Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks

That same experiment again that all the morons insist is not true, expect we keep doing the experiment over and over and it keeps coming out the same way every time. Yet the morons keep saying it’s not true. Oh and one more thing if you hadn’t figured it out already. There’s no such as a creep. Not really anyway. A creep means “a man who is interested  in me who I am not attracted to.” That’s really all it means. Women will insist that that’s not true, but women lie. About everything. All the time. You heard me. Women lie about everything all the time. And until you get redpilled enough to know that that’s the damn truth, you will never understand women, and you may well suffer a lot as a result of it. The less you understand women, the harder of a time you have with them. The more you understand women, the better of a time you can have with them. Ignorance is weakness. Knowledge is power. The blue pill is the road to failure. The sooner you quit being bluepilled, the better.

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  1. I full agree with all of that. Unfortunately, my laptop isn’t showing those conversations, but I can fill in the blanks myself.

  2. Robert, I did an IDENTICAL experiment on Tinder a few years back and posted the results to a popular men’s forum. The results were exactly the same as this post described, to the letter. And I did the same thing he did, start asking women for sex right out the gate, and they were giving no resistance. A few might give some pushback, but it wasn’t hard to lighten up a little and then still get their number anyway.
    I even kept a tally of the results. I don’t remember the exact numbers anymore, but it was like 400-500 matches within just a couple hours. Also, I wasn’t even making first contact with the women. They would contact “me” first, some of them even asking if I wanted to meet up that same night.
    I found the experiment soul-crushing. I did it because I was curious how easy women were giving it up on Tinder. Personally, I had zero success getting laid from Tinder. Went on a couple dates that were duds, found it basically impossible to get matches from girls that weren’t fat or ugly. Even average looking girls I was having little luck with. That model guy literally got more matches in 10 minutes than I was getting with my real profile in a month. And with way better looking women of course.
    After that experiment, I just deleted my profile and concluded that unless you’re in the top tier of looks, it’s pretty much hopeless meeting women online or through apps. An average looking woman will still do fine online however. Average men will still message average women. Average women ignore average men and just want to ride on the cock of alpha studs. They’d rather all share one stud fucking all the women than just have one normal guy all to themselves.

    1. A funny thing to see is 90 percent of the woman go for 10 percent the men. They are preprogrammed to choose in this order. 1) money( expensive clothes, car, jewelry, home). 2) looks( talk , dark, handsome). 3) relationship capable ( all woman who chose money bitch about thier man’s short comings. But given the opportunity to change that as a single woman and they go with the rich guy that treats them like shit. )

      1. On Tinder, number 2 is all that’s relevant. If you’re a guy and you’re not at least an “7” on the looks scale(If you’re a minority male you may even have to be at least an 8 or 9), don’t even bother unless you want to fuck an occasional fatty that the top guys wouldn’t touch. All Tinder is is just a place for young women to find hot guys to fuck discreetly. That’s it. It works for hot guys(8-10s) and works for women that are 4-10 on the looks scale. Anyone else, you’re best off just trying to meet people in the real world.
        If you’re on regular dating site, then the other factors you mention may matter more. But the trend these days seems to be looks-based dating apps. I’m sure many women keep an OKCupid profile open in hopes of finding a beta provider to give her that $60,000 wedding to brag about on instagram, while flicking through Tinder to find some quick dick while they wait for prince charming to show up.

  3. I don’t think online dating should be taken so seriously.
    There are like 10 thirsty men for every half decent woman. If you make a profile and post a pic of a halfway decent women, your pm box will be filled to the max in a few days.

  4. women are despicable, duplicitous creatures. Have you ever worked in an office full of them or lived in a house with more than 2 of them? You’ll be in hell.
    the only good women are those plain Jane’s without options. And that’s at a stretch.

    1. If you want a good woman, probably best to convert to Islam and find one from a strict Muslim country.

  5. Kareem is quite correct. Statistics about these sites show quite absurd imbalances of men vs women, something like 90% of the people using them are men, so I wouldn’t take anything about them except for that statistic themselves as indicative as anything. I wouldn’t in fact see a woman who does use one of these sites as quite right in the head, many of the “women” are actually men.
    Incidentally, the historical pattern of male- female sexual relationships has been pretty consistent, at least in pre-industrial societies. Marriages were arranged by family, and in rare instances if not by families by friends. Sex for money was pretty available and the money involved was often trivial. A wealthy man would either have more than one marriage at once or support a mistress or two, with surplus men being absorbed into religious orders.
    Women usually had difficulty accumulating property compared to men, and sometimes were legally barred from owning property. Women are also aware that they can get pregnant from sex. They therefore either charge for sex or try to have sex only with men who they think can help raise any resulting children. Men will have sex with just about anyone and there is not much reason for them to behave otherwise. These tendencies are embedded deep in human culture, if not in biology, and will survive womens’ emancipation for quite some time.
    Romantic love was one of those weird Western intellectual fads that just stuck around longer than it should have.
    People in the twentieth century had a bad habit of thinking that technological progress had overridden human nature. So the idea was that a man and a women who were otherwise complete strangers would meet and mutually agree to some relationship, without this being arranged by family or money changing hands. Its never worked this way. So of course you get some crappy relationships from this.

  6. 80% of guys should not even try to be in a relationship with a woman. I don’t anymore. Seeing the contrast in how they treat me and how they tread these hot guys. If I look at them for 3 seconds, I am already a creep. These guys just say lets fuck. Screw women, men should go on strike.

    1. Men will NEVER boycott pussy. Way too many strike breakers.
      I just think of all these men these women will eventually marry. I wonder what these men who will marry them and make them the mother of their children would think if they could see those screen grabs? I sure as hell wouldn’t marry a Tinder slut. Damaged good.

  7. Wasn’t there an experiment conducted a while ago by Okcupid which revealed that men found most women moderately attractive whereas women found 80% of men unattractive (guess they are going for the 20% alphas?) I can’t seem to find it, but I recall thinking to myself that everything Rollo says about hypergamy is essentially correct.
    Actually, consider the story of Cinderella, one of the few folk tales told from a woman’s perspective. All the women were competing for the attention of one man. The other men in the room were completely invisible. Since the Prince could only choose one woman for himself, the others would eventually have to settle with the other betas in the room.
    I strongly get the impression that women are capable of budgeting their love like an accountant budgets resources for various business functions. They can marry a beta and say that they love him, but they would love him less than an alpha. Rollo is right when he says that men love idealistically whereas women love opportunistically.

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