Mongolian Music

Strange music. Somehow it sounds like Hawaiian steel guitar music or even surf music! It also sounds a bit like jazz. I thought it would be horrible, but I actually rather liked it, though it is weird as Hell I must admit.
Actually, the best thing about this video is the Mongolian chicks in the band. Come to papa!

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0 thoughts on “Mongolian Music”

  1. There’s a market for this kind of music on the Music Choice Soundscapes channel on cable television. New age style music from Asia seems to be the popular thing among fans of smooth jazz and space age music nowadays. It’s kind of like that song “Karkee” you hear on the Music Choice Soundscapes channel every so often.>>>Click on

  2. I would never build a wall of China to keep out these hot Mongolians! the music is pretty good too.

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