Should Effeminate Boys Be Bullied?

Optimus Prime: I miss Epgah’s comments on these topics. He would make a kill out of these topics.
Jason Y: He would refuse to admit his idiotic hatred of NAM’s stems from childhood bullying. Bullying which he encourages among Whites to keep them from becoming Liberace faggots.
Like Sam he would just go on and on denying that certain whites can be as mean, parasitic, drug addicted, and socially destructive as some NAM’S.

You do not think highly effeminate boys who act like Liberace faggots should not be teased, taunted and horseplayed with or even bullied? I do. I don’t agree with hitting them or threatening them though. That takes it too far.
How else are other boys going to get the message that it is not ok to act like a flaming faggot? Do you think these boys come out of the womb acting like flaming queers? This is probably learned behavior. Sure, a lot of them won’t stop acting that way, but still they need to be taught that they should not act like that.
They have to be seriously faggy though. A lot of straight boys and men get this treatment just for being soft, quiet or pretty. I went through some anti-gay bullying myself even into my early 20’s, including one episode that went on for weeks, and I am not even gay! And I have been gay bashed three different times, once with a bat! And I’m not even gay! I am not even effeminate either, the way I see it. But I had some friends who got called gay constantly and they were not even 1% effeminate. They were just soft, pretty, sensitive, into clothes, etc. One guy was one of the most insane pussy hounds I have ever met, but people kept calling him gay anyway.
Even though I would oppose violence or violent threats against these boys. I absolutely oppose gay bashing as you can see above. And I would absolutely oppose any mistreatment of biologically gay boys just for having a homosexual orientation. I have had gay male clients who got humiliated badly that way in high school, and it was not a good experience. And of course effeminate or even highly effeminate men, not to mention gay men, should be left alone. But I don’t know how even that is going to work, as even many gay men despise the flamers.
Also at some point the bullying of effeminate boys needs to stop, maybe by high school or so if it’s been going on for several years already. By that time the behavior is deeply ingrained, and those boys are unlikely to change. Also, the only boys with whom a reasonable percentage of them who can be reasonably expected to lay off faggoty boys would be high school boys. Younger boys will probably never lay off faggoty boys without some serious cultural changes, and I am not sure if I want them to.
One more thing: Do you honestly think that 10 year old boys will ever accept boys who act like flaming fags?
Also: If boys come to view Liberace faggot behavior as a-ok, don’t you think more of them might start acting that way? I mean why not, if it’s perfectly ok, right?

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63 thoughts on “Should Effeminate Boys Be Bullied?”

  1. This is why, I support home.schooling. Normal schools have prison rules, survival of strongest. People bullied me a lot in school, and it did not toughen up me a bit, only after I changed school and got some friends I learnt how to defend myself.

    1. Don’t you think home-schooling might shelter them from real people? Is that a good thing? How will they ever develop toughness to survive in the real world?

      1. No it won’t, it will strengthen them during tender years and they will be released into adolescence/adulthood sort of ‘whole.’ I’m met such people before, they are not strange, strange are to people who went to regular school. Toughness to survive in the real world???? This, dear Jason, is not a ‘real’ world. Who needs to be ‘tough’ to survive today???

        1. I think Gay State Girl would disagree with you. Yes, the world is tough, especially in certain fields where leadership plays a role, which often is nearly everything. Perhaps you could get away from this situation being a work at home person, but even then the boss puts pressure on you.

        2. Ultimately….
          Social conformity is necessary, anywhere.
          But Americans, conformity= using your brain is frowned upon……
          and that’s the bottom line.
          I am left wing, generally,
          but I do find it hard to relate to AMERICAN proles….
          they just don’t know what they hell they are doing, they voted for NeoCons, and now a NeoCon in disguise (Trump), and ultimately think race is a better divider than class…..
          Don’t ban for this, but up to a certain point, the Working class, has to help themselves not by changing how they work/their work ethic but by understanding basic economics and voting for their interests (now I know democrats are “anti-White” but if more White people voted Demo, they wouldn’t necessarily be)…’s about appealing to the base.

        3. When anyone says they are against whties they actually mean against poor white people. Middle class and rich whites could care less about stuff which angers WNs etc.. They’re probably more concerened whether to buy Nike or Reebok at the mall.

      2. I am left wing, generally, but I do find it hard to relate to AMERICAN proles…they just don’t know what they hell they are doing, they voted for Neocons, and now a Neocon in disguise (Trump) and ultimately think race is a better divider than class…
        Don’t ban for this, but up to a certain point, the Working class, has to help themselves not by changing how they work/their work ethic but by understanding basic economics and voting for their interests (now I know democrats are “anti-White” but if more White people voted Demo, they wouldn’t necessarily be)…’s about appealing to the base.
        This is just fine. You are always welcome to criticize the lousy politics of the White working class.

