What I Mean When I Say This Site Is "Pro-White"

Jorge writes:

Why the fuck “especially working-class whites”?
I can insult working-class people from other races but not this? Sorry but I think that it is wrong and stupid.

Well, I will not support anyone targeting any workers just for being workers. But no one is really beating up on working class non-Whites on here. All of the abuse coming from some liberal commenters is towards working class Whites. It ticks me off because I am White. I am White, and I do not take kindly to my people being insulted.
Also this blog is pro-White in a sense. We do not believe in White-hating, and we see nothing wrong with White people being proud. We think it’s good to be White, not bad. We think Whites are good people, not bad people. We think Whites are a high achieving race with both genetic and cultural potential for continuing high achievement. Whites have been a major factor in the civilization and development of mankind in the last several hundred years. If left up to the non-Whites, we would not have come this far. The world owes a debt to us Whites.
I like being White, and I like White people and White culture. I have now experienced what is more or less non-White culture (mestizo culture) and trust me, it is inferior. Not dramatically inferior, but inferior. When a city goes from White to mestizo here in the US, it’s generally a downgrade. Not a huge downgrade, but a downgrade nevertheless. White towns also leave much to be desired (I have major beefs with them), but they are not a civilizational downgrade. If anything, they are too civilized.
Every morning I wake up, look up at the ceiling and think, “Thank God for making me White!”
This site is trying to do something a bit different. We like White people here, but I do not want to identify as pro-White because 99% of the people who identify like that are the worst racist punks on Earth. So we are about having a positive view of Whites but at the same time hopefully not succumbing to any sort of ugly racism. If you read this blog, you will see that I try to avoid ugly racism in general, and I have a pretty low opinion of people who engage in nasty racism, like the Alt Righters. That sort of racism is just not a Left value.
We have had a large non-White readership for years now. Non-Whites are very much welcome to this site, but it would be nice if they didn’t hate Whites. I am also very interested in anthropology (I worked as a cultural anthropologist for a while). This takes the form of an intense interest in a lot of both the Euro and non-Euro ethnic groups around the world.
And I am happy to talk about most any other ethnic group on here, including those of my commenters, hopefully in a nonracist way. You can see we have a lot of discussions here on Latin America, India and the subcontinent, the Arab and Muslim World and even Africa! on most discussions about these non Euro-White groups on here we try to be fair and evenhanded and avoid of nasty racist sentiment.

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80 thoughts on “What I Mean When I Say This Site Is "Pro-White"”

