The Importance of Masculinity

Jason Y writes: If you’re a tall skinny guy, or maybe a short one, what good does being masculine do you anyway?

If you are not masculine, other men will not accept you. If you are not that masculine, you are going to have troubles with women your whole life. Trust me on that one. I’ve experienced it, and I actually have a very strong masculine identity.
Woman all lie and say it’s not true, but actually one of the most important factors in a male-female relationship is masculinity. It’s important for the woman, not so much for the man. They pretty much demand that their men act in a masculine way. If you’re good-looking and have good game and you are not masculine, yes, you will get women because women love to screw good-looking men. Yes, they screw good-looking non-masculine men, but then they bitch afterwards if they think he’s not masculine enough. So these guys get a lot of hot sex and a lot of nasty bitchery.
The whole Alpha-Beta-Omega scale is sort of down to masculinity. Alphas the most masculine, omegas the least and betas in between.
Why do women love bad boys? Bad boys are masculine.
You have to distinguish between what women say and what they do. Many women ask, “Why is masculinity so important? Why are you guys so hung up about masculinity?” The thing is, the woman who is saying that is usually making a huge deal about it herself in her relationships with men, but she has blinded herself to that fact, as women do with so many things. They don’t know what they think, what they do or why. That’s the nature of woman.
Anyway, men should act masculine just because. Because that’s what men do. If you don’t act masculine, you aren’t acting like much of a man.

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0 thoughts on “The Importance of Masculinity”

  1. actually, from what I’ve read Game Theory was really not initially, at least in Nash’s mind, intended to apply to macroeconomics- it was more meant as a “day to day” thing. Perhaps, the mathematics would be vastly different on a larger scale. One analogy I can think of is the business thing of “starting with a paperclip at the beginning, and trading up”, somebody must have traded something better for the paper clip and lost? Right.
    Nash is perhaps the greatest West Virginian (my home state) of all time. The way he and Alicia Lopez Nash died was terrible, it was well over a year ago and I still feel bad.

  2. If you to attract shallow bitches who deserve to burn in hell upoon death, then yeah, by all means act as hyper-masculine as possible and do the whole fake shallow thing, cause the shallow attract the shallow.

    1. Yeah, of course, players who don’t want to play large women would have to be as masculine as possible.
      But of course, I agree with some masculinity. Iv’e never seen the benefit of crying in public or being a whiny person.

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