War Zone: July 4, 2016

I swear it sounds exactly like a war zone out there. I have been watching a lot of combat videos lately, and this is more or less exactly what a war zone sounds like, albeit with some larger explosions now and then. If you want to know what gunshots sound like, well, they sound like firecrackers. That’s the best analogy that I can come up with. This has got to be the most damned violent Fourth of July that I have ever experienced. I believe the madness started this morning, and the battle has been going on nearly nonstop (just like in a war zone) ever since. Keep in mind that this is a small city of 50,000 people. There’s rarely five seconds without an explosion of some sort. Are people really getting more violent and setting off more of these little bombs, or is it just my imagination? If there are more firecrackers now, why is that? Are people pissed off about something? Are they more violent nowadays?

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  1. I just had a brain storm. Off topic but related to this blog. Intelligence.
    I was reading,
    about how the Greeks got so smart. I read this comment,
    j says: ”
    December 17, 2015 at 11:16 pm
    Although infanticide was practiced regularly by all ancient peoples (except the Hebrews, which scandalized the Greeks and later the Romans), as far as I know, only the Greeks gave it an eugenic spin. Aristotle writes that malformed, sick, ugly newborn must be killed. Greeks systematically decreased their average mutational load and improved the quality of their population.”
    and it came to me. It’s said that intelligent people are more attractive. Maybe the Greeks by only keeping the more symmetrical and healthy looking babies raised their intelligence.

  2. Yeah, people are more angry than last year and the year before. The racket last night shows it. It shows in the way they drive, too close and taking other sorts of risk and the way they behave in the grocery store, a sort of formal courtly politeness as if they were ready to challenge others to a duel.
    I interpreted some of the banging as gunfire, could be wrong.
    The pundits didn’t foresee the hammering to break the Berlin Wall nor the end of Soviet power. They didn’t foresee the success of Brexit. They refuse to foresee the revolution about to happen here. I believe they are too invested in the way things are to confront real change.

  3. I have a question for someone with a knowledge of linguistics. I’ll post it here since this is the most recent place.
    I have a basic (“Hello”, “Thank you”, “Where’s the bathroom?” and some technical terms) knowledge of both Russian and German. I want to improve my ability with both. Would it be more effective to study one for a week, then the other, or to alternate more often, say daily?

    1. Personally I think you should do only one language at a time, but that is just my personal theory.
      Maybe I will go on the Linguistics board on Quora and ask them the question and see what they say.

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