um, well, uhhh… Her: And I’m thinking I want to do it with you! I forget what I said afterwards, but it was something like thanks but no thanks. Because she asked me to have sex with her, that turned into a sexual type experience in my Sexual History file in my brain. Although she was beautiful and interesting in other ways (top student, star athlete), I wasn’t really interested in having sex with her, and it was not just because of the law. She just didn’t seem like someone I could have sex with at that age. She was just way too young. In later years, I used to try to fantasize about having sex with her, not because I am into 12 year old girls (I absolutely am not) but more because I am a pervert and I love to think about all sorts of weird, perverted sexual stuff just for the heck of it and as a way of telling society to go to Hell. The weird thing is I could never make the fantasy work. In the fantasy, we would both be naked next to a bed and I would go to have sex with her, and it never worked. I simply could not and to this day cannot imagine having sex with such a young girl. I do not know what it is. She’s too little and I’m too big. Her vagina is too small and my penis is too big. She has almost zero tits. Or maybe just I’m too old and she’s too young. Whatever it is, the two parts of that fantasy, her and me, are like oil and water. Anyway, this is an extremely disturbing video that adds a very weird new angle to the whole insane Pedophile debate, an angle that is sure ti ignite a lot of hot emotions. If you ask me what I think should be done in such cases, I really have no idea. My basic view is men should not be messing with 12 year old girls. It’s just too much of a little girl. It’s just about real pedophilia, and the Hell with pedophilia. If I think about it more, maybe we should look at this stuff at least with regard to teens and adults more on a case by case basis, and if the minor is totally fine with it, that is, if it is completely consensual, maybe we should not prosecute. But maybe in a case this this, we should tell them to knock it off. Which is precisely how the police dealt with it in this case. But I am not sure of those opinions either, as my feelings are pretty embryonic about this sort of thing. Right now the law is pretty clear, and any man messing with a 12 year old girl, consensual or not, deserves whatever is coming to him. Not because he’s a bad guy necessarily but more because he’s an idiot. The laws are deadly about this sort of thing, and any man breaking those laws is insanely reckless and I have no sympathy for him or reckless fools in general. I generally feel that reckless fools deserve whatever comes to them, good or bad. They’re asking for it.

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26 thoughts on “Extremely Disturbing "Pedophilia" Video”

  1. First off I like your blog a lot and have told my friends about it. My own view about pedophilia is these men need help and that includes castration if they cannot control their urges. I think the severe penalties for child sex crimes do act as a deterrent mainly by taking the offender off the streets for decades. Someday “sex bots” will be common place and no doubt the debate will rage about “pedo bots”!

    1. Thanks!
      If you like the site, consider a donation. I live on only $14K/year.
      What do you think of getting an island and turning it into a penal colony? You put the pedophiles on the island. Lots of people can live on the island, including family members of pedos, but everyone has to be 18+. There’s no way for them to molest kids as there’s no kids to molest.

  2. Wow, you’ve clearly been reading my blog (since I posted a comment on your blog yesterday and now you publish this video, which is on my blog).
    Anyway, your blog post is clearly incoherent in one part you start to acknowledge that perhaps the laws are too draconian but in another you say those accused deserve “whatever is coming to him” which by the way is effectively you inciting violence, murder and terrorism. This is because enforcement of these laws is extremely violent – people are murdered as a consequence – and these laws qualify as terrorism as they are extreme violence for a politically motivated goal (feminism). If you are to support these laws then you must acknowledge that you are indeed inciting violence, murder and terrorism.
    As the laws are indeed very deadly – and destroy millions of lives – the resistance to those laws is also becoming deadly. 8 cops killed by angry black men this year and more will die unless they revoke the laws. Alton Sterling was a Sex Offender and yet he is now seen by many as a martyr. So stop being a paedocrite and take a stand. This kid did (and very recently too, as in, the last week):

    1. All I’m going to say is that the cops and blacks thing has little relevance to this situation. These people are being apprehended, the issue at hand is how they are being portrayed by people because of their race and was a snippet of the situation looks like is shown by the media.
      Second, Alton Sterling being a Sex Offender has little relevance as well because A. he has previously being arrested and documented for that incident and B. what has gained controversy as of late was his involvement in violence.

      1. No they are not being apprehended, they are being killed actually. However, the movement continues and whilst 10 years ago the MSM would have shown cop funeral propaganda for weeks on end instead the MSM has continued to concentrate on the real issue at hand which is that police brutality is alive and well and too many people are in prison. Legislators are already in some cases starting to scramble to reduce sentences. And the cause of both black incarceration and sex offender incarceration is the same: There is a lot of funding going into this highly unethical industry of locking people up. It needs to be cut.
        As for Alton Sterling it was not his involvement in violence it was him being brutally murdered by a police officer that has drawn controversy. And some people are going to realise he was a “sex offender” and some people are going to realise the following bizarre contradiction: A few years ago the propaganda was that the “sex offender” is an evil creature who everyone would like to hunt down and kill, infact the MSM propaganda machine would even try to pretend that by locking up the “sex offender” for decades they were actually being lenient (i.e. “normal” people would do worse). What Alton Sterling has shown though is that a lot of people have sympathy for a sex offender being murdered. And a lot of people are angry about it.
        Sooner or later the shit is going to hit the fan and the feminazis are going to be so covered in shit that even the age of consent won’t help them get laid (the real reason for the age of consent is to increase the market value of old, ugly women however now they are old, ugly and covered in shit they really have no chance). That’s the reality. And that’s what I’m trying to make happen.

