Major Attack at the Instanbul Airport

28 dead, 60 wounded. Unsure who is behind it right now. Brussels style attack with three suicide bombers with AK-47’s who shot the place up and then blew themselves up. Sounds like ISIS but why does ISIS attack the Istanbul Airport. Color me confused.

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0 thoughts on “Major Attack at the Instanbul Airport”

    1. woah. Slow down cowboy. First he has to quell this “delegate revolt” delegates not voting how they were “assigned” to vote at the convention.
      Which he will, but it shows his position is still precarious.
      When he fucks up at the debate Hillary will skyrocket, then a terror attack will help him, but probably not enough.
      Unless it’s on the scale of 9/11 it won’t make a difference. He’s been generally falling since Orlando.

        1. yup. 1.39 in reality versus 1.46 in the poll(s).
          I had a highschool History teacher with thoughts on the “levels of thinkers”
          Level zero: No thought process, doesn’t care about facts, basically over glorified “circus apes”.
          Level One: Can get down basic facts, but can’t understand the significance of them.
          Level two: Capable of some basic analysis. Can turn their intellects off and on.
          Level three: A mainstream deep thinker (probably most politicians, in the modern day, Lawyers, lower to middle level teachers)
          Level four: Hardcore philosophers.
          When the political rhetoric/mainstream peoples’ rhetoric slips from one to zero (as it has) we are in a helluva a lot of trouble.

  1. Turkey was somewhat friendly towards Israel..and is western-leaning. Same reason they hate Assad, etc.

    1. Gosh, talk about a male chauvinist culture. 2o year olds entitled to sex or, well, will rape children.

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