Letter from India

Hassan writes:

Hello Robert. Thanks for writing good blogs about India and its incredibly inhumane and barbaric culture. I have read your other articles on India, and you are 100% correct in pointing out the ugliness of India.
Actually it’s not only India, it’s all of South Asia which is a hell hole. The caste system is a South Asian phenomenon, and Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists of Subcontinent practice it in social forms although in a much less ugly way than the Hindus do. All of Subcontinent’s cultures are backward as Hell and are anti-weak, anti-poor, anti-women, anti-rationality and superstitious as hell.
I personally identify myself with Indo-Persian culture (as I am a South Asian Muslim) which is heavily Persianized and historically much more civilized and egalitarian than low-end Indian cultures, but it does not mean that South Asian Muslims are any better than their backward Hindu counterparts. But at least Islam saves us from much of the evils of Hinduism. India’s claims of becoming the next superpower are hilarious; they can’t even build toilets for their people. Thanks for speaking the truth about that place. Keep up the good work.

In case you are wondering, I get emails and comments like this all the time on here. It’s quite clear that this is the truth about India and the whole region. If I was lying about it, why would so many Indians come here to tell me I am 100% correct?
He makes a good point that all of the cultures of South Asia are all crappy in exactly the same ways. They all practice caste, hate the poor, the weak, women (notice the connection?) and rationality and are extremely superstitious. The Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists all practice too, though a less vicious version of it. As I pointed out, the reason the whole region is sucks is that it has been Indianized and Hinduized. Even Pakistan and Bangladesh are very Indianized and Hinduized cultures, although they are Muslim. Buddhist Sri Lanka strikes me as incredibly Indianized and Hinduized.
And he is correct, Persia is and was more egalitarian and civilized than India ever was.

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0 thoughts on “Letter from India”

  1. Bangladesh and Pakistan were carved out of the Raj as the country for Indian Muslims (despite more Muslims remaining within Congress ruled India), so there wouldn’t necessarily be much difference. Bangladesh is just the rural part of Bengal. Pakistan is about half Indian and half Persian.
    I have noticed that American Catholics, sometimes including clergy, tend to just adopt the beliefs of the Protestants they live along, sometimes to the public despair of the Vatican, so it is not surprising to see Indians whose religions are quite explicitly anti-caste in doctrine, notably both Christianity and Islam, practice caste. I’ve found that most people use religion as just another tribal identifier and rarely pay attention to the teachings of their own religions.

  2. Muslims in India with Persian ancestry (real or fabricated) love to tout it, as they think it makes them superior to run-of-the-mill Muslim Indians. Indian and Pakistani Muslims love to claim foreign ancestry , feeling it makes them superior over low caste Muslim converts and having Arab ancestry makes them more ‘Islamic’ . The popularity of Saeed/syed in India/Pakistan is a sign of caste mentality amongst SouthAsian Muslims. These Islamic honorific titles are used like proper names by SouthAsian Muslims to let everyone know they are ‘upper caste’ / of superior heritage.
    While I generally agree with the poster on India’s deplorable caste situation and agree that Persian culture did not have a barbaric an inhuman social stratification system like the Hindu caste, the poster himself comes off as someone who upholds caste-like attitudes of superiority with his comments on the superiority of Persianized Muslim South Asian culture. Now this may just be my perception and I could be wrong.
    Persians were the administrators in the Mughal court ; these Central Asian and Persian Muslim invaders added to India/Pakistan’s caste racism. Muslims who claim upper caste status may be better than upper caste Hindus …sometimes.
    Upper caste Muslims ( converts from Hindu Upper castes and those with Persian ,Arab ,Afghan and Central Asian descent) have a history of exploiting and abusing the lower castes. Here is an article on how upper caste Muslim men regularly raped low caste Muslim women. Pakistan is the same way. South Asian Muslims like to claim they are not casteist and Islam is not racist , because this is a major selling point in the propaghanda battle between Islam and Hinduism , but the reality is different.

