Black Americans – The Highest Achieving Black Group in Recent History

Chinedu writes:

Poor Whites are still White. And Blacks from upper-middle class environments are not immune from all the debilitating effects of being Black in America. I know this from personal experience. Some can rise above it, some can’t.
Here’s a natural experiment that will clear this up for you if, indeed, you’re looking for the truth. Compare the test scores of upper middle class Nigerian Americans (born in the USA) to those of poor Whites. If HBD is correct we should see the same pattern. If HBD is incorrect, we won’t.

If these upper class African immigrants in the US are such wonderful people as Chinedu says hey are, then why can’t they fix up their own countries? Chinedu goes on and on about how wonderful Africans are; it’s the African-Americans who are screwed up. Well, be that as it may, perhaps it is true. But if Africans are so much more high achieving that Af-Ams, then why is Africa such an nonredeemable, horrific end of the world shithole?
Compared to Africa, I would say that US Blacks have done quite well for themselves. I had the TV on last night, and there was one very highly intelligent, US Black after another, an endless stream of them. TV anchors, surgeons, medical school professors, journalists, actors, scholars, I mean it went on and on.
I took a friend to court last fall, and there were two Black women there. I thought they were clerks! No doubt due to my subconscious racism – Blacks are sort of dumb, so those women must be clerks – how could they be anything else? Well one of those women turned out to be my friend’s attorney, the Public Defender. The other Black woman was interning in the Public Defender’s office. They had both graduated from Law School and passed the bar! And I saw a Black male attorney in there on that same day.
Sure, US Blacks are screwing up big time, but there is a significant sector of them who are really kicking ass in the US, making good money at prestigious jobs.
And contrary to this racism crap you hear all the time, most governments at any level, most universities, and many large corporations are chomping at the bit salivating for high achieving, well-behaved Blacks. The universities want them in their schools, the governments want them to fill their “goals,” and the corporations often have not only goals but virtually AA quotas (though not defined as such). The demand for high achieving well-behaved Blacks far exceeds the supply.
So in this sense, I believe that US Blacks are actually the most successful Black population on Earth. Now maybe that’s not saying much – look at the competition. Well, ok. But still it is saying something. In spite of Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore, there is another story – the story of the highest achieving Black population in recent history.

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16 thoughts on “Black Americans – The Highest Achieving Black Group in Recent History”

  1. First of all, you’re misrepresenting my comments about black Americans.
    Secondly, I tend to agree with you that black Americans have been marvelously successful in light of their circumstances. Remember, I said that adjusted for their plight and historical circumstances, black Americans actually have higher IQ’s than white Americans.
    But obviously today first and second generation Africans as a group are not only more successful than black Americans as a group, they’re more successful than many white ethnicities.
    As for Africa, it’s a large place and some regions have higher GDP per capita and better living standards than Eastern Europe. We’ll see what the future holds. Europe too was a shithole at various points in history. Nothing lasts forever.

    1. “Secondly, I tend to agree with you that black Americans have been marvelously successful in light of their circumstances. Remember, I said that adjusted for their plight and historical circumstances, black Americans actually have higher IQ’s than white Americans.”
      How. I would request scientific research/sources to prove this and not just taking your word.

    2. Remember, I said that adjusted for their plight and historical circumstances, black Americans actually have higher IQ’s than white Americans.

      Utterly preposterous and belied by all scientific evidence that has ever been and ever will be collected. And representative of your own low IQ.

  2. A lot of the africans who come to the U.S tend to be “cream of the crop” . There is no border to hop. It takes a lot of money and resources for an african to get here. Their kids being smarter than the lowest whites wouldn’t be surprising.
    This happens on a more micro scale, in ghettos. The smartest blacks tend to flee to white majority neighborhoods. This is probably why black communities began to decline after the civil rights era. Not only because the best people left, but having smart, competent people who look you around you is a big boost to morale.

    1. Good point but it doesn’t justify segregation.
      Yes, that’s why we see all sorts of smart blacks on TV. They’re really out there, but they’re all in white neighborhoods or ones with just smart blacks in them.

    2. Yeah but the whole pro-segregation thing is a dumb idea, cause you could apply the same idea to poor whites. Whites living say in trailer parks, not meaning as an insult, look around and also there are no positive role models cause all smart people would have left.
      What are we supposed to do make segregation against white people to force smart and rich whites to live in trailer parks?

    3. As for renewed segregation, we’ve all learned to be skeptical of the media and “Establishment” but we need to do the same for WNs.
      The treatment, or at least how they regard their fellow Whites (Syrians, White Hispanics, Balkans), is despicable…and they solely did it because it fits their mantra.
      Your average WN
      1. Is a pathological liars.
      2. Is a psychopath (only WNs cuz a Black kid bullied them in grade school)
      3. Has an IQ that will freeze water
      4. Will CONTINUE to harm innocent people.
      They basically lie non-stop, or relate to appeals of emotion (anecdotal incidents of non-White on White crime).

  3. A lot of the africans who come to the U.S tend to be “cream of the crop”

    Wrong. They come with the help of their relatives. Their relatives don’t care how smart or dumb they are. In my personal experience some of the dumbest Africans come here and some of the smartest stay home.

      ” Dr Charles’ study also found that: ‘Of all of the immigrants to the US, the ones that come with the highest level of education from the very beginning are from the continent of Africa.’
      ‘Generally immigrants come to improve their economic status. They are a self-selected group.’
      ‘They are those individuals who are the most likely to succeed anyway because they are the ones who decided to make the sacrifice and take all the risks.’ “

  4. Of course Republicans and white supremacists hate successful blacks, look how they crucified Obama during his whole term.
    Yeah, one look on BET pretty much proves blacks are quite competent individuals.

    1. your average Republican and WN, is really just an over-glorified child.
      As Phil once said his dad had the drive to “learn more about the world than your immediate surroundings”…
      the especially stupid ones don’t have that desire, and have cognitive dissonance when brought into new scenarios, the smarter ones begin pathological lying when their nonsense is challenged. Just look around

      1. “your average Republican and WN, is really just an over-glorified child…”
        I get the sense that a lot of those people are just mean-spirited assholes who would be complaining about some other group if there weren’t any ethnic groups around.

        1. Indeed! I don’t have a problem with the religious right- they are just, in some ways, people who seek to cope in their difficult lives.
          Alpha Unit once did a post on here about how Racialists (whether that be the Alt-Right, GOPers, WNs, White Supremacists, etc.) are OBSESSED with minorities-
          them being here in significant numbers is a major component of their lives.
          If non-Whites are exiled;
          I predict prejudice will revert back to Jews * first (people are already mad about Iraq) then White Hispanics * /Greeks/South Italians, yada, yada, yada.

          *if they are even allowed to stay to begin with

        2. say, for example, the American Freedom party plan, to deport anyone not of 7/8+ non-Jewish Euro ancestry, would mean,
          pretty much all Blacks, and Asians,
          (18%), maybe 80% of Hispanics (14%), and 3% of non-Hispanic Whites (Jews and Arabs would be out)
          so…………………………..that’s 33% of the pop.
          Our economy would CRASH, especially the dollar.
          We’d be deflating like a balloon….even if the assets are kept…the money would be then distributed in such a way that people just “sit on it” and don’t spend,
          it would be disaster.
          I predict the government would collapse and it would be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.
          Good thing that won’t happen 😉
          right? ;(

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