Gabon – Africa's Shining Star

Chinedu writes:

As for Africa, it’s a large place, and some regions have higher GDP per capita and better living standards than Eastern Europe. We’ll see what the future holds.

There is one country that has a higher standard of living than Eastern Europe. It is Gabon, and the high PCI is all due to oil. It’s $20,000/yr PCI. However, Gabon is still one of the most horrific shitholes in all of Africa.
Apparently all of the money is being stolen by an elite of ~10-20% of the population, which is what happens in all Black African countries. It is being stolen by a group associated with the government and maybe the tribe or ethnic group that is represented in the state. Everyone else is getting fuck all. The medical care statistics are horrific (about as bad as India’s), and at least 40% of the population is actually starving (malnourished). For medical figures, look at maternal mortality in particular. Gabon’s maternal mortality figures are off the charts.

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0 thoughts on “Gabon – Africa's Shining Star”

  1. Which state is the shining star of United States?
    A. State with most money.
    B. State with least amount of Blacks.
    C. State with the prettiest women.
    D. State with the most Leftist
    E. Other

    1. D.
      any day of the week.
      although I say, B is also an interesting idea….
      C. is irrelevant, you can find “pretty women” anywhere.
      Any reason backwards, lower IQ black countries have these low Ginis?
      Conservatism is highly correlated with low IQ, (some have even argued more than race itself). In many ways Conservatism is low IQ in and of itself.

      1. Why do you think conservatism is low IQ? I’ve always done well on IQ tests and in school and I consider myself to be ‘socially conservative,’ though I don’t align with the Republican party.

        1. Generally because those who adhere to, say, traditional values would typically be part of a collectivist demographic and collectivist demographic generally have lower IQs.
          This however is an average and it depends of course not all traditionalists are low in IQ.

        2. Spamby-
          I believe it mainly relates to two things;
          that on average conservatives have more of
          1. A lack of compassion for those below you/self protectionism (evolutionary primitive, etc).
          2. More okay with violence, even for nonsensical things (i.e. The second Iraq war, although in fairness many Democrats went with that as well, and the Repubs seem to realize it was a mistake, only now).
          There was a study by the Japanese born scientist that was friends with Rushton that found that on average Conservatives in the U.S., Canada, and the UK have lower average IQs than liberals;

          this guy’s certainly not a cuck. Although some silly White Supremacists would probably bring up his Asian ancestry. But we should revering Asians more, after all, HBD looks most favorably on them? Right. That’s a disconnect I had with mainstream HBD but that’s just me.

  2. Gabon is not the only one. Equatorial Guinea, a micro-nation which one can hardly find on the map, has even higher GDP per capita due to its oil which they discovered some 20 years ago. But I doubt that they have managed to improve their living standards because of the unmatched African corruption, all their oil money must have gone to a very few.

  3. You said: “There is one country that has a higher standard of living than Eastern Europe.”
    I hope you only mean a higher GDP. Some countries in Eastern Europe may not be the best places to live in, but they are no match for Africa. The standard of living in Eastern Europe is better in every aspect than in any country of Africa. Even in South Africa one can find large areas of disgusting slums with no electricity, no water, no sanitation, no education, no jobs, etc., whereas there hardy exist such places in Eastern Europe.

    1. ANGRY RUSSIAN As a grandchild of Berliners (East) what is amazing is that 40-30 years ago Eastern Europe was the most developed region in the world-before Communism fell.
      There was a time when only losers and criminals from Eastern Europe immigrated to places like Chicago or Detroit. These were considered exile places.
      Within 1 year Latvia, Estonia, Baltic countries were prosperous when Scandinavia was a backwater wilderness.
      It demonstrates how quickly a country can fall into anarchy if the system fails.

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