About Those "Jobs Americans Won't Do"

William writes:

Robert- the point was, and I believe you said this, that the notion of “There are no Jobs White men won’t do”, is not universal.
It’s a job, nonetheless. It verifies the “Mainstream Left” notion that illegals are doing the jobs the Whites won’t do TO AN EXTENT. It’s not universally true, of course, rather, it’s probably more often false than not true.

We don’t need these illegals for anything at all in my opinion. And if you cannot find Americans to do the job, I suppose you can always import some guest workers.
I am curious about that chicken plant story though. If they upped the wage to $17-18/hour, do you think some Whites or even legal Hispanics might have bitten the bait? They were probably offering $8 an hour to work in the chicken plant.
A lot of these places who “cannot find Americans” are just lying, as TJF points out. Silicon Valley screams that there are massive openings for programmers, and they demand more and more Hindu 1-B’s every year, but as TJF and many others have pointed out, the only reason they have a labor shortage is because they refuse to hire Americans.
Where I lived in the mountains, there were no jobs that White people would not do because all there were White people. No other races. There were some Indians, but they don’t work anyway. However, some of the older Indians worked at jobs like logger.
Whites were trashmen, dishwashers, roofers, painters, landscapers, construction workers, janitors, domestics (maids), you name it. My understanding is that these are all supposedly “jobs Whites won’t do.” But that’s a lie.
I now live in the Valley, and we do not need illegals for one damn thing out here.
Field work. Mostly done by legal immigrants and native born Hispanics. Yes, native-born Mexicans will work out in the fields. Actually I know some former bad boy gang associates/jailbirds/felons formerly headed in the wrong direction big time who are now working in the fields. It’s not uncommon for former Hispanic gang members to work in the fields. The work is a bit tiring, but it’s not really a bad job. It is just a hard physical job like construction or anything else.
The farmers are always screaming for more and more illegals and crying labor shortage, but it’s pretty much a lie. The UFW has pointed out that there is no labor shortage in the fields except that a lot of farmers refuse to hire workers who are members of the UFW union. The farmers are instead are looking for nonunion illegal aliens they can exploit the Hell out of.
There are illegals out there in the fields too, but they work right alongside native born Hispanics and Hispanic legal immigrants. A lot of the Mexican-Americans work in the fields because this is what they have always done.
Illegals have now taken over many of the jobs here, but they also work alongside native born Hispanics. They are doing the same jobs that the Whites were doing up in the mountains. I can’t think of any of those jobs that we would need illegals for because the native born Hispanics will gladly do all that work.
There are some packing plants in other areas around here. That might be sort of a nasty job, but I am sure that native born Hispanics would gladly work there. They will work just about anywhere. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are not that particular when it comes to work.

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62 thoughts on “About Those "Jobs Americans Won't Do"”

  1. http://www.pilgrims.com/contact-us/job-listings.aspx
    This is an example of the types of jobs found here.
    Looking at it, they are more skills-oriented which is indirect evidence of my claims……..hence, I hate to be a dick, but it is more difficult to train African immigrants with IQs not much above their national averages of 76, it would be better, probably, to get Whites, (or non-existent Asians) yet they couldn’t get them.
    All were legal, as far as I can see (how is an African or Black West Caribbean going to come here illegally?)

    1. I don’t know why so few were Ladrino………………
      all I can think is the shift managers used to be the Peasants and we’re racist against them?

    2. Regardless of IQ, I have more respect for young immigrant women than for middle class American young women. Immigrants study practical stuff like Sonography, Phlebotomy, dental hygiene etc. Middle class American girls spend hundreds of thousands of Daddy’s money to obtain degrees in Sociology.

      1. I suspect that, at least for Hispanics and Asians, is a spatial intelligence thing. They just don’t thrive in “sociology”, and of course they are more financially tight, as you implied.

        1. William
          I was actually referring to a bunch of Afro-Caribbeans-mostly Haitians (that I met when they were working as health aides for my ailing grandmother.)
          Not necessarily pure Africans, but significantly greater percentage than American blacks.

        2. I see. Haitians tend to be quite successful. Black carribbean neighborhoods in Brooklyn are relatively peaceful.

    3. To William:
      Did you read any of these job descriptions?
      Sanitation Supervisor
      Location: Prepared Foods – Moorefield, WV
      The person selected for this position will supervise and coordinate activities of sanitation workers in order to assure that all work areas are properly sanitized in accordance with HACCP and USDA regulations
      TJF’s interpretation of actual duties in italics:
      Supervise people who clean up dead chicken parts – be able to measure the correct amount of Clorox to a gallon of water when cleaning up said chicken guts to abide by government regs. Salmonella bad!