  1. Here’s a peer-reviewed study by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). It postulates that extreme racism is a mental disease. This is the evidence that needs to be shared on white nationalist sites – all racists are basically suffering from some form of delusions and therapy has to be administered to offer temporary and long-term benefits.
    Of course, my Stormfront friends are going to trash this study. Anything written by a “Jew” called Alvin F. Poussaint is suspect.
    Most nationalists and patriotards are retarded. They waste their valuable lives discriminating against others.
    Is Extreme Racism a Mental Illness?
    It can be a delusional symptom of psychotic disorders.
    The American Psychiatric Association has never officially recognized extreme racism (as opposed to ordinary prejudice) as a mental health problem, although the issue was raised more than 30 years ago. After several racist killings in the civil rights era, a group of black psychiatrists sought to have extreme bigotry classified as a mental disorder. The association’s officials rejected the recommendation, arguing that because so many Americans are racist, even extreme racism in this country is normative—a cultural problem rather than an indication of psychopathology.
    The psychiatric profession’s primary index for diagnosing psychiatric symptoms, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), does not include racism, prejudice, or bigotry in its text or index. Therefore, there is currently no support for including extreme racism under any diagnostic category. This leads psychiatrists to think that it cannot and should not be treated in their patients.
    To continue perceiving extreme racism as normative and not pathologic is to lend it legitimacy. Clearly, anyone who scapegoats a whole group of people and seeks to eliminate them to resolve his or her internal conflicts meets criteria for a delusional disorder, a major psychiatric illness.
    Extreme racists’ violence should be considered in the context of behavior described by Allport in The Nature of Prejudice. Allport’s 5-point scale categorizes increasingly dangerous acts.
    –> It begins with verbal expression of antagonism..
    –> progresses to avoidance of members of disliked groups
    –> then to active discrimination against them,
    —> to physical attack,
    –> and finally to extermination (lynchings, massacres, genocide). That fifth point on the scale, the acting out of extermination fantasies, is readily classifiable as delusional behavior.
    More recently, Sullaway and Dunbar used a prejudice rating scale to assess and describe levels of prejudice. They found associations between highly prejudiced people and other indicators of psychopathology. The subtype at the extreme end of their scale is a paranoid/delusional prejudice disorder.
    Using the DSM’s structure of diagnostic criteria for delusional disorder, I suggest the following subtype:
    Prejudice type: A delusion whose theme is that a group of individuals, who share a defining characteristic, in one’s environment have a particular and unusual significance. These delusions are usually of a negative or pejorative nature, but also may be grandiose in content. When these delusions are extreme, the person may act out by attempting to harm, and even murder, members of the despised group(s).
    Extreme racist delusions can also occur as a major symptom in other psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Persons suffering delusions usually have serious social dysfunction that impairs their ability to work with others and maintain employment.
    As a clinical psychiatrist, I have treated several patients who projected their own unacceptable behavior and fears onto ethnic minorities, scapegoating them for society’s problems. Their strong racist feelings, which were tied to fixed belief systems impervious to reality checks, were symptoms of serious mental dysfunction. When these patients became more aware of their own problems, they grew less paranoid—and less prejudiced.
    It is time for the American Psychiatric Association to designate extreme racism as a mental health problem by recognizing it as a delusional psychotic symptom. Persons afflicted with such psychopathology represent an immediate danger to themselves and others. Clinicians need guidelines for recognizing delusional racism in all its forms so that they can provide appropriate treatment. Otherwise, extreme delusional racists will continue to fall through the cracks of the mental health system, and we can expect more of them to explode and act out their deadly delusions.
    ​Figure 1
    Extreme racism indicates psychopathology
    Competing interests: None declared
    1. American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 4th edition. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press; 2000.
    2. Allport G. The Nature of Prejudice. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley; 1954.
    3. Sullaway M, Dunbar E. Clinical manifestations of prejudice in psychotherapy: toward a strategy of assessment and treatment. Clin Psychol Sci Pract 1996;3: 296-309.
    4. American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic criteria for 297.1 delusional disorder. In: DSM-IV-TR: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision. Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Press; 2000.

      1. tranny= probably
        “fag”= no.
        It’s a false equivalency anyway……not KOSHER to this discussion.

    1. Extreme racism, including against whites, isn’t some disease, but is motivated by a bad childhood, or just traumatic bad experiences.

      1. Of course, some hatred like between South Korea and Japan seems to go beyond that, as most Koreans don’t have any personal reason to hate Japanese. But in the case of the USA, you can count on that any extreme racism directed toward anyone was motivated by traumatic experiences.

      2. Actually “extreme racism” is simply innate clannishness. Basically from close-knit communities they would more likely to be closer in terms of population cohesion, aided likely by breeding in small groups, thus will respond to others.
        Basically they would have better perception towards things that deviate from that norm. But that’s basically the “commoner type”.
        Some with higher IQs would use facts and constructed theories based on them to justify it. The thing is that people like them aren’t quite always “extreme”, based on how you would define it.
        Think about it Jason, from where you’re from you said how there was a historical stigma of inbreeding in the community. Now granted, inbreeding may’ve not been rampant but its likely that the area did breed rather contained within the respective communities and over the course of generations ration you would have increased cohesion and aggression towards foreign concepts compared to those who don’t breed as closely.
        Now, it may not be as high NOW, but its unlikely historical activity doesn’t linger.

        1. When I speak of extreme racism, I mostly mean hate. Racist views tied with extreme hate. People who unreasonably hate other races or even their own race, are doing so out of spite. It’s always the case.

