Statement on Bullying

Jason Y: If you’re retarded, you should be bullied !! It’s only nature’s way. Just kidding.

I wrote a post recently that seemed to support bullying. I would like to clarify my position on that matter so people don’t get the wrong idea about where I stand. I don’t support bullying. Instead I support teasing, roughhousing and childhood horsing around, that sort of thing. It can be pretty mean, but it’s not really bullying. Actual bullying, if it what I think it is, is very ugly and doesn’t seem to benefit anyone except maybe the bully. It’s a very evil thing, but it also seems to be part of human nature. I was not bullied a lot as a boy, teen and young man, but I did get bullied some. It was never the whole class or everyone around; it was always just 1-3 idiots who got it in their heads that this was a good idea. The vast majority of the people I knew would not support the bullies and wound support me instead. Whether it makes you stronger, I have no idea. I think it does the opposite to a lot of people – it seems to damage them even years afterwards. I know that I still almost have PTSD about some of the bullying I went through, and that was 37-45 years ago. I think if you get through bullying with your self-esteem and sanity pretty much intact, maybe it makes you stronger. But that’s a lousy way to get stronger. I will say though that weathering through life’s toughest episodes does make you stronger, assuming that you get through them without too much damage and with your self-worth intact. I would say that they toughen you up. It’s a crappy way to get toughened up, but life in general is going to have all sorts of very nasty, ugly and stressful episodes. That is sad, but it is just the nature of life. My father and I did not have a very good relationship, but one thing he always said about me was that I was resilient. My father always used to say, “Bob always bounces back, no matter what. That’s the thing about Bob. He gets knocked down and then he is down for a bit, but after a while he jumps right back in pretty good shape. I don’t know how he does it.” I think there is something said for the ability to bounce back or be resilient. I would recommend this skill to anyone. It’s a fantastic skill to have in life as it makes life so much easier and more fun to boot. I am not sure how I am resilient, but I actually like myself. Maybe too much, but still…No matter what happens to me, I’m still great, and I won’t let people or life beat me into hating myself or getting down. If you think you are hot and the bad things that happen to you are often not really your fault because you tried your hardest, then that inner strength or self-esteem may well keep you carrying on. In these cases, denial and projection might even be adaptive. I tend to blame other people for a lot of the lousy things that have happened to me. Whether that is true, I have no idea, but it keeps me feeling good about myself deep down inside. Discuss.

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58 thoughts on “Statement on Bullying”

  1. I don’t think you can ever stop bullying. It’s the way kids determine the pecking order and whose the strongest. Kids should know that if they’re caught they’ll be punished to keep it to a low level and not let it get out of hand.
    Speaking of bullying there’s a guy called “Baltimore’s Violence Guy” who is a White writer who lives in…you guessed Baltimore. He says that one of the reasons that the Black hood rats are so violent is their Mothers slap the shit out of them and sling them around terribly. He says some horrible things about Blacks yet I don’t think he has a racist bone in his body. You should check him out he writes about violence, hence why he lives in Baltimore as there is a lot of that going around there, is also a stick fighter involved in the sport of medieval fighting (Modern Agonistics) and any other type fighting you can think of.
    He has some great books like “When you’re Meat” and other uplifting titles like that.
    He has different categories of stories. Try “Harm City”.

  2. It makes it a lot worse when adults try to intervene. Can be very humiliating for the victim.

  3. Howver, what if someone who is a bully, then gets bullied himself to the point of PTSD. Is it still wrong?
    Note a lot of bullies are bullying people whom in their mind are assholes.

    1. Of course another problem lies in different culture values. For instance, one person might think someone deserves bullying, while other people think that person does not deserve bullying.
      Like if somebody spoke thier mind, some would view it as a death sentence, while others would see it as free speech.

  4. I did turn in this one girl at the community college for bullying, but they didn’t do nothing to her, except put it on record. She just went on to some engineering school with a slap on the wrist.
    But she wasn’t the only one. The whole place wanted to lynch me, It was like middle school all over.

    1. I took IT courses at Community College. It was big and people just minded their own business.

        1. It’s comical how touchy people are, and how words go viral like some sensational news even if it’s coming from nobody famous.