      Technical Skills:
      Language Skills: Must possess the ability to communicate and/or read and understand documents such as safety rules, work rules, HACCP, USDA, OSHA/SAFETY regulations, company policies and procedure manuals.
      TJF’s interpretation in italics:
      Yes I can read English, isn’t that great! RIF Reading is Fundamental – I can write too. Typically these government manuals are written at the 9th grade reading level, sometimes even lower.

      Math Skills: Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide as needed.
      Oh man whoa – yeah this really takes a college graduate to learn what I knew by the third grade.
      Reasoning Ability: See list below:
      Must work in a respectful and cooperative manner with other workers,managers and supervisors.
      Ummm don’t curse or pick fights with your managers or staff. They had to spell this out for a college graduate?
      Must possess the ability to apply commonsense understanding to guidelines furnished in written, oral, or diagram form.
      Be able to tell people how to pick up chicken guts, make a sign that tells people how to clean chicken guts, and for the really difficult part – create a PowerPoint presentation to show how to clean up chicken guts. Or hey use YouTube and make a video about cleaning up chicken guts, don’t make it public or people might not want to eat your company’s chicken.
      Must possess the ability to follow safety rules and to determine safe from unsafe work practices.
      Leave the guns, booze, meth, and crack at home. If there are chicken guts on the floor put a sign out to warn people not walk through them so they won’t bust their ass.
      Education: College Degree preferred, or equivalent education and work experience. Work Experience: Two year related experience required.
      So in 2016 one needs a college degree and two years previous work experience to do 3rd grade arithmetic, read manuals written at a 9th grade level, and to tell people how to properly clean up chicken guts. This job description is even more comical than some of the IT job lisitings. (Case in point – “Must have 5 years of experience with Windows 2012” – ummm what year is it again..?)

      1. To William:
        By the way, I don’t want to sound like I’m mocking you, but I’ve seen this pattern over and over again, employers requiring college degrees and multiple years of experience for jobs that any halfway intelligent high school graduate could perform in a economy where there is supposedly low unemployment.

        1. TJF-
          The jobs which I was referring to are now filled.
          I tried to look at one that lower level workers (Texas) to show what the jobs were like in W.V.

  2. To build upon what Jason has said in the past- racialist types (I’m awesome solely cause I’m White) are more prone to think they are entitled to more. Now, considering they are disproportionately low IQ……….they’d be the ones who would be put in a position to take these jobs. However, it’s in their psychology, it’s in their existence itself, that they are above taking a job like this.
    I suppose it’s kind of like the Black victim mentality….
    “Why don’t you have no job”
    “Cuz $7 an hour won’t feed my dog”

  3. My parents would never let me major in Sociology or Psych (Women’s Studies is pretty much obsolete contrary to what you’d read in the manosphere.)

      1. Me too, although I studied pure Mathematics, I should have done something more practical with business or technological applications.
        I never liked soft majors for their own sake and I found the people studying them even more annoying. Combing them with economics or Law and studying the economic or legal impact of certain social trends would be beneficial to society though.

        1. To William and GSG:
          William: I would like Economics.
          GSG: Me too
          My dad was an economics prof – he was a member of the first cohort for his PhD program (From the institution he received his Master’s degree) – they actually paid for his degree, a stipend, plus funding to study in another country. That was the mid-50s.

        2. To Gay State Girl:
          Me too, although I studied pure Mathematics, I should have done something more practical with business or technological applications.
          At 28 (Your location is not too bad, I believe you’re in the Boston metro area? ) it’s not too late to go into programming and there’s currently a pretty strong push to hire women and non-Asian minorities in the industry.
          We had an earlier discussion about my daughter’s Asperger’s and reflected upon your own situation. FWIW a friend, who’s in her early 30s had dyspraxia when she was younger and falls in the Autism spectrum – especially over sensory issues (smells, lights, texture of clothing). She’s in IT like myself but has difficulties with insomnia.

        1. I’d suspect so. I’ve got a friend whose gone into psychology. I tried to steer him towards neurology (relevant a as boomers age (solely for job prospects)

        2. Relevant too. My mom’s starting to deteriorate at 65. It’s not simply forgetting to take keys out of the ignition or leaving the the car door wide open in a crowded parking lot. But seeing nothing wrong with sticking her finger in the salad bowl or talking about people when they’re within earshot, and especially strange as she was Miss Manners South Africa in 1968.

