Pakistani Muslim Imam Says Transsexuals Can Marry under Islam


He says that it has to be a transman marrying a transwoman. No transwomen marrying transwomen and no transmen marrying transmen. They are also entitled to receive the same Muslim funeral prayers as any biological man or woman.

Transgender children are entitled to a share of their parents’ inheritance, and parents who throw their transsexual kids out to deprive them of their inheritance commit a grave sin, he said. Making fun of transsexuals, even by hooting at them, and considering them inferior is forbidden by Islam, as the imam says transsexuals were created by God also.

Mufti Imran said the government was duty-bound to ensure provision of rights of transgenders by introducing proper legislation in this regard in consultation with religious scholars eliminating negative thinking against transgenders.

He is from the Barelvi School of Islam. On the other hand, even Ayatollah Khomeini allowed transsexuals in Iran, and a very famous ayatollah was actually a transwoman! Incredible. Khomeini said that transsexuals were protected under Islam because they were made that way by God.

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2 thoughts on “Pakistani Muslim Imam Says Transsexuals Can Marry under Islam”

  1. It seems like transgender in the Islamic World is based on genitals. Then have a committee inspect the wound.

    I hate males of any kind being encouraged to chop their junk. It seems like the epitome of backwards.

  2. …transman marrying a transwoman…

    I love Pakistan and her religious fundies.

    While the Westerners remain confused with their SJW theories and double-blind experiments, the enlightened Islamofascists have figured out almost everything about the human condition.

    It’s unbelievable, the 100% certainty and confidence with which the likes of Dr. Zakir Naik answer all questions regarding a person’s destiny. And if you’re a Mooselimb, you had better believe what the doc says, or else? It’s Jihad season.

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