Bigfoot News Bastille Day Edition, 2016

Finally, a new Bigfoot news! This long awaited edition will consist only of some very interesting photos that I have found, including one from Fallbrook, California which is being presented to the public for the very first time. Hopefully, I will have another edition coming out soon with more photos and some text too because I definitely have a few things to write about.
I really think I have writer’s block about these Bigfoot posts. I always say I am going to write one, and then I never do it for some reason. I think I associate them with a lot of anxiety due to all the Hellish controversy they inevitably spawn from the semi-human inhabitants of this ghastly field of Earthly Hellions and assorted lowlifes, cranks, fools, idiots, out and out jerkoffs, loudmouths and belligerent know-nothings.

Photo from Fallbrook, California, submitted to me. I do believe that that is a Sasquatch in the background.

This photo was submitted to me by a regular housewife from Fallbrook, California who knew nothing whatsoever about Sasquatches and didn’t even necessarily believe in them. It would be hard to find a more naive submitter. She took a photo of her daughter, and when they went to look at the photo, there was what appeared to be a Sasquatch in the background. This happens so many times. She also sent me another photo of the same area, and the Sasquatch looking object was not there.
Do these things make themselves invisible to the photographer somehow (by cloaking?) but somehow they are not invisible to the camera? In other words, you can’t see them with the naked eye for some reason but the camera can pick them up? It might make sense because a camera is not an eyeball. Yes, they both see things, but you eye is an organ in your body that has one way of seeing things, and your camera is a mechanical object that uses a different way of seeing things than your eye uses. Cameras surely do not have irises, optic nerves and an occipital sector in their memory bank.
She was dumbfounded as to what this creature was. She said she was going to France for vacation but would be back in a while. She also said that her dogs had been acting very strange recently, and no one could figure out why. She described the land in the background as “wasteland.” As you can see, the Sasquatch is frozen in some sort of leaning over position. I cannot tell you how many photos I have seen where these things freeze like this. I suppose it is one of their ways of sort of going invisible when they feel they have been seen (freezing). A lot of mammals (and even insects) freeze when spotted by a potential predator. It is a classic means of predator defense to freeze in place.
A great closeup of the famous Ridge Watcher shot by Derek Randles Olympic Project. Note the two eyes, the nose and what looks like a mouth. Note in the chest area what looks like two breasts.

This is one of the greatest Sasquatch photos that have come out recently. Randles runs a tip-top shape outfit called the Olympic Project. He is a bit controversial in the field, but one thing I know about him is that he is absolutely above hoaxing in any way, shape or form. And the team has some quite professional procedures that they follow. They even have a forensic guy, Rich Germeau, a police officer. Germeau is a very nice guy. I have spoken with him. All in all, I would say that Randles, despite a bit of controversy around him, is one of the best and most ethical people in the field today.
The Olympic Project got a call about suspected Sasquatch activity on the property of an elderly couple who lived on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s hard to say whether they believed in these things before all manner of weirdness began happening on their property. Anyway, they were baffled, and called in the Olympic Project to investigate. The team worked the site for a while and at some point, they set up a night vision camera in a spot and left it on for the night.
There are cows visible in some of the video because the owners run some cattle on their property. Skeptards have been dismissive of this video simply because of the presence of cows! How ridiculous. When the team went back to review the footage later, they saw this obviously alive object peeking over the ridge in the direction of the camera. We know it is alive because it is lit up by the infrared camera, and only living things light up the camera.
The skeptards were once again contemptuously dismissive, and a lot of them claimed the object was obviously a raccoon. Well in that case, it is a raccoon that is quite a bit larger than a man!
It’s not a raccoon. And the shape of the image very much resembles a Sasquatch, which is what the couple suspected was on their property.
Ridge watcher
The Ridge Watcher, a blow up of the original photo. That’s thermal imaging lighting up the image, the lightened areas indicating body heat of a living creature. And no, that’s not a raccoon. Can you believe the skeptard argument is that this thing is a raccoon? WTH.

It’s not a raccoon, no. As you can see in the blowup above, you can make out the shape of a human shaped living object with two eyes, a nose and a mouth. The eyes, nose and mouth are all a lot larger than those of a human. Note also the wide shoulders, maybe 40 inches wide. No human has shoulders that wide. Note also the lit up area around the breasts. I strongly suspect that this creature, like Patty, is a female.
Comparison photo showing a human standing at night in the exact same spot where the Ridge Watcher photo was taken. As you can see, this living creature is massive, much larger than the human. You’re telling me that’s a raccoon?! A raccoon that is much larger than a human?! Where, on Star Trek? Think of something else. How do you get a human to fit into a huge suit like that that is far larger than any human could be and still light up the whole suit with heat imagery? Hint: You can’t, so you don’t. There’s no way to fake that photo, and Randles doesn’t hoax anyway. I know him pretty well.

Here is a comparison shot with a human standing in the same place that the Sasquatch was standing in the photo. As you can see with the superimposition, the human shaped creature is quite a bit larger than the man used as a comparison prop. And it’s no raccoon, unless it’s a raccoon as big as a gorilla.
Ok, then maybe it was a man in a suit. Well first of all, who put a man in a suit out there? Randles doesn’t hoax. This naive elderly couple is sneaking around in a suit in the middle of the night so they can pull off a Bigfoot hoax? Get real. Furthermore, it can’t be a man in a suit because suits cannot expand the size of the human body. Note the size of the body as lit up by the infrared. Your body is as big as it is, no matter what sort of over-fitting suit you put on. The biggest suit around doesn’t make your body any larger, and the suit doesn’t show up on infrared. Only living entities and their components light up on infrared.
Yet another photo of the Ridge Watcher. It looks like this is the actual original Flir image. The skeptards have never been able to dismiss this photo, even though most Bigfooters are now convinced that it’s a hoax. The skeptard argument: That’s a raccoon. I am serious. They really are that stupid. Skeptards are dumber than Alt Righters.