        2. I’ve known one guy who probably frequents chimpout (rare in that he had no negative opinions of Mexicans- actually a slight positive view of them, never mentioned Asians, just disliked Blacks and had a Christian right dislike of Jews), was quite delusional.
          The stuff he said about Blacks was quite observationally blatantly false, as I recall.
          I suppose you might say it was just idiocy, and in most cases, it Is, but in this is was not.
          I would suspect it’s either idiocy or IQ, high IQ racists (or extreme racist) probably are mental….

        3. not to be rude, to him, but Phil, if you saw EPGAH in person, and he said what he thinks/posts on here, in the manner in which he posts it (always exclamatory/pissed off) and you responded with say my comments, and then he responded back in the ways that he does here, you would naturally think he is quite mentally disturbed.
          I would, and I’m sure Jason would.

        4. Again though, how would that be distinguished from what I said? Basically what you described would fall under what I said.

        5. “not to be rude, to him, but Phil, if you saw EPGAH in person, and he said what he thinks/posts on here, in the manner in which he posts it (always exclamatory/pissed off) and you responded with say my comments, and then he responded back in the ways that he does here, you would naturally think he is quite mentally disturbed.
          I would, and I’m sure Jason would.”
          I actually have when I posted my first article here. Yes, he comes off as that, but I’ve talked to him elsewhere. Honestly he’s not as “racist” as you think, the issue is that he lashes out due to fears of his race and the public ignorance of non-white deviance increasing.
          I don’t feel like I’m in the position to say much more, because I don’t like speaking about him without his knowledge, but he’s less “disturbed” and more frustrated. He has points and is very respectable when clam but the issue is anything remotely anti-white in his eyes couldn’t tolerate and sadly it puts him in a position that makes him look unreasonable.
          You can see for yourself by reading some of our chats under my article.
          However, despite this, I’m still pro-white. He’s exactly why, because while I’ve expressed that I “assimilated” into white culture I was rough at first in my childhood. I look back on my behavior and think that some people likely had to tolerate more than they should of me.
          My philosophy is that, in regards to Black uplift, I don’t find it an obligation of whites to understand issues in the Black community because many likely think differently on values and/or since they simply couldn’t relate due to different experiences and struggles between the two groups. Therefore, I fully appreciate white people who take time to understand.
          Acknowledging this, I feel that in some fashion Blacks should achieve a form of organization, though as research suggest we are at a disadvantage IQ wise but still I find it possible with the right selection.
          I don’t say this openly because there are going to be “Truthtellers” who will correct me with this and that with Blacks, but I’m not stupid on how they act between my cousin Zachary and my reading of Europeans descriptions of Africans. People like them will never understand, thus I’m convinced that while I would accept efforts of non-blacks to relate and sympathize I would not rely on it (that’s why I seem so racist to Jason).

        6. Issues on the Black community are being exploited either for Black’s own personal votes/ a talking point on the mainstream left, or riling up people both in the mainstream right and alternate right. Few people, especially non-Blacks have any true desire or interests to look for solutions.
          I think the notion that “non-White deviance” is ignored, is certainly a stretch, for instance the shopkeepers saying “those immigrants vandalize, and I can’t say anything”, yes, they could, however, they have to say “these individuals did this to my shop” and not use slurs/ or general profanity and not rant about immigrants.
          Anti-White is certainly overplayed, in many cases. The extent of anti-White is subtle shaming, like I’ve said. Immigrants get in a free pass, only if they are illegal, because the government doesn’t want to have to deal with them (deportation, etc.) or acknowledge they failed to get rid of them in the past.

