Pass the Zika Funding Without Impediments!

This is from ActBlue, an organization I am part of. They also call themselves Peace Team and The People’s Email Action Network. These guys are all right. This is the hardcore base of the Democratic Party, if you consider the left wing of the Democratic Party the base of the party. Do you think that is a good definition of the base?
Anyway, the left wing of the Democratic Party is a pretty cool place. I get mails from these folks all the time. What is interesting is that they do not care much about Cultural Left stuff, which they seem to think is a distraction. They are more into the meat and potatoes of policy like economics, public health, etc. The people who write these newsletters are often very smart. Some have legal training and their parsing of recent Supreme Court decisions was superb – easy enough to understand but comprehensive at the same time.
Although these folks have been around long before Sanders, I suppose you could call this the Sanders Wing of the party. Anyway, the left wing of the Democratic Party is a pretty happy home for me, and a lot of people in that wing don’t really care much for Cultural Left stuff.
I actually feel that the Cultural Left stuff is more prominent in the center and right wings of the party (Clintonites) where they push rightwing economics + Cultural Left/Identity Politics BS and call it “progressivism.” What they’ve done is taken the left and shorn it of economics. Where there was once economics and a party of the workers (Democrats) versus the party of big business and the rich (Republicans), now you have two parties of big business and the rich but the Democrats have substituted Cultural Left stuff for the economics that they threw by the wayside.
That’s Ms. Clinton in a nutshell. Hillary made $28 million last year. Isn’t it obvious that she represents her class interests and especially those of her donors? What makes you think this ultra-wealthy woman cares about you and me?
You’ll have to forgive us, folks. We have some strong words to say, and this time it is directed at the Republicans.
What the self-righteous Republicans in Congress are doing, by
obstructing the funds needed to stop the Zika pandemic, is so
treasonous it needs to be called out for what it is.
Here is the petition text:
“What is it with you poison pill Republican obstructionists? Can’t you deal with an emergency public health crisis without an ax to grind for Planned Parenthood for the umpteenth time? Release the Zika defense funds without such strings attached, or in about 6 months your red state bible thumpers will be hollering for their abortions. This is treason!”
The day President Obama was inaugurated the Republicans in Congress swore they would fight to make him a failed president, even to the mortal detriment of the whole rest of the county. The had a big secret meeting and they actually did what they promised.
And this week they are making good on that threat again, by
deliberately leaving us defenseless against the Zika virus invasion about to hit our own shores.
The health care professionals in America are practically apoplectic. There is a reference link on the action page itself talking about their utter despair at the inaction of Congress.
You really need to read it.
The fear is growing that it may already be too late, that we will soon see pictures upon pictures of American babies with shrunken heads, just like in Brazil.
But whereas Brazil has now mobilized to take strong action, the Republicans in Congress sit on their hands, traitors hoping that the horrific tragedy to befall American will somehow inure to their political benefit.
We all know the Republicans can move fast when they really want to.
Boy howdy, when FBI Director Comey said he would need a referral from Congress to investigate whether Hillary Clinton had committed perjury, they had it drafted so fast no Olympic sprinter could have gotten it there any sooner.
But, no. Republicans think they were elected to obstruct and
grandstand, and in particular to stage endless votes on defunding Planned Parenthood, the one national resource we will need most dearly to confront the Zika emergency.
It is beyond reprehensible. And you tell them we said so.

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3 thoughts on “Pass the Zika Funding Without Impediments!”

  1. “…deliberately leaving us defenseless against the Zika virus invasion about to hit our own shores…”
    STOP MASS IMMIGRATION. There’s a huge surge in diseases we defeated, yes defeated. What we’re doing now is the biggest, dumbest thing ever done since the Romans allowed the Northern tribes to move into Roman territory. It’s mindless, babbling turbocharged stupidity.
    Think of the children.

    1. Yes, something needs to change.
      But relative to Zika, it’s not really going to make a huge difference right now,
      1.The Olympics
      2. People from the specific regions where Zika is right now (not Brazil) are trivial.
      Sort of like Ebola, I mean citizens are going to travel, it’s not about immigration
      although I did propose a “brown paper bag test” to determine where someone leaving the U.S. might be going 😉 (Is your skin darker than a brown paper bag)…
      but it was just a joke.
      and Brazil has a lot of White people.

  2. Hi Robert,
    I think that the Left was the base, but it isn’t now. They’ve chosen Hillary as their candidate, and she’s practically a Republican! This country has pivoted so far to the right that Obama is considered a Socialist. That’s probably why people accuse the Bernie supporters of wanting ‘free stuff’ such as tuition-free community college. The funny thing is, community college was tuition free up until the end of the Seventies in some states, including California.
    The Repubs reaction to the Zika emergency is disgusting. They should all be deported to Brazil asap. It’s winter there now, but Summer is Coming.

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