Thread about the Police Shootings

This thread will include the two “killings of unarmed Black men by two White cops,” which includes the killing of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the “terrorist shooting attack on Dallas Police” which killed five police and wounded seven others, done by a ex-US military Black militant armed with a sniper rifle and an automatic weapon who had obviously had good tactical training.
First of all, to dispense with the usual bullshit and lies.
These were not more cases of “White cops killing unarmed Black men.” In the case of Philando Castile, the cop was a Filipino, not a White man. I guess they are evil anti-Black racists too. I suppose their racism against Blacks is due to something called Filipino Supremacy, an epidemic and structural problem that runs all through US society.
Second of all, neither of these men were unarmed. They were both packing! Yes, they were both armed with handguns. In the sad case of Castile, he actually a concealed carry permit, which is one more reason why these stupid permits should be handed out very judiciously and not like candy as they are now.
In the case of the much worse behaving Alton Sterling, another Michael Brown-like “gentle giant” with a criminal record as long as a novella, he was also armed with a handgun, illegally as it turns out as he was breaking the law by carrying a handgun in public. Sterling also very seriously resisted arrest, and the police knew he had a gun. The fact that he had a gun on him, as in the sad case of Castile, was absolutely the main and probably only reason he got killed. So if you don’t want to get killed by cops and you’re a Black man, number one, don’t go out in public packing whether you have one of those Wild West style permits or not.
I genuinely feel sorry for the cops in the Dallas case, and I don’t even like cops. In fact, I pretty much hate cop,s and as it turns out I have some very good reasons for feeling that way considering I have been arrested a couple of times, and my hatred of cops goes back to those incidents. But I realize that they have a job to do, and of course I support them in that job. Also if you stay away from them and have as little dealings with them as possible, cops will not be much of a problem in your life. Right now, criminals are a much worse problem in my life than cops. Cops barely even rate as an annoyance. Most of the time, I hardly even hate them, and I even like them or feel neutral about them.
We can’t have people running around assassinating police officers. All you cop haters, let’s try an experiment. Let’s remove all the police from your city so you will be happy to be rid of those evil cops. You can guess what is going to happen to your city in the next several months, if it even lasts that long as a functioning metropolis. “We need cops, but they need to act better” is my position.
Second point, this was not terrorism. It’s never terrorism to shoot cops, especially when they are armed and in uniform. You can argue that this guy was not a guerrilla, but that is exactly what he was in fact. This man was at war with the police. He was a one-man insurgency. And this anti-police violence is starting to look like an insurgency or guerrilla war.
The abuse of this stupid term “terrorism” is truly unfortunate, but it is usually states who are the ones abusing the term. Any and all armed non-state actors and organizations are terrorists, bar none. Tell that to the Abraham Lincoln Brigades of the World War Two partisans in Europe and Asia. There are indeed terrorist groups who target civilian targets of no military significance, and that right there is the definition of terrorism to target a cop or any sort of soldier, off-duty or on.
As expected, the White nationalists have heralded this as the onset of the glorious RAHOWA (racial holy war) that they always long for. And yes, they do long for this. Hang out on their fora long enough, and you will see it, even on the rather dainty American Renaissance site. Their glorious RAHOWA is not here, nor is it coming anytime soon. Sorry, guys. Maybe later?
The case of Mr. Castile is a tragedy. He was not a bad person, but he did have a conviction for driving without a license. But I know some Whites close to me who have been charged with that crime also. I think the cop just badly screwed up in this case and thought Castile was going for his gun when in fact he was reaching for his wallet.
The case of Sterling is much more complex, and it looks like he was an armed man struggling very hard with the officers. I have no idea what to say about this except that it looks like another SNAFU case. I need to learn more about it. Sterling was a lousy person, but he didn’t deserve the death penalty for being a dirtbag.
Ok now, take it away, commenters!

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52 thoughts on “Thread about the Police Shootings”

  1. Again, background information left out of this in the rinse and repeat cycle of “White Cops vs. unarmed black victim”. Particularly I figured it was going to be Sterling that would be the most complex in this based on the footage.
    Of course, being these actions were improper by police protocol can be very well argued, but such action is rendered fantastical by the media’s “creative license” on the accounts.
    My position of cops are neutral. While I don’t demonize them, seeing them in action with these scenarios and talking with someone with there thought of being on the receiving end I don’t take any form of sympathy for granted.
    To me, there only obligation is to do things by the book that doesn’t crosses ethic codes that they are to uphold. On those grounds would be how I would judge them.
    In application for blacks that end up in these situations I hardly expect much good to come out of it. Even when the cop has blame on his end in some, it’s not exactly uncommon that there was agitation to leads up to the moment.
    Not only that, but applying Tulio’s take on “White privilege” I find it likely that due to disproportionate cases of criminal behavior cops could be more jumpy/aggressive with Blacks. I’m not 100% positive, but it’s within possibility.

