Burn in Hell, Globalization

That’s the message of Brexit. Death to globalization, neoliberalism, corporate rule, horrific free trade agreements, races to the bottom, Triangulation, neoconservatism, invade the world/invite the world, trickle-down economics, austerity, financial conservatism, privatization, vouchers, wild inequality and the whole ball of dung. Death to it all! The people have spoken. They hate it. They don’t quite understand what they hate, of course, but the idiots are finally waking up and realizing that they’ve been getting screwed from 35 years of Reaganism/Thatcherism, a project which included the rightwing drift of leftwing parties in the West such as the Democratic Party and the Labour Party. Both parties are now corporatized but milder versions of the Republican and Tory Parties. That is correct: Clintonism and Blairism are part of the same neoliberal/globalization process as Reagan and Thatcher. In some ways, Obama is too, and Hillary is just Obama Part 2, except somewhat worse. The idiots who run our countries don’t get it. Or maybe they are not that stupid. Anyway they either cannot read public opinion, or they do not want to, but elites in both countries are not going to change much of anything after the Brexit vote. The UK looks to become much more rightwing, which is odd as what caused the Brexit rage in the first place was British working class rage over 35 years of Thatcherite neoliberalism which has eviscerated their living standards. The people know they are getting screwed, but they don’t quite know who is doing it to them. So they are lashing out, and this time many of them are heading to the Far Right. Of course this is typical, as whenever you have a serious crisis in capitalism, people either move to the Hard Left or to the Hard Right, as these are the only people offering solutions. Everyone in the Center is offering the status quo, which was what caused the crisis in the first place. Problem is that the Hard Right isn’t going to do them much good. Donald Trump is very much a Hard rightwing Republican. His policies are not that different from those that got us in this mess in the first place. It’s still neoliberalism but without the globalization. It’s not going to work. The Right in the UK offers nothing at all. The Leave wing of the Tories is much more rightwing and economically conservative than the Remain faction. It was rightwing economics that got us in this mess in the first place. That’s what these working classes all over the world are reacting against – righting economics, globalization, neoliberalism. It hardly makes sense that the solution to a problem caused by rightwing economics is more economics, this time, harder, faster. You would think our leaders would be idiots to propose such a “solution,” but they are not as dumb as you think. These lowlifes who have been running our countries have been making out like bandits from this neoliberalism-globalization charade. They are not going to quit doing it just because public opinion has swung against it. They don’t care about public opinion anyway. They do whatever they want, and the Hell with whatever the people think. We are nothing to them. They do not represent us at all. They represent only themselves and their class, and that’s it. Partly this is our own damn fault because we do not punish politicians who give us the finger and go ahead and do things that we are dead set against. We scream and yell that we are opposed to some issue, then they go ahead and do it anyway and when the election comes around, we march right off and vote for the very people who gave us the finger and did the opposite of what we demanded. We don’t hold politicians’ feet to the fire. Politicians do the opposite of what we want, and we go and vote for them anyway. After that’s been going on for a while, politicians figure out that it doesn’t even matter what they do, as even though they go against popular opinion, they won’t be held accountable for it anyway, and the people they went against will just elect them again anyway. Get it? They get to do whatever they want to. Why? Because we are such a bunch of retarded monkeys that we let them, that’s why. If these people are getting rich off the present system, they are obviously going to keep on doing until we force them to stop. This is the way these people think. They don’t stop and say, “Hey look! The people are against neoliberalism and globalization! Let’s stop doing it!” Instead they say, “Oh look. The people are against this. Let’s keep doing it anyway and hope we can somehow stay in office. Meanwhile let’s ramp up the lying, the propaganda and the tail-waging and all rest to distract the people and fool them.” Or they will lie to themselves as the Republicans do and say, “No the people are not against neoliberalism and globalization. They are really against Obama and Obamacare and BLM and OWS and tranny bathrooms and gay marriage.” Or they will say, “Oh look. The people re turning against neoliberalism and globalization. We need to do a better job of reaching out to the people on this issue (lying about it) and selling it to them (lying about it).” So they enlist the 100 The take-home point here is that most politicians are ideologues. They don’t represent the people or serve the people or any of that. They represent their ideology, which is typically tied directly in with their class interests. In other words, their ideology is often all wrapped up in their money. Rich people don’t go against their class interests. They just don’t. They will pursue their class interests all the way to their own deaths, if it takes that. Serving the people or representing the people would mean throwing out your ideology and supporting what your constituents want, not what you want. Capitalist minded politicians won’t do that because they never get rid of their ideology, or even modify it one inch. In fact, they will fight to the death for it. This is because going against their ideology means going against their money. You can hardly expect a rich man to go against his monetary interests. As with so many things in human existence, this all boils down to follow the money.

