The Anglo Anti-Immigrant Right Are Awful People, But So Are Their Enemies

Ed writes:

To comment on Raja Hindustani’s (great fake name!) comment, one thing I am increasingly amazed by is the repeated insistence by self-identified “left wingers” that supporting more immigration is not only a left wing cause, it is THE left wing cause, if you don’t support more immigration you are not on the left and every other left wing position has to be sacrificed in favor of more immigration. There is a coup ongoing against the leader of the Labour Party in the UK because he is not sufficiently vocal in favor of immigration and in favor of the (anti-democratic and pro-capitalist) EU. Its pretty obvious that immigrants are being brought into countries which have had strong labor movements, in order to drive down wages and weaken working class solidarity. Many of the immigrants are basically peasants from backwards countries -actually backwards parts of developing countries- that can be relied on for a few generations not to cause too much trouble for the upper classes. And historically the left used to recognize (eg Cesar Chavez) that this was a strategy to break the left. The only explanation I can come up is that the left in the developed world and its institutions has been thoroughly infiltrated by moles, but that project seems to be so successful that you wind up hardly needing the immigrants.

This is about it. Everyone on the Left, I mean everyone, has to support “the immigrants.” You have to. If you don’t, you are not on the Left. So the problem then with us anti-immigrant Lefties is really we have nowhere to go. The anti-immigrant crowd is 10 And everyone who takes any sort of a strong antiracist stance automatically turns into an “I love the immigrants” type. Because, you know, if you hate the racists, then you have to love the immigrants! But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can be like me instead. You can hate the racists and hate the immigrants! How bout that? Also when people turn anti-racist, liberal/Left and pro-immigrant, they almost always turn anti-White and they usually start bashing White workers, especially working class White workers. Because it is working class White workers who are getting screwed by the immigrants. So if you are for the immigrants, then you have to hate the working class Whites. And this is exactly what you see. The liberal/Left “we love the immigrants” absolutely hate the White working class. Of course it doesn’t help that working class Whites can be somewhat backwards on race, gender and other identity issues. So we see a lot of liberal/Lefties going on and on about how all working class Whites are just lazy worthless bums anyway who won’t “go out and get an education” and better themselves. And of course this same mindset is seen on the Right. A writer for the National Review said the same thing recently. As Trump rose, he penned a piece contemptuous of working class Whites. When told that working class White towns like Muskogee, Oklahoma were crumbling in chaos, he wrote an article in which he said that working class White towns and cities needed to die, and the sooner the better. Of course, the Republican Party is a plutocratic party, and they have never supported the interests of working class Whites even though these Whites have been voting Republican for decades now. In fact, I would say that Republicans are contemptuous of working class Whites. And we saw something very similar in the UK. As it become obvious that working class White areas of the UK were falling apart, we only heard sleazy, oily comments about “class mobility.” Supposedly the Tories were creating a society in which people could be class mobile! Actually they were creating the exact opposite of that, but never mind. But the unspoken idea here was that being a working class White was the worst thing on Earth and that we should thank the Tories for making it possible for the white working class to move up the class ladder. But that’s not the way it should be. The idea is to make it so working class job pays well in the first place! To make it so working class towns are nice places to live! To make it so being working class is not seen as the last thing anyone wants to be! And we see the same sickening thing on the Left. I have long heard Leftists shower contempt on working class Whites who resent illegal immigration. “Those Whites are just lazy, that’s all. The Mexicans work harder than those lazy Whites, and that’s why employers hire the Mexicans.” This was the old “White workers are lazy” line that the Reaganites started back in the 1980’s. To hear a Leftie talk like about the working class of his own country this is utterly repulsive. We also hear liberal/Left types saying that any job taken by an illegal is a worthless, crappy job anyway, and any White person who would work at such a job is nothing but a loser. A Mexican standup comedian made a joke out of this by saying that the most pitiful thing that any White person could say was, “I lost my job to an illegal.” Then we hear the “Well, the working class jobs are all gone anyway, and they are not coming back. The future is in high-tech, high-skilled jobs.” So in other words, let the immigrants flood in and take all the crap jobs anyway, who cares. Sure, but have you ever considered that not everyone is cut out to be a high-tech,  high-skilled worker? We have created something truly bizarre here in the US, and possibly elsewhere in the West. We have a Left which actually hates their own native born working class! Isn’t that incredible?