Once again, it’s a raccoon. A raccoon the size of Andre the Giant. Uh huh. This is actually the argument by the “science” side that this photo is not real. The “science” guys say it’s a raccoon. An eight foot tall, 800 pound raccoon. So much for “science.”
Stacy brown human-and-sasquatch-superim-copy1
The great Stacy Brown Flir photo. I forget how they took that. That thing is running through the woods very fast in the pitch black dark night with no flashlight. Now tell me how a guy in a monkey suit does that. The body proportions and running style are perfect. That’s exactly what these things look like when they run, swinging their very long arms and with their legs kicking way up in back. Humans have tried to imitate the way that they walk and run, and no one has been successful yet. The skeptard argument is that this is either Stacy, his father or one of his friends running through the woods at night. Lame. And Brown doesn’t hoax to my knowledge.

The lame skeptard argument here is that either Stacy or his father ran through the deep woods of Florida in the middle of the night without a flashlight extremely fast and using the exact same gait as a Sasquatch does. But humans cannot reproduce the gait or a Sasquatch. It can’t be done. No one can do it. And the Browns are not hoaxers. Stacy Brown is a bit of a controversial figure, but he is no hoaxer, and neither is his father. If you see the original video, this thing is running incredibly fast. How does a human run in the deep woods with no flashlight? It doesn’t. It doesn’t run at all. People cannot run fast in the middle of a thick forest at night with no flashlight. Not possible.
Note also the superimposition of an infrared photo of a human taken in the same where the original was taken imposed on the photo. Look at how much larger the object is than a human. That thing is lit up by infrared on Flir. Even if you put a massively over-fitting suit on, you still can’t light up your body any larger on infrared because the suit won’t show up on infrared. Only your body will. You could put a suit as big as a Volkswagen on, and assuming you did not suffocate in it, your image would not show up in infrared any larger than your body.
I think this is from the Idaho footage that some skiers shot of something running on a hillside in winter. It’s part of a video. I liked this video, but it is very short, and it is hard to see the object well. That thing was running extremely fast though in deep snow on top of a mountain. You telling me a friend of those skiers put on a monkey suit, climbed a mountain and then ran very fast in deep snow so his skier friends could photograph it? That didn’t happen.

This is one of Meldrum’s favorites. That thing sure is fast. The skiiers seem pretty naive.
Let’s see. The skiiers got their friend to put on a monkey suit, no wait, carry a monkey suit up that very steep hill in the deep snow (How does he do that even?) up to the top of that ridge and then put that monkey suit on and run extremely fast through 2-3 feet deep snow. How does anyone do that?
Furthermore, the thing is only there for 2-3 seconds. Why would anyone hoax for 2-3 seconds? Hoaxes usually last a lot longer than that.
Dogman east texas
All right, this is one of the most out and out weird crypto photos I have ever seen. This photo was shot in Texas and that, folks, is reportedly a Dogman. Yes that’s right. A Dogman. They supposedly do exist. It is some sort of insanely bizarre Sasquatch-type creature the existence of which makes no sense to me at all. That thing has supposedly killed some wild animal, and I believe it has the dead animal draped over its shoulders. Or else it is eating the animal. Or something. Someone needs to get out a pen and draw some lines around this thing so we can see what’s going on here. These Dogmen things scare the living crap out of me!

I have no idea what in the Hell that thing is, but that is one of the most out and out freakiest and most disturbing crypto photos I have ever seen. It has a dead animal draped over its shoulders. Why would a hoaxing human kill a big animal and hang it over this shoulders to hoax a what? A Dogman video. A Dogman video? What the Hell is a Dogman? No one has even heard of these things? Who ever hoaxed a Dogman video? No one did ever. Most people don’t even think they exist, including me (sort of).
And look at the way that freaky thing looks. Someone made a Dogman costume? What? Who did that and why? No one has ever made a Dogman costume. No such costume is known to exist. Anyway, most people don’t have the faintest idea of what these freaky things even look like.
How many people sling dead animals over their shoulder to make Bigfoot hoax videos? No one does ever.
An artist’s rendition of one of those Goddamned Dogman things. I know it makes no sense that they exist, but supposedly they do anyway. Melba Ketchum has gotten into studying these things lately, and she has supposedly observed some down in Texas. There is a radio interview of her talking about her experiences with them. These things are way too weird. Let’s prove the Sasquatches exist first, ok? Then we move onto the Dogmen and whatever else weirdness might be out there. One freakshow at a time please.