    1. The intellectually mature (and emotionally) thing to do is to examine the evidence and judge each case individually.
      The cultural left often jumps the gun, not necessarily in the details of what happened- but in, as you say “making it a Black on White issue” (i.e. The White Incan George Zimmerman). If the guy in Minnesota is Filipino- he should be investigated just the same if he were White.
      Some on the right- the mainstream right, even, will refuse to believe the Cops did anything wrong, ever.
      This does make me incredulous as to whether or not establishment conservatives are really that big of cucks.
      “if you’re a racist looking for a party in 2016, the GOP’s for you”
      -Bill Maher.

      1. Agreed. This constant fluff isn’t doing anyone good.
        My honest belief is that what is needed in Blacks is dynamic action in discussing these issues, actual investigation, and not necessarily doing something as grand as “turning them around” but the at least cease the rigid reactionary solidarity in responding to ethnic clashes by giving other ideological clusters within blacks open forum.
        In other words, more open voices from people like Tulio, I’m not 100% with him, but he has had a lot more experience with blacks seems to reach a decent balance of criticism and pride at the same time.
        My position in all of this is that I can’t expect people like Robert to “defend” blacks and other groups from WN mantra or to actually broaden HBD in application towards blacks. Again and again, even when blacks aren’t the issue, I’ve scene politics being mixed with HBD behind there reasoning so I figured I might as well be semi-noble with it.
        So far I’ve read many books on Africans and there behavior, and made connections with that of American Blacks (this is a rough process when accounting for difference within a macro race and differences in circumstances but I was capable).
        So far I’ve came on to a certain pattern that with some adjustments could make the better. Problem is, I doubt anyone would have the heart or patience to do this so I can only expect myself to.

        1. Yes, Blacks need a “balance of criticism and pride.” I have little regard for Black pride. I only appreciate them for being different, but I see not breaking their fragile ego is essential to reaching most of them.

          Mestizo Hispanics seem more accepting of raw criticism or at least can laugh it off.

          Blacks are the polar opposite of model minority East Asians. White people like Robert that like Blacks but can see cracks are perhaps the smallest minority on planet Earth. Vast majority of people are all or nothing with Blacks. Blacks can’t really be helped if they can’t see any problems. Blacks aren’t ready to just jump in the pool and reject pride. Like a Black woman with a new weave, they at least need their head above water at all times and thus are never fully cleansed.

  2. Dear Robert
    In the US, there were over 1000 people killed by police officers in 2015. In the UK, with a population of about 1/5 of the American population, there have been 55 fatal shootings by the police in the last 24 years! Something isn’t quite right in the US.
    Regards. James

  3. Ok now, take it away, commenters!
    I have just one thing to say, “only in America!”
    Time to bring on the popcorn and watch America’s obsession with guns spiral into a no-holds-barred, Wild Wild West, reality game contest. Blacks killing cops. Cops killing blacks. Free guns for everyone. Bullets are on the house. It’s Rodney King x 100 times reloaded, man.
    Now I better leave before Sam shows up to talk about his Second Amendment rights.
    Happy gunning each other down, folks.

  4. It would make it even more tough for African Americans living in small towns as whenever blacks do something bad, then some idiot racists will pick on black people, or at least make mean comments within hearing distance of black people.

    1. Well, in my hometown, we had a shooting at a Waffle House (a 24 hour restaurant) on a New Years night a few years back and the woman was hospitalized. Obviously it sparked up the bigotry and comments. Also, there was a case of a woman getting knocked out a public park and her cellphone stolen. Note this is generally an all white area.

      1. The justification for the Waffle House shooting was supposedly the black guy didn’t like the look the white woman gave her, and said, “What are you looking at?”