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47 thoughts on “The Anglo Anti-Immigrant Right Are Awful People, But So Are Their Enemies”

  1. To an extent I understand what your saying, but it is true a certain group of whites, perhaps influenced by popular culture, will not study. It’s just a fact. I remember my sister for instance used to make Christmas trees with those test forms where you had to pencil in A, B, C, or D.
    I think bad crowds drag people down, and you cannot really blame globalization. Perhaps you can blame a media which promotes stuff which is degenerate, Perhaps that whole thing is also a globalist scheme. Nonetheless, people have a backbone and I’m wondering how much can you blame society?
    However, you cannot generalize and say all working class people are druggies who give the middle finger to school or any kind of economic conformity.

    1. Then we hear the “Well, the working class jobs are all gone anyway, and they are not coming back. The future is in high-tech, high-skilled jobs.” So in other words, let the immigrants flood in and take all the crap jobs anyway, who cares. Sure, but have you ever considered that not everyone is cut out to be a high-tech, high-skilled worker?

      Most people, if given enough time, could be a high tech worker. Nonetheless, why should they be? There should be a variety of jobs for everyone in a society based on different interests. Not everyone is interested in programming for instance, at least enough to make it a career.

      1. I don’t believe this.
        I do computer programming as a hobby. I do not believe that anyone can learn to program a computer, competently. It isn’t easy to do and it takes a particular way of thinking.
        I also work as a professional. I do not expect everyone to be able to do what I do. It takes a particular way of thinking which not everyone has. I design system. Most people in my company, even some in IT would struggle to approach these problems the way I do. Would a person with an IQ of 95 be able to do my job. No. Not even if given a lot of time (and no one is ever given years be an employer to become competent).
        You’re either good at your job within the few few weeks or months, or you’re out. That excludes many people.

        1. Most people could become good at it, but it would take a massive amount of time, more than someone naturally gifted. Of course, someone with Down’s Syndrome could not be a programmer in a million years.

  2. Globalization is definitely evil for the 1st and 3rd world. Nonetheless, the popular culture is anti-revolutionary and tends to promote stuff which encourages kids to be slackers. Also in some cases the government has purposely brought in drugs to destroy communities, like say with the crack cocaine epidemic. Finally you have the fact the government massively profits from crime.

  3. I just learned a new term, “oikophobia”.
    “Xenophobia” is hatred of foreigners. “Oikophobia” is hatred of one’s own local cultures and traditions.

  4. Lol, oikophobia.
    We don’t have to open our borders to help the proletariat of the world (as if open borders is motivated by a Marxist influence). Not genociding them, as in Guatemala and Indonesia would be even more important.

  5. Possibly it’s difficult to get skilled working class jobs, like say an auto-mechanic position etc.. cause certain people already control the market. Say Bob’s auto shop and Joe’s Auto shop already have all the best spots and already have hired enough US citizens. In that case, you can’t get a job there, nor can you set up your own auto shop. On top of that, many people who know a lot about cars cannot get jobs cause they do drugs, and workplaces screen for drugs.

