Terror Attack in Germany

Three gunmen armed with longarms attacked a large shopping mall in Munich, Germany, killing six and wounding a number of others. Online videos show people at the mall panicking and running away in large numbers. The three gunmen are on the loose. There are unconfirmed reports of other shootings in the city. The German government is calling the attack “terrorism.” ISIS supporters are celebrating the attack online. It appears to be a radical Islamist global jihad attack possibly supported and planned by ISIS. Another attack occurred in Munich in May when one person was killed and others were wounded as a man on a train attacked passengers with a knife in a lone wolf jihad attack. Two days ago, a 17 year old Afghan refugee attacked passengers on a train with an ax, killing one and wounding others. A paper praising ISIS was found in his wound. ISIS claimed the attack as done by one of its fighters, but this was probably just another lone wolf attack similar to the one in Nice that killed 84 people and wounded many more. ISIS is not in control of any of these attacks and knows nothing about them until they start. These are all just lone wolves who are carrying out attacks on their own inspired by ISIS’ call on Muslims worldwide to carry out jihad attacks on infidels. However, most of these attacks with more than one attacker are obviously not lone wolf attacks and seem to be done by larger organizations or cells. Most multiple gunmen attacks seem to have been planned by ISIS or one of its subsections. This includes the attacks in Belgium, Paris, Dhaka and Istanbul.

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67 thoughts on “Terror Attack in Germany”

  1. These mofos’. I suppose their goal is to have Europe spiral into fascism the real refugees hurt, to motivate more to join their side? More established German Muslims were upset when the refugees were let in. They knew things on all fronts could spiral out of control.

    1. Why didn’t they speak up? Join PEGIDA or make their own voice to make clear they didn’t want the terrorist “refugees” any more than anyone else did?

      1. EPGAH-not sure what that is. But some were volunteering for German opposition parties so Merkel is out next fall (albeit mainsteam parties). These were probably crypto-Muslims/non-practicing

    2. So far there’s little open ISIS threat against Trump and I have a theory,for entertainment or conspiracy: Mr. Trump is the agent sent by Allah to jump start World Jihad One:
      It might go like this:
      After Trump takes office,he’ll campaign to ban a)public institutions from serving halal meals, b)Public display of burqa,c)Mass public islamic prayer. And force new non-citizen resident muslim migrants to make certain ststement or else face deportation..on top of stopping all muslim immigration into US
      Then comes another 9/11 killing 1000s, massive jehadis hunting, massive arrest of muslims upon little evidence , street fighting, then massive muslim uprising, followed by a uranium dust bomb exploded in Wall St.(collected from depleted uranium shells debris found in iraq)
      The end result will be NATO invasion and direct taking over of all sunni gulf oil fields and war trophy looting of the Kaaba stone as a Smithsonian collection piece..
      Then Al Mahdi will come, re-organize the religion and prepare for the End-time Jihad….
      BTW,I found this pic at a liberal’left’ site. Its precisely such images that drive the yanks to Trump’s camp

      1. The people he hired put Cruz delegates on the ballot for him, plagiarized the speech etched . He simply does not hire good people.

  2. To Rob:
    The German government is calling the attack “terrorism.” ISIS supporters are celebrating the attack online. It appears to be a radical Islamist global jihad attack possibly supported and planned by ISIS.
    Possibly – but there are reports also that one yelled: “Scheiß Ausländer” meaning ‘f***ing foreigners,’ also “The man was heard shouting the racial slur, according to Bild.de.” So possibly Neo-Nazis – misheard – or purposely used to throw police off the track.

      1. To Ken:
        If these people hated foreigners or muslims why didn’t they target mosques or turkish ghettos?
        A reasonable question but the large majority of victims for anti-Muslim killer Anders Breivik were native Norwegians.
        That said, It’s true Breivik’s attack was targeted towards people he thought were supporters (or future supporters) of Muslim immigration but the core of his motivations seemed illogical, at least as far as the logic of mass murderers who kill innocent civilians goes.

      2. One other thing to note: “The attack comes on the fifth anniversary of Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik’s slaughter of 77 mostly young people.” Possibly a coincidence but an odd one.

    1. Americans are guillable as shite. They don’t trust the independently verified specific facts cuz “leberal Medea” Europeans are sharper.

  3. Possibly and contrary to all predictions, Islamic attacks, most likely in the USA also, will cause Trump to win and be popular.

      1. The Moslems will continue to attack us, and the Bum will keep trying to “detangle their motives” or even try to separate the Moslem cult from Moslem terrorism.