        7. Well it goes further than just shaming, but also double standards. For example, Black on white attacks not being associated as hate crimes but cases where it’s white on black (even if it’s a police officer) is portrayed as such.
          And as Robert mentioned, the left’s behavior towards people’s position on discrimination.
          As well you have AA, in which racial quotas are allowed for the sake of “diversity” which is hardly any different from the how people claim that during segregation whites kept out qualified nonwhites. However the defense is the disproportionate representation…..which goes into my deeper point.
          On the surface, yeah, anti-whiteness isn’t apparent but it’s not until things become more academic that it shows. For example, many people still don’t know about how Blacks were enslaved by other Blacks and European raids were very rare. You have issues like the B-W Gap that’s dubiously blamed on racism by whites despite the specific claims themselves are found refuted when applied to science.
          Despite whites being held as racist, it’s hardly seen as a major morality focus of society on imperfections of other groups whether it’s objective or not. As Robert and many others have noted before, western whites are likely among the least racist people overall.
          You say whites have no interest towards the Black community, exploiting it, yet the same could be said of POC anti-racists (at least some) as well as history shows that whites have invested more concerns in regards to ethnic groups than say black ethnic groups in Africa under a certain nationality do. Sure, the “higher up” ones don’t but the general public compared to that of blacks does indeed invests more.

        8. I was exaggerating- I’m not denying that large segments of society are “Anti-White”, as you say, in things like AA (well, actually is more against Asians, and perhaps men of all races), and double standards.
          Both are gradually being taken care of (AA on the wane- especially quota-based systems) and Black hate groups are starting to be called out…
          but ultimately I think compared to what we saw in this country barely 50 years ago, it pales in comparison.

        9. With that noted, can concerns of anti-whiteness be overblown? Sure. But in regards to immigration for europe at least I doubt it.
          Legit rapes and other offenses increase yet actions on regulating immigration are seen as racist due to refugee status. With that, it is also coupled by clannishness growing as the muslim communities grow, causing an increase of potential ethnic clashes.
          Also, looking at my end, there is also a long record sense of ingratitude by Blacks. Yes, slavery was bad, yes, segregation caused struggles but nowadays there is BARELY any constraint rather than there own decisions to explain disproportionate cons. Of course I’m not saying that even most blacks are like this but having a father who have made mistakes and been around others who make up a significant amount of Black youth who failed, I find it ridiculous that we have our own trouble yet many ignore that and focus on whites. It’s not simply that they ignore it, it’s that they either say “it’s a lie” or again link it back to whites.
          Granted, cases like these usually don;t go to the extreme of the higher percentiles of white racists but this is compensated by prevalence.

        10. To William,
          I can agree. As pro-white as i am, and as tolerant I am to some others I’m honestly not convinced of the return of segregation.
          Granted, by HBD standards there are pros to it but I just have a theory of mind called “Regulation”, in which the individual is given more focus.

        11. Of course something has to change- but I don’t trust the Alt-Right and/or “trailer trash” to figure out what that is/ what needs to be changed. They are so alarmingly ignorant and typically low-IQ that the immediate future of the world is quite scary.
          Like Monkeys with machine guns 🙂

        12. I would just like to say that I am beginning to regret the non-stop “Trumpkin” bashing. I’ve spent the past recent time in Appalachia, and I am begging to see that Whites can be victims of poverty, and the likes, like many minority groups. Although I will not be voting for Trump, it still is an eye opener. Perhaps 1/3 of his supporters are actually decent human beings just looking for change from a system that hasn’t worked for them.

        13. I think many people angry at certain sociopathic individuals rather than poor working class white people in general. As Robert was saying, making the whole group as the enemy is the wrong way to go.
          Basically the racist types want to exploit the poor white working class poverty to an evil end.

        14. I always thought the day when the Working class (especially Whites) finally realized the Bushes/Reaganites/Neocons did not give a fuck about them and supporting their interests were a bad idea…
          but, alas because of these “sociopaths”, it is not!

        15. Neither white supremacists or Republicans are for the working class. They’re both exploiting them for an evil end, but the white supremacist stuff is far worse due to reasons which are obvious.

