A Bit More on Bullying

Jason Y thinks that just because I said that bullying is OK sometimes means that I think it is OK all the time. Absolutely not so. Only serious outliers need this treatment to get them in line. However, teasing, taunting, and roughhousing is just boys being boys. It’s not as bad as severe bullying, and as a boy you need to learn to handle being teased, taunted, or roughhoused around without flipping out. So maybe it is a test for toughening you up.
Boys can’t be falling apart every time there is a bit of roughhousing, teasing, or taunting. This is a universal aspect of boyhood, and they need to get through it, learn to take it, and not have it destroy or damage them into adulthood. However, this can be a bad thing, and I know a man who is still angry at his brother for teasing and taunting him into a reaction and then using that reaction to beat him up. This man is over 50 years old, and he still has not forgiven his brother for this, and knowing the brother’s personality, an apology is not forthcoming.
Nothing about Jason and nothing Jason did deserves bullying. Or even teasing and roughhousing. And I would say that none of the men on this site revealing how they were bullied as boys deserved it. That’s just mean, and sadly it can leave scars into adulthood.
You see, Jason thinks when I say bullying is ok sometimes, he thinks I said bullying is ok all the time. See? It’s an error in reading comprehension.
But I don’t say that. A lot of the time it is not deserved. So Jason’s hair was sort of curly and messed up. So what? You can’t help it. No one should be bullied or maltreated over things that they cannot control.
However, I do feel that serious outliers deserve to be bullied, teased, taunted etc. about things that they can control. They need to get the message that what they are doing is not ok. But only some kids need that sort of treatment:
Assholes, psychos, mean boys. Fuck em, bully em. They deserve it, they should not be that way, that’s no way for a boy to be. That behavior needs to be arrested. An asshole, psycho, mean boy may well grow up to be an asshole, psycho, mean man, and that is a lot more dangerous. Nip it in the bud. How would you like to see way more asshole, psycho, mean men than there already are? There are enough men like this as it is, and even one is unacceptable. These men do a lot of damage to society and the people they victimize. Boys need to get the message that it is not OK to be an asshole, mean, psycho male. We cannot send boys out into the society of men acting that way. It causes serious societal problems.
Crybaby boys. Boys should not cry or at least they should not cry excessively. It is not acceptable for a 10 year old boy to be crying all the time. He needs to be bullied, teased, roughhoused, even hit, to get the message that males simply cannot do that in our society. Also the rest of the boys need to be taught that boys and men simply cannot be crybabies. That is as unacceptable as it gets. Do you want to raise generations of crybaby men? Come on.
Seriously effeminate boys. Sorry, no boy is born effeminate. This is obviously learned behavior. That means they could knock it off anytime. Boys need to get a strong message that serious effeminacy is not acceptable. If that means teasing, taunting, etc. effeminate boys, that is fine with me. The rest of the boys need to be told that this is not ok. If you do not do this, you might end up with a lot more effeminate men than there already are, and that would not be good. You could end up with whole generations of effeminate men.
Weirdos, idiots, seriously dorked out nerds, and fools. Look, if you are this much of a nerd, idiot, fool, dork, clumsy, awkward, idiot clown of a boy, that is just not acceptable. Boys who act that way deserve bullying, teasing, taunting, and even a bit of roughhousing. They need to get the message that they need to knock it off, and the rest of the boys need to get the message that this is seriously not ok. Otherwise you might end up with whole generations of nerdy, dorky, idiotic, lame, and foolish men.

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31 thoughts on “A Bit More on Bullying”

    1. Not if the parents are cheering it on, which is often the case, or they refuse the believe thier kid is a bully.

        1. I have witnessed this. Or if the parents are rich snobs and encourage their kids to shun kids from middle class families.

        2. Nashville has rich people, but my part of the state only has doctors, lawyers, and then blue collar, and then the very poor.
          We do have Dollywood which is owned by a rich person, but she doesn’t live here as far as I know.

  1. Your not going to encounter enough devil be care people to hate a group from just casual encounters. Say if you visited Charleston SC you wouldn’t hate blacks, it might even be the opposite. You might see some people making fun of you, but it kind of just bounces off. The same is true for Japan or anywhere else.
    The stuff that makes Sam and other hardcore racists angry was developed over many years by encounters with these cool type people who humilate other people.
    I’d say probably the most psycho victims would have to be teachers, though they probably try to hide it, or act like it doesn’t bother them out of masculinity.

    1. Also, there is a bit of hypocrisy. You often see devil be care people who themselves hate other devil be care people. Like some guy who hates blacks because of their stereotypical behavior, but then goes out and does the same thing to other people.
      This guy I know would bitch all the time about how he hated blacks, and would point out they were cooler than thou etc.. but then he was always constantly making fun of people he deemed had a chump type personality.