  5. Roughing up is okay, though not all people might be able to handle it. I was able to get the better of a few playground bullies I used to play football (soccer) with a few years back. Though, it’s left quite a bit of an impact on me and mostly when in groups where the others know each other too well, I’m a bit on the guard always.
    The passive verbal nonsense that I came across in my 20s, was probably the most lame sort of bullying that I’ve ever came across. I’ve met guys who joke about my country, whine back with “It’s just a joke, I didn’t mean to offend you” when I had a decent come back or respond with “Really, who cares?” when I corrected them on a faulty argument they made. This kind really annoys me, as comebacks and defending yourself apparently means being sensitive. There’s no way to deal with this nonsense, and no one learns anything from it.

    1. Definitely the attacks on 9/11 are below the belt, but Europeans I met would always rationalize, some claiming they were being fashionablly politically incorrect. Of course, you cannot make a comeback without seeming wussy and sensitive.
      Koreans big time would use 9/11 as a weapon if you got on their bad side, and sometimes even if you haven’t.

      1. Getting on their bad side by coming across weak or stupid to them. Kind of like how William was describing the way cool blacks do people.

      2. I remember one time I asked a Korean middle school class what the score of the game was, and they said 9 to 11 😆

    2. Ultimately the root of the some of the bullying was crappy teaching, but really considering the corruption over there and bad organization, it’s inevetible teachers will suck.
      So I take it with blacks, possibly a similar thing is going on. Whites encounter blacks at school, in the army, in prison, where bad organization and other problems make co-existance between races nearly impossible, mainly due to bullying.
      Possibly a different approach by the organization would promote more respect, but it isn’t done.

      1. A different approach might be beating the crap out of bullying students, but in a black neighborhood, due to racism, the school might side with the blacks due to racial grudges against whites.

  6. Too often bullying starts at the breakfast table when parents of other students are criticized!!! Children, far too often take these hateful remarks to school and use them to persecute students they don’t like, usually because the do not believe as they themselves believe. our country, which was established as a Christian nation, has now risen above GOD, HE is the “UNDER DOG!” The WORD OF GOD tells us this would happen in the last days” just before HIS return for HIS people. WE cannot escape it because HIS WORD declares “perilous times shall come!” GOD the CREATOR of all good, is hated above all else, by those that Satan have won over!!!

  7. I will maintain until my dying day that most of the reason for this Alt Right surge (or why people started dabbling in it) is cool, r-selective Blacks ribingg these middle to low intellect less social Whites. This is where a lot of racism comes from.

    1. Yep, including with Sam no doubt.
      So the question is, “Are these people being oversensitive?” Well, nobody likes thier pride stepped on. But it is funny to see some people who are bullies in thier own culture become the bitch in another culture.
      When some loudmouth white nationalist type cries about how he hates blacks, but then he and his buddies put a gay in thier place in a white majority area. Well, don’t we see the irony?
      So white nationalists hate blacks cause they treat them like they (WNs) treat queers, nerds.

    2. I will maintain until my dying day that most of the reason for this Alt Right surge (or why people started dabbling in it) is cool, r-selective Blacks ribingg these middle to low intellect less social Whites. This is where a lot of racism comes from.

      Yeah, but these smartasses exist among all races, and they give people in their own race the treatment.
      They’re kind of like those heckler characters on the Muppet Show. ;lol:
      It just seems though that certain people get the treatment by certain ones but not others. For instance, someone getting that treatment by East Indians, but not blacks, would hate East Indians.

      1. I know because I went through a phase like that…8th grade. I think it was an age when Blacks were more sexually mature and Whites weren’t (Blacks are said to have shorter life expectancies)…but I was sharp enough to realize this was the cause….in HS I had an incident or two with a mixed race group of wannabe was a majority White so I realized what was going on. Plus Black adults were always quite jovial…….

        1. A lot of the bullying is mostly due to be small. Of course, they might pick on other stuff, like with me, some white kids called be Afro American (cause of my hair), but the root was because I was small, and my comebacks were not strong enough to make them shut up. It only made me look sensitive, so you got the wuss thing going on.

        2. Definitely blacks are just bigger and more confident. I encountered one in 9th grade, one that Sam would hate. But I was able to laugh off a lot of his stuff, cause it was an all male welding class, and it was just guys being guys.