      3. Of course the Republican way of thinking is beneficial to some poor working class whites, assuming they want to go into the military, which would also include advantages once they leave. Some of these advantages include preference for government jobs or police work.
        The Republican way is not beneficial poor whites working at fast food chains, Wal-Mart etc.. These people would either go liberal or they would be attracted to some white supremacist thing where there would be some remote hope of blue collar jobs returning ot the US.
        As with the Roman Empire, one way to maintain power is to just give certain portion of the community a real advantage while ignoring everyone else. It’s similar to where in banana republics, they always buy out some yo yos who serve as support for the ruling class, while the rest of the people live in poverty. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        1. So you have a sort of master race, upper caste group in every US community. These military people possibly think they’re better than locals, considering them peasants or some of them wussies who are too effeminate to do what they’re doing.
          I grew up in such a family honestly. Such people are very patriotic because they benefit heavily from patriotism, but it’s so tied to benefits it’s ridiculous. If they wern’t these sort of stud-muffins so to speak, American football players of society, then would they support the Republicans?

        2. not sure you were talking to me- but that’s absolutely right.
          The Roman Empire analogy is true- it’s been working, each side has their niche (Democrats minorities, Republicans Southern Strategy, Religious right, Hispanic religious right).
          The problem is the “Southern strategy” doesn’t actually put bread on the table- Democrats’ policies towards NAMs, for the most part, does.
          The GOP blames the Democrats for not appealing to working class Whites- and I will agree Hillary is doing an awful job of it, but seriously are the Republicans out for the best interests of the people (they should at least act like it)- they are admitting if the democrats were “sane” as Robert says, NO ONE (not minorities, not working class Whites) would have a reason to vote for them.
          they’re dying the death they always really had coming.

        3. You can count on the fact the military people in my hometown think they’re superior. It’s a fact.
          They think everyone else is weak and needs to be defended, like you’d see medevil times, or they’re ungrateful faggots who won’t join them, or they’re just lazy bastards who won’t work, hence why they’re on welfare, or a mamas boy, or working at some minimum wage job.
          It’s a fact. It’s true anywhere in the US.

        4. Hillary should nominate this guy for VP, from the video; Jim Hill
          -he understands that the Demos have untapped potential with working class Whites,
          -but is Black, and can say such without scaring away the minorities the Demos already have.
          -An outsider who’s highest office was State treasurer of Oregon, but highly bright and comes across as “down to business” and is very bright…..
          -Won’t overpower her

        5. obviously the commercial wasn’t horrible- it’s horrible in the same way DT is horrible- straight to the point…
          ‘I WILL use the rainy day fund for education.’
          straight up’. I like this guy.

        6. I am anxious to hear what Phil thinks of this guy.
          Seems likes a good VP choice for Hillary- she has to be surprising, not a bland, old political hack.

        7. David Duke white supremacy has no real following among Republican military types. They don’t really need all out racism. These military guys and their cheerleaders already are living the good life. Probably they would just like to live and let live, just as long as they can maintain thier superior economic status.
          The worst racism would come from some of the downtrodden in society who can’t get in the military or some other type of road out.
          Of course, in my family several military members are quite racist, even annoyingly racist, but it’s just not enough to where they would vote or support white supremacists. Mainly it’s because despite thier hurt feelings etc.. from what blacks did to them, they’re still bought out economically. They still make good money.

        8. well, that’s exactly it, the WNs are often so fucked up- in everyway imaginable- why would anyone want to lift them up
          ESPECIALLY when it is in direct conflict with your economic interests…
          your family was fighting “Jew wars” and building stuff with “Shills” … so why would you vote for the guy that refused to renounce David Duke?

        9. I know one neighbor, a retired Navy guy, who is voting for Trump, but I bet it’s only cause it’s the only choice. He was of the those guys who views white supremacists as idiots and too extreme.
          Anyhow, that guy would be just as happy voting for any neo-con, and rest assured he did with 100 percent enthusiasm.

        10. Military guys don’t give a rats ass about American jobs or globalization, because they have good jobs and globalization is part of the military.
          You take a typical military person, or some educated guy who makes 100, 000 a year or more and put them in a room with a Trump supporter, and they’d say, “What an idiot, What a shit for brains. :lol:, or at least they’d be saying that in their mind.”
          It’s because these elitist type people believe certain people are lazy or have personality defects, that’s why they never did well in school, and why they didn’t go in the military.
          A situation of some guy who is anti-global running into a 100,000 a year guy living the good life happened in my family, and rest assured the middle class thought he was an idiot…especially when he ran his mouth about all the typical conspiracy stuff WNs and Ron Paul supporters are into.