  6. Dear Robert
    There are some parties in Europe, unfortunately not many, which combine opposition to immigration with support for the welfare state. The Danish People’s party is one. The Dutch Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders’ party, is also closer to the socialists than to the neoliberals. Vlaams Belang is certainly not a neoliberal party. The Front National is now seen as a leftist party by some. The German AfD kicked out its neoliberal founders and is now much closer to social-democracy than before. Some members of the German Linke (Left) are starting to make anti-immigration noises. Things are moving in the right direction.
    In Canada, every party supports mass immigration. It is hard to convince a university-educated Canadian that immigration isn’t necessary for economic growth. Many Canadians even believe that we can’t have comprehensive health care without importing doctors and nurses. It is sad when people in a rich country like Canada think that it isn’t possible to produce enough medical professionals within the country itself.
    Regards. James

      1. Dear Jason
        That argument has no validity. About 75% of immigrants to Canada go to the 6 largest cities, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton. Housing prices in Vancouver are astronomical, partly due to mass immigration and partly due to real estate purchases by Chinese who see Canada as a potential refuge. There is plenty of empty space in Canada, but nobody, immigrant or native, goes to live there. They are empty for a reason. There is no undeveloped farm land left in Canada. Quite the contrary, Canada is losing good farm land at a fast rate because a lot of prime farm land is located near the cities, which are continually expanding.
        Regards. James

        1. Really? I was under the impression that foreign doctors had to go to the undersirable locations. My South African relatives (doctors) were sent to Halifax and Winnipeg.

        2. The similarities between Canada and Australia are outstanding. Including the pesky Chinese investors.
          Everything you wrote about Canada would be equally applicable to Australia, save for the names of places and we have fewer cities which migrants move to.

    1. Unfortunately, in the USA our two party system does not allow for the level of nuance that European parties offer. I can’t even begin to imagine a day that the Democrats question mass immigration from the 3rd world. Or that Republicans reconsider their opposition to single payer healthcare.
      I feel more closely aligned with these conservative and nationalist European parties than I do with either of our parties.

  7. This is one big problem about global working class solidarity. Worldwide peasants are supposed to back one another, but unfortunately, the white man land working class soon realized that their life are infinitely better than hindu land.
    Instead of proletariat working hand in hand, the white man and 3rd world peasants turn against one another.
    Also it is increasingly difficult for states to control capital. States are static but capital are mobile. Capital will flow out from places which favor labor.
    Le Pen and Geert Wilders are indeed nationalist and socialist. They cannot too much because all white man states are controlled by USA.
    World labor best hope is China. China with her sheer size and level of industrialization is able to shut herself out from the rest of the world if she completed capital accumulation.
    But then, China may not be able to achieved her level of breathtaking capital formation without exploiting her labor.

  8. I’ve been saying this for a long time. There seems to be something of an obsession on the left with immigration as an ultimate good. It is one of those things that simply cannot be questioned lest one be guilty of ideological mutiny. I have many friends on the convention left. I know the left very well and how they think. Yes, there certainly is a strong strain of anti-whiteness in them, even amongst whites on the left. They’ll complain about a place like Portland, Oregon being “too white” but they’ll never be caught dead complaining about Detroit being “too black” or El Paso “too Latino”.
    At this point in our history, “immigrant” is proxy word for “non-white” since few immigrants these days come from white countries. So immigration is inextricably tied to multiculturalism, another sacrosanct idea of the cultural left. And multiculturalism is ALWAYS good. That is beyond questioning. To be on the left and question, even benignly multiculturalism is enough to be excommunicated from the left. You cannot be left almost by definition if you are not a multiculturalist. You are of course allowed to criticize Anglo-Saxon culture without limit. But if that criticism is turned toward a non-white culture, you’ve crossed the line.
    Immigration is the method which the left will achieve it’s dream of multiculturalism and creating some sort of kumbaya global village where America is no longer a nation but just a geographic entity where people live and do business and nothing more. The left loves multiculturalism because it hates nationalism and you cannot have nationalism in a multicultural state. Thus we have unwavering support for mass immigration in order to destroy the prevailing Anglo-Saxon culture and replace it with something of a global hodgepodge where nationalism will wilt from the roots.
    I’ve heard theories that this is all underwritten by Jews. That the less nationalism and the more multiculturalism, the better for Jews as it will take attention away from them and prevent another holocaust. I don’t know how true that is, but it does seem as though Jews have held a prominent role in cultural leftism.