        3. I was certainly one of the bigger guys, it was like a “dare” to try to mess with someone like me. So I just shoved ‘re and that was it, but middle school it was different, just because things were stricter, actually.

        4. However, Koreans are as mean as snakes and they guys are all girly looking compared to whites. So it’s all about being in an environment where one group is the majority. Even small people in a majority area of one group will terrorize those who are different.
          The majority is always cool and they can’t be convinced they aren’t. For instnace, the USA was not cool in South Korea, so remarks about Bin Laden were not seen as being mean, but rather a way to bully people whom are not cool.

        5. Sam said “I was the reason Jews should have not been allowed into the U.S.”. If you are like me and denied the privileges of Whiteness to much of the WN ommunity-despite literally being White, and indistinguishable from other Whites- you can’t help but think the whole Damn thing is a joke. WIns are stupid, sociopathic, and pathological liars on average, regardless of reason.

        6. Sam said “I was the reason Jews should have not been allowed into the U.S.”. If you are like me and denied the privileges of Whiteness to much of the WN ommunity-despite literally being White, and indistinguishable from other Whites- you can’t help but think the whole Damn thing is a joke. WIns are stupid, sociopathic, and pathological liars on average, regardless of reason.

          So? The Nazis deported the Jews, and in South Korea the hate against Japanese is sociopathic, even though they look just like Japanese.
          But yeah, such a thing would never go down in the US, cause WN is massively unpopular with Americans, even in the south USA.

      2. What I don’t get, though, is how this spreads from Blacks to others. I mean, I remember one Black criticizing HBDers/WNs saying “you guys are all mostly social rejects from upper middle class families- you MAY have Asian friends with tropical ancestry, and so you don’t have animosity towards them”. But little did he realize they are also hated, despite roughly equivalent IQs to Euros……they aren’t academic high achievers cause they’d know/be friends with more of those kids, most likely.

        1. Northeast Asians are hated in the US. I encountered bullying from these two monkeys near my home, calling be a slant eye lover, lol. Note these same kind of guys are just doing the cool bullshit that blacks are always doing.

        2. You should look at Charles Murray. He does not make excuses for the violent dumb welfare scrubbers, regardless of race. They are, all in all, not victkms. I find it funny that intellectuals defend them, I picture Jared Taylor in a trailer park with a bunch of methheads :). Funny picture!

        3. Note I’m not being anti-working class, but some whites are bad due to character and no different than “cool” blacks.
          The crap you get from these type of white is the same as from blacks. However, you do encounter middle class white bullies, often coming from military households for some reason.

        4. I don’t hate WNs because so many are trash, necessarily, but the fact that I am pure White, and they know that (at least some) yet don’t care, and will lump my people with mestizos in heartbeat, simply cuz it’s easy…it’s not about “pro-White” it’s about hate.

        5. Basically my experiences allowed me to see through it easier- I.e. the new Klan is still the old Klan, not pro-White, but anti-nonWhite

  8. What I encounter now, and is especially annoying is passive bullying. These creeps are too much pussies to say things to your face, so they say stuff like “Gosh, he sucks” or call you a nigger etc.. but never to your face, but always, you can hear the grumbling.
    I’d like to smash these guys faces with a crowbar much more than ones who are bold enough to say things to your face.
    A lot of passive bullying at a college with these smartass, a little bit higher intellect bastards.

      1. Note, I wasn’t a target for all this passive aggression until I started getting on Facebook. However, I think with liberal views eventually even without running your mouth your going to make enemies. So the northeast, even if I wasn’t on social media, would be the same as everywhere else. From what I know, Boston is very racist, so is NYC. It’s just human nature.

        1. No nobody does that. That’s just a lot of people being motherfuckers. It’s just roughhousing, maybe bullying. People are really just angry at stuff I said on Facebook. That’s why they’re picking on me.

        2. Some people were picking on me about the hair when I was in middle school. But probably what triggered it was it’s hard to manage so sometimes it looks retarded. But then they start into all the racial stuff. It’s just a lot of “devil be care” cool stuff like you see with blacks, but whites doing it.