        11. that rich guy is the dummy!
          he’s defiling his race for Jew money!!!!!!!!!!

        12. my dad worked for a power company and knew lots of Electrical Engineers- he said slightly more than half were more conservative leaning..
          I’d be interested to see now how they feel about Trump because they were benefiting from the way things were- have a lot to lose………………………..

        13. Your little nuclear bomb photo doesn’t mean crap to some guy living the good life. They don’t care. If anything, a horde of East Indians, would just cause them to build up more walls so their family can live an even more safe middle class or rich life.
          Such stuff only means something to poor whites who are getting beat up everyday by NAMs.

        14. I was just messing with you.
          Actually, though, it is far more likely under Trump?
          He might be using the military more at first- to force isolationism.
          Except rather than living the sweet life- he’ll be sent off to war.
          No reason for anybody with anything (not only those living off the fat of the Military-Industrial complex) to vote for Trump, unless you are tribal (to an insane/irrational degree)- (or) have nothing, as is stated above.

        15. that rich guy is the dummy!
          he’s defiling his race for Jew money!!!!!!!!!!

          Try talking this stuff to some guy making 100,000 a year. On average, such a guy, a military guy or maybe some educated person, will be cynical.
          He will point out your faults and think: “This guy really sucks If he ddn’t he’d be where I’m at now. No wonder he’s into conspiracy theories.” “Oh, this guy does drugs. Oh, that’s why he’s failed in life. Oh, he’s an unreliable worker who possibly is a white supremacist terrorist. He’s a retarded idiot who cannot even get a high school diploma, no wonder he’s into Ron Paul..”

        16. I know your just messing with me. But it’s so comical to see how the people that are living the American dream, and my brother would be one, really look with disgust upon people who like Ron Paul, David Duke, Trump etc…
          More than likely, as I said, they will quickly point out, in a most snobby fashion, every negative thing about the person speaking, saying “No wonder this guy likes what he does. He sucks. He’s a loser.”

        17. I suppose some people, even the “haves” could not understand the huge risk Trump poses- naively thinking it’s all going to be fun and games…with finance and security.
          but they’d have to be pretty damn out of touch………..

        18. well, Jason, if people who “have nothing” are the only real reasonable types who support Trump- perhaps we should put him in charge of the Central African Republic- to end their violent civil war.
          A third world dictator-
          I think that suits him better…………………:)

        19. I’m guessing Trump could pose a risk as far as war is concerned, but I don’t think he will be able to change the NWO etc..

        20. instead of tweeting at peers who don’t kiss his ring (like he does now) he will nuke their countries…
          yes, he can and almost certainly will, start a war as President.

        21. It’s not difficult to see why a college professor or a similar personality would become very annoyed at Ron Paul types These educated people spent most of their life doing the right thing, making good grades, going the extra mile. Now comes along some idiot who has failed, more than likely from self inflicted causes (drug use, bad personality) telling them about conspiracy theories.
          The educated guy just wants to go and drink a beer and maybe go mountain hiking or something in his old age. He so sick of this shit from losers it’s beyond imagination.
          That’s not saying though that some people have legit reasons for revolution or victimhood in all cases. It’s only saying this kind of personality type cannot get along with yuppies etc…

        22. The working class though should be angry. However, some of the working class has resorted to fascist thinking and they draw little pity from educated types. It’s because their attitude is very ugly. People resorting to the lowest common denominator in revolution.

        23. obviously, a good deal of “fascism” appealing to the working class, is actually on purpose, or rather, racism instilled in the working class by the elites, so the poor of different ethnicities and/or races don’t unite.
          There are well documented and organized efforts of this (which really is, pretty intuitive) from the Bacon rebellion in VA., in the U.S. (1676).
          So mainstream elites really did set up the path for Trump to take the White working class vote.

        24. Yuppies come across as massive snobs. That’s thier downfall. I’d rather speak with common people anyday, even though a few of them are susceptable to fascist ideology.