    1. And this is also why the left only wants multiculturalism in Western countries, and they never advocate it other affluent non-Western countries such as Korea or Japan.

    2. What you saying is generally true, but it’s also true that some free will exists among whites, just as with others. Some of them aren’t really trying that hard in life. These people might use globalization as a scapegoat. I mean, most people are given a chance at life to do a little better than McDonalds.

      1. Case in point the white guy at the computer store I mentioned awhile back. He signed up for a tech school whcih was totally paid for by the company. His complaint for leaving was the course load was too much.

        1. Jason I cannot allow you to attack working class people, especially working class Whites, on here. You’ve been doing this forever now and I cannot allow it. First of all, no attacking anyone who works at any job. There’s no such thing as a bad job. Maybe some jobs should pay more money or have better working conditions or have a union, but no job is a lousy job just on account of its existence.
          So no more putting down people who work at McDonald’s or deliver pizzas or whatever. Those are both very good, honorable jobs for any human being. I respect any man who works for a living to the utmost. No man who works for a living should ever be disrespected or told that he works at a lousy job.

        2. Robert-
          It’s a two wrongs don’t make a right type situation. He attacks Working class Whites, but what about the mainstream Republicans who say ALL (sparing their tokens) Blacks and Hispanics are on welfare? That must be very saddening to the hardworking minority…that being said;
          doing the exact same thing to working class Whites is just about as bad, two wrongs don’t make a right, it doesn’t help the victimized Black/Hispanic.
          I take it, based on your liberal views, belief in IQ, and anti-immigration stances, you belief societies worth is more determined by it’s average member (they contribute more, than the people on the extreme right of the curve), for instance, you would believe that Whites having more geniuses/wider SD than Asians (not saying they do) is less important, than the IQ of the average member?

        3. one argument WNs have is that there are more White geniuses as a proportion of the population because Whites have a wider SD in IQs…..
          for instance they might believe the Asian IQ SD is 10, while the White is 20, so only 2% of Asians would have IQs above 120
          but 2% of Whites would have IQs above 140.
          for instance;

          I believe it is largely unsubstantiated.

        4. of course, the IQs are very close but not equal
          so it would be 98th percentile is 125 for Asians and 140 for Whites, or something like that.

        5. on Stanford-Binet…(16 SD)
          on Weschesler it’s 130 (SD=15 x 2)
          apparently Weschesler is a better IQ test.
          but I honestly don’t know…
          I believe Stanford-Binet is normed on your median Frenchman and the French population while WAIS is the ‘Muricans…

        6. Huh……
          When it comes to whether the average or the “smart fraction” is more important becomes a little confusing to some, because typically the one with the higher average IQ has a larger fraction until you get into SD. When you have the Asians VS. Whites comparison I believe it may depend on what you’re asking for.
          If you want a population that can maintain an economy better as a working class, then Asians. If you want innovation from an upper tier, then Whites.

        7. I think Charles Murray was the one who pointed out that it was during the middle ages that it becomes noticeable that innovation wise China wasn’t as comparable to Europe in previous eras based on what I heard, for I think classical periods were less on innovation of rudimentary technology and such and more on their application.

    3. I don’t think most whites are buying into white guilt anymore anyway. Look at all the Confederate flags in the back of trucks. They’re not buying into outside the south either. It’s all just a dead philosophy with perhaps some kind of hay day back in the 90s when globalization and PC were just coming into vogue.