        1. My Grandmother lived in Kingsport and I’ve got relatives in Johnson City. She lived at I think 411 Sequoyah Dr. I looked at Google maps and it’s probably that house. The trees in the back yard are apple trees. There’s a park on top of a hill South of the house. It has a road going down from the park that’s way unbelievably steep that “T”‘s into her street. I can’t imagine why they would build a road on such a steep grade. I bet during the winter people slide down this street all the time. It’s SE of the house. Holston St. The park is bound by Compton Terrace and Hammond Ave. roads.
          Anyways back in the 70’s I go to my Grandmothers for a while. I’m bored to death so I’m walking around looking for a place to smoke a joint and I find this little park. A guy walking across the park calls to me like he knew me. He gets up to me and realizes I’m not the guy he thought. The fellow has hair to his shoulders, army jacket. No doubt stoner, so I ask, “want smoke a joint”. He’s all happy about that but says he has a bong. We go to one the houses if I remember correctly on Compton Terrace. We go upstairs and smoke a out of a bong with his buddy. I had some fairly decent weed. It was Michoacan and we got really stoned. The whole point of this is he played an album for me I really like to this day that I’d never heard before. Rush 2112.

      1. I suppose you’re super intelligent hence your invective hurling. I’ve always found that people who call others names are really deep people. Full of all kinds of insight.

  5. The people causing the most gun violence are Blacks and Hispanics by a long, long shot. Let’s take guns away from them. Recently Mexifornia passed all kinds of gun restrictions while the governor vetoed harsh sentencing of felons that have guns illegally. Guess why he did that?
    Let’s have a law that says if you commit a crime with a gun you get the death penalty. They used to have this in New York and they had little to no gun violence. It would also save massive amounts of Black lives. Far more than BLM or shooting at the police.
    I have been consistent in saying the police are way out of bounds in shooting people for little or no reason. The police don’t give a damn about White people or Blacks. I’ll bet you a policeman is just as likely to shoot a poor White person as he is a poor Black person. He might be slightly more likely to shoot a Black person because of the vast, massive amounts of crime, destruction and mayhem they cause everywhere they go but not much because of the protest it could bring. Where as shooting Whites, no one cares. The numbers on Blacks propensity for violence and law breaking are extremely high and should be taken into account.
    Robert said,”…As expected, the White nationalists have heralded this as the onset of the glorious RAHOWA (racial holy war) that they always long for. And yes, they do long for this…”
    I’m a WN and I don’t think this at all. 1st it would be a disaster and 2nd look at some of those Syria war videos and imagine yourself in the middle of that. Not fun. 3rd this is what the powers that be WANT.

    1. Right, taking away guns from felons, regardless of race is a good idea. It’s actually supposed to be done now. The shooting in Kingsport was done by a guy who was a felon, hence wasn’t supposed ot have a gun.
      Unfortuantely though, gun laws cannot protect people from crazy people who can get guns simply cause either the have no criminal record, or they don’t they have a medical condition that nobody knows about yet.

    2. The main problem, out of due respect with your line of thinking, is generalizations. Not all blacks are ghetto though many are, and not all white are sane and law abiding. Therefore, the best move is just let natural selection work it’s course by continuing to punish crime, but doing so more harshly. That will weed out bad blacks and whites etc…, and there won’t be accusations of being racist or unfair.
      However, I know your comeback. Your going to say blacks are hyper-sensitive and cannot accept some of their people are evil.

      1. Possibly the punishment for all races is effeminate and doesn’t scare people, and that’s the problem. Of course, I’m all for a lot of mercy for non-violent offenders, but these viscous sociopathic types have to be dealt with harshly.

        1. “…I’m all for a lot of mercy for non-violent offenders, but these viscous sociopathic types have to be dealt with harshly…”

      2. “…The main problem, out of due respect with your line of thinking, is generalizations. Not all blacks are ghetto though many are, and not all white are sane and law abiding…”
        Uhh…that’s what I said but generalization is not a problem or if it is then people should stop generalizing my beliefs because I’m a WN who wants to look after Whites first.
        Black crime is ridiculously high and the benefit of hanging around with Blacks, even the good ones is…well I don’t what it is but I hung around with Blacks most of my life and found over all there is little to no benefit.
        A prime example is what I heard today. My cousin had a small house he paid for in a Southern town. He’s now having to move and start all over. He’s had to buy another house in the county because so many section 8 Blacks have moved in his neighborhood. They steal from him every time he leaves the house and have on occasion threatened him. He’s going to sell the house and take a huge loss. Blacks are causing serious financial destruction to Whites. Eventually they’ll be no place to go and the US will be one big ghetto with a few mega rich like Brazil.
        We need to go back to concentrated public housing and when they fuck that up then they can just live in it. Now they are like a plague of locust that devour housing every where they go.