  2. Definition of effeminate men is relative. Some guys would beat up a boy for playing a piano.
    Do you mean being a bitch? That would fall under psycho/asshole, and I agree with that. Like well I told you one story about my middle class teenage relatives who were bitching on a beach family vacation, as well as at thier grandmas house, because they’re bored.

    1. Do you know what a flaming faggot is? A highly effeminate man. Of course playing the piano doesn’t count.
      You cannot tell me you have never encountered a flaming faggot before.

      1. Masculine and feminine traits aren’t set in stone. Some males are more sensitive and some females are more tomboy-ish.
        These homophobes want to pick at every little off gender behavior to bully children. Like saying, “Oh she’s around her dad too much. No wonder she’s on the middle school basketball team. She might just become a lesbian. etc..”

    1. He would refuse to admit his idiotic hatred of NAMs stems from childhood bullying. Bullying which he encourages among whites to keep them from becoming Liberace faggots.
      Like Sam he would just go on and on denying that certain whites can be as mean, parasitic, drug addicted, and socially destructive as some NAMS.

      1. Well theoretically, it can pressure girls to adapt their behavior so they can appear be more attractive to potential mates, but it usually doesn’t work out as well for us as it does for you.
        You can’t do much to change your appearance or background.

        1. Dunno
          I was a weird kid who used to pick chap off my lips and dig at my scabs in elementary school. That sort of thing. Probably better to be told off by other girls at a young age than be shunned by boys as a teenager. But in most cases girl on girl bullying is related to substance beyond their control.

        2. I know this girl who is adult and sucks her thumb like a baby. Should she be shamed? She’s a slow learner, but she’s not retarded or anything. She’s also black.

  3. So what about on the movie Sleepers where the guard played by Kevin Bacon rationalizes raping boys by saying, “It makes them tough and hard.”?

      1. Of course boys should not be raped to make them hard and tough.

      2. Only bullying of serious outliers among the boys can be justified. If you are not a serious outlier, I would oppose it. Aggressive/mean/psycho boys, crybaby boys, highly effeminate boys and seriously, insanely geeked out boys all pretty much need the treatment though. They need to be taught that it is not acceptable to act that way.

      1. Of course. 😆 After Kevin Bacon mentions the bullying made them hard and tough (it was at a bar years after the prison stuff) they put a put a load of bullets in his head.

      2. Very few incredibly effeminate boys come out of a typical school anyway, unless it’s a school totally full of gay people. And geeks also, it would have to be a school of geeks to produce an exteme geek.
        I doubt if there is really guys like Revenge of the Nerds out there. Maybe to some degree, but not that much.

        1. Jason, we had two Liberace faggoty boys in the 5th grade and our school was not gay at all. However, one of my best friends was a faggoty guy who was an out bisexual. However, he completely respected me and never came onto me, which was very nice.
          We had some super geeky guys in the 8th grade. With one of them, my best friend and I used to mess around with him a lot, but he messed around with us right back so it was sort mutual. We used to taunt him, but then he would try to hit us. It didn’t seem to be doing him any damage, more like roughhousing or teasing among boys.

  4. It’s very difficult for a boy to develop self confidence. First of all they would need to be in sports, but only so many of them are good at it. They could do bodybuilding, but many like me, lived far away from town out in the sticks. Finally, they would need a positive role model to cheer them on and to show them the way, and I didn’t have one, and many boys don’t.
    See, these over-confident kids all have parents cheering them on. It’s a incredibly unfair advantage and it leads many of them to become arrogant and bully.

    1. Maybe it’s not that boys aren’t good at sports, necessarily, but it’s just that that the teams are only so big, so no room for more. Also, the kids are competing against these super-kids who have been playing since they were in kindergarten (little league etc..).
      There was even this one bastard in middle school that would make fun of people by saying, “Oh there’s another reject. There’s another. Oh it’s reject city.” 😆

    2. You could also apply this argument to a liberal view of the third world etc..
      The people don’t have any self confidence. Only a revolutionary government will make the self confidence of the common people a priority. Otherwise, all attention is given to the elite, which the middle school equivelent would be these super-kids.

  5. OK here’s a link saying bullying is a good thing:

    FOX Sports NFL Insider Mike Garafolo reported that some Dolphin’s coaches knew about the hazing and thought that it might help to toughen Martin up. Many NFL players and former players support that view. Football is violent game and requires extraordinary mental as well as physical toughness. Moreover, enduring hardships together builds lasting bonds of friendship. To some, Martin appears selfish, weak and whiny. They argue that others have put up with all kinds of harassment, and ask why he feels that he is special and how he can be so disloyal to his team. The complaints against Martin appeal to a commonsense view of character development and are deeply rooted in American culture.

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