    1. Parsi are the only verifiable Persians of India and even they have considerable Gujarati admixture.

    1. It is tedious trying to read a huge wall of text. If all you had was typos I would not have made that comment.
      Secondly: Your wall of text is nothing but Hindutva verbal diarrhea. I am not going to argue every point you made, just going to focus on the Indus Civilization. Aryans did not build it. Well after native South Asians had built the Indus Civilization, Aryans were still just a bunch of barbarian semi-nomadic pastoralists. Not unlike Mongol and Turkic hordes. Aryans just co-opted a lot of native culture .
      Dont you high caste Hindus feel any shame in trying to steal the intellectual achievement of other peoples. You are like White Supremacists who claim Ancient Egypt or Sumeria was White.
      Lastly: I do not for 1 second believe you are Christian. You boast too much about Aryans and Sanskrit to be anything but Hindu . I suppose you could be a non-Hindu but highley likelt from an upper caste background and one who identifies with Aryan identity.

  3. The facts are : You are wrong.
    No matter how much you upper caste liars regurgitate Brahmin/Hindutva lies about Indian history it won’t come true.
    It is settled and there is no argument amongst Indologists, that Aryans were intrusive and they most certainly did not build the Indus Civilization.
    Arguing in support of Hindutva fantasies , like you are doing, is like a creationist arguing against Evolution by natural selection.
    I am not going to argue with you over this because it is a waste of time and I have already done it years ago in this blog.

  4. Non sense
    FACT:The Aryan invasion did take place, we Indians are mixture of many peoples.
    FACT: India before the British came was a shithole. Sati, Thugees, you name it. British rule improved many things in India but was not perfect.
    FACT: Ancient India did not rule Europe or any place outside parts of South East Asia. Indeed India got a lot of its culture from outside.
    FACT: I am upper caste Hindu myself, the caste system, whatever the reason to create it maybe is one of the best parasitic method in the world. parasitic upper caste Hindus fooled lower caste peoples to literally become unpaid slaves. We upper caste Hindus were just parasites on the lower caste people. India was and is a corrupt country, a country of extreme in equality, always was, always will be. However the rest of the world including the west are not perfect either.
    What is surprising is, even though we had entire castes dedicatd to warfare (Kshatriyas) we were easily defeated by outsiders like the Arabs, Turks, Mongols, British etc… Europe fought back Islamic invasions far far better than Hindus in India. China prevented itself to be colonised even tho half a dozen powers were trying to, India was easily colonised by a multi national corporation called the East India Company!
    And do not give me that bullshit that were were innocent good people and others took advantage of us. They defeated us fair and square. And I believe it is our arrogance which can be easily seen in the rubbish crap you typed here which is partly responsible of our defeat. We over estimated ourselves. We were rabbits fighting lions but deluded ourselves that we are elephants.
    Even thought we had entire castes dedicated to knowledge (Brahmins) we never could build a modern industrial society and had to depend upon White men to invent it for us and give it to us.
    Whatever this idiot susanna is barking is just fake non sense which every Indian including myself is forced to believe because it makes us feel good about ourselves and reduces out the inferiority complex feelings deep in our hearts. But the fact is all these are lies. The average Indian has little knowledge of history and cultures of other nations and civilisations. When I did my own research on other civilisations, Indian civilisatin, history etc…, I realised that the hinduvadi nonsense taught to me since I was a child (like what this suzanna is barking) was all fake. FAKE FAKE FAKE.
    This explains why the Hinduvadis want to ban English and bring on Sanskrit as the language of India because this way they can stop Indians gaining knowledge not sanctioned by the Hinduvadis and thus realise the non sense we are forced to believe.

    1. Hi Susanna. I am deleting this post because for some reason, you are unable to punctuate a sentence and you are incapable of understanding the rules of capitalization. I will continue to delete your posts until you get it together.

    2. The Indian race is literally a bastard race… An admixture, assortment if you will of several different races of people since the dawn of modern civilization… An eventuality of an anomaly

  5. Iran is nowhere near India. Iran is on a higher level, nearly another planet than India. In fact, Iran with its population on the rise has all chances to become a regional superpower. That is why the US and Arabs hate Iran. Persian are really smart, smarter than average Muslims (not in the terms of IQ, where Persians are average, but of general “smartness”). Persians could outsmart everybody around if given them a chance. Their great history just has proved this. This is why they are much feared by neighbouring Turks, Arabs and who else.
    In contrast, India is an Asiatic version of Africa, and in some aspects it is even worse than Africa. India is a large landmass of human backwardness, it is just only those small high-tech enclaves here and there that make the outer appearance of the India’s high achievements. But you cannot be a superpower just having small high-tech hubs and fenced paradise enclaves for the rich, while just 100 yards from those hubs and enclaves common people live in the worst way possible.
    Only one thing bothers me: why on Earth Persianized Afghanistan is one of the worst damned holes on the planet? It seems paradoxical. It is also interesting if the Balochi and Pashto of Pakistan are more like Iranians than Indo-Aryan Pakistanis.
    And the main question: if the source of that Indian backwardness is Hinduism, then what is the source of Hinduism itself? Has it risen from something genetic in South Asians? Or could it be changed and improved?