      3. Not at all, you dont have to keep your children locked inside 24/7 even if you homeschool them, they can get friends elsewhere, if u want them tougher just make them go to martial arts lessons. You see bullying wont make anybody tougher or show them ” real world” it is just pure torture and it will traumatize a lot people every year and ruin their whole life.

        1. When kids seek out peers, they would always be people who are nice to them, in contrast to going to a regular school. where some of he peers will hate or dislike them.
          Martial arts is a very controlled environment and they’re not going to run into many bullies there. Sure martial arts would make them tough physically and to some extent mentally, but the real deal of having to deal with real kids in school is the real deal.

  2. A lot of times boys are not bullying other boys for being flaming fags, only flaming fags in their opinion. Opinions on what constitutes flaming vary sometimes as much as what some people consider beauty. A lot of times these boys are just looking for drama. So you say, “Will gay or a better term “What I think is sissy” bashing stop among boys. Probably not, cause they’re always looking for drama.
    No, the boys are not concerned whether other boys are gravitating toward being gay or sissy. They’re just being motherfuckers. Let’s not make this more complex than it is.

    1. Note a lot of these types will also bully somebody for being of a different race or for having a disability. Why ??? Cause again they want drama.

    2. In another case, certain boys won’t strongly bully misfits, but they will a little bit cause they want to look cool in front of peers. Like they might make the blow job facial expression to mock a gay person, lol.

    3. Ultimately, I believe Jason and I are correct that the most vile WNs (won’t name names) were probably bullied by NAMs, maybe disproportionately as a child.

      1. True, the hate from them is vile alright, nearly demonic. It surpasses even what I saw in my own family, which came mainly from bad experiences in the US Army.

        1. But,
          not all people of a race behave a certain way (GAUSSIAN DISTRIBUTIONS FTW)-
          even if they do,
          you get over it,
          it’s Psychopathy, which I would hence hypothesize is found disproportionately in racists.

        2. I think a little psycho exists even in normal people and is brought out by being victimized by bullying.
          I don’t think my dad, for instance, was a stable normal individual, but his experiences with blacks were so bad in the Army that he just had a huge problem with them.

        3. of course, I mean everyone is a little bit prejudiced, and less likely to give the “other” the benefit of the doubt……………
          but does it consume his life?
          How the hell do people live like that?

        4. What continues to mind-fuck me is;
          “I hate Blacks cuz the bullied me so I’m going to take it out on Blacks of course, as well as Syrians, Mexicans, and to a lesser extent Jews, Asians, Women of any race etc.)….what the hell is that?”
          I suppose low-Intellect is to blame?
          A Black bullied me so I will instantly associate him with “Hispanic” Ted Cruz;

          like the oh so gifted AmRenners do…
          it just goes to show the point,
          Alt-Reichers are a Eugenic threat to humanity!

        5. Ultimately,
          and most rational people
          would trade Syrians, White Hispanics, etc.
          for Alt-Reichers any day of the week……………………………………………

        6. of course, I mean everyone is a little bit prejudiced, and less likely to give the “other” the benefit of the doubt……………
          but does it consume his life?
          How the hell do people live like that?

          Normally in internet marketing you have to pay to get people to write on your blog. Not the case at all with racist blogs. You get tons of nigger work for free, 😆
          Why don’t these sites put on some ads for some money? It’s the best biz model out there.
          Cotton plantations? What about online ones?

        7. Extreme racism is a religious devotion sparked by personal grudges due to bullying. It’s reiigious in nature, so that’s why people will work like slaves posting on blogs,forums relating to the subject for free.

        8. My dad sort of behaves like ep-gah. However, his hate never became as bad as his hate mainly cause he made good money. After the military he went into the post office. Oh wait. Post office = psycho 😆
          According to ep-gah’s own testimony, he was fired from some job, hence he has a grudge. Supposedly ep-gah was also in the military, but apparently now has fallen on hard times.

        9. I do have a relative who is consumed by racist hate, who unlike my dad, won’t cut his targeted groups any slack. I think in his case, it’s a life of being a loser economically coupled with a sociopathic mindset.

        10. Possbily though my racist relative is like Sam in that maybe he doesn’t hate blacks, but he vastly groups all blacks into one pile.
          You can’t really blame people like Sam or my racist relative for having the feelings they do. Maybe it’s not necessarily sociopathic. There could be justified reasons for thier feelings, even though obviously they are a little irrational possibly due to childhood abuse.