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26 thoughts on “Burn in Hell, Globalization”

  1. This is one of your best posts. Unfortunately, the referendum was advisory only and past anti-EU results from referenda in other countries have been disregarded.
    However, it was refreshing to see all the votes counted impartially and in public, as opposed to the fixed elections we have in the US. Since American elections are fixed, I would be careful about blaming the American people for their plight. You see this all the time with commentators on the “left”, though never on the “right”.
    The video embedded in this article here supports what you just wrote:

  2. “Serving the people or representing the people would mean throwing out your ideology and supporting what your constituents want, not what you want. ”
    A free market is no more and no less than people having free choice to deal with whomever they want , on whatever terms they agree upon, that does not infringe on others property or common-law agreements. That is truly the definition of freedom.
    What people are confusing for free market capitalism is nothing of the sort. Govt-corporate, stitch-up monopoly deals eg. banks that have sole right to counterfeit money and make loans without reserves, practices that you and I would be jailed for, are not free markets. It is by definition fascism. Fascism was coined by Mussolini as the monopoly insider deals between business and govt. The corporates bribe the govt to pass laws in their favor, the govt bribes the electorate to vote for them. No wonder govt attracts the most rapacious psychopathic crooks. It’s inevitable.
    Global free trade, under sound(non-inflating) money is the most free interaction that humans can engage in. And preferably under a single global market ie. without govt paywalls, tariffs and taxes. When monopolists can by decree (rig) the price of money then the true price of the underlying goods and services are distorted to the point that it is impossible to allocate economic investment. In a purely supply and demand environment, with stable price of money(rates) then the price of goods and services is precisely the measure of demand and supply. ie. what the participants in the markets are actually freely choosing to buy and sell, under common law, the bottom up law set by the people in the free market themselves and propagated under precedent.
    What we instead have is a bloated pig of govt/special interest/monopolist/war mongers all living off other people’s money , taken from them by threat of violence and incarceration. It’s called taxation. That system when leveraged over the entire world is otherwise known as globalization or better yet , fascism. The free market voluntary interactions have nothing to do with this abomination.
    We have become so under-schooled by omission, so brainwashed by the Bernays’ fascists , that we would not recognise a free market if we saw it. And alas, probably nobody today has ever seen a free market.

    1. You are not allowed to advocate for free market capitalism, neoliberalism, Libertarianism or any form of rightwing economics on here. This is a socialist site. And I ban anyone who advocated rightwing economics on here. Got it?

  3. Now with Brexit , the UK has chosen to leave one corrupt cesspit to really leverage its own corrupt cesspit. But without the (relative)free trade and economies of scale. Hardly a victory. Read the book Treasure Island by Nicholas Shaxson to find out exactly what a cesspit the City of London really is. You can start here with another appetiser, fascism defined :
    There are no winners here. They’re all going down.