      1. I cannot see how Hinduism, even a part of it, could have come from Russia. If you mean that Indo-Europeans originate in South Russia (but it is just one of many theories), even in that case Hinduism hardly inherit anything from those VERY distant times. If Proto-Indo-Europeans followed some sort of proto-Hinduism, then all today Indo-Europeans must be something like Hindus while they are not. Why have only Indians preserved it, if it was the Indo-European religion? Even pagan beliefs of ancient Europeans (Greek, Romans, etc.) hardly resembled Hinduism. Hinduism is a clearly local Indian invention.

        1. Sorry, it doesn’t matter what you think. It’s not that the linguists, theologians, and historians involved in IE and PIE studies have any definitive answers. It’s that they are more authoritative on the subject than you because they have engaged in years and years of study. Saying that you can’t see how the Indian/Hindu culture could in anyway be related to the PIEs (who likely dwelt at the nexus of the Black Sea, Caucasus, and Pontic Steppe) and/or their culture merely reveals deep-seated bias against Indians relative to Persians, Russians, and other Indo-Europeans. You haven’t made the effort to research the topic in any sort of meaningful way. Don’t try to say you have. You just want to vent.
          Brief personal aside: I’m sorry, but I think most people would see how someone who names themselves “AngryRussian” (in an non-comedic/ironic way) is likely not very reasonable and/or insightful. Don’t get me wrong, maybe “smart” relative to other race-realist Russians, but probably not the next Chekov or Borodin. You insulted an entire group of people and their genetics and now you’re thinking “the way I’ll respond to this is to accuse Eoine of resorting to ad hominem.” That’s not going to work. You engage in that type of behavior, you’re going to get shit on. You deserve to have your character and your name attacked because you’re likely a worse person than an average citizen of the world. It doesn’t mean you can’t change. Embrace love, spurn fear.

    1. “the zoroastrians which is the ancient religion of iranians can find its origins in india and Ahura Mazda their god was one of the hindu asuras , so don’t come on here bumping your gum when you don’t know one f—k what you are talking about.”
      Yes they can, but does it matter who is the original creator and who improved on it? I mean, civilization itself came from the Tigris and Euphrates river area – yet despite that ALL non-Whites are savages who have done nothing (the only civilization anywhere over the world is the Nordics). Non-European Caucasians need to stick together. Stop this nonsense!

      1. I will try to comply with your request for better punctuation. I just find it easier to to write without caps , however you may be right about the commas.

    2. susanna, you happened to be a good illustration to my comment. You, Indians, are a backward nation of a Forth World country, with a lot of complexes about it, and the only argument you could muster is a personal attack against me. You cannot write in English properly and most obviously do not know a thing about Russia, I bet you could hardly locate it on the map (yes, that big long spot above your beloved India, just try harder once more to find it, I believe you can). While I know India and Iran quite enough to make up my conclusions and my English is nearly perfect. You might even have sent Indian men into space (but only with the help of the hated Russkies, haha), and there are for sure small places where India “looks” as if it is a developed country, but literally hundreds of millions of Indians, several times the entire Russian population, live in an extreme poverty. You even cannot organize toilets, you sh* on your streets, cows and animals wander and sh* in your “cities” (or rather gigantic slums), you throw away your dead into your dirty rivers and then swim and drink there (disgusting), you cannot organize a proper sanitation and cleaning, so piles of garbage and sh* lie on your streets, etc. I do not care about your alleged achievements, even if you would have a colony on Mars, while you live in such conditions. Iran is obviously better than India, you can hardly find such disgusting things and places in Iran, as there are in India. You do not even try to compare India and Russia, Russia might not be a most developed country in the world and obviously it falls behind the EU and the USA, but it is still a century ahead than India.

    3. India the Asiatic version of Africa? A joke.
      As for Persians, their supposedly great history seems like a huge exaggeration. They seemed to be flourishing with fertile ground in their agricultural age, but got spanked around when the competition around them grew. Their seeming revolutionary contributions to society, were nothing significantly special as most gatherer societies preceding them were fairly egalitarian, and their contributions didn’t seem to have any true lasting impact. Their ability to outsmart others has probably got to be the most useless of traits to praise someone for.
      I am most skeptical of any cultural greatness of any of the middle Eastern societies, and find them largely overrated in comparison to Chinese, early Vedic Indians or the recent cultures of the Anglo – Saxons.