        1. They were the primary promoters of civilization-civilization which is linked to us throughout all history to till 1492. Law itself, Algebra, etc. Islam is not a cult. Facts don’t care about how many times one says the ‘s-word’

        2. Jason-undeniable. But it’s not really about achievements at least for some. It’s “me,me,me”. I’m awesome so my race must be the best. They talk about PC yet the revisionist history on their end- at least with regards to Islamic Golden Age, is prominent.

  4. The attack in May was not actually Islamist. It was a crazy german guy with some kind disorder, psychotic or something like that. Anyway it is interesting that today somebody in this condition automatically imitates islamist terror attacks when he does something like that.
    It is like I have often observed that white people, especially white americans, start to imitate black people when they get angry. Nowadays the only way to get legitimately angry is by pretending to be black.
    White males start to do this “head-shaking” blacks do when they are angry, I do not know how to describe it better. White women in those situation also start the head shaking, but the female variant. Also they do these particular hand movements.
    Those things are very interesting I think. They work unconsciously and because of that tell a lot of the power structure in modern society. Who is allowed to beat whom?

      1. Yeah I see what ep-gah is saying here. It’s kind of like South Koreans mocking the 9/11 attacks. Of course, an Irish friend in Korea made the really cool comment to me, saying something like “Oh, we should be allowed to say something not so nice about 9/11, cause it’s freedom of speech, you know those pesky PC people want to shut us up.”
        So forbidding the hatred and mockery of white people in some circles is considered PC, like “Why can’t we say something cruel and mocking about 9/11?”

        1. Hatred of whites is also anti-PC. Technically, blacks calling whites honkeys, Europeans hating Yankees (white Americans), is also considered freedom of speech, crude and insensitive.

  5. There is now a serial killer just shooting people at random in Pheonix. Good thing we aren’t living there.

      1. Radical athiests might want to reconsider thier thinking. We all might need some kind of supernatural protection.

        1. Or just shut off the Chicken Littles in the news, violent crime has been going down for years in the US.

        2. You’re playing semantic games now.
          In “The US”, yes, crime is going down. But in certain AREAS, it is spiking.
          Dallas, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, it’s going UP.
          If we ignore the cities with huge Black crime, we could pretend reasonably that America has no gun crime!

        3. EPGAH- correct. I would also like to add that the reason the crime rate •overall• is going down is abortion really eliminated an underclass that would be committing crime.

        4. A combo of police shootings and muslim terror won’t spark a race war but it will put Trump on top.

        5. I think removing lead paint did more good than abortion on the crime front.
          Crime is going up in some places and down in even more.
          Even in the cities where it’s gone up it’s still below the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.

        6. Hasdrubal-Intersting if true. I had believed many ghetto govt housing residences still had lead paint. Freddy Gray the man whose death in a police van sparked the Balt. riots had lead poisoning- and he was born no earlier than 1985

        7. Moving to unleaded gasoline probably did the most good, I’m only guessing, but I think constantly breathing in lead in densely populated areas probably had some deleterious effects.

        8. And as these people would have more and more kids the amount of criminals removed is higher than everyone else that’s why it’s still and will continue to go fown

        9. “EPGAH- correct. I would also like to add that the reason the crime rate •overall• is going down is abortion really eliminated an underclass that would be committing crime.”
          Wrong, wrong and wrong. The reason violent crime dropped in half after it peaked in the early 90s is due to cleaning up lead contamination. The crime spike in the 90s and subsequent falloff wasn’t just a US phenomena. It was also the case in the UK and Canada.

        10. Reading that again…..it appears that talking about specific cities versus “overall” is truly playing “semantic games”…………

        11. So many kids though are still breathing 2nd hand smoke 24/7. Some states are only now starting to make smoking in a car with kids illegal.

  6. Dear Robert
    When I hear the word terrorism, I yawn. Terrorism may generate many screaming headlines, but it kills far fewer people than murder or accidents. For Canada, the ballpark figures are:
    traffic fatalities: ~2000
    work-related accidents: ~1000
    murder: ~550
    terrorism: <10
    Terrorism is a godsend for law-and-order demagogues, who can make political hay out of terrorism only because so few people are inclined to think in terms of probabilities.
    Stopping lone-wolf terrorism is next to impossible. Let’s use Canada as an example. There are about 1 million Muslims in Canada. Let’s assume that they are the only source of terrorism. Let’s deduct the female half of the Muslim population and 3/4 of the male Muslims because they are either too young or too old. That leaves 125,000 men. How can you keep close tabs on that many people?
    Let’s not succumb to terrorism-induced hysteria. We are far more likely to die in a car accident than at the hands of a terrorist.
    Regards. James

    1. I do agree. It begs the question; why are do many Americans think so strongly otherwise. Why are we such a guillable self-interest opposing people if we have such a high IQ? I was previously inclined to blame this on our prole ancestry but their has to be more to it.