        1. True, ghetto blacks will steal from you and lower property values, but certain white drug addicts wil do the same. So what benefit is there from hanging around white drug addicts? There are so many disfunctional whites in my family that the argument against blacks is ridiculous.

        2. Already there is a white utopia in East Tennessee, yet there are white drug addicts here, a lot of them. How can you explain it?
          These people of course, may not kill you as ghetto blacks would, but they will weasel into your family, steal your money and property, shortchange you in jobs and relationships to get money, force your grandma to raise their kids etc…

        3. Again no response from Sam on my comment that a lot of destruction doesn’t come from savage violence (as with typical ghetto blacks), but rather a type of subtle roach infestation type thing as common in white drug culture.

        4. Jason Y,”…So what benefit is there from hanging around white drug addicts?…”
          I don’t hang around them either.

    3. Perhaps as a compromise to Sam, the US can simply deport all violent offenders regardless of race out of the nation for good. Send them to some planet or something. After that you’d only have Fresh Prince of Bel Air blacks and decent white people.
      There is some truth to be said that some people just need to be thrown out, that they are too much a drain on the nation and a threat.

        1. Since Ethnic Jewish attendance at Synagogues is low….how will they tell?
          I got it…common and last names…like “Sam” as in “Samuel” as in Jew…or at least “Jewy”…
          I was floored that Tapper is half-Jewish

          and of course, you can’t tell Ted Cruz is a dumb spic

          WN’s are not going to be able to deport people, if they don’t know who’s who. It could be messed up and White people are deported (AHHH!!!!!) plus, dude, the logistics, it would be at bare minimum, 25% of the pop…like 130 million…
          130 million
          how many people fit in each of those cubes? And how many on a plane? It’s impossible, to be done in months or years. PLUS, genius, what about deflation of the economy with that many people gone. I agree with K.L. Asher.
          Seriously, STFU.

        2. Will the expulsion of Hollywood Jews solve the white drug addict problem? I don’t know. Maybe by cleaning up the culture, but cleaning it up would reform ghetto blacks also.

    Alton Sterling aka Otis Deesnuts
    In a sheriff’s affidavit on another date, Sterling was accused of breaking into a woman’s apartment by making a hole in the wall, and then trying to sell her goldfish for $20.
    I had to reread that.

  7. A headline”…Cops saw butt of gun in Alton Sterling’s pocket, then saw him reach for it: search warrant…”
    I’m not buying this. If he had a gun in his pocket they saw why didn’t they tell him,”Don’t reach for that gun or we’ll shoot you”. I would be perfectly ok with that but they didn’t. They tackled him and then shot him twice and then three or four times more…so he couldn’t testify.
    The majority police are decent people but there’s a LOT of them that want to dominate people and are way too trigger happy.

    1. “The majority police are decent people but there’s a LOT of them that want to dominate people and are way too trigger happy.”
      Indeed. Anyone who says otherwise is either delusional, retarded, or both.

      1. Of course, wouldn’t a job like that attract those kind of people? Just like teaching Kindergarten would attract gentle hippie types.

    2. I may have been hasty here. It’s looking more and more as if the policeman did exactly what he should have. The guy looks exactly like a guy that robbed a store with a gun and appears to have a gun in his pocket next to his wallet. So by reaching for his wallet he had his hand next to the gun also.

  8. Robert said,”…Sterling was a lousy person, but he didn’t deserve the death penalty for being a dirtbag…”
    I agree with this and you know I don’t care much for Blacks but I want law and order not only among Blacks and Whites but the police also. I don’t want give any of my rights and be executed by the police.

  9. Does this Sam Jew really think that using some “Army storage cubes,” we can deport 28% to 36% of our population – or about 90 to 105 million people?
    Add the Jews, it becomes 30% to 38%…Goyim are so fucking impressionable. Let’s do some Jew math…each crate can hold, liberally, 9 people (3x3x1)…and say, liberally each plane can hold 500 crates, that’s 4,500 people per plane. We are talking 20,000 of those, how many planes are that big/equipped? Plus, rounding those people up…I assure you, there are going to be White casualties. I still see NO REASON, why the Government should not gas the Alt-Reich en masse, tomorrow.