  6. Susanna a typical loser Tier 2 city ugly obnoxous ignorant Indian guy who cannot get a girlfriend if he tried, posing as a hot western woman. These guys are frekin jokes.

  7. You aren’t lying about it, but your lying or telling the truth has nothing to do with why these Indians write mails to you. Central to Indian thinking has been the dislike of peasantry and unskilled labor, and whatever is associated with it. The people writing to you, are simply trying to dissociate themselves from lower classes and what they associate with them.
    The fine example is this Hassan himself who associates himself with the laughably overrated Indo-Persian culture, which manifests itself in their ridiculous business culture that has thrived largely on nepotism and can barely produced a nut or bolt of decent quality, and when it can, it owes it to the Brahmin and middle caste Indians that work there. What Hassan hates is working class Indians, since hating them and taking up white collar jobs and mocking the poor gives him the much needed attention and the prospect of a richer wife, and social respect and honor, that are the aims of life in his ‘egalitarian’ culture.
    Hassan can whine about how Indians have failed to build toilets for it’s people, as if Indians were desperately trying to install toilets for 100s of years. They weren’t. Maybe this Indo-Persian failed to notice that a famous Parsi manufacturer produced toilet doors for years, that were lower quality than an average Indian carpenter could produce in his street shop.

    1. This all will stop when we Dravidians get a separate home and are referred as Dravidians as such and not lumped as Indians as a whole. There is nothing common between either set of people living here. Its time to go separate much like what Crimea did to ukraine. The whole mess of combining aryan/australoid mutts and Dravidians and expecting them to cooperate and function as a nation is not working. We unfortunately face the flak of being labeled as indians and areaware thought of as being filthy and backwards as we are lumped with them. Let me reiterate that Dravidian parts are not filthy like north India. we are better organized, better behaved and quite capable of fending for ourselves. I do not deny there are quite a few filthy parts as well in our areas, but we can easily fix once them once we get the power. As far as north goes, they are deeply fubarred that they have very lil chance of any progression. Thanks to the primitive Hindu values that are deeply embedded in their genes.

      1. South Indians sure have got a bad deal on the whole. They’ve done their bit to develop faster, yet are lumped with North Indians on a whole by everyone outside. It’s massively hypocritical of the North to not let South – Central Indians and North Easterners claim their independence and flood their cities for jobs and business, and yet want to claim superiority over the South and NE. The Northies don’t even acknowledge their effort in battling waves of Islamic invasions more successfully than the Northies themselves, who failed repeatedly.
        Though, if they were to split up, I don’t see Tamils ready to be governed from somewhere in Bangalore, if that were the capital, or the Telugu people respect any decisions made for them from Kerala, if that’s where the government sat. They’d probably split up from one another soon after.

      2. Hey I do agree with you, Southern Indians are indeed a lot nicer than North Indians and north India. North India is literally the worst hell on earth. At least in South, which is still dirty and disgusting, the people are a bit more polite though.

  8. Indians are literal subhumans who need to be wiped off this planet, so that their subhuman genes and DNA cannot be spread anymore. They are literally a cancer on this planet and need to be exterminated simply for the good of the planet.
    How long until the people of the West get off their ass and DO SOMETHING about this? White people obviously have the most advanced culture and race on this planet, and everyone agrees with this. If they didn’t, then why does everyone want to flood into the West and America? So by default, they agree American and Europe are superior.
    But how much longer will white people allow this cancer to exist? The idea of dropping nuclear bombs on India and wiping the entire country out is probably the best idea. Otherwise, let’s invade the country and wipe them the fuck off this planet.

  9. I am from Pakistan, now not in Pakistan though. But we never had caste issue, surprisingly all castes they are the special.

  10. Please don’t demonize whole society. Whole world is mixture of good and evil. Nothing is permanent but evolution is. India is changing. No one is superior, Amir Ajmal kasam, Hafiz saeed, jakir ur rahman lagti, Maulana Masood azhar all are personized Muslims. Swami vivekansnd, Shree Shree Ravishankar, Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Rabindra nath tagore, Hargovind khurrana, CA Raman and S Ramanujam all are hindus

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