      2. TJ
        Thanks. I wish I could do an IT job but unfortunately being good at Math did not translate to proficiency at Computer Science. I’m utterly hopeless. I’m trying to get a Web Development certificate though a community college.
        The only places I’ve are in old age homes, a bakery, and a party hall. Dyspraxia makes most jobs really difficult though. I always referred to it as an earning disability as opposed to learning disability for this reason.
        BTW How old is your daughter?

        1. To GSG:
          BTW How old is your daughter?
          She’s 14 and was diagnosed for Asperger’s at the age of 12.
          Thanks. I wish I could do an IT job but unfortunately being good at Math did not translate to proficiency at Computer Science.
          Yeah I don’t think math is required for most coding nor does math proficiency automatically segue to champion coding, but many companies think pure math combined with programming is the cat’s meow. I was thinking more of using your math degree as a selling point, but If you’ve already tried your hand at the game and didn’t glom on to it then there is really isn’t much sense in pursuing it further.

  4. To GSG:
    Relevant too. My mom’s starting to deteriorate at 65. It’s not simply forgetting to take keys out of the ignition or leaving the the car door wide open in a crowded parking lot.
    I am sorry to hear that – do you know the cause? Her behavior is pretty unusual for someone 65 absent a fairly serious medical condition.

  5. Possibly a lot of Americans don’t want to do dirty work because society has told many people, especially whites, that they should shoot for educated office jobs. People want the highest pay and chicken plant jobs won’t do.
    Nonetheless, where I live many whites work at call centers which pays the same as a chicken plant, but they don’t have to get dirty.
    I don’t know. Maybe people in general are becoming wussy and don’t want to do manly work anymore.

  6. Silicon Valley is being run by indian & Chinese lobbyist groups (ex. Sun Microsystems, IBM etc) who also sponsor those semi-skilled H1b South Indian monkeys to sail to USA. Nothing new, whole US IT & Tech support industry got destroyed by these nerdy-looking Semi-Austric apes.

  7. Well, building on what Jason said, if “racialist” type Whites are self entitled, and are 10% of the overall population, with an IQ average in the lower blue collar range, they are going to represent 10%+ of the lower blue collar area.
    Say the working class range is 70-100, and the average racialist IQ is 85, 84% of Racialists, are in that range, and if they represent 10% of the overall pop.
    10×0.84= 8.4% out of half the country,
    so………………8.4/50= around 17% right there are too self-entitled to work at pretty much any job.
    If you want more evidence of this, just read AmRen some time. A large proportion are “some college” folks according to the people at Alexa.com, meaning it’s just that, they couldn’t cut it in college and now are too arrogant to do anything but rant about “Therd Wurld mongrols” and “Obozo being elected for Whaite guilt” and “Spanesh”……………………….;)

    1. So…I’d say 15-20% of Whites will not work at any Blue collar job, no matter what.
      These people can not be helped, but the other 80% to 85% CAN be helped.

      1. To William:
        So…I’d say 15-20% of Whites will not work at any Blue collar job, no matter what.
        As recently as 1998 labor participation rates for non-Hispanic white males age 24 – 44 exceeded 94% and 90% for ages 45 – 54. These figures were higher than all other monitored ethnic groups (Black, Latino, and Asian). In 1950 labor participation for men (all races) exceeded 95% for the age brackets 25 – 54.
        In 1998 labor participation rates for Black and White women were roughly on par at 78% for the age brackets 25 – 54, exceeding the labor participation rates of both Asian and Hispanic women. (Women have always had lower labor participation rates – stay at home moms etc..)
        Labor participation rates for men in the US have declined not only on a historic basis but against other OECD countries since 1990.
        For the US the three big changes since 1990 have been 1) NAFTA 2) China’s entry into the WTO 3) A marked rise in the use of illegal labor.
        Given the previous information I would suggest the declines in labor participation did not occur in a vacuum nor were caused solely by a change in social attitudes.

        1. TJF-
          you always are quick with the stats 🙂
          15-20% of Whites below the 50th percentile, so really as a whole 7.5% to 10%, which does fit your statistics.

    2. Possibly they’re lazy douchebags who can’t make it in college, so now they’re getting back at Jewish PC universities which rejected them?

