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  1. The word incel is misleading. An incel can get some, a lot in fact, but they might be what is called big beautiful women. So do these skinny bitches like men who score with big women?
    Another question arises, “Who gives a fuck about the opinion of skinny bitches?” Mostly they’re just trying degrade the pride of a man, much like some drill instructor. But the bottom line is the opinon of these girls or guys isn’t important.
    Note some of these women are lazy and worthless, but give mean spirited self help to men. Others are just normie bastards who hate certain men cause the crowd does.

    1. The pain comes I suppose with certain people because they want to fuck these bitchy women. Well, no wonder, Isn’t that just asking to get kicked int he balls? How dumb can you get. The best advice is to have nothing to do with them at all if possible. If they do get on your nerves sue them for harassment Rest assured they’d do the same thing if you bothered them.

    2. Except that even fat, plain, average, or flat out unattractive women think they’re this amazing catch that everyone wants and are just as entitled to the top men as any other woman because vagina or something.
      I should say that I like big girls though. For me, big tits trump everything except for an…uncomfortably aromatic vagina if you get what I’m saying. If a woman has big tits, she most likely is going to have a little meat on her.

      1. It’s all subjective. Though that might disappoint the Republican frat brothers at the university.

        1. However, since normie thinking is brainwashed into the minds of so many people, a lot of people won’t give certain people a chance.
          However, not PC thinking is all kissing up to blacks, but fat people are still fair game to hate. It’s very hypocritical. Don’t fat people also have feelings?

      2. You can count on the fact culture has made many ugly. They chose to be ugly, mainly cause some girls purposely wear mullets like men, lol Some of them won’t go to the beauty shop.

    1. The ones with no computer cost at least 2000 a girl. Imagine what the ones which are robotic cost.
      Mark my word though, they’re very realistiic

      1. With all due respect, I got my last computer for $599 and sexbots are not nearly as sophisticated.
        Or we could have girls provide favors to unwanted guys as their community service projects. It would be of more benefit to society then some half assed “delittering” campaign, or “making a difference” at some inner city school in which the students regard you as a nuisance.

        1. A genre in porn, especially the cartoon type, involves women being forced to serve scary, unattractive (as normie society says), and retarded guys.

        2. One big cartoon porn author has this world where these attractive cheerleader type girls and other stuck up bitches serve these really aggressive dorky guys who keep them as slaves.

        3. 😆 They have this one scene in one cartoon where this woman is blackmailed into helping her sister who was made a slave. The woman even offers to give the guys a blowjob, but then they jokingly say, “Yeah, like we can’t get one anytime we want…”
          In another cartoon, they the women eating a hot dog from one of the guys hands on a rare occasion, cause all they’re allowed to eat is dog food.

        4. The whole scene on that one comic is like Archie Comics, the BDSM dark version. That’s one reason it’s so funny.

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