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No more attacking working class people, especially working class Whites, on here. This is a socialist website, and the last thing we should be doing is attacking working class people. There’s no such thing as a bad job. Maybe some jobs should pay more money, have better working conditions or a union, but no job is a lousy job just on account of its existence.
So no more putting down people who work at McDonald’s or deliver pizzas or whatever. Those are both very good, honorable jobs for any human being. I respect any man who works for a living to the utmost. No man who works for a living should ever be disrespected or told that he works at a lousy job.
There’s no such thing as a lousy job!

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0 thoughts on “New Comments Rule”

  1. I don’t go Sailer’s site. I wonder how often “NAM” is used now.
    Is it ok to show some contempt for average white working class politics? They supported the Vietnam War. One would remember the hard hat riots Why would they support imperialist wars, especially those that enabled globalization and endangered their and their children’s jobs.

    1. That is 100% acceptable. Yes they are cutting their own throat but these are our comrades, let’s face it. A lot of them are confused or misguided, but we can’t hate them just for being proletarians.

  2. Dear Robert
    There are jobs that are bad and jobholders who don’t deserve respect. For instance, many people in the financial sector have bad jobs and those who hold them don’t deserve respect. it isn’t that they work mainly for the rich, but that their activities harm the rest of us. Interior decorators also work mainly for the rich, but they don’t harm ordinary people.
    Regards. James

  3. Why the fuck “especially working-class whites”?
    I can insult working-class people from other races but not this? Sorry but I think that it is wrong and stupid.

    1. Actually he doesn’t support attacking working class people of other races either, it’s that proportionally white working class people in america are larger.

    2. Jorge, this is a pro-White blog in a sense. If that pisses you off, you can always just leave. This is the way we are, and we have been this way for a long time now. Racial liberals don’t do very well here. They tend to get banned or after a while they drift off. If you’re a racial liberal, this site’s not for you.

      1. I don’t know what is a “racial liberal”, but I think that people from all races have to be treated in the same way. I don’t have problem in talk about differences in behavior, intelligence, etc. of different races.
        But I’m “pro-people”, I don’t make differences in this way. I’m pro-white in the same level that I’m pro-black, pro-Amerindian, pro-Australoid, pro-Mongoloid… So, I don’t understand the need of make a clarification like that… What is the special thing in “working-class whites” for that deserve to be mentioned that clarification?

        1. The only working class people on this site who are being beat up by some of the liberals here are the White working class. No one is talking about non-White working classes, but I won’t let people talk crap about them either. White working class was mentioned because that is who the critical comments are being directed at, not that they are somehow special.

  4. Being a member of a working or impoverished class does not necessarily make you more moral.

  5. I can’t hardly make any money anyway. Even the pizza guy makes more money, lol. My real comments were directed at the fact these guys are hateful assholes and idiots, not really necessarily poor. The one computer guy I mentioned though is a normal guy though.
    However, you got assholes and idiots who also make a lot of money.

    1. OK sorry for making above comment. I hope it doesn’t get me banned. I was just explaining why I acted the way I did before.

      1. Jason you will not be banned. Actually I have been wanting to call you out on this for a long time now.
        If they are hateful assholes and idiots, then please focus on that, not their income or economic class. They’re not bad people because they are low income, they are lousy people because they are hateful assholes and idiots.

        1. A big problem with these assholes and idiots, and it’s so true on Facebook, is they can’t shut up. That’s the root of the problem. However, they won’t get as much hate for their mouth as I would, cause they’re shouting stuff that subliminally a lot of Tennessee people agree with. Nonetheless, I’m sure some people don’t like what they’re saying, and I’m sure they’ve had ugly encounters.
          Well, you know we all like a comedian, but these people make Andrew Dice Clay look like Mr. Rogers. They’re really asking for it.

        2. Drugs could play a role. That’s why I have a negative view of pot. It seems like they’re so warped morally that it’s beyond hope. You were saying in one post that idiots and assholes deserve to be bullied, and it’s so true in the case of these fools. They deserve insults, they deserve the middle finger, they deserve to have thier face shoved in a toilet.

    2. Always it’s a minority that make whites look bad, much as a minority makes blacks look bad. For instance, actually in Charleston SC, most of the blacks are cool people, but there are a few assholes who will make fun of you. That’s just true everywhere.
      So what liberals are doing out of spite, perhaps for bad experiences in childhood, is taking the worst white people and saying ALL whites are like those people.

      1. Note being bad has nothing to do really with economic status, but it’s more like, with whatever race you are, your just a real jerk that isn’t nice to people.

      2. One time I was in a line at a Chinese restaurant in a mall in Charleston SC and these two black guys were giggling making fun of me, saying honkey behind my back while I was ordering. In another case, one was saying “Get out my way honkey” 😆
        So in Korea you could just subsitute, honkey with Yankee.
        Also, If your in my white neck of the woods, of course, there will be yahoos that will make fun of blacks, gays, wimps, liberals and use similar type punk language.

        1. No, this was just some Chinese restaurant at a food court in the mall. You don’t have to go in to eat. The eating area is shared by many different restaurants.

  6. A lousy job to me isn’t based on pay or reputation like McDonalds. It doesn’t become lousy until l have communication breakdown with my fellow co- workers after a lengthy stay. Domineering boss, shitty employees make the job lousy and I quit.
    External factors. For me, the biggest problem is sleep. I have hard time laying down at night. After weeks of restless nights, not getting along with my employees, forget about it, I’m outta here.

    1. Possibly a McDonalds manager job, which people can work up to, a long with some other income stream can land a person a decent living. For instance, the person could try blogging or e-bay as another income stream.

  7. I never quit a job solely on job description, but because I didn’t get along with others. I quit my last job because female workers kept harassing me, paging me on the loud speaker, and I didn’t like it one bit. It made me misogynistic.That when I realise it’s time for me to fire myself.
    Half of my family works at the nursing home, including me. ” Don’t these bitches leave you alone.” My sisters response to women at my job. I still work there, but not for the bitches, but for the shredding machine.

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