  7. Being murdered by another human being is infinitely more terrifying than dying in a car crash, even if the odds of the later happening is much higher.

    1. that´s the point. It is like with dogs: they are often very tough when it comes to pain in general but they seem to be really bothered when they get slapped by a human for example. Most higher mammal animals like humans are social animals, and much of our mental systems is made for dealing with social situations. Violence just matters more for humans than accidents.
      You can tell yourself that accidents are as bad as violence, but you can never really feel that way.

    2. Really? Have you ever been murdered before? I personally fantasize about it all of the time, and it gives me a really massive erection.

  8. Damn, what the hell is happenning over there in good ol’ Europe. These raghead misfits have turned perfectly decent places like France and Germany to the bomb-ridden hell-holes they came from. Biting the hand that feeds you is an appropriate way to describe their behavior.
    Why don’t these unsound people make an effort to assimilate into the countries that have been generous enough to take them in. They never will. I have seen how so many of these people prefer living in European cities. Segregated into ethnic ghettoes with a support for criminal lifestyle and hatefulness and bitterness towards one and all.

    1. Hey, the Euro-Trash started the Arab Spring to regain control of Africa from the Chinks + they just love the taste if little shrimpy Zionist cock…I’d say they are reaping what they sow. 😀

  9. I guess it’s safe to say the culture of “wilkommen” is over. These are the proverbial liberals that just got mugged.

    1. Was there ever a culture of “welcoming” to begin with in Germany? I’ve got family there, and served there in the U.S Army, and I have no clue what the hell you are talking about, Mr. Proud Black Man. 😀
      Don’t get me wrong, the Jerries like all Euro’s minus the English put on a damn good bovine excrement show, but just beneath the surface, 1941 is just waiting to happen all over again.

    2. While I don’t condone these actions, it’s kind of refreshing to see Western women experience a “rape culture” that involves actual rape, not these definitions that have become so broad as to be meaningless.

  10. If you want to know the blueprint for the death dealing attack that’s going to occur in America in the time period between September and November, you should listen to the song “Moonlight Feels Right,” by Starbuck (1976). The young men that sang that song (About an attempted seduction) had know idea they were predicting the future.
    Google up the song and try to discern the meaning of it’s lyrics. After the “tricky French connection,” the action moves to America (Baltimore). Baltimore will be “ground zero.” of the attack. The participants will be North Korean intelligence/ISIS/racial radicals. A wide swath of the eastern seaboard will be uninhabitable. Nothing can be done to prevent the attack because it’s forecasted in the Bible. It’s purpose is to terrorize Europe to wake them up.
    With America out of the picture, Europe will have to take draconian actions to save itself. America is no longer needed. It is not mentioned in the Bible. The prophetical importance of Europe is well known. Don’t be alarmed. Just stay west of the Mississippi river Sept-Nov. If I’m wrong there’s nothing to worry about. If I’m right…

  11. LOL his name was Ali David Sonboly but the media here in the UK are referring to as David rather than Ali. Everyone knows the public’s getting fed up with the fucking Muslams. This is not going to end well.

    1. If those terrorists weren’t so stupid they’d realize Blair and the U.S. were more in favor of the Iraq war and screwing with their countries, not the French (or Germans), the French voted against Bush/Blair.
      Everyone’s mad at the Muslims, sure, but they also should be pissed off at the U.S./U.K. (and the same people who were once NeoCon shills are now Alt-Reich shills).
      And I hope EPGA doesn’t start with the “we were trying to help the Iraqis, they are dumb savages and caused the issues”.
      This isn’t an elementary school young republicans club, guy.

    2. What’s the difference? I don’t follow your logic? How do you know he was a “Muslim”. His name sure as shit isn’t a dead give away. Atheist, Shia, Jew, Methodist…Can’t tell myself.
      Of course, little high school drop-out Tuffy will enlighten us, no doubt. 😀

  12. Mr. Lindsay, an update on certain aspects of this article might just be in order, perhaps? It appears to be much more interesting from a psychological standpoint than we had originally been led on to believe.
    “The teen gunman who killed nine people in a shooting rampage in Munich on Friday was a mentally troubled individual who had extensively researched spree killings and had no apparent links to ISIS, police said.”

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