      1. White guilt is either a huge thing or practically irrelevant, depending on social circle.
        With all due respect to Robert, he hangs out with too many lefties and gets an exaggerated sense of it.
        With righties and moderates, it’s trivial, just to the extent of “our people enslaved the Blacks, so don’t say the N-Word” which is absolutely reasonable.
        Mann Coulter is right for perhaps the first time in her life when she talks about guilt towards Hispanics and Asians- very few were victimized by Whites (Chinese laborers, debatably a few Bomb victims in Japan, Mexicans forced to be second class citizens after the war, and Dole fruit company slaves)- but as an overall percentage of those groups it’s low.

        1. Odds are Japan would have nuked the US if given the first chance. I think they even had a nuke program.

        2. Confirmation of Japan nuking us. If the Japanese would have had a bomb they would have bombed us. Japan was actually building their own nuclear bomb which they would have readily used against us. See, “Japan’s Secret War: Japan’s Race Against Time to Build Its Own Atomic Bomb” by Robert K. Wilcox.

          Further confirmation comes from the enormous resources put into the ultra long range submarine that Japan built carrying only three airplanes. They only military use for such a vessel would be if it carried nukes.

        3. okay.
          I said “debatably”
          I have no doubt they would have gone after us…….

      2. Well, from my experience it is NOT a “dead philosophy”. Of course if you live in a “red” social circle THATS what you’re going to see.
        What is different now is that it isn’t that it’s gone, but how it’s expressed. Now it is more subtle, for in schools its not “blatant” for many attempt to go for a neutral vibe politically BUT once politics is brought up then victimization and cringing follows.
        Then it needs to be understood how “white guilt” behaves.` It’s not simply painting you’re race as a bad guy in every single case of inter-racial conflict but it’s also the automatic acknowledgement of a group’s victimization and the role Europeans played in history as aggressors AT LEAST as an expression of considering the POV of the other group.
        This is far more common among whites than compared proportionally to other minorities, in other words think sincerely of the interests of the other group.

      1. a recent CNN poll showed of decided voters (or decided for one of the two) Trump was at 21% among people of color, (Romney won 16%), I recently saw Trump was at 14% among Hispanics and roughly the same for Asians, assuming there are about 1.5x of them as Blacks, that means Blacks are at (21-14)(1.5)+14= 10.5+14=24.5 or 25%
        Up from Mittens’ 6%.
        Killery is going to have to pick Al Sharpton for VP.

  9. I’m of mixed European ancestry, none of which is English, nor even Celtic. If I had the power, I’d close the borders until we get our own problems under control, the kind of control that takes little policing and fewer statutes.
    According to the people who use the word most, I am a racist. So are you with your pink skin and living into your fifties.
    Most of the persons who identify with the left are actually just suicide -prone. I saw this with my first wife, who died of an overdose long after we divorced. I suspect most of them, though perhaps just the most obnoxious, are just looking for someone to provoke into killing them so they can be dead and not have to face how useless they are.
    I have been of the working class since I was a teenager. I believe that most of the so-called Left is envious that we can do and, for all our bitching, enjoy doing something useful.
    One of the things that makes some workers seem lazy is that we lost patience with the system and its stupid, counter-productive games. Some guy who comes up from Guatemala is willing to play the games, because he’s going home in ten to fifteen years, to the house and acreage his parents bought with the money he sent.
    I can’t hate the guy from Guatemala; he’s just doing what I’d do with the oppurtunities he has. I know him and met his wife. I wish him well, in his country.
    If the foreigners weren’t here, those of us who belong here would be better off. There would be entry-level jobs open for young men who haven’t decided what they’re good at yet.

  10. To Rob:
    This is about it. Everyone on the Left, I mean everyone, has to support “the immigrants.” You have to. If you don’t, you are not on the Left.
    As you probably know, it was not always so – growers (which were heavily Republican and still are) were in full support of illegal labor in the 1970s but the left was not:
    In 1973, the UFW organized a march through the Coachella and Imperial valleys in Central California to the United States-Mexico border to protest growers’ use of illegal immigrants as strikebreakers. The thousands of marchers were joined by the Reverend Ralph Abernathy and U.S. Senator Walter Mondale.
    I am noticing that mostly only hard right websites are still bringing this to the public’s attention, so basically a younger person on the left might reasonably believe that it was a lie or a half-truth, it wasn’t. Further Chavez’s cousin was involved in anti illegal labor violence, including beating up undocumented laborers (Clearly unacceptable but this truth that is hidden from many people who learn about Caesar Chavez). Also FWIW the UFW started out as a Filipino organization that was eventually co-opted by Mexican Americans.

