Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested

This is messed up. Looks like a targeted arrest. Maybe the police are getting mad at the BLM Movement since it was at a BLM rally that Micah Johnson opened fire on police, killing five officers and wounding seven others.
The White nationalists are yelling about designating the BLM movement a terrorist organization after the Johnson shootings in Dallas. Maybe this is why police are targeting activists.
The activist’s name is DeRay McKesson, and he travels around the country going to these BLM rallies. He was not doing anything wrong and obviously he was arrested for who he was, not what he was doing (nothing).

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13 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested”

  1. Apparently this guy was unaffiliated, as you seem to say.
    Now, BLM as a whole, does not seem to be Anti-White (aided the family of the White kid in S.C. killed unarmed in his car last year) or Anti-Police (the “pigs in a blanket” remarks were a few individuals who really had no long term commitment to the movement)
    it’s an interesting example of where the Mainstream Right can be blatantly stoking racial embers among Whites (BLACK LIVES MATTER, AND OBOZO (AKA “THUGGE”) WANT TO KILL ALL POLICE FIRST, THEN ALL WHITE PEOPLE- RUN FOR YOUR LIVES)
    So…are they really that big of cucks?
    Maybe when it comes to Hispanics- but a lady on CNN was talking about how “police react differently to Blacks because they have so much of a higher crime rate, and are x times more likely to be criminal than a White”.
    I thought you were really “brave” to say that? The WNs always say so.
    Ultimatley, the mainstream right is not that cuckish.
    It’s more WN mythology.

    1. Not cuckish with Blacks, or general economics.
      With immigration, yes, but that’s literally it, if you think about it.

  2. They do the same to WN. I’m for parity in government harassment.
    The whole BLM is a set up of Blacks. They’re being used to promote civil unrest. If they can get enough turmoil maybe they can declare marshal law or take away firearms from Whites.

    1. Truth be said, blacks have a whole history of lynchings and segregation so that’s why they are hyper-sensitive about the police treatment of blacks. However, as it stands now, the US cannot afford to keep these violent offenders, so the violent ones need to be deported
      However, now the whole thing has turned into some kind of money making scheme with prison labor, so that’s out of the question.

      1. However, as I said in another thread, deportation would be good for violent blacks with proven records, mainly cause once they get on parole they cannot come back (They wouldn’t be able to get a return visa either.)
        In that sense, Sam is partially right regarding deportation. However, it would always be wrong to deport family oriented ordinary black people.

        1. The problem is, considering the long time substantial White immigration as most of our White’s ancestors- and not as many Blacks having as recent immigrant ancestors-
          Blacks are more “established” Americans than Whites.
          As Trump says “we are a nation of laws”
          we CAN NOT deport Blacks, without scrapping multiple portions (most likely) of our constitution.

      2. “Truth be said, blacks have a whole history of lynchings and segregation
        Anybody who is not either overly emotional and not thinking with their heads (a fella who commented up above)^^^^^^^^^^ or has an IQ over 50, knows this a lot of the reason that things are the way they are. Even “Aryan Ann” Coulter, acknowledges this (she objects to it with Hispanics, Asians, non-Euro Caucasoids, etc.)

  3. They have designated the kid who killed the folks in the black church and the Orlando killers as domestic terrorists, why not this clown? Sure hate to get the BLM a label like that. Would kind of be detrimental to their ignorant crusade.

  4. I used to lurk this guy back when my city was getting torn up a few months back (Baltimore), he is an annoying little shit, and he probably has plenty of unruly sentiments he hasn’t yet revealed. But all in all, this arrest is, as far as I can tell, completely unjustified. While I’ve seen him attempt to justify the violence of BLM, has is nowhere near these “burn this bitch down” thugs. If anything, he was using his influence to prevent riots. The cops jumped the shark, and they and every other police department will no doubt pay for it in the future.

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