    4. But of course, Sam will say “because racism is an overused term, racism does not exist”…………………………………………………….
      THANKS OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Saying no racism exists is a feel good thing. It makes people feel all cozy and warm inside, but it just isn’t the truth. Note, in some circles racism doesn’t exist, but it stil does, and often harshly in many others.
        You see this situation on a college campus where diversity and stuff is massively pushed and seemingly from a visual viewpoint racism is as dead as the dodo.

        1. Well, for one thing a lot of under the surface homophobia, of which sometimes Iv’e been a target exists as at a college, and of course, you can just drive down the road and people are flying rebel flags in the back of trucks. In fact, a neighboring county is highly redneck. Strange it’s so close to the college county which is as liberal as Asheville NC or San Francisco.

        2. Ultimately, in some cases, there is an advantage to not being White (or, maybe Asian, although there successes aren’t even differentiated by Alt-Reichers any more) … in that sometimes you get to be a “token” with lower standards…
          in the end, the distributions are Gaussian, so there are basically Blacks in any level of intelligence, up to very genius levels, so Blacks naturally will be represented anywhere.
          Richard Nixon, when talking about Jensen’s work with an advisor said “their are geniuses in all groups, something that will never be accepted”, and that’s true. Blacks will do fine, in some fields, in a non-racist/ but non-Affirmative action society. That’s a lot of why I think a good indicator of a REAL racist is how much prejudice they have against successful Blacks…they don’t care about the Gaussian distribution of abilities.
          It’s kind of bad we’ve come to this basic level of discussion on this blog, but some “fire-breathing WNs” (or rather, one specifically) doesn’t seem to understand this.

        3. Did Nixon’s genius keep him from lying? Some truth could be said that some low level idiots won’t never get in trouble with the law and will benefit in a sort of “turtle wins over the rabbit” race.

        4. In answer to your other thing you brought up, yes a college is a non-racist environment, but it is still non-egalitarian. Obviously it’s a tyranny of the smart and everyone is struggling to be one of the smart ones, no matter which race. A smart black, as there are math graduate students at my university, would be in the elite, but not the stoner C student.

        5. High achieving individuals of underprivileged minority backgrounds can rise to the top of their respective communities and assume the mantel or carry the torch for their community.

        6. Perhaps you see a tyranny of the smart or at least a tyranny of the normal. People, no matter what race, who dress well and generally don’t stand out as nerdy. Perhaps they also have money which would be another elite status, so that would be something else to be snobby about.
          So yeah, the smart would come out ahead, but also those who are moderately smart but dress in a conformist fashion. Even among art or music types, the counter-culture at a college is something conformist.

        7. At a community college I know, race is a factor, as it’s all white and some racist whites are mean and tyrannical. However, at the state university there is way too many blacks and foreign students for certain whites to become that arrogant. You got to realize that in East Tennessee, there are few minorities anyway.
          At the state university, racism is not cool, but it is replaced with anti-nerdism In other words, the un-cool are persecuted. People who seem weak, no matter the race, are picked on.

        8. Homosexuality would be considered being weak and despite success in getting racism erased at the state university, gays are not welcome generally, though officially they are.
          There are a huge lot of homophobes bothering gays or those who seem gay all the time.

        9. GSG-
          what if you are a spatially oriented/ or not charismatic?
          Not really going to happen in such cases…
          ultimately, there are 1 or more African-Americans with IQs of 160+ on White Norms, (Einstein was allegedly 160 on White Norms), so there are uber brilliant African-Americans.
          The WNs like EPGAH or Sam will say “I don’t hate all Blacks, I like Phil, he may have an IQ of 130” but 167? Nope, they’d deny that’s possible.
          emotion trumps Mathematics

        10. But if you are spatially gifted, GSG, that’s more difficult.
          There will be Blacks in some Sciences, there could be a brilliant Black-American to win a noble prize in science, there is currently a Black-American smarter than Einstein’s reported 160 (although everybody knows Einstein was a Jew fraud 😉 ) it’s just that not all people with 160s IQs are Einstein, and since there are more Jews than Blacks at that level, one is MORE LIKELY to have a Jewish theoretical physicist/ the likes than Black, although it is possible for a Black to do just that, undeniably.
          But with these “fire-breathing WNs” emotion Trumps mathematics

        11. I’m not a spatial or verbal genius. I wouldn’t have a heck of a chance of competing for a place in the jewish establishment or assuming the mantle of a jewish organization…and soliciting donations from (conning) elderly Jews or “safeguarding” their savings.
          But my mathematical ability is a lot higher than many of the guys in the manosphere.
          I’m not a ball buster and I’m generally not interested in being combative with them, or participating in any kind of SJW activism. I’m happy to let them rant, I just hope to undermine the altright and the manosphere through their own stupid errors.