    1. Chavez has been historically revised. I’ve gotten into debates with Chicano activist types that think Chavez was a champion of illeg…excuse me, “undocumented” immigrants.

  11. The Western Left gave up on working class Whites decades ago. Standard of living of Working Class Whites improved a lot after the second world war. The left was afraid they would become obselete as the White working class may not need them anymore. Hence they jumped on the minority band wagon. Suddenly they started caring about us darkies even if Karl Marx himself was against non White migration to Europe (Blacks have existed in the USA for centuries so they are a different case.) The so called ‘left’ does not want the Black community (ghetto blacks at least) in the USA to escape the net like White working class did in the past. That is why the blacks have become a block vote or lets say ground troops for the left. Blacks who vote Republican are considered Uncle Toms but the truth is that a black person can vote for whoever he/she wants, it is a democracy. Education is considered ‘acting White’ in ghettos and blacks have seen the worst damage to family values due to welfare, extreme feminist entitlement (check out the number of videos on youtube about black men ranting about black female bitchy behaviour; ofcourse White women are moving in that direction too and now we have White men ranting on the manospere) and promotion of gangsta rap; these are not exactly recipies for sucess. The left has the same plans for newer less educated immigrant groups too may it be Hispanics in the USA or muslims in Europe. They are cheap labour for the right winged industrialists and block votes for the left. The left wants them to remain poor and thus dependant on government handouts. Actually the left and right are not enemies of eact other any more. What we have now is communo-capitalism. Mainstream left and right coming together to form a cabal to milk the people. Truth be told how much of a difference does it make if the Republicans are in power or if the Democrats are? How much of a difference did it make to most Americans during the terms of Clinton, Bush and Obama? How much of a difference does it make if the Tories come to power or if Labour comes to power? The mainstream parties will come together to oppose any exteme left or extrme right party coming in power (happened in France against the NF several times). The mainstream does not belong to either the true right or the true left. It is all a facade. We have also seen the rise of mega corporations in the west and a number of Independent small companies are been eaten up by an oligarchy minded corporate world. Big corporations hand in hand with Big Governments. In other words, the West is becoming the typical banana republic behind all that facade of first world. Third World countries have big business, politicians, government officials, holymen, media people, union leaders and celebrities in a cabal who form new ways to milk the majorities. First Worlders welcome to that world.

  12. It strikes me how those arguments from American Left resemble the situation in Russia. There is a great problem in Russia with immigrants as well (Russia is on the second place after the USA by the size of immigrant population), but instead of Mexicans in the US, and Asians and Africans in the EU, Russia has a lot of poor uneducated illegal workers from Central Asia and the Caucasus. They are making a lot of problems especially things like drug trafficking (the majority of traffickers are Tajiks and Uzbeks, and those two countries are the main hubs of drug trafficking from Afghanistan, the world heroine-production leader). But instead you will often hear, especially from the Moscow intelligentsia, that Russia could not literally live without “hardworking” Tajiks, that Russians are lazy, drunkards, will not and cannot work, and so on Russophobic lies. Exactly like in America.
    The problem is that any Russian anti-immigrant movements are literally persecuted by the Kremlin and libeled as “Nazi”. Many in the West think that the Kremlin is right-wing, but when it concerns immigration it is far-left. The Kremlin has been carrying out the policy of open borders from the Asiatic countries for the last 25 years, and it seems it will not change this policy in the near future.

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