Ok, these things are just way too frightening. Sasquatches vary in their temperament, with maybe 75% being pretty easy-going, another 20% being pretty mean and bad-tempered and maybe 3-4% being what experts call “pure evil.” Sort of like humans, right?
But what we hear about these Dogman freaks is that 100% of them are stone evil to the core. There are even reports that they have murdered humans by ripping them to shreds. There is a report out of Appalachia of a Dogman invading a camper parked at a lake and killing everyone in it by tearing them to shreds. Sheriffs came out later but called it a homicide (by a human). Know any killers that rip human beings to shreds? Neither do I. I don’t mind Sasquatches, but I must say that I hate these Dogmen. Kill em all. Let God sort em out.
I always liked this photo. It was taken in Hutchinson, Kansas. That thing in the photo is huge. There are other photos of the same area from the same distance in which this object is not present. That is exactly the body shape of these damned things, and that’s something the hoaxers never get right because you can’t put a suit on a human that gives it nonhuman body proportions. Think about it. If you put a tiger suit on a man, does it really look like a tiger? If you put a deer suit on a man, does it really look like a deer? Of course not in both cases, since in each case, the man retains a human body shape even though he’s wearing a funny costume. There’s no costume out there that changes the actual proportions of the human body. Think about it. Real hard.

Ok, that’s weird. This has supposedly been debunked by the skeptards, and almost everyone believes their verdict. The verdict is that that weird object (once again frozen – note that it is frozen in the exact same pose as the Fallbrook creature above) is a cow. Yes, a cow. Isn’t that lame? Well folks, science has spoken, and that creature in that photo is a cow. That’s right, a cow. Does that look like a cow too you? Me either. But hey, science has spoken folks, so the debate is over, science being infallible and all that. All bow down to the Great God of Science!
I like this one too. This is a Skunk Ape shot on video in Mississippi. The actual video is very nice. The man who took it was hunting, and he had no idea what he photographed. Further, he didn’t even believe in Skunk Apes. He thought they were a myth. That’s exactly the way these things look from behind, and I haven’t seen a fake as good as this photo yet. Notice the shape of the hands. Not human.

This is a cool video. The guy who shot is some good old boy who went hunting one day. He had no idea what this is, so he put it up on Youtube saying what the Hell is this? It’s a Skunk Ape. A skunk ape is just a Sasquatch. That’s the name for the ones that live in the Deep South. Look at the shape of the hands on that thing. Those hands are not human. Ever seen a Bigfoot hoax with hands like that? Me either.
See that sheen glowing off the coat of that thing? That means it’s real fur on a real living object. The sheen is from the oils on your skin. They come to the surface and give animals’ coats a sheen in the sun. No hoaxer has ever been able to reproduce this sheen. Actually, they never even try. Furthermore, I have seen many costumes that our Glorious Special Effects Gods have made, and I haven’s one single costume that had a sheen like this on its coat visible in the sun.
But these Special Effects Gods can do anything, right? No really, they can. Go ask them. They can make a costume that perfectly reproduces any living thing on Earth. No really. I’m not kidding. They all say this. All of them, arrogant-as-Hell bunch that they are. And the vast majority of people believe the Special Effects Liars when they say this. One born every day.
The Temangami Sasquatch from Ontario. Looked at the domed head, the two deep holes for the eye sockets, the philtrum and the mouth. This is a rather unusual look, but I have seen another Sasquatch photo from Ontario that looked exactly like this. There is another photo that goes with this one, a photo of the rear that shows this very shaggy creature standing there seemingly frozen. Good backstory too.

The skeptard argument about this one is truly stupid. This very old couple, who have a vacation home far out in the wilds of Ontario, somehow hoaxed this video! These are old people, in their 70’s. There’s nothing weird about them. Everyone says they are upstanding folks. But an elderly couple in their 70’s hoaxed a Bigfoot video! Never mind that has never happened. There’s never been one case of an elderly couple doing a Bigfoot hoax, but no matter. Science has spoken, folks! Listen up, the Almighty God of Science has spoken, and the scientific fact is that these old people hoaxed this Bigfoot video.
Look at the very weird way that thing looks. I have seen another photo of a Sasquatch from Ontario and it looks exactly like this one, with the deep-set eye-holes and the very tall domed head. Note the philtrum. That head does not even have human proportions. See those eye holes? The hoaxer goofs have never reproduced that, probably because they never even try. And I’ve never seen a face as good as that one, with a philtrum no less.
That face is way too large for a human. How does a human put on such a large mask and still retain the obvious bone and muscle structure that one can obviously see in the shot. You can’t. A mask too large for your face, if it would even stay on, would droop all over the place and would look very fake. Plus it would probably be falling off all the time if it was way too big for your head like that. And your eyes would not fit in the eye holes, your nose would not fit in the nose protuberance, and your mouth would not fit in the mouth hole. Look at that wild fur. There is another shot of this bizarre creature that shows this fur in much wilder shape. That photo was taken by the same couple. It is a back shot.
The back story. The couple lives part time way out in nowhere in Temangami, Ontario. Temangami means “way out in the sticks so far no one ever goes there.” Or something. Well, that’s what it means to me anyway. The couple were hearing a lot of weird noises, and apparently they started taking some photos of the area outside of the cabin.
One argument is that this is Photoshopped, but very good Ontario researchers did a good job of thoroughly investigating this couple and concluded that they were not hoaxing. Furthermore, it’s not Photoshopped because the photos were still in the camera when the investigator came out to look at the case. Anyway, since when does some ordinary couple in their 70’s have such advanced Photoshop skills that they can make a Bigfoot hoax with Photoshop? And you can’t use Photoshop if the file is still in the camera. Photoshop doesn’t work on images that reside only inside of cameras.
I believe once again, the couple thought they were just taking photos of the outside of their cabin, and they only saw the Sasquatch when they were reviewing the photos in the camera. How many times do we hear this? What the Hell is going on?
Well-known fake that fooled a lot of people for a long time. Back story seemed good. Once again from Fallbrook, California, supposedly after major flooding. Photo was taken of twisted branches after flooding and Sasquatch was not noticed until the photo was viewed afterwards. Problem is that’s not a Sasquatch. That’s a gorilla Photoshopped into that photo. The guy who put this up has a Youtube page with a lot of gorilla videos and some “Bigfoot” videos. Obvious hoaxer. I am pretty angry at this moron.

