What's Wrong with Boot Camp Boyhood?

I do not know about actual bullying, but what I am talking about is teasing, taunting, horseplay, peer pressure, etc. I mean boyhood is rough. It’s like boot camp. It’s boot camp for manhood. Iron boys have to pass through the flames to be smelted into steel men. Most boys make it through and turn into healthy, more or less masculine and considerably toughened up men. Those who don’t make it through seem like they end up damaged by this process.
But boyhood has always been this way probably all down through history. Many primitive tribes have hardass ceremonies that they make boys suffer through in order to be called men. I figure it’s a normal process. I mean boyhood is where boys are turned into men. Boyhood is a process whereby boys are turned into men, not always with loving care and kindness. You are supposed to make it through like I did.
People who didn’t make it through, well I am sorry for them, but there are a lot of boot camp dropouts too you. The process is there for a reason. You really want boyhood to be not a sometimes hardass process whereby boys and toughened and turned into men? Without that toughening up process, you may well end up with way more sissy, wimpy, pussy, lame men.

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11 thoughts on “What's Wrong with Boot Camp Boyhood?”

  1. Ashkenazi Jewish men are characterized as effeminate, and in their communities it seems the boys aren’t very masculine/rough with each other, yet they are very, very disproportionately wealthy people.

    1. and successful.
      Although, they obviously have learned to fight when necessary…..
      I enjoyed Ender’s Game‘s “The K!ke force” (rather than the strike force)…and of course real life dealings of Israel with neighboring nations.

    2. If you do not aggressively promote masculinity in boys, often in not very nice ways, wouldn’t you run the risk of ending up with a generation wimpier, pussier, sissier men? That ought be something we would be opposed to.
      I pretty much had masculinity beaten into me (though usually not in evil ways), and I am just fine with that. The whole reason that I have a strong masculine side of me now, a masculine identity, and love being a man is because of my socialization during boyhood. If I would not have gone through that socialization, I might not have ended up with as strong a masculine identity as I do now. And that would be a bad thing.

      1. I thought you guys were all just gay hippie pinko commies out in Mexifornia 😉

    3. I doubt if Jews are effeminate, that’s just some Woody Allen Stereotype. Probably there is a good deal of pricks among them as with East Indians. They bully of course. How do you think Hitler gained his grudge?

        1. Notice the Hitler hairdo is now back in fashion. No joke. All coinciding with Trump-ler, If I see one of these hipsters with a square mustache I will freak out.
          Well, it was beards for awhile, but now also the SS haircut.

  2. As the commenter Matt said before, all that is needed is a little self defense training, beyond that you start getting into a situation where normie conformism is forced on boys.
    Normie conformism really fucking annoys me cause the attackers won’t shut up saying, “Oh why don’t you wear a certain type of clothes, or why don’t you wear your hair a certain way?”.
    As far as bullying is concerened as I said before, with mean boys and psychos it’s inevitable. If a kid has a chip on the shoulder and he’s forcing everyone to pay for it, kind of like my nephew when he was younger, then well, that behavior has to stop and it might come with a beating.

  3. Note with Jews of course they’re going to be a little softer cause they have more money. Generally boys not raised in rough nieghborhoods are not going to be that tough.
    Boys in richer nieghborhoods would be spoiled, would be hanging on to mom all the time, wouldn’t have no experience knowing what’s it’s like to go without food one night, probably would have to join a martial arts class to fight.
    Possibly though richer kids can be assholes, kind of like those bullies on the movie Karate Kid. Therefore it’s not always the case. But the meaness didn’t come from poverty.

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