        3. Nothing about you and nothing you did deserves bullying, Jason. Or even teasing and roughhousing
          You see you think when I say bullying is ok sometimes, you think I said bullying is ok all the time. See?
          But I don’t say that. A lot of the time it is not deserved. So your hair is sort of curly and fucked up so what? You can’t help it. Shouldn’t bully people about things they cannot control.

        4. I don’t think curly is ugly, it’s just another way to look. But people were giving me a hard time, the root reason, was because they thought I was a wuss. I mean that’s usually the motive in middle school. You have of the devil be care “cooler than thou” stuff going on, no matter what the race of the attackers is.

  9. OK so now we are shown to be oversensitive wusses who can’t take bullying or even mild criticism, and we are even male.
    What would be some strategies for simply ignoring words that hurt us? Is it even possible? Yes, words do hurt. It’s no secret why drill instructors are so mean.

    1. I’ve tried for a bit to take interest in the whole comeback thing, but I don’t really want to. There’s got to be a better way to avoid and ignore than having to make comebacks. But then even wanting to keep your distance is all wussy.
      A while ago at my uni, a professor was telling us about a few break ins in his area and the suspect resembled someone of my skin color and height, and a ‘fashionably’ politically incorrect European abruptly asked me “And where were you on these nights?” There were a few laughs all around. I came back with “Your wife can vouch for me each time” and the class broke out into laughter. I kind of hate that this was actually a successful comeback, though it sounded pretty lame in hindsight.
      Whenever I come up with some creative and interesting in response, I’m supposedly an oversensitive wuss, but when I respond by poking fun at some other community or women or gays, it gets the laughs, even though it’s not. It’s as if jokes now need some to be approved by the stereotype database on the internet or they aren’t funny.

      1. Nobody makes jokes against minorities where i live. All they do is grumble when they’re around them, using passive aggression, either that or they just don’t say anything. It’s a very hateful atmosphere.

        1. Well, mostly I’m referring to the college scene. They grumble around non-whites, wannabes and liberals. I guess they feel like they’re (the whites) are being persecuted, but I think a lot of it is they are just mean, kind of continuation of the mean boy thing Robert was talkng about.
          In reference to the other thing, possibly if a professor made comments that racist they’d be crucified upside down. However, some professors do attack religion very viscously and that offends Christians. A few of the professors are psychos on par with Marine corps drill instructors. Is that a good or bad thing? You decide.

        2. Of course, on the flip side, non-whites are also racist, so a white guy would have to be like on the movie White Men Can’t Jump and just laugh stuff off, to not seem like a wussy.
          However, ep-gah and probably Sam would think that a white person should cry and run home to mama and the KKK everytime a black person is mildly rough with them. 😆 Right?

        3. Seems to me like the KKK and Nazis are wusses. I mean, they want a world where even the smallest remark would warrant death. If a black person looks at a white lady at all, or if a black person even mildly makes fun of a white person, or even farts, then he should be lynched. And that’s the way it was under segregation.

        4. Well, I’ve explained my generally mixed experiences. But if you are from a really Black place- that many more of your negative experiences will be with Blacks-especially if you’re the minority.

        5. Although every WN is either from Detroit or SA 🙂 ………………….. being kicked around as a minority can cause prejudice. My paternal g-ma hates Jews because she lived in a blue collar Jewish neighborhood after her marriage

        6. Well, yeah, of course, All homogenous areas will have certain “devil be care, cooler than thou yahoos” who will make lfe hell for people who are misfits.

        7. “My paternal g-ma hates Jews because she lived in a blue collar Jewish neighborhood after her marriage”
          What the hell I thought those were pretty much a rare breed.

  10. Told you guys 1,000 times: physical discipline reduces bullying significantly. There is no getting around this. you must spank and/or slap your boy/girl for bullying- yes, it does work.

    1. They don’t do that in school cause of cultural liberals. That’s one thing to hate them for. I don’t hate them for other stuff though, like integration.

      1. Right on Jason. However, integration has been linked to bullying, many people have written about that. Check out the letters sent into whitegirlbleedalot.

  11. This is absolutely required to turn boys into men. My dad died when I was young and I Was the crybaby through about 8th grade. The relentless teasing, mockery, and fights helped a lot to cure me of that. It also taught me to throw a punch. We become men by learning the hard way to become tough. I’m not merciless, but I’m doing my best to pass this lesson on to my son.

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