Yep, it’s a gorilla all right. Look closely at the head, face and especially ears. He sure fooled a lot of people though. I am pretty mad at this idiot though because hoaxes are not funny, and the hoaxing ruins this whole field of research because we have to sift through all sorts of hoaxed crap to find anything real. Further, it throws up the spectre of “hoax” in front of every bit of evidence that we have. So far, “science” has proven that 100% of the voluminous evidence for the existence of Sasquatches is all nothing but hoaxes. Thank God for science! Science to the rescue again!
Ontario screengrab controversial
Very strange photo out of Ontario. This is part of a video. The quality is not very good, but that thing is absolutely huge! Look at the massive shoulders and the very long arms. It looks like some sort of a gorilla! Skeptards say this is a gorilla, but I do not think so. A gorilla running around in the Ontario woods? No.

That thing is massive, and if you see the video, it moves in a very bizarre way that does not even seem human. But I have seen other Sasquatch photos and videos with this exact same bizarro movement going on, which I cannot describe here in words.
Also the video is very poor quality. Why would anyone make a hoax of such awful quality? That makes no sense. All known hoaxes are clear as air. That’s the purpose of the hoax. A hoax with very poor visual quality doesn’t even work as a hoax. Hoaxes must be clear, or they are useless.
Look at the size of that damn thing. It looks like a gorilla! These things are not gorillas or even apes anymore than we are, but it’s quite common for people who get a quick look at one to describe them as gorillas. I remember one famous photo out of Maine where a Sasquatch was raiding an apple tree. In that case, the man who owned the property where the photo was taken said he had spoken to some people who asked him if there was a traveling zoo in the area because the man said he saw a gorilla run across the road. Another man fishing on a lake said he saw a gorilla by the shore of the lake. So you see these things are often mistaken for gorillas, which they superficially represent.
The photo is a female Sasquatch kneeling down in front of the motion activated camera. There is apparently a baby Sasquatch hanging onto her back, but that’s what the babies do – they hang onto the backs of the mothers.
See the famous Memorial Day footage of an adolescent female Sasquatch running across a field, picking up a baby halfway, and putting it on her back. The baby rides on her back for most of the rest of the run until it gets up on her shoulders.

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46 thoughts on “Bigfoot News Bastille Day Edition, 2016”

  1. Talked to Melba about the dogman. I thought there was a connection with the 500 lb lemur and she said no. She wouldn’t share much but what she did share scares the hell out of me.
    Mitchell Townsend’s has submitted his paper on the bone piles please review it and tell us what you think. The bone piles had forensic teeth marks that constitute physical evidence.

  2. I know these things are real. My friends have seen them with their own eyes. And a friend of mine shot and killed two of them. That’s what he said anyway, and I believe him. He even found a piece of it later on and it was proven to be a Sasquatch by DNA.

    1. Robert, I am convinced that there is a strong likelihood Bigfoot/Sasquatch exists, but, come on, if your pal shot and killed two of them, why didn’t he drag the bodies back to his car and either load them into his trunk (or if too heavy to load into his trunk by himself, call either friends of police for assistance)? He could have resolved the mystery once and for all, as well as, possibly, put some real money in his pocket.
      A chunk that he later retrieved (left over after the rest was consumed by wild animals?) proven to be Sasquatch by DNA? Please tell us more about this.

      1. If your pal shot and killed two of them, why didn’t he drag the bodies back to his car and either load them into his trunk (or if too heavy to load into his trunk by himself, call either friends or police for assistance)?