      1. I can’t help but think he’s a SPLC stooge intending to make White Nationalists look bad.

        1. It could be……………………………
          The SPLC actually allows White Nationalists/others to post on their “comments” section, because either
          1. White Nationalists are in general really retarded
          2. They filter out the smart ones and leave the dumb ones.
          The SJWs roast these WNs alive on there.
          The SPLC does not seem that unreasonable. I think they started getting that way with “Illegal immigration”, but they also have criticized the Nation of Islam, Anti-Catholic groups, etc.
          I can’t really find anything that’s non-factual in their write-ups…actually..

    1. Let’s use the 100 million figure, 100^6 people/ 4,500 people per plane=22,222 plane trips. It’s actually much, much less because as soon as we started telling people we were deporting them to the Congo they would flee the country but I’ll play along. We have 223 C-17’s and we also have a lot of C-5’s which are much bigger but let’s just use the c-17’s. 22,222/223=99 lets call it 100. Three days per trip so we could do this in a year. If we used all our C-5’s and C-131 we could do it a LOT faster.
      We would save a fortune. Cost of welfare for Blacks. Total welfare cost x percentage of Blacks on welfare 39.8%.
      $131,900,000,000 x .398=52,496,200,000
      cost @ $1,000 to move=100,000,000,000
      We could save a fortune. I bet the total welfare cost are actually much higher. From,
      45.7 million blacks total. These numbers are not correct because they’re 2011 but they’re something to work with. “…number of Americans on welfare in the fourth quarter of 2011 totaled 108,592,000…”
      108,592,000 Americans on welfare x .398 Blacks on welfare = 43,219,616
      @ $20,000 a piece=864,392,320,000
      I knew they were lying. Section 8, food, schools has got to be OVER $20,000 per year the number I used. If it was 1/8 of that figure we could pay to move these people in one year. We could all be fucking rich if we just shipped the Blacks back to Africa, the Mexicans to Mexico and the Jews to the Congo or the gas chamber. Rich I’m telling you.
      If you think I’m picking on Blacks. The Jews are much worse. They got $16 trillion in the bank bail out. that’s $37,112 per American and these numbers are very small it’s probably twice this.

      1. You save on welfare, but you lose out on taxes and general spending. Blacks are well established, and do have an economic stake, even if disproportionately small.
        1. Less revenue
        2. Dollar collapses, can’t get the materials needed to manufacture the things to transport them…

        1. That’s the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard in my entire life. We spend $864,392,320,000 a year less on welfare and it hurts the economy and you’ll get less taxes? Ha Ha. OK then we’ll just give the $864,392,320,000 a year to White people. My share will be over $2673.31. Send me a check.

      2. Basically the bank bail out, for housing(what a laugh), cost the equivalent of a $250.000 house for every family of four in the USA. Now $250,000 won’t get you a shed in California coastal areas but in most of the country you can get a good spread for $250,000. We should have Nationalized the banks and given everyone in the country $250,000. I bet we wouldn’t have a depression now if we had done that.

  10. I might create my own blog post on this subject- roughly 10% of my Facebook friends are posting BLM stuff like this : with many thumbs up and affirmations – there is no way to have a rational disagreement with any of them.
    Oddly the poster in the Instagram link (and multiple friends of mine on Facebook) appear to believe 1 and 2 are morally equivalent.
    1) With the Dallas shooting we had a bigot (he not only wanted to kill cops but also whites cop or not) who committed first degree murder 5 times over and injured 11 others.
    2) In the case of Anton Sterling two officers, after receiving a report of a man brandishing a handgun, which Mr. Sterling did posses, attempted to do their job and detain him – A registered sex offender, wife beater, burglar, with two previous charges of illegal possession of a handgun, who was once again in illegal possession of a handgun and displaying it in public.
    They first tried verbal commands, then physical restraint, followed by a taser all of which failed. As they were struggling to handcuff the over 300 lb victim, one of the officers yelled “gun” loudly just before the victim was shot.
    Although his right hand and arm were obscured from the camera you could see Sterling could definitely move them and right hand was close to the pocket with the gun.
    There are a shit of guns in the US (4% of the world’s population with 50% of the civilian guns) and US cops are 25 times as likely to get killed by perps as UK cops. (And apparently that’s with a substantial number of US police now wearing body armor…) If I were in the same position as Anton Sterling I wouldn’t be surprised at all if I were shot. Like it or not that’s the country we live in and any adult without mental impairment should understand that. That said I agree that US police can be hyper aggressive and the US justice system is much too harsh for many minor offences.

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