  2. Well, now I understand a bit more. I did not saw this comments probably because obviously I did not read all topics that you posted or all comments in topics that I read. There are too many.
    Probably those comments are derision about rednecks or things like that. Even if some of this rednecks are awful in some thoughts, I always saw that is very hypocrite make fun about their poverty, like that they live in trailers, they have many children, they supposedly fuck their cousins… Things like that. After all, you are not insulting their racism, you are insulting their poverty. Like when someone see a picture of a fat nazi (it’s a random example) and make fun on his obesity… You are insulting all obese people, not only this nazi.
    But I don’t agree in see people of some race like “my people”. Not at all. My people, for me, is people of my country. I’m white, and I feel much more close to a Amerindian/black/Mongoloid/Australoid Argentine that to a white person from other countries. Also, into Argentina, I feel more united with people from my region, and into my region, with people of my province, and then, people from my city… Maybe I feel close also to people of this region of South America, especially with Uruguayans (that are very similar to Argentine people from Pampean region, where I have relatives because my father is from there) and Paraguayans (because I live in the border and people of my whole region is similar to Paraguayans). I’m white but from a culturally mestizo country. In fact, United States also is a culturally mestizo country, because have cultural influence from natives, Europeans and Africans, but obviously, into that mixing, the European side is much bigger than the other two.
    After all, people around the world always get united and feel identified according to culture, not by race. And it has been like this the whole history.

  3. And I do not think the world has a debt to someone.
    Yes, whites probably have developed science more than the other races, at least in recent centuries, but at what cost? Destroying environment like never before? Destroying peoples like never before?
    Don’t think that I am a stupid that thinks that Amerindians lived in a peaceful harmony among them and with nature until evil whites arrived to their lands. Humans had been fighting among them the whole existence, no matter to what race or culture they belong. But, maybe for technology, in the last centuries this happened like never before. And responsable of this were mostly whites, either West Europeans or some Middle Easterners.
    Many native Africans or Americans (and I am refeering to the whole Americas, not only to United States) has been benefited with science as much as they has been fucked up with globalization, consumerism, capitalism, etc., things that affect also many whites but not so much like non-whites (except Mongoloids maybe). So, to me, there is no debt.
    And, in all case, the world have a debt with some particular persons, not with a whole race.
    What merit do you have (or me) for something you have not done? I do not think a person should have a merit of any kind be of any race or culture. Each has merit for their actions, not those of others. I don’t go for the life saying “hey, you have to thank me because my race invented this computer that you are using”. The same when some people say “we have to thank blacks for inventing so much good music like blues, jazz, rock and roll, etc.”. I don’t think in that way. I will thank to the person or group of people that created this art, not a whole race.
    I think that this is so silly like blame all whites for colonization, racism (that is common to all races) or things like that.
    Well, this is the way that I think.

  4. Extreme racists do have a problem cause mostly they’re trying to get even at childhood bullying. Of course, simply not being ashamed of being white isn’t wrong. However, thinking white is superior in terms of subjective things (beauty etc..) is very wrong. Also, someone shouldn’t be so quick to believe in academic racial superiority without reason and without some humility.

  5. I am pro-White because I am White and I feel closer to other Whites than to non-Whites, Whites are my people. I believe it should be acceptable for Whites to feel proud or at least not ashamed of being White, and I think the same applies for every race. It’s great for a White to be pro-White, as long as they respect other races, every pro-White White should have a positive or at least neutral behavior towards other races.

    1. As Another William Playfair Web was saying, the anti-white stuff is mostly limited to extreme liberal circles and some non-white circles. Most white people in the USA at least, are not bleeding hearts toward other races. They don’t hate other races, but they don’t feel bad about being white in the least.
      If anything, as with extreme anti-NAM racists, the anti-white racism is motivated probably by bad experiences in childhood. Also, Jews in general, have had bad experiences with whites in real life and in history, so there is some spite.