        You have never been in a situation like this, so you have no idea what it is like. Shootings and killings happen fairly regularly, and their behavior is pretty normal. They searched 15 minutes for the big one, which ran off in the woods after being shot and then crashed in the forest with a huge boom. They just assumed it was dead, they never proved it.
        As they were searching for the big male (the father), two babies all of a sudden came out of the woods and ran in front of them, part of the time on twos and part of the time on fours. They sort of look like chimps. They were talking in some weird language that sounded like the way deaf people sound when they try to talk.
        They were totally freaked out by this. This went on for 15 minutes until they had a baby up on a little ridge yelling at them and my friend shot and killed the baby, which then died in his arms.
        When these killings happen, most people just flip and go somewhat insane. Imagine if UFO’s landed in your backyard and aliens got out and tried to talk to you. You would be wondering if it was even real, and if you thought it was real, you would be going insane. These incidents are so bizarre and freaky that they are easily the most bizarre, freakish and disturbing things that have ever happened to people that have done them.
        Most people either leave the bodies out there or try to bury them. Sometimes of the party gets killed by the Sasquatch which is then subsequently killed, so that freaks people out even more. How would you feel if your friend was torn to shreds in front of your eyes by a monster? How would you feel if your friend had his head twisted right off his body by a monster? You would flip.
        People who have had this happen to them, and I have heard these stories, just got the Hell out of there as quickly as possibly because they were afraid there were others around that will come out for revenge or they are just so flipped by the whole thing.
        If they go to report the Sasquatch killing to wildlife officials, the official will detain them and question them very hard almost ordering them to say it was a bear and not a Sasquatch. They come under serious pressure during interrogations. Officials usually say there is no such thing as Sasquatch, you are making this up, it’s a bear. This is because all the officials you go to will say that Sasquatches do not exist.
        After they shot the baby, a big fight broke out and the other guy told my friend that if you shoot another one of those things, I am going to shoot you. They were both shaking like leaves and had no idea what to do.
        Also they were breaking game laws by drinking while hunting and may have been pretty drunk. They did not want to go to the wardens, and they were worried that the warden might come after he heard the shots heard. They had been on the lookout for wardens all day.
        They felt like they were insane or in another world or part of a movie, and they were questioning reality and even their own sanity. In other words, they were half crazy. They stuck the baby behind a bush and said let’s get the Hell out of here.
        They jumped in their truck and bought packs of cigarettes on the way home, and both chain smoked cigarettes all the way home. All the way home, they were so nuts and freaked out that neither one said a word. Also they were shaking like leaves a good part of the way home. My friend had a hard time sleeping for weeks after the shooting due to being freaked out and guilt over killing the baby.
        Understand that both of them thought Sasquatch was bullshit before this and then this happened. For weeks after, my friend was questioning what even happened, and he was even trying to convince himself that they were really bears walking on two feet.
        He finally posted on a Taxidermy forum what happened and a guy in Canada called Ken Walker got in touch with him and then called Derek Randles and a search party was organized to go get the bodies, but it was three weeks after the incident. This is when the bit of flesh was found by his dog under three feet of new snow. The new snow seriously hampered the search.
        Keep in mind that it is somewhat controversial. Excellent sources say that both bodies from the kill were retained soon after that the shooter had 25 pounds of flesh between freezers nearby. Another person who is one of the biggest in the whole scene told someone I know that the bodies had been retained. However, these people have always denied that bodies were retained.
        My friend was reportedly very scared of going to jail for homicide for the killings. You have to understand when you shoot one of these things, you go to look at the body and you look at the face and it looks like Sami except covered with hair. So almost everyone flips and is afraid of going down on homicide for killing a human being, and these things are definitely human beings except they are a different subspecies than us.
        Bodies are almost never retained from shootings in recent years. In one famous case, the body was in a freezer and briefly taken on tour until the guy who shot it got cold feet. He was trying to take the body across the Canadian border for the tour and he was detained by Canadian police at the border on suspicion of transporting a corpse across state lines, which is illegal. Which is exactly what he was doing. President Ford had to intervene and allow them to go across the border. So the Canadian border guards thought the Sasquatch was a person.
        He decided to put the body back in the freezer and made a model of the body to take on the tour. However, two scientists looked at the real dead body and felt it was real. He was quoted as saying a few times why he put the body away and made a model instead that this was done because “a crime may have been committed.” In other words, he was afraid of being arrested on homicide.
        If you are at the scene where one is killed and you call the police, they will just close the road and tape off the area and pretty soon military intelligence in black vans or black helicopters and black uniforms will come and get the body and you will never hear from it again. They will point automatic weapons at you too and threaten you not to talk.
        In other words, if you go to the government, the government people will come out and steal the body because this is what the government does with dead Sasquatches – they steal them.
        So there is your answer. And if you have never been in an insane situation like this, you really should not comment.

    2. Do you think high-level Forest Service personnel know for certain one way or another about whether or not these creatures exist? If so, why don’t they just tell us? It is an animal, and nothing that might undermine prevailing belief structures in present human cultures (including American), like, for instance, confirmation in the existence of UFO’s might.

      1. The only potential negative consequence of such a revelation is that it may put the Sasquatches, who may be classifiable as an endangered species, themselves, in danger. I could picture torrents of curious humans venturing deep into national forest lands in search of these (not smart for anybody but the most skilled and knowledgeable outdoorsmen, of course), which could have all kinds of consequences — some foreseeable, as well as some unforeseeable.

      2. Yes we have evidence that some Forest Service people know they exist, but in the Forest Service, official policy is to say there is no such thing, and if you keep saying they are real, you will be fired. So everyone just shuts up, though some speak after retirement.
        There is a video out there on Youtube of a former decades long Head Ranger of a Forest Service District who says that they real and that his national forest knew they were real and actually studied them.
        If you take it higher up, you will be told to shut up and threatened with your job and pension, so no one takes it higher.
        Actually, they are not animals, they are people, and that’s the whole reason for the coverup right there.

      3. The only potential negative consequence of such a revelation is that it may put the Sasquatches, who may be classifiable as an endangered species, themselves, in danger. I could picture torrents of curious humans venturing deep into national forest lands in search of these (not smart for anybody but the most skilled and knowledgeable outdoorsmen, of course), which could have all kinds of consequences — some foreseeable, as well as some unforeseeable.

