TheBluePill Posts One of My Posts

Here. You can see how much they hate me. They have posted a number of my articles, and boy do they hate my guts. Blue Pillers are feminists and their male feminist men. They are literally the most retarded bunch of idiots on the planet. Almost nothing they say is even remotely true. They totally hate TheRedPill on Reddit and it is true that those guys are hardcore dicks, like you find on most PUA and Game sites. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the stuff those tools say is true, but I just find them nasty, ugly and misogynistic. I will say that TheBluePill has some good critiques of TheRedPill. A lot of those redpillers are just promoting abuse. I don’t abuse the women I date and love. If the only way I can have a relationship is to abuse the woman, I guess I will date my right hand for the rest of my life. The blue pill sucks and the red pill sucks too. The Hell with both of them! It’s like so many other things in US politics. There are two views – one more or less rightwing view and one more or less leftwing view, and they are like the two slices of bread in a shit sandwich. They’re both horrible! Not only that, but there’s pretty much nothing in between. So many things in US politics are like this: the Left is insane, the Right is evil, and there’s nothing in between! US politics is polarized in the most senseless of ways. I think it is due to the fake liberal-conservative divide and the demands for ideological purity. Because of this Trump vs. Clinton reality of gender politics, a new concept has sprung up of ThePurplePill. These are pretty much the only sane people in the gender politics debate.

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4 thoughts on “TheBluePill Posts One of My Posts”

  1. They actually call themselves “the Blue Pill”.
    I may be the only person on the planet who hasn’t seen the Matrix, but even I’m aware that the “blue pill” is a device in a movie where people deliberately take a pill to make sure they don’t see reality. Are these people openly saying they are doing that?

  2. I don’t know. But they are delusional LOL. I think they just call themselves Blue Pill to be the opposite of redpillers, and let’s face it, redpillers ARE dicks.

    1. Oh god, I shouldn’t have clicked that thread. Already made me exceed my daily maximum dose of Reddit insanity. Thanks, Robert.
      It is called /thebluepill because whoever created it wanted it to be, at least at some point, a satirical subreddit, and not a sub with a serious intent to oppose and discuss /theredpill. So naming themselves “the blue pill” is just their way of claiming that in fact the other sub is the dumb/blind people.
      Satirical subs are a common thing on Reddit, but they usually have more effort put into the satire itself. For example, the most popular of them all is r/circlerjerk, which aims to make fun of the echo chamber that Reddit is through satirical threads and comments on those threads that pretend to be from serious “average redditors”. You would think that something that makes fun of Reddit’s stupidity couldn’t be too bad, but the entire sub is so extremely immature that it somehow manages to be worse than what it makes fun of.
      The /thebluepill probably just noticed that it wouldn’t be as popular/fun if the content being posted actually consisted of satirical imitations of /theredpill, so apart from the descriptive left panels of the sub which actually are an (immature) attempt of satirizing the mentality of TRP users, the entire sub became a “let’s share links to threads/comments that trigger us from TRP or people that think like them (like they did to your post) and laugh at them and give each other support in our safe space here :3”.
      So, in other words, it is basically just a /r/shitredditsays with a more specific hate subject.
      After all this is something the insane cultural leftists on Reddit love to do all day long, participating in self-help communities in which they pseudo-discuss and then all agree with each other about how “mean and evil everyone who disagrees with ME is” to legitimize their emotionally-based beliefs, so no wonder that is what it turned into.
      Do you have an account on Reddit, Robert? I would assume that if you do, it is probably under some fake name infiltrated, since it seems you aren’t very liked anywhere around there considering every post of yours here is where you ever mention Reddit is about “look at how people from X subreddit hate me”, haha 😛 . Can’t blame you for that, being hated on reddit is something to be proud of and probably the only worthy time to mention that place, lol

  3. The blue pill/red pill concept is not just for women. It can also be applied to child worship.

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