White -> Non-White = Decline

William Playfair Web writes: But…aren’t non-Whites the victims of it? Is it really effecting Whites?
With Blacks they are very aggressive and it is stereotyped they fuck it up for everyone, but from my observations, not with Hispanics.

Aren’t non-Whites the victims of what? When a city goes from White to Hispanic, there is a very noticeable decline. it’s nothing like if the city went Black, but it’s there. For one thing, the crime rate goes through the roof. Mostly property crimes, break-ins of businesses, thefts of car stereos, etc.
I lived in a White town that started to get a lot more Hispanic in the mid 2000’s, and all of a sudden we started hearing about a lot of car stereos being stolen. That’s usually the first sign your city is going Hispanic because Mexicans steal car stereos. It’s like…what they do. That is a stereotypical half-assed Mexican type crime. You also see a big increase in petty thievery, especially hubcap theft. Because that’s another thing Mexicans do – steal hubcaps.
This city here was majority White in 1970. A local businessman told me that the illegals really started flooding in the 1990’s, and then the whole city went Mexican. This coincided with a huge increase in break-ins in local businesses. I believe the two were related.

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5 thoughts on “White -> Non-White = Decline”

  1. Mostly East Tennessee is white, but a few parts like Morristown TN, which is sort of near Knoxville, is literally all Mexican. I’m not sure what the crime rate is there etc.. but it would be interesting to find out. Obviously the place generates a lot of resentment from whites because they feel alienated in the city. Definitely white supermacy and the like has more followers there than other places.

    1. I had relatives in Morristown TN also. The reason I mentioned it was something weird there. My Cousins neighborhood was near a German neighborhood. They called it German town. The weird part was these Germans were considered low class trouble makers. Strange.

  2. Robert-
    I understand what you are saying, and it is no doubt largely true, I just was questioning one certain point that you made which was inconsistent with this line of thought;
    I was just saying, that you compared it to a “Latin American Country” with the Latin American sickness- Whites and perhaps Asians on top, others living in squalor. Since you detest the Latin American ruling classes- I suspected you would actually feel quite bad for Blacks, no being unfairly thrust in this situation.

  3. Certain poor whites, note I said certain not all, will do the same as Hispanics. They will steal. Iv’e seen it first hand. They will steal though more than kill as perhaps blacks would do.

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