        This is another huge consequence of reveal. Obviously the whole country will flip out very hard and there could be serious sociological or even political consequences and it still up a great big hornet’s nest of a mess. So the government just keeps it quiet, but if people discover them on their own, the government will let it go forward. The government just wants to delay reveal for as long as possible.
        Two military intelligence guys (yes, wearing black clothing) came out to talk to an Oregon woman after she said she saw two of them. They convinced her not to talk about it. They said the government knows about it but they do not want to reveal because, they said, “people will panic.”
        However, the government will not stop people who discover it on their own. The trick is to do this without the government coming out and stealing the body.
        Also there are problems with some industries like the timber industry. People have told me that the Canadian industry knows very well that these things exist but they want to keep them hidden. There are also problems with parks and resorts as people may be scared to go out into the woods. Also the woods soon after reveal will be filled with every manner of yahoo and idiot hunter with a gun trying to shoot one and more could be shot or more shooters will get ripped to shreds or get their heads torn off by Sasquatches.
        It will be a great big huge massive mess and we will need a set of laws in place to protect them but this runs into all sorts of problems because our laws have different standards for humans and for animals. So what are these things. They are people. But do you really want to give these things the same protections as we give ourselves, Homo sapiens sapiens, our species of human? So what laws do they fall under. You may have to draw up a whole new series of laws for these damn things.

    3. The guillotine will claim her bloody prize…love Bastille day, nothing on Todd Standing, I’m trying

  3. What do you think the Dogman creature might be evolved from? A wolf/canine that evolved to be bipedal? Or some strange aberrant hominid that happened to evolve canine-appearing features?
    Is there any good information on this Dogman? I don’t find too much on the web.

    1. I do not know! Those things are so bizarre I do not even want to contemplate what they are. If you look at the photo of the Beast from Seven Chutes, I sort of get the impression that it is some sort of Sasquatch type creature – a humanoid.

      1. What are the reasons you think this Dogman is really a lot worse than Bigfoot/Sasquatch? What sort of anecdote do you have that marks out their behavior as a lot worse than them?

        1. All of the reports about them say that they are very ill tempered. The Beast of Seven Chutes has a stolen white puppy in its hands that it is apparently going to eat. It apparently stole the puppy from some humans in the area. The Beast looks pretty mean and menacing.
          They are routinely described as mean, menacing and ill tempered.
          I am familiar with one case in Appalachia, I believe Tennessee, a Dogman raided a camper where a family was staying and ripped the people apart, killing them. I have seen video of the crime scene with yellow tape around it and sheriff’s cars everywhere. The story is that the thing tore the camper to pieces and also killed all the people, apparently by ripping them to pieces. Supposedly the sheriffs called it a homicide which means that they think some human went in there and tore up that camper and killed those people.
          This is pretty typical in cases where Sasquatches kill humans. They say a bear killed the person or they just label it a homicide and say a human killed the person. LE refuses to believe these things exist, hence there is no way they can hypothesize that a Sasquatch or Dogman killed people because something that doesn’t exist can’t commit homicide.

      2. If Forest Service rangers know that Sasquatch exist but cover it up, has anyone ever indicated that these rangers are aware of the existence of the Dogmen too, but that it’s covered up as well?

  4. Thanks for having the guts to go out on a limb, Robert. The Sasquatch thing is pretty much a done deal insofar as the DNA genome evidence is concerned. There are enough one-time and even multiple-time witnesses around now that, combined with science, debunking is no longer feasible; it’s just laughable. The Dogman thing is an entirely different kettle of fish, however, and I agree with you that just the idea alone is scary as hell. I have personally seen a number of Sasquatch over the decades in three Canadian provinces but never a Dogman. While I would never get used to seeing a Sasquatch – it’s always very unnerving – I think I would be absolutely terrified by a Dogman encounter.

  5. Between the ages of four and ten I had already seen six of them because (as I now know) a clan was living in the forest adjacent to my parent’s house in southern Ontario in the 1950s. As little kids who spent most of our free time playing in the surrounding forest, orchards and cow pastures, we didn’t know what to make of them. When I was about seven I asked my dad what they were but he pretty much ignored what must have seemed a silly childish question. After all, big hairy boogey men didn’t exist and certainly didn’t hang out in the woods at the end of our road. Duh! So we just kept our mouths shut and carried on. They never harmed any of us but I can’t say the same for household pets in the area; especially cats, which continually disappeared without a trace. But the backyard midnight skulkers is another story, so I won’t go into that. Over the years I continued to make inquiries and learned and experienced a great deal more, including more personal sighting and encounter activity in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia. The 1967 Patterson Gimlin film of Patty was like a mini atomic bomb going off in the fledgling Bigfoot community. I didn’t get to see it until around 1970 but my eyes sure bugged out when I finally had corroboration of my own experiences.

  6. What makes me not believe in existence of bigfoot is the lack of concrete evidence. Existed some bones, hair, excrement, etc., that has been studied and it has concluded that it did not belong to any existing living animal species? Because, at distance or darkness, some animals can be confused by a bigfoot, like black bears for example.
    How scientists can discover new species of frogs or mice every year and can’t have one concrete proof of creatures so big like these in most than a century of “modern” study of natural life?
    About videos and pictures, I have to say that, to me, almost all are fake. It’s very simply film or take a photo of someone disguised, more at distance.
    How a creature big like this can be so hidden until today? And with all those sightings in so many places. In all case, if exist, most part of those sightings are confusions, lies or something like that, and only some from some certain regions can be truth. Maybe also there are some different non-discovered hominids in different regions of the world, and all are close to extinction…
    But even in this case (that exist one or more species of non-discovered hominids in certain regions, all them close to extinction), most part of supposed evidence, is fake or confusions.

    1. Everything you say doesn’t exsist, dies exsist. Do some research and you will see there are many any , many thousands of sightings, DNA samples, foot prints, bones, and ongoing habituation studies. It’s all on the internet for the taking. The p and g film of Oct 20 1967 is a good starting point. The animal in the film can’t be faked today much less in 67.