      1. Trumpkins are actually making many Whites disgusted at them, and hence subconsciencly a little bit less pro-White (they associate it with terrible, nasty hate)
        For instance, the Christian right- which typically was just treat everyone nice types- really did not see racism against Minorities and thought it was liberal propaganda- however now seeing the Trumpkins chimping out all over the internet- and all the nasty stuff they believe in, they are really quite ashamed of their White brethren, and hence some anti-White things are seeping into their circles (at least no longer saying “Whites are the victim”).

        1. True, actually George Will, though not religious right, has actually abandoned the Republican party. He hopes for a Hillary victory with the hope the Republicans can win in 2021.

        2. mike-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzYv5foyAS8
          tell us another one!
          Drumfpkins have almost no self control.

        3. Trumpkins like you, Mike, are causing the backlash.
          They just make stuff up, despite the facts.
          It’s quite unappealing.

        4. It’s all about emotion, a blonde girl getting eggs thrown at her, to the primitive minds of Trumpkins automatically means more than a Black person almost getting beaten to death….

      2. you will be hard pressed to find a Black person, apparently (I’m not Black) who has not been a victim of racism.
        With Whites, a lot go through life without ever falling prey to it, or are just “shamed” subtley/ less aggressively for being White.
        In many ways it’s apples and oranges, and that’s why the notion of “Anti-White racism” is not really well agreed upon as (to it’s existence)

        1. my point is subtle media messaging/ education views/what is taught is more what is meant by “Anti-White racism” than
          “We don’t like yer kind ’round here, YT”.
          Make sense?

        2. The racism is more powerful in Northeast Asian nations where they just don’t care about PC. For instance, a black photo won’t land you a job teaching English. Also, there is a lot of royal treatment for whites, while at the same time glares and other hate for NAMs from the same people.

        3. Oddly enough, lol, if you get on the bad side of Asians, you get treated like a black person would be treated just because he’s black.

        4. Iv’e not seen that the tribalism of different groups is more or less than the others, if you get on their bad side. I was practically crucified at a local community college, cause I made some anti-white statements on Facebook.
          Note, if I hadn’t said the thing I had said, I would have just been ignored at the school.
          Note though in some parts of the world your going to get an avalanche of hate for simply being yourself without doing anything to provoke the situation.
          In other parts of the world, as in the South Korean English teaching industry, the schools are so bad that a lot of the teachers fail, in that case you get a typhoon of hate, but it’s not justified in a sense.

        5. I’ve heard that the Koreans and Japanese are more defensive of their culture, but I’ve heard the Chinese are somewhat better.
          As for “other NAMs” I’ve heard they don’t like Jews (who does 😉 ) but really can’t distinguish between Arabs and Europeans (like how we can’t tell a Korean or Chinese apart).
          Many times Mestizos are apparently thought to be Central Asian/Khazaki types.
          Indians, and South East Asians have mixed feelings but if their land is a third world sh!thole, why the hell would they be prejuidiced against Blacks for their countries looking like that?

        6. Possibly Indians (living in India) racist against blacks are just being a_holes. Just like how in the phillippines the alpha male thing is to show disdain for black people.

  6. I applaud your original and introspective thinking, Bob. It is inevitable that more people will come around to your views on these subjects. I hate sounding like a suck ass, but I love Beyond Highbrow because it is nice to know there is someone out there who thinks somewhat like I do…… and the discussions are awesomely entertaining here, if nothing else.

  7. “For instance, a black photo won’t land you a job teaching English.”
    I don’t suppose there are many, but I remember reading a blog by a Black English teacher in Japan about his experiences, mostly in or near the school. He was there for at last two years in the JET program. He got a Japanese girlfriend. It was interesting enough for me to read all of it.
    I just tried to find it through Dogpile. Couldn’t find it on the first five pages.

  8. Xenophobia has gotten us quite far as a species. Most often if one encountered a stranger, he was not the Magical Man From Happyland, but rather someone who wanted to kill or enslave you and take your stuff.

    1. which is it?
      are they dumb inferior scum or a logistical threat to us?
      you can’t have it both ways…

      1. I’m not advocating it, just saying that it is the default position for a reason. As humans, we are capable of taking a more nuanced view. Some of us, anyway.

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