        1. You are not understanding what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that BLACKS who commit crime are apprehended for their crimes and what is at issue is how in cases like Alton Sterling being portrayed on the media as a victim of police brutality when he has a record and was shot for resisting arrest and was on a scene due to a calling of him threatening violence on someone.
          Also, ha, don’t try to educate me on why blacks commit sexual offenses more than others, the science lies in IQ and Hormone Differences. The author of this Blog has already written about it before.
          My point with Alton WASN’T controversy in the arrest itself, it was the controversy regarding the validity of his victimization. In other words, the media only gave a snippet of what happened in the situation and that he was resisting arrest and was armed.
          He was also coupled with Castile in efforts to present a “White Cops Black victims Mantra”.
          My point was that you brought up “Cops being killed by angry blacks” and that is a phenomenon completely separate from you’re talk on sex offense stigma and is only just relevant in Sterling’s case.

        2. The two police officers had him on the ground. They could – and should – have held his arms if it was the case that he had a gun but they didn’t. Any other police force anywhere else in the world would have had no problem apprehending – as opposed to murdering – a suspect who was already on the fucking ground under them. Except, it seems, the American police.
          Ok yes there’s some evidence blacks have lower IQ but I’m dubious as to how we can leap from that to them committing more offences. Unless, of course, said offences are not acts of harm but rather a carefully constructed system designed to ensure that people unwittingly break the law. As a consequence, then, the smarter people will figure out how to work around the insane maze of laws in the US whilst the stupider people will fall foul and go to prison. And that is, I think, exactly what has happened. Following your logic to the extreme would imply that dogs – with a far lower IQ than blacks even – would be committing genocide. They aren’t.
          Thus, what I am saying is that whilst I agree there’s an anti-white racist narrative to Black Lives Matter I believe that the core problem for both sex offender stigma and police brutality against blacks is too many laws, too broader laws and too long sentences. Whatever the leftwing Black Lives Matter BS and the rightwing MRA/Libertarian movement say ultimately they should both wake up and realise they have a common enemy: The police.

        3. I meant in my third reply that I’m not oppose to the likelihood of such laws that take advantages of blacks, not that I would support them.

      2. I’ll level with you too, I’m not the greatest lover when it comes to how the police do things, I’m also not oppose to laws that could take advantages of blacks as well.
        What IQ does, however, is that it correlates with impulsiveness, thus, when it comes to general crimes blacks are more impulsive. Second they’re a difference between comparing IQs of different species. Yeah they have different IQs but also different HARDWARE in a sense of how they’re brains function. IQ is basically like the efficiency of hardware and in this case it is the case of human hardware. Even then though, blacks at a certain IQ act different from whites at the same IQ on average too due to different hardware.
        Lastly blacks don’t all have a the same IQs, just they on average have lower ones. You can certainly argue that blacks could be taken advantage of but that alone doesn’t negate the possibility of, say, them still producing more crime.
        In all events I agree that Alton, regardless of his crime, deserved to go to the standard process rather than being murdered.

        1. So my point is regardless of whether blacks have lower IQ or whatever you aren’t going to achieve much arguing that other than scoring some brownie points against political correctness. For me, as a men’s rights activist, I hate the police, and black people hate the police so we have a common enemy. It’s also worth noting that by far it is not blacks but MEN who are discriminated against in the criminal justice system (about 95% of prison pop is male). So ideally I’d like to see Black Lives Matter purged of feminism as that’s a fucking cancerous lie (even black women are less likely to go to prison than white men) and turn into more of a men’s rights movement – i.e. “Mens Lives Matter”. Which will then, of course, lead onto abolishing the sex offender register, the age of consent, child porn laws and other so-called “rape” laws.

  3. Right it depends on the person, I know for sure if I was 12 and some hot young female teacher wanted to screw, then I’d be in on it. The girls are no different, but perhaps because females are more sensitive by nature, they might be likely to backstab certain adults they choose to have sex with.
    Anyhow, the whole idea of this stuff is creepy though with young males and adult females or young females and adult males. It causes an atmosphere of disrespect, especially cause, even if it were legal, the mockery of peers would make life a hell for those involved.

  4. My first experience discovering my brother’s porn collection at probably 14 years of age had to be greatest day of my life. Talk about buired treasure. It was like I won the lottery. 😆

  5. She talked a lot about what was going on in her life. She was the child of a single Mom, and she told me about how her Mom used to get drunk and have different men over to have sex with them. So she was pretty worldly, 11 going on 20, in that respect.