      1. I will research about this.
        But about this film of 1967, obviously that “special effects” so realistic could not used in those times, but it could have been simply a person in disguise. And this “creature” of the video walks in a very human way to me for not to be someone disguise. Well, maybe bigfoots walks in a very human way after all…

    1. The gorilla photo will tend to fool most folks, including even those who have had a personal, up close, encounter experience. Also, people are still being fooled every week by YouTube videos of human hoaxers wearing monkey suits. One reason is that a specimen has not yet been obtained for public viewing. But perhaps more to the point is the often overlooked fact that the body morphologies of these creatures can very significantly, just like it does with humans – short/tall, slim/fat, endo-/meso- or ectomorphic, etc.. Some have a sagittal crest, some don’t, some have a midtarsal break, others don’t. All of this is problematic among these creatures, probably due to their degree of species hybridization, which the Ketchum DNA genome study strongly suggests.

  7. Another thing that I note and I forgot to mention.
    We know that species that preceded to homo sapiens (and were stronger than us) were prey of leopards for example, even when they lived in groups and these felids are lonely predators. Today, hominids like gorillas (that are bigger and stronger than species that preceded us, and lives in groups too) eventually are prey of leopards also. Not adult males (because are very strong)… But adult females, sub-adult males and infants are prey of leopards, a species that, at maximum, has a weight of 90 kg (and that is the maximum weight of the African subspecies, the African leopard, this who is present in the same environment of gorillas).
    So, never were reported some rests of some particular unknown species in excrement of cougars, wolfs, black bears or brown bears? In case of this three first species that I mentioned, surely they can prey on infant and young bigfoot, and maybe even adult females (at least big cougars, that in North America are bigger than the rest of the Americas, especially in cold regions; and wolf packs). And brown bears could even prey on adult males without many problems. And, if bogfoots lives far enough south, can be prey of alligators.
    Or never were found carcass or dead bigfoots that were being progressively consumed, like are found deers and another animals whose bodies constantly are found by action of this predators?

    1. Nothing preys on a Sasquatch. The only enemy of the Sasquatch is man. Remains of relict hominids have not been found in scat of large predators in Africa to my knowledge.
      Dead Sasquatches have been found at times buried in ice covered lakes. A decaying dead Sasquatch was found beside a trail but the person thought another was around, so they left. They reported it to a ranger. A partially consumed Sasquatch would never be found because Sasquatches are like people in that they bury their dead.

      1. But, for example, in lion’s feces can be found small rests of Cape buffalos, zebras, wildebeests, etc.
        On the other hand, tooth and claw marks were found many times in bones of extinct species that were ancient predecessors of homo sapiens, showing that sometimes they were prey of some animals like leopards (probably not very often due to the use of weapons in self-defense and life in groups).
        And when I mention partially consumed bodies of bigfoots, I did not said that they died for some illness, accident or advanced age… For example, if a deer is catched by a brown bear, his body is not going to be eaten in a few hours or in a single day. The bear will hide his dead prey in the ground and cover the body with plants. Even humans still today sometimes are found in this way when were hunted by bears or cougars. So, if a young bigfoot is hunted by some predator, his body have to be found like this. They will not bury a particular member of his species that they don’t know where it is because was hunted by a wolf pack.
        If gorillas can be hunted sometimes by other animals, why not bigfoots? Like I said, cougars and wolves will be dangerous for young ones and, who knows, maybe also for adult females. And brown bears probably have the physical capacity for kill any bigfoot, no matter if even is a adult male. They are the absolute apex predators of their environments and don’t have afraid of anything once adults. Obviously, if bigfoots are enough smart like apparently are, will not happen very often, but occasionaly they will be hunted by some large predators, in the same way that strong hominids like gorillas or smart ones (and therefor dangerous) like some predecessors of us or even us, humans.

        1. They travel in groups, so when you see one, there are always others nearby somewhere hiding. So a young one would never get caught away like that. We hardly ever find their bodies anyway. We do have some Sasquatch bones in university collections, but they are all labeled “Indian.” That is because the bones look human, and if you find an ancient bone in North America that looks human, they automatically call it “Indian.”

        2. I am not sure if a Grizzly Bear could kill a Sasquatch. It would be a tough battle all right. I have never heard of a case of a Grizzly Bear killing a Sasquatch or vice versa and I have never even heard of how Grizzly Bears and Sasquatches interact with each other. A Sasquatch is 10-15 times stronger than a man and weighs 600-800 pounds, so it would be a good match for a Grizzly Bear.

  8. Robert Lindsay
    “They travel in groups, so when you see one, there are always others nearby somewhere hiding. So a young one would never get caught away like that. We hardly ever find their bodies anyway. We do have some Sasquatch bones in university collections, but they are all labeled “Indian.” That is because the bones look human, and if you find an ancient bone in North America that looks human, they automatically call it “Indian.””
    What about that supposed bigfoot filmed in 1969? Was alone. What could happened if a hungry brown bear appeared there? Probably with that creature being his lunch. Well, as you say, maybe there were more hidden in the forest, but maybe not. Every supposed bigfoot filmed or photographed was alone…
    And gorillas also live and travel in groups but sometimes there are some group members that are prowling someplace alone (to a considerable distance from the group) for some hours. The same with ancient hominids that preceeded us. And there is when can be hunted by predators.

    1. And about those bones that are labeled as Amerindian, what parts are? Because, for example, a femur of a creature of 600-800 pounds and taller than a human, have to be visibly bigger and thicker than a human one, even if it is similar. So, at least that a scientific think that indigenous of the region were giants, everybody into “science world” have to know that this is something more.