        12. The Alt-Right,
          is perhaps the greatest Eugenic threat to humanity, EVER.
          just look around
          SJWs are socially/environmentally confused- but their genes are not fucked up. Alt-Righters would not “thrive” anywhere.
          There are not even, for the most part, coherent.
          Hitler would have gassed them for being retards.
          End of story.

        13. I do like the “social experiment”…give them all their own country… a “White paradise”
          since their ancestors got super smart surviving cold winters- I’d say a far North or South country.
          Daily Stormers/ Pagan types
          Jared Taylor/ PISSED OFF White people
          Trad cons/Paleos/Pat Buchanan.
          Ideology war. NOW!

        14. LOL They had their eyes set on the pacific northwest, where there’s some friction because it’s also a hippie haven. In the wake of the oil boom, they turned their eyes to the great plains, a large percentage of the land is allotted to Indian reservations.
          But I hear the global warming crisis has improved prospects for farmers at both poles…

        15. well, they might say there are too many Asians in the American
          I know liberals predicting that, when Trump loses in November, there are going to be riots in the streets- the low impulse control/really stupid ones (Fire-breathing WNs should realize “Mexicans throwing eggs at a Blonde girl” is really irrelevant to this statement- sucker punching a handcuffed Black guy is also relevant) will be rioting in the street-
          turning nice White areas into a giant NASCAR rally
          WNs will once again slink back under their rocks…
          and sincere people, people without vendettas, and people with half a brain,
          can finally make some progress on the “Alt” left and right fronts.

        16. I think these HBD/ Alt-Left movements are more intellectual, and hence don’t pick up as much steam as the Alt-Reichers…it’s because in America, low-IQ/ anti-intellectual words/ “Ideas” Trump anything with nuance or intelligent. There is a profound cultural issue in the U.S. relating to this.
          just kidding,
          but if I wasn’t it would resonate, because of the point I just made.

        17. “I blame your people”
          Were you referring to kikes or dykes? Just kidding I’m not actually either.

        18. Sam doesn’t hate all blacks. He’s angry at ghetto ones, but he wants to herd all blacks into the same pile as the ghetto ones. That’s where his error lies. Of course, deporting all violent blacks with proven records is a good idea, mainly cause even on parole they can’t come back. In that sense I partially agree with Sam.

  3. It’s strange though, how especially during the 70s and 80s. so many guys wanted to look like women, and people thought it was cool, at least in some places. In some ways a tthe time, it was thought if you had short hair you were a faggot, cause it seemed prissy. The large hair had this warrior kind of look to it.

    1. It was pretty much a given that your typical rock star or rebel bad ass would have long hair. In fact very long hair, cause in the 70s, everybody had long hair to an extent.

  4. One way to deal with jerks who want drama is to ignore them. I mean, I’m not in prison. Fuck em. They might say I’m a pussy, but who cares ?? Just stay away from them as though they don’t exist. So they made some hate speech, well “Sticks and stones ….. “.

  5. Although I know Phil is fond of EPGAH, and I respect Phil, I do agree with Jason on this one.
    EPGAH was supposed to have done something with computers for a living (smart) but he did not come across smart on this blog (deeply emotional)- so Jason probably is right.

  6. I honestly don’t care how people express themselves, but I don’t see why any kid–even an effeminate one–can’t learn enough about self-defense to at least make a bully think twice about bullying. I would certainly be cheering him on.

      1. Basically, yes, if you mean the kind of affected, flaming behavior I think you mean. Truth: Growing up, I don’t remember anyone like that. But I remember lots of boys who were bullied and called f*****s for reading books, doing well in school, playing a musical instrument, or having more than a thimbleful of empathy. I wouldn’t mind seeing a can of whupa$$ being applied to the lowest common denominator reflected by such values.

        1. …and if you teach kids to defend themselves, I’m convinced a lot of the more off-putting effeminate behavior would take care of itself. That is all.

      1. No offense, but Robert thinks the bullying is some sort of training for boys to teach them to be men. Not really. It’s just assholes looking for drama and cheap entertainment.

        1. My high school has already had the threat of a school shooting. Gee, I wonder why? I guess some of the hyper-sensitive wusses can’t take it I suppose.
          Consider we know school shootings are a threat, then why won’t these bullies finally shut up ???

  7. There is a difference between not coddling weakness and actual bullying. A coach telling a kid to walk off a minor injury, for example. That might make one stronger. Merciless teasing and gratuitous violence (slamming kids into lockers, keeping their personal property just out of reach, etc.) is another thing entirely. We’ve all experienced it, and it may be a fact of life at that age, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to do to anybody.

    1. It burns me up so much I went out and accused one girl of bullying, even though she did it 3 years ago. I had one class with her, so finally I could find out her name be researching the class website.

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