    These people, whether it’s internet sex dating or working a sex club or an webcam show, need to keep their private life secret from their kids. I suppose tough at times the info would leak out. Of course, if they are purposely exposing their life than the adults are not worthy of respect, much like these women who 2nd hand smoke around kids or let them watch slasher movies.

  6. When I was twelve, I tried to seduce a cousin’s eighteen-year-old wife. I had no idea how to go about seduction and, as much as my behavior was noticed, probably came off as an idiot.
    Curiously enough, years later I tried to fantasize about a married woman and my mind kept sliding off onto other, much less desirable, women.

  7. That video isn’t very disturbing, more like the woman’s shrieking is irritating. She just looks mentally ill.

  8. To holocaust21:
    Which will then, of course, lead onto abolishing the sex offender register, the age of consent, child porn laws and other so-called “rape” laws.
    You don’t believe that their should be any age of consent and it’s okay, as an example, for a 30 year old adult to have sexual relations with an 8 year and perhaps to film and publish such an event..? I serious doubt that the laws against such activity will ever be overturned. As for the sex offender registry – I would guess there are some examples of young adults (18 – 21) having sex with underage mid to late teenagers (15 – 17) which should probably be placed in context if both parties were consenting. However it also has violent offenders and guys who molested children under the age of 10, so I don’t see it going away in my lifetime. I suspect given your attitude and the posts on your blog that you are on the registry – if so may I ask for what violation..?

  9. To Rob:
    I do not think kids (people under age 13) ever really want to have sex with anyone much, especially adults.
    12 to 14 are very common ages for pimps to sleep with young women. Basically they are looking for future talent to groom them into the sex trade. Often times the girls live in foster homes or their home situation is screwed up. It’s royally screwed up but I suspect the victims like the attention and are even given a sense of power.
    I understand your situation was quite different and you certainly weren’t out for self gain and the girl seemed more functional than the victims of pimps plus you didn’t take the girl up on her proposition/fantasy. In a different era it may have seemed normal, but I would have also been thrown by such a proposition. 14 or 15 when I was 18 – 20 (late 70s early 80s) would have been ok but 12 – whoa.
    Have an interesting story from a friend of mine who’s now in her 30s. At the age of 14 she discovered she really liked sex (she slept with friend’s older brother..) and realized that dating guys in high school would give her a “reputation” and most of the guys in her high school were dull douche-bags.
    So she started going to cafes near her local university and would flirt with men telling them she was a sophomore (well true technically a sophomore in high school). She’s very bright and played the part of college student well – the guys would often ask her home, usually they’d have sex, and then she would clarify innocently what being a sophomore meant (age 14 to 15). She slept with a wide variety of college age guys and needless to say none of these guys thought it wise to brag about the girl they just banged.

  10. Geez, how am I trying to justify “pedophilia” in this post? WTF.
    PS That does it! You’re gone buddy. I am banning your shitty SJW ass! Faggotry and trannyism is great, let’s encourage all the guys do out and suck a cock and every other guy to cut his dick off and every other girl to cut her tits off and grow a fake dick. Yeah, that real NORMAL, but fucking teenage girls is EVIL “pedophilia.”
    Straight out of the motherfucking feminist LGBTQIXMEKVZJQSPW playbook!
    You’re banned, goddamn it!

  11. half-Filipino
    ‘From the middle of nowhere……..’
    I wonder if he’s from W.V. ………
    Although I do consider myself generally a watered down Alt-Lefter, I do empathize with these people like MeLo having grown up around the Appalachian White underclass and think that all this “protectionist” and “nationalist” nonsense is just that.

      1. We have a white underclass in Massachusetts as well. My little cousin got run over by a drunk Irish cop.

      2. I’m sorry.
        I just think these people are insufferably arrogant, considering the attitudes outlined above.

  12. Because she asked me to have sex with her, that turned into a sexual type experience in my Sexual History file in my brain. Although she was beautiful and interesting in other ways (top student, star athlete)

    Here we have it. She was an alpha female, already devoured by her age’s males with their eyes.
    Power of all kind rapidly goes to the head, you’ll see very beautiful/charismatic/intelligent female children and very sinewy/charismatic/intelligent male children take their alpha role, perfectly aware of it. Now you, as a 20-25 old one, were an interesting test for her power. You can happen to hear 14-18 year old jailbaits/Lolitas say “I get hornier if my sex mate is a married man.” It’s about power, the sub-type of it named narcissism.
    Laws. All law would ideally apply on a case-by-case basis. We are all different, and it’s not our chronological age to say whether we are “adults” (like it is not the status of a woman’s hymen to say if she is a maiden). There is something in our inward that tells us whether someone is a baby/child or a man/woman (although a small one), and that should be the only point.
    Laws need to generalize, however. And to stiffen taboos. Some 12 or older girls have no other purpose in their life to give males raises, and, a fraction of them, to savor the raises. Other types, you can feel dirty for making certain thoughts about them even though they are 20 or 25 years old :). For sociobiological reasons society needs to hold tight its sexual taboos, even in a day and age when it believes itself completely “liberated” (real liberty would disrupt society; perceived and believed-in liberty doesn’t harm it).

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