    2. There are no Grizzly Bears in the area of the Patterson film. The thinking about Patty in the Patterson film is that she was a mother of young Sasquatches and that the Sasquatches were nearby hiding. Sometimes they show themselves when the young are around in order to distract people from the young by getting people to pay attention to the big one that shows itself and then ignoring any young that are around.
      Never heard of any animal killing a Sasquatch. Sasquatches are never alone to my understanding.

      1. But every supposed bigfoot filmed or photographed in history was alone. They know that were photographed all times?
        And every animal species, including humans, can be hunted sometimes. Infant african elephants are hunted by lions, saltwater crocodiles are hunted (when are young) in certain regions by tigers and leopards, Nile crocodiles ocasionally are hunted by lion herds, lions ocasionally are hunted by Nile crocodiles, infant brown bears ocasionally are hunted by cougars or wolf packs, blue whales are hunted by killer whale pods…
        Obviously some of this cases occur only occasionally, but occurs.

        1. There were others around. And there have been babies in a number of videos. And there is a new video out of two Sasquatches with dead deer over their shoulders picking up a baby.

    3. Actually, they don’t travel in groups. The females and children tend to congregate and remain within a specific denning area – a safely concealed area – while the males go walkabout across a much broader territory. Many sightings and encounters of relatively mature males occur in areas relatively close to urban areas which people insist could not support such a creature. However, visiting many areas doesn’t mean a Sasquatch actually “lives there”; only that he is passing through while opportunistically searching for food or simply covering his territory.

    4. Gorillas travel in “groups” consisting of one “silverback” (the adult male), 2-5 “wives”, and a bunch of children. The silverback’s primary function is to protect the women and children from, primarily, male leopards. The silverback wins 9/10 contests, or more. When the contest results in death, this occurs often by way of the silverback clobbering the mid-back of the leopard with its forearm and shattering its spine, or several, repeated blows to the leopard’s chest area. Gorillas and African lions do not cross paths, usually.
      Sasquatch might be bigger and stronger than a sliverback (4-500 lbs, but usually closer to 400 lbs). Cougars and timberwolves are less powerful than leopards, thus Grizzlies may be their only possible predators in a one-on-one situation, but if Sasquatches travel in bands which consist of more than one adult male, that probably would solve the problem. And there are reports of Sasquatches being able to hurl rocks extremely accurately at extremely high speeds, sometimes throwing warning shots which just about graze humans on their ears. It’s a warning shot, clearly, because there is only one attempt, and the Sasquatch lets the human GTFO. That may be how they deal with grizzlies — though, more likely, by striking them with a good throw.

      1. Leopards are strong felids despite that they are not very big. But I doubt that they are stronger than cougars, because leopards can reach a weight of 90 kg (approximately 198 pounds), and cougars, 120 kg (approximately 264 pounds). I know that cougars and wolves (even in packs) are too weak to be a threat for adult male bigfoots, but maybe are dangerous for females and, for sure, for young ones (including teenagers and, maybe, sub-adults). Also black bears and alliators would be dangerous for them.
        And I agree with the rest. Bigfoots probably deal with brown bears in this way, and I think that, because of that, predation occurs rarely, but still occur (even with adult males), like can rarely occur that bigfoot groups (or, at least, various males) kill brown bears in self-defense, probably with rocks and other tools/weapons.

  9. Robert Lindsay
    “I am not sure if a Grizzly Bear could kill a Sasquatch. It would be a tough battle all right. I have never heard of a case of a Grizzly Bear killing a Sasquatch or vice versa and I have never even heard of how Grizzly Bears and Sasquatches interact with each other. A Sasquatch is 10-15 times stronger than a man and weighs 600-800 pounds, so it would be a good match for a Grizzly Bear.”
    Well, I don’t know what can do a bigfoot against a 1200 pounds (or even more in Alaska) brown bear. I think that, at least that the bigfoot have a weapon, will end eaten. Brown bears are strong as hell, and not only for their thick skin, high weight and body size, but also for their teeth and claws.

    1. No contest for a mature Sasquatch, whose approach is to simply rip out the lower jaw of the bear, the remains of which have been found by hunters and reported at least a couple of times over the years. For some reason the Sasquatch tends to cover over the dead bear’s corpse with branches as if to hide it. Sasquatch is the apex hunter without any real competition throughout North America.

      1. Well, to me, this is unbelievable until science prove it
        Mature brown bears have no competitors in his environment, and if bigfoot exist, is part of his lunch.

      2. But I can believe that bigfoot is the apex predator of his environment due to his intelligence more close to the human one than to the rest of animals, and so their possible use of tools and weapons.
        Well, apex predator except for humans.

      1. I second, that, Robert. Good stuff! That story you told me about your friend was incredible … and, I fully agree with you that it is entirely inappropriate for me to pass judgement on the shootings.
        I would, however, like to hear more about any genuine cases of DNA testing of Sasquatches, and what might have been revealed. Also, who is doing the testing, as there is a lot of highly specialized expertise that would have to go into such scientifically advanced analysis.

  10. I suspect the sasquatch is extremely strong, fast, and much smarter than any other predator in North America including grizzly bears. A grizzly bear can’t pick up a log or large boulder and use it as a weapon. A sasquatch probably can. I doubt the sasquatch fears any large animal in the forest and probably intimidates them when needed… including the grizzly bear.

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