Stanford Victim Impact Statement from Brock Turner's Victim

This is a victim impact statement from the victim in the Brock Turner sexual assault case. If you want a good backgrounder on the case, see Wikipedia here.
Turner of course is the Stanford star swimmer who assaulted a passed out female student behind a trash dumpster outside a dorm. When two men on bicycles, Swedish foreign grad students, stopped to intervene, Turner ran away. The Swedes ran after him, tackled him and then notified police.
Turner had been at the same party as the victim, and the victim had drunk so much that she was completely blacked out at the time and later remembered nothing of the incident. However, at the time he was assaulting her in the pine needle-covered dirt, she was passed out unconscious. You cannot have sex with a passed out unconscious female. It is illegal, and it’s correct to be considered that way. I never understood guys who do this, as it almost seems like necrophilia.
The case went to trial and Turner, age 19, was convicted of a number of charges. The DA and the Probation Office had different recommendations about what sort of sentence he should serve. He was sentenced to six months in jail. However, this sort of sentence is normal in cases such as this (having sex with a passed out drunk woman). The judge and the supporters of Turner talked a lot about how a promising athletic swimming career of a great athlete had been destroyed by this incident. But the victim’s life was also ruined.
The judge’s light sentence caused a huge outcry in feminist circles and in the media and went on to be a classic cause celebre in the fake Rape Culture nonsense that the feminuts keep propagandizing about. In fact, the US is among the countries on Earth that have the least rapey cultures of them all. Or to put it another way, the US is one of the last countries around that could be considered to have a Rape Culture at this point in time.
All of this crap is coming from radical feminism. Radical feminism or gender feminism is characterized by a hysterical form of rape paranoia. They are stark raving batshit nuts about rape. All they talk about is rape, rape, rape, rape, rape. All of us men are supposed to be fighting against rape all the time, even though I believe I have never committed an actual rape in my life (though I may have committed some of the fake rape bullshit that the femicunts call rape). Gender feminism is characterized by a hatred of men and especially a hatred of heterosexual men, masculinity and normative male heterosexuality.
At any rate, this is one of the most shockingly eloquent, powerful and moving victim impact statements I have ever read.

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0 thoughts on “Stanford Victim Impact Statement from Brock Turner's Victim”

  1. A pretty White athlete?
    In terms of “an eye for an eye” he’ll get payback, in the showers. 🙂
    Although I thought this was a little light of a sentence, I did see the probation office would be the one at fault, not the Judge.
    Why not at least give him a felony level sentence (1+ year),
    I can not imagine doing something like this, in my mind the fact that he did it once probably means he’ll do it again.
    Although I agree America does not have a “rape culture”. This guy is despicable and should have been punished stronger.

    1. Have you ever had sex with a female who was totalled? I have. But not this bad. I have never had sex with a woman who could not even walk without falling down or who could not speak a coherent sentence. But I have had sex with females who were pretty drunk. One had to jump out of the bed to puke in my toilet right when we were getting started.
      Having sex with a woman who can’t even walk or talk straight seems a bit extreme. I do not believe I would do such a thing. Maybe if we were dating though I might lol.

  2. To Rob:
    However, at the time he was raping her in the pine needle-covered dirt, she was passed out unconscious. It was considered to be digital rape because she was unconscious at the time.
    The prosecution withdrew the rape charges (E.G. penetration with a penis) but kept the digital penetration charges – the Time article linked below states, as does the victim via her statement, that he never put his dick in her (she recounted what she was told). I would guess he fingered her but had not gotten to around forcing his dick in or was too drunk to do so. One of the reasons, at least in the eyes of the law, he ended up with a light sentence.
    “Turner, the former Stanford swimmer who was sentenced to six months of jail last week, did not penetrate his victim with his penis. Therefore, no “rape” happened in the eyes of the law.”

    Given that he had the capacity and wherewithal to run away when confronted by the Swedes, I’d say Turner was sober enough to realize he was doing something wrong so I have little sympathy for this guy. The word privilege, as it applies to race and more importantly class, is over used but in this case I’d say it applies and Brock Turner turned out to be the perfect villain. Rich parents, elite school, arrogant jock, who expressed little or no remorse for his actions while his father’s statement’s seemed utterly crass and clueless. Sort of the textbook stuff that drives SJWs wild. In contrast sexual assault, where the victim is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is quite common and rarely prosecuted in lower income areas .