      1. Likewise:
        It does appear with regards to liberal Universities, that
        most places are either now just “Equal opportunity” or “Equal opportunity, Affirmative Action” (which seems to be an oxymoron)
        So I’m not sure to what extent that is bullshit. But think for example, a person had to have an IQ of 115 (few are that smart anyway, it’s a hypothetical), to get into a school, and they wanted an equal proportion of Blacks (a STRONG form of affirmative action), they’d have to let them in with 100 IQ.
        They would have to raise the White IQ requirement to only like 117, since there are like 5x as many Whites as Blacks.
        116(0.8)+100(0.2)= about 115 :/
        AND, actually it more acutely effect Asians, and females get an advantage within their race.
        1. Even IF they were a victim of it, the statistical odds, that’s not what caused them be rejected.
        2. They probably were not even the victim of it.
        So, for the most part it’s utterly bullshit.

        1. not that I support Affirmative Action. I don’t, at least at this point, on principle.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
          But I’m willing to call a spade a spade with regards to these dumbasses.

        2. OK so your sayiing basically Affrimative action is a joke cause the dumb can’t make it anyway. So one WN argument is shot down. Also, many WNs are dumb and hence don’t deserve to be in school just as the ghetto blacks don’t.

        3. Actually a lot of people get into college, but if your a humanities major and you cannot write or remember facts, or if your a math or science major and can’t write or remember facts or do math, then you wont’ make it.
          Actually I think a huge amount of people going to university, maybe a majority don’t make it. Well not sure about that. But I know a good proportion drops out of state universities.

        4. Jason- I’m saying the “standard” for Whites is raised just a hair to compensate for the NAMs. Therefore, it is unlikely that many Whites will be effected anyway, AND they were very borderline.
          I mean it’s an “the standard is raised from 1200 SAT to 1210”. BUT SO MANY WHITES ARE VICTIMS, AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I don’t agree with it. But nonsense is nonsense.

        5. State universities are open admission now, assuming you pass the SAT or ACT. However, that don’t mean you will make it.

        6. Jason, say before Affirmative action, the fellow applying would have been like literally in the 1st percentile of those admitted, then he gets pushed out by Affirmative Action.
          How much of a victim is he?

        7. Nearly all hardcore racists are just getting back for being bullied. The viewpoint they have is massively biased and irrational. Not ignorant as some say though.
          WNs are exxagerating nearly everything, always looking at the cup half empty, because they possessed by hate.

        8. The “open admission” thing I am generally unfamiliar with, there are minimum requirements, albeit quite low.
          The Fischer case in Texas involved a girl who did not get automatic admission from GPA. Hence, she sued.
          1. But the cucks said;
          “you had your chance” (true, but it’s quite unfair)
          2. “You’re a woman, a White woman at that, so the advantage is minimal, you broke even. If you were an Asian guy, come back to us”. (valid)

        9. There is no affirmative action, you can either make the A or B grade or you cannot. Even if there is a grade inflation, it’s only to C or D grades. Employers hate C and D grades.

        10. This reminds me of the Rodney Dangerfield movie “Back to School” where the bully at college accuses Dangerfield’s son of winning the swim meet cause his rich dad bribed the coaches.

        11. Jason-
          there’s the “gatekeeping” theory, that the classes aren’t going to possibly weed out enough folks, so they use other methods prior to admission.
          But my points still stand.

        12. Jason
          Even it is unofficial AA, like the UT system, it is a counterproductive to accept “the top 10%” of any given school district, regardless of SAT scores because many students would might require remedial courses once they arrive at University of Texas Austin or Ohio State or wherever. And many students from low income backgrounds would require financial aid. And we all know that one student’s financial aid is another student’s tuition hike (it’s certainly not the main factor contributing to sharp increase in college tuition but it’s undeniable nonetheless) so they are simply pitting one student against another and causing class resentment.

      2. AmRen has warmed a little to Anti-Semitism, recently.
        As far as I can see the only Jewish influence was one Jewish writer (and another had a daughter married to a Jew, but so does Donald Trump 😉 )
        I’ve seen no compelling evidence Mrs. Taylor is Jewish.
        Anti-Semitic comments on there are not censored at all.
        “Obama apologizes over Garland pick because Garland is a ‘White guy’ ”
        #1 Comment: “He’s White? That’s debatable.”
        some of course were much worse, on that.
        Even remotely supporting Israel is enough to disqualify a candidate, etc.
        “Cultural Marxists”, etc. It’s all thinly veiled.
        And that MexicanT Nationalist speaker ‘I hate you, you hate me, so let’s keep our people separated’ speaker, I have no doubt was an actual anti-Semite, perhaps from an Economic leftist standpoint (Jews have disproportionate influence anywhere they are, and may have been “oppressing” hard working Mexicans, or whatever).
        Although, Taylor was willing to pretend that Spaniard was not White for the sake of saying “NOT racist” (i.e.’LOOK WE HAVE A MEXICAN FRIEND’), so he also may have been able to overlook antisemitism.

