Khameini Is Dead

Unconfirmed reports. He has has been very ill with cancer for a long time. No Islamists are all that great, but they are what they are, and the Muslim religion is what it is. It’s never  going to be this groovy Western  human rights and democracy religion that we want it to be. It’s just not that kind of a religion and Muslim civilization is just not that kind of a civilization. Trying to force this human rights and democracy and globalized neoliberalism on the Muslims is, to overuse a metaphor, like trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. There’s another metaphor I like better. Stalin said that trying to force Communism on the Poles was like trying to put a saddle on a cow. Let’s get real. Sure, most of the West hates Muslims. But which ones do we hate? We hate the Muslims who are being real Muslims and who are being true to their religion. The perfect Muslim country for the West is a secular country, but that right there goes against Islam, and most Muslims do not want to live in secular countries. Islamism is just Islam. Islamists are just Muslims. If we hate Islamism and Islamists, then we simply hate Islam and Muslims. There’s no other way to slice this cake. That said, Khameini was orders of magnitude better than Khomeini, the original ayatollah. The Iranians have made great strides towards moving in the direction of a more humanist Islamism. They have  the advantage of Shiism. Like Catholicism, Shiism sees Islam as a moving target to be continuously reinterpreted in accordance with the times. Sort of like the living Constitutionalists. The Vatican is much the same way. These high priests see themselves as the interpreters and re-interpreters of religion, and the Shia clergy and in fact very similar to the high priests of the Vatican. Hardly anyone in the West can see Khameini as a good man. But for an Islamist, he was very good of kind. And that’s about all we can expect from this religion of low expectations.

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2 thoughts on “Khameini Is Dead”

  1. While I don’t like the terrorism that comes with fundamentalist Islam, I’m starting to feel differently about Islamic society. I think Islamic culture is a counterweight against the cultural decay of the secular liberal culture in the West. There is a middle eastern woman I’ve become friendly with. While she is secular, her family is strict Muslims. We were talking about how it’s no big deal for women to even have an out of wedlock kid these days in America. She was saying in her culture, she’d be disowned by her family for having a kid outside of marriage. You know what? I like that. I wish we were more like them in that respect. I wish we had more of that strong family honor in this culture. When I was in high school a Persian girl told me her father would literally kill her if she lost her virginity. Now that’s pretty damn extreme, but I think at some level, their culture “gets it”. They know allowing too much sexual freedom will end up with with the situation we have in the West where women want to party it up and jump on as many cocks as possible and hopefully find a prince charming right before their eggs dry up. Fertility rates are plunging in the West and all countries emulating the West. Western culture cannot sustain itself demographically without some type of reform.
    You don’t have homosexual marriage being paraded around in the middle east as something equivalent in every way to man and woman. I don’t agree with how they deal with gays and punishing their behavior. I’d rather just leave them be and they leave our straight institutions alone and stop politicizing their sexuality.
    They may go way too far in their repression of women in gays, but you don’t have this insanity we have in the West. A Bruce Jenner type in Iran might just shut the fuck up and keep out of the public light. Here he is lauded as a hero because he wears a dress and got breast implants. Under Islam, there’s a very strong sense of what a man and a woman is and what their roles are in society. The West is working to destroy this every day and make us all sexually androgynous. The West is ever becoming a feminized culture while Islam is a masculine culture. The West wants Islam to be reformed. In other words, make Islamic societies in the likeness of the West, but with a different religion. I think we can learn some things from Islam. I don’t blame them for rejecting the West.
    Islamic societies do have severe problems with violence and intolerance. But not everything is bad about them.

    1. Iranian birth rates are also below replacement rate.
      Also, the sexual revolution didn’t cause the single mother phenomenon on it’s own. That was a product of the feminists attack on the nuclear family.
      The feminazis are the ones that decided to glorify becoming single mothers by choice, encouraged attacking men’s/husbands masculinity, and vilifying the concept of family continuity through male lines of descent.

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