  3. To Rob:
    At any rate, this is one of the most shockingly eloquent, powerful and moving victim impact statements I have ever read. Since she was a student at Stanford, I suppose it makes sense that she is so smart and that this is so well written.
    She’s an excellent writer but apparently had not and did not attend Stanford. I am guessing she was from Palo Alto and went to the party because she or her sister had friends who were attending Stanford. Palo Alto kids are some of the smartest in the nation and tend to leave town to attend college – often South to UCLA or Cal Poly – or to the East Coast.
    From Wikipedia:
    At the time of her assault, Doe was a 22-year-old alumna of a different college. Her 20-year-old younger sister (referred to by the media as Tiffany Doe or Jane Doe 2), was a student at a distant California university.
    Sorry for all the corrections but this happened just down the road from me so I was pretty familiar with the case.

  4. We all want to have sex with beautiful women, but sometimes women does not want to have sex with us. We can wait until the right woman say yes, but when will that happen. We men can try to be nice, polite and generous, but that does not guarantee women wants to be with us. Some of us choose to pay, but some women refuse payment. What we cannot get for free or even by payment, we take it by force or by deceit. We live only once and there is no afterlife, we must do whatever it takes to be happy. If having sex with unconscious women makes us happy, then we should do it. There is no Hell to punish us, why should we worry.

  5. I don’t see that the US has a rape problem, but Japan does have groping on trains etc.. It’s not just on the porn.

    1. I read up on that and it’s kinda strange, it seems the more demure and innocent looking the female the more likely she is to get groped. The exact opposite of “dressing like a slut” is what the train gropers go after.

  6. Fucking a completely passed out stranger is completely indefensible. No way a crime like this should only be a 6 month sentence. Indefensible cases like this are the best ones to push agendas.

  7. “At any rate, this is one of the most shockingly eloquent, powerful and moving victim impact statements I have ever read.”
    It reads to me more like the kind of verbal diarrhea so typical of something written by a woman (has anyone noticed how men tend to jump straight to the point whereas women have to pad their writings with lots of words to make it flow eloquently?). Yes I know, I’m already a misogynist (and yet the real ‘misogyny’ as feminists call it is further down in this post!).
    Going back to the case itself, it’s rather unclear the details of what actually happened. It’s even conceivable that – as the saying goes – it ‘takes two to tango’. Even so he couldn’t admit any of his own flaws whilst pointing out hers since as a male he is expected to act perfectly. On the other hand women are not expected to. Thus, he had no choice but to attack her during the trial in every conceivable way, as any admission of guilt would mean he’d be convicted, and his life would be destroyed as it has now been.
    This, of course, takes me onto sentencing: They keep claiming “6 months is too short,” yet everyone ignores the lifetime sex offender registration requirement he is going to be under as well as the fact that criminal convictions in America are never spent (certainly not for sex crimes anyway). This means he can never get a job (certainly not a decent one), will be effectively banned from living in most places, having a family and having a normal life.
    He will be routinely harassed by police scum visiting his home even into old age. And most likely he will at some point be sent back to prison – probably for many years – for violating one of the many sex offender registration requirements.
    Thus in my opinion his life has been far more ruined than hers, and from the sound of it, the only thing stopping her getting back to a normal life is her feminist belief that her life is ruined because she believes she has been raped.
    If you want a real “eloquent and moving victim-impact statement” then I would suggest this one:
    oh, but the impact statement isn’t written by the direct victim, as he isn’t around anymore to speak of the horror of being forced to blow his own brains out at the hands of the animals who work for the police and feminist institutions. That does, however, make it no less moving. Sex Offender Registries create many victims.

  8. To SeymourTeets:
    If having sex with unconscious women makes us happy, then we should do it.
    So if the reverse happened and some guy bangs you up the backside to sample your virgin ass while you’re unconscious (perhaps with a little help from “something extra” in your drink) you wouldn’t mind..? And for a value added benefit he’s HIV positive and doesn’t use condoms.
    There is no Hell to punish us, why should we worry.
    Maybe you’ve never heard of it but there’s this thing called prison along with becoming a registered sex offender, something that any future landlord, girlfriend, or employer can easily discover.

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