    3. Possibly many racialists cannot beat competition in blue collar work. Perhaps they’re forced to work alone due to drug use or inability to get a long with others.

      1. Worse they complain about Mexican competition and Jewish domination, but it’s so obvious thier horrible personality and laziness keeps them from making a decent living.

  8. Blue collar jobs do require skill though, sometimes massive skill, but jobs at McDonalds etc.. only need on the job training.

  9. I suppose I may be extremely biased to think that racialists are stupid.
    I just always thought it was INSANE to inherently hate someone because of their race, sure averages say something, but there are massive distributions within each race.
    I do agree with Robert that it appears to be difficult to live with Blacks (I have lots of family in Baltimore, my dad grew up in a county that is now 63% Black), but Hispanics are okay (stayed for extended amounts of time at a basically PURE Mexican neighborhood in Brooklyn).
    I’d rather live there than some Trailer parks in my own state.

      1. Eastern Panhandle. My mom was born in PA. (her father was of Virginian stock, her mother central West Virginian). She lived all over. When she was a senior her parents moved to just outside D.C.
        My dad came from that working class Jew neighborhood in New York, but moved to just outside D.C. as a kid (and actually where he lived was about 40% Black back then, but is around 65% now).
        After his first marriage he lived in Montgomery County, Maryland. My parents lived there when they were first married, then moved to the Eastern Panhandle where I was born out of.

        1. My sister watched my Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. That’s how I know about it.
          Is it within commuting distance to DC at all?

        2. D.C. takes a while (135 minutes).
          Gypsies are apparently engaged in “paving driveways” around here. I’ve actually only seen Gypsies once- in Delaware.

  10. To William:
    and, aren’t those stats extremely, extremely padded?
    I suppose they could be but why would the current administration falsify data that makes look bad? (Which certainly can and has been used against them…).
    you always are quick with the stats:)
    I get that statistics can be misleading but I research them to check my own biases. I was surprised but pleased that labor participation rates for black women in 1998 were on par with white women and exceed the rates for Asian and Hispanic women.
    15-20% of Whites below the 50th percentile, so really as a whole 7.5% to 10%, which does fit your statistics.
    Well yes if you include women – but no for men in 1950 nor white men between the ages of 25 – 54 in 1998 (That range is used to exclude people going to school and those who have been injured in the workforce and can no longer work – a common scenario for blue collar men over the age of 55).
    As for women there have always been a certain percentage who take time out to raise children. The percentage is actually higher for upper middle to upper class women who have more economic choices.

  11. I have
    picked strawberries
    been a bricklayer’s helper
    stripped metal in an electrolytic plant
    poured concrete
    worked in a saw mill and other wood products plants
    tended cattle in a feedlot
    cleaned streets by hand
    repaired buildings
    changed filters used for air pollution abatement
    and worked in every case with American White people while often hearing how “Americans won’t do those jobs” .In fact, except for the strawberries, most of the people I worked with at any job were White.
    I find the phrase “…educated office jobs…” amusing; unless “educated” means the opposite to “intelligent”. Offices workers I have known seemed to average duller and less realistic than the hands-on people I’ve known.
    School in the U.S. trains clerical workers. Most persons finish school with no knowledge of anything else. I think this leaves them with a fear of the unknown hands-on reality and a distaste for dirty hands.

  12. A lot of self proclaimed humble men are not really as humble as they claim to be. I know this one guy where he’s mostly puttting on an act to distract attention from the real truth, which is he’s lazy and too arrogant to deliver pizze.

    1. Before you call someone lazy, look at the pay, then look at the costs. If you offer $8/hour, who would do that?
      Think of it this way: Gas prices ALONE would eat your profit as a pizza delivery driver. Would you pay the oil company so you could work for me?
      If not, why do you expect anyone else to?

  13. I loathe affirmative action. All it does is undermine the accomplishments of minorities who had proper credentials and creates friction.

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