  4. Re ausmyth, people confuse the free market and capitalism so much that I usually don’t even bother to try to correct them.
    The “free market” is exactly what he said it is. Its being able to buy and sell without much if any interference. More technically and specifically, it means having prices being determined by voluntary agreements of buyers and sellers, instead of being fixed by a third party. The US actually doesn’t have free markets with anything important.
    Capitalism, which is a term coined by Karl Marx who first described the phenomenon, is a system where private parties are allowed or enabled to accumulate vast amounts of wealth or capital, which they then invest on capital intensive project. This was invented largely to bring the industrial revolution about. The main alternative that was proposed was to have the government do the capital accumulation instead. Despite the loss in the private capital system to profit, it was probably a better way to industrialize than the alternative government system. I would argue that capitalism is an anachronistic now that the industrial revolution has run its course.
    However the point is that capitalism and the free market have nothing to do with each other. And people confuse them all the time!

    1. The “Free Market” is a lie for multiple reasons.
      The market is never, ever free. It is always under some manipulation. “Free Marketeers” only consider government interference as manipulation, and consider interference from private entities as just “the market”. This sleight of hand allows them to claim that Free Markets are possible.
      Even if it were possible, no Capitalist would ever want it, as they rely on Government intervention to prop up asset prices and rig the market to their favour.
      Lastly, the most optimal market is the one rigged in your favour. This is true whether you have $1 or $1 billion. Who wants a free market, if that market means they get less than if force and coercion is used to take money from others and direct it in your direction?

  5. @ed
    I am not so antagonistic to “free market” and “capitalism” being used together. In the sense that to innovate and create efficiencies investors must borrow CAPITAL , that under sound money means that someone else must loan their money and forfeit access to it for the duration of the loan, and if the investment fails the lender loses the money and the borrower loses collateral. Equal risk on both sides. Unlike in this scum system of fraud where one party conjures the risk free loan out of thin air , creates new money and then demands interest be paid on this chimera WHETHER THE LOAN PERFORMS OR NOT ! That is usury defined, and the borrower is a debt slave.
    The economy today is all about reaping usury from plantations worked by debt slaves. Globalization is the cancerous spread of this practise to virgin fields across the globe. Especially to muslim lands since they are debt virgins , by definition, because their religion expressly forbids usury. Hence the studied demonization of muslims by the usurers and the unleashing of Shock and Awe upon them.
    We are living in the 7th circle.

  6. Most of the immigrants (city of London) wanted to stay in the UK. The immigrants have become the new pets of the left and the new pets of globalism. Mama Merkel wants more of these. Immigrant groups tend to have a different interests than the native working class locals.

  7. To comment on Raja Hindustani’s (great fake name!) comment, one thing I am increasingly amazed by is the repeated insistence by self-identified “left wingers” that supporting more immigration is not only a left wing cause, it is THE left wing cause, if you don’t support more immigration you are not on the left and every other left wing position has to be sacrificed in favor of more immigration. There is a coup ongoing against the leader of the Labour Party in the UK because he is not sufficiently vocal in favor of immigration and in favor of the (anti-democratic and pro-capitalist) EU.
    Its pretty obvious that immigrants are being brought into countries which have had strong labor movements, in order to drive down wages and weaken working class solidarity. Many of the immigrants are basically peasants from backwards countries -actually backwards parts of developing countries- that can be relied on for a few generations not to cause too much trouble for the upper classes. And historically the left used to recognize (eg Cesar Chavez) that this was a strategy to break the left.
    The only explanation I can come up is that the left in the developed world and its institutions has been thoroughly infiltrated by moles, but that project seems to be so successful that you wind up hardly needing the immigrants.

  8. Politicians need money for ads. Globialists have the money, so the politicians do what the globalists want.

    1. Back in the 60s, De Gaulle wasn’t opposed to the common market, but he didn’t want England in it, fearing control of the economy by the USA.

  9. Whether the UK has made the right decision or not, the fall out is utterly terrifying. As a British person, i am literally awaiting armegeddan. I’ve never felt so scared in my life.

      1. read AmRen comments.
        Any article since June of 2015.
        Can you say you are not scared?
        AmRenners are supposed to be the moderates, and bright

      2. Because its having the potential to a. Destabilise the EU which by the way has alot of socialism within. So it will be a fight between the far right and far left B. We have made ourselves incredibly unpopular because of the effect on global markets. And c. The far right has been given a platform. Just in the last 48hrs race hate crime has exploded.
        I want to run away to Scotland but then again, the fucking Scots sold loads of land to Trump who has golf courses there. How much longer before those golf courses become places for nuclear wespons aimed at Russia.
        I am excited by the revolution aspect of all this. And the good thing is that the disaster that ensues may steer other countries away from Nationalism but as we still have Murdoch the evil overload controlling most of our nation, i really dont hold out much hope for anything cool.
        There are other good things, those rich far right wingers have not only lost loads of their money on the markets, but they are wakng up to the fact that Great Britain is NOT the greatest nation in the World. They are realising how the UK needs the EU to maintain their power. Har har har the fuckers can rot in hell!
        The Labour Party is in disarray as many Blairites are resigning. The Chilcott report (against Blairs actions regarding Iraq war) comes out in two weeks time. Blairs ,minions want Jeremy Corbyn out the way because there is no way he will make excuses for Blair. He will apologise and kill New Labour for good! 😀😀😀😀😀
        So, big turmoil over here. A tight line between complete fascism and something thats just about ok.
        Yes iam sure its all entertainng to you yanks, but you must remember the millions of decent people in our country.

  10. I think this leaning of the anti-globalist to right wing policies- is illustrative of the fact, that as you said, they still don’t get it.
    -They don’t realize industry is the reason the Illegals are encouraged to come here (free market/conservative).
    -They don’t realize the decline of industry started by laissez fare policies of Regan/Thatcher.
    -They don’t realize Neo-Con shilling by people that are now heroes (i.e. Coulter), are what is causing a lot of this European crisis.
    As one AmRenner so eloquently summed up their failure to see the issues fully he said “everything is a non-issue but immigration”, they see that is problem, but really fail to see the source of that problem, economically rightist policies more than “Marxists” or “Jews”, this anti-Jew conspiracy stuff is really hence going to bite the West in the butt, it’s a cover for other activities that will put us on a path to repeat history.

    1. A lot of people, including my parents who were in the military probably deep down didn’t like globalization, but they benefited from it because the globalists want a strong military and the US military is well paid.

      1. My parents and their friends did not work in the factories being shut down in the 80s, They were living high on the hog, so I’m cynical about political statements from them.

        1. my parents made money by charging dumb Goys sky-high interests rates on loans… :)….
          but in all seriousness I know my dad is an industrial designer, for a power company, and he did work on both things like shopping centers, etc. and Mansions (one is a product of consumers benefiting/having money to spend, the other of the wealthy), he also previously worked, before he was hired at his current job, as a Painter on K-Street in D.C., painting rooms at lobbying places- he definitely benefited from Globilisation, but still felt an obligation to the common man….
          My mom was an Audiologist- but she has some serious Psychopathic tendencies so I guess whatever benefits her is what she supports… as an economic system.

  11. Being a pro-White, anti-globalist Nationalist who also believes that the wealthy, “investor” class is waging warfare on the working class puts me in a very small political circle.
    The statement about the failure being seen by the ruling elite as one of selling the message, and not policies is spot on. In Australia, we elected in 2013 a neo-Liberal Conservative party. It’s leader polled badly and was eventually ousted by his party prior to election, but they kept pushing the same line. That line was they had a “Communication” problem. It wasn’t the cuts to healthcare and education and tax breaks for the wealthy while unemployment was cut for the poor, no, it was, supposedly the fact they failed to really sell their message.
    Thats how the ruling class think. They cannot see they are wrong. They believe that they are correct, and are are interpreting the rejection as a failure to sell their message. The fact that people would reject them seems unthinkable. The fact that people would reject “Economic Growth” to maintain their national integrity just doesn’t compute. So yeah, I think we’ll see the media talking about the “narrative” of Globalism not being constructed carefully enough, not sold vigorously enough and of failures to sell it to the masses.
    I’m glad Brexit happened, but unless the Britons also get rid of their own centrists on their one home ground, it won’t